8 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives and Competitors 2024

Do you want to know what are some reliable DigitalOcean alternatives or similar cloud services?

Or do you just need some great alternates to move your existing project from DigitalOcean?

Nearly everyone who has online existence must know about the Digitalocean cloud hosting services. The reason behind their popularity is quality services at low pricing. Based on these reasons they have a strong reputation and thousands of happy customers.

Top 3 DigitalOcean Alternatives

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Why DigitalOcean Alternatives?

Support services are one of the most prominent factors when deciding the web hosting provider for a project. And in support services Live Chat is an extremely convenient way to get help instantly.

But DigitalOcean did not offer Live Chat and the only way is to submit a ticket. Submitting a ticket is good but for minor issues. For serious and major problems where you need help instantly, submitting a ticket is very inconvenient because it takes hours.

So for the people who can deal with technical aspects of the server on their own, this may not be a trouble to consider. But for beginners, this is indeed a major problem and they can expect stressful situations due to their inconvenient support channels.

Another reason might be the pricing for some users. Although DigitalOcean offers a very affordable pricing structure but now because of a high level of competition you can also find some low-priced providers than DigitalOcean.

That’s some of the major points, especially the customer support that drives the customers to find potential Digital Ocean alternatives.

By listing all DigitalOcean alternatives, the list becomes pretty huge, so we carefully enlist only the more close, powerful, and competent providers.

Now let’s move to the real subject

Best DigitalOcean Alternatives, Competitors, and Similar Services

1. Kamatera#1 CHOICE

(Best For: Developers, Programmers, and Resource Intense Tasks)

Kamatera cloud servers

Kamatera is our “Top Choice” when it comes to affordable cloud hosting backed by elegant infrastructure, powerful hardware, and the latest server components. What makes it an excellent alternative to DigitalOcean is the availability of dozens of operating systems support, plus custom OS deploying as well.

There is a broad range of operating systems, including Windows, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, etc., that can be installed with a few clicks. In fact, developer apps and CMS such as Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Docker, LAMP, LEMP, MongoDB, and Tomcat software are also available to install.

Just like Digital Oceans’ quick provisioning, you can also set up a cloud server in under 60 seconds with desired system resources. The process is simple, all you have to do is go to your account dashboard, select server zone, decide which OS/app you need, pick CPU cores, RAM, space, and other add-ons (if needed), and you’re good to go. That’s it; it’s as simple as it is.

The company has years of experience (more than 2 decades), in-house experts available 24/7 to handle technical issues through live chat, email, and phone call. Kamatera beats DigitalOcean in this regard because the competitor host doesn’t have live chat support, they only assist via email/ticket.

When we compare the data center locations of both providers, Kamatera also has an edge in this section as well as. They have 18 data centers on four continents, whereas DigitalOcean has 15, not a big deal, though. Regarding services and products offered by both hosts, you can find a wide range of services from them, including add-ons like backup, load balancers, firewall security, IPs, etc.

For installing apps, OSes, and developer environments, Kamatera and DigitalOcean provide a 1-click installer, which ensures quick server launch. There are more than 100 OS images to choose from to fulfill all ranges of users.

A basic “Standard” cloud plan (Droplet) costs $5/month and packs 1GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 1TB bandwidth, and 25GB SSD space. When compared to Kamatera, their entry plan costs $4/month, packs 1GB RAM, 1 vCPU at 2667MHz, 20GB SSD space, CentOS Linux 8, 1 Free IP, and 5TB bandwidth. You can also configure a custom cloud server with up to 384GB RAM and 72 vCPU cores too.

Now the question is, why Kamatera?

Kamatera is, by far, one of the best cloud platforms because all of their servers are built with the fastest Intel Platinum processors (300% faster than predecessor generations). Each server utilizes 40Gbit internet connectivity, SSDs to avoid bottlenecks, ensure zero latency, and unlimited scalability.

Furthermore, they also offer a 30-day free trial account for a test drive so one can check and decide if it’s the right cloud hosting for their projects. Don’t waste more time; head over to Kamatera by clicking here and enjoy a TRIAL account TODAY.


 Plans range
Pricing$4/mo – $80/mo
CPU1 – 72 vCores
RAM1024MB – 384GB
Storage20GB – 1000GB SSD

2. Vultr [Starts at $0.004/hr]

(Best For: Developers, Programmers, and Bloggers)

Vultr best low prcie cloud hosting

When searching DigitalOcean alternatives mainly based on the pricing, Vultr becomes a strong choice, particularly for developers. Their robust infrastructure and proactive monitoring enable them to offer a 100% uptime guarantee. And in case they fail to deliver their claim, they will issue outages credit for that period.

Vultr has 32 data centers located around the world (North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia). This enables you to deploy your server near the customers and offers low latency in page loading. The latest generation Intel CPUs are being used by the Vultr. Also, servers contain solid state drives.

Like DigitalOcean, Vultr also offers cloud hosting on an hourly and monthly basis. The first low priced cloud computing plan costs just $2.50 whereas it offers 512MB RAM, 1-Core CPU, SSD-20GB storage and 500GB bandwidth. While the next plan cost similar to DigitalOcean’s basic plan (i.e. $5) but provides more resources like SSD-25GB, 1GB RAM, 1 Core, and almost 1TB bandwidth.

Vultr not only gets you online quickly but also offers an amazingly designed control panel. You can easily access the various properties of the server. They allow you to create a snapshot of the server, which saves time when redeploying to the new server. Vultr includes tons of other features like Block storage, 1-click apps (WordPress, Joomla, GitLab, etc…) and numerous OS templates.

Vultr maintains different apps related to Linux, Windows, server apps and web servers. Here the thing that disappoints us a bit is that, Vultr does not offer live chat. All you can do is just open a ticket and get help from their expert staff. Generally, they reply quickly and you expect the response in a few hours. So if you are searching for a low priced alternative, then Vultr might be that one.


 Plans range
Pricing$2.50/mo – $640/mo
CPU1 – 16 Cores
RAM512MB – 96GB
Storage10GB – 1600GB SSD
Bandwidth0.5TB – 15TB

3. A2Hosting – Top DigitalOcean Competitor for Bloggers

(Best for: Bloggers, Marketers, and Webmasters)

A2 cloud vps with customized plan

Another powerful option that comes into play as a DigitalOcean alternative is A2Hosting, it was launched back in 2003. They also take part in protecting the environment by supporting renewable energy projects and partnering with Carbonfund.org.

There were times when people might not much aware of their services but now the increasing number of happy customers (more than 12.3k reviews) shows that A2 has a strong commitment to quality. The SSD disks, various in-house tools for tuning the performance make A2 hosting as one of the fastest web hosting provider. Not just the speed, they are also committed to providing 99.9% uptime.

A2Hosting offers both pre-made and customizable cloud hosting plans. In customization plans, you can actually select the server zone, RAM, CPU cores, CPU speed, and storage space. Plus, you can make choices from the versions OS templates of Ubuntu, Slackware, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, and much more. While cPanel requires license activation. Cloud VPS can be turned on and off on the user’s demand.

Their “Start” plan (cost $15) is an excellent choice for beginners and bloggers. The plan comes with 10GB SSD storage, 512MB RAM, 2 cores CPU, and unlimited inbound traffic. While they include 2TB of outbound data for free and after that, it will cost only $0.12 per 1GB. All plans are supported with an anytime money-back guarantee. You can claim for a full refund in case you are not happy with them. So you never bound to use their services.

All support channels are present to help users. Their Guru staff provides help on the Phone, Skype, tickets, and live chat. And for self-help, you can look through their knowledge base. A2Hosting is really a nice choice that offers compatible and fast Shared hosting, Cloud servers, VPS servers, and Dedicated hosting solutions.


 Plans range (3 Plans)
Pricing$15/mo – $25/mo
CPU2 Cores
CPU Speed600 MHZ
RAM512MB – 1GB
Bandwidth4TB – 6TB
Storage10GB – 25GB SSD

Note: You can design the plans as per your requirements with up to 8 cores, 16GB RAM, and 200GB storage.

4. CloudWays

(Best for: Developers, Bloggers, Enterprises, and Marketers)

Cloudways managed alternative for digitalocean

Cloudways becomes a very potential provider when considering DigitalOcean alternatives. The company started back in 2011 and offers reliable managed cloud hosting plans. They offer a fantastic set of features such as storage on solid state drives, Http/2 enabled, 1-click scaling, staging area, 1-click cloning intuitive dashboard, free site migration and much more.

Cloudways offer cloud infrastructures from various providers Vultr, DigitalOcean, Google, Amazon, and KYUP. So if you wish to use DigitalOcean but are confused as they do not offer live chat, then Cloudways is the best solution. They offer an in-house support team 24/7 via live chat, email, and call request, etc. while selecting the Digital Ocean cloud.

Their hosting plans support tons of applications and hence compatible for bloggers, developers, designers, and e-commerce requirements. The most basic plan ($7) offers 512MB RAM, 20GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, and a free 1-click SSL certificate. More bandwidth can be added in just $0.02/GB using the Digital Ocean platform. The plans are backed with 30 days refund policy. Furthermore, with several companies’ infrastructure, you can surely come up with the desired plan.

CloudWays support various cloud platforms, so you can find the tons of data centers around the globe. This means you can pick a plan of the provider that has a data center near to your target audience which improves the site loading. For a developer, they allow easy Git integration. Plus, they provide SSH & SFTP access, API, choice of databases and cron jobs, etc. Here note that you cannot integrate the cPanel or Plesk.

Cloudways also offer Varnish UI that improve site security and performance. They support different speed friendly technologies like NGINX, PHP 7, Memcached, and Apache server for a smooth hosting experience. You can test their services, they offer a 3-days trial account without credit card. So it’s a better way to explore CloudWays.

Note: Cloudways offers cloud hosting by using DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon, Google, and Kyup infrastructure. Below is the Cloudways pricing for the DigitalOcean platform.


 Plans range (4 Plans)
Pricing$7/mo – $70/mo
CPU1 – 2 Cores
RAM512MB – 4GB
Storage20GB – 60GB SSD
Bandwidth1TB – 4TB

5. Host1Plus

(Best for: Developers – Full Root Access)

host1plus cloud servers

Continuing to the list of alternatives to DigitalOcean, here is Host1Plus.  There are both Windows and Linux cloud servers. The control over the developer friendly features like SSH access, DNS management and API access to the other functionalities makes it one of the best cloud hosting for developers.

The reason why Host1plus is a new name for you that they launched just in 2008. But the company grows so rapidly and now managing over 70k clients around the world. The choice of location plays a prominent role in site loading, that’s why Host1Plus cloud computing currently offers 3 server locations in Germany, USA, and Brazil.

Host1Plus servers are equipped with Intel Xeon E5 v3. Moreover, all of their plans include scheduled backups, one free IPv4, scalability and pre-installed templates of operating systems. It offers a free dedicated IP address. Also, their servers support KVM hypervisors which have improved performance and security than OpenVZ.

By using Host1plus, you have to work mainly with commands lines. But you are free to install any other OS. If you don’t like command lines work then you can use cPanel addon by spending $15. The most basic plan includes a 1-Core CPU, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB storage and 2TB bandwidth by costing $8/month. Besides this, they offer a 14 days refund policy.

For providing the support services, Host1plus offers chat, and an extensive knowledge base. Moreover, we really appreciate their tutorials which contain helpful content. The company also offers Chat services during 9-18 GMT+3. But you can skype them even after office hours. Host1plus is a growing provider that offers low priced cloud computing services by giving much control in the user’s hands.


Linux OSPlans ranges (6 Plans)Windows OSPlans ranges (4 Plans)
Pricing$8/mo – $156/moPricing$25/mo – $152/mo
CPU1 Cores – 8 coresCPU2 Cores – 8cores
RAM512MB – 32+GBRAM4GB – 32+GB
Storage20GB – 1000GB SSDStorage100GB – 1000GB SSD
Bandwidth2TB – 24TBBandwidth6TB – 20TB

6. DreamHost – Unlimited SSD Cloud Hosting

(Best for: Developers, Bloggers, Marketers)

Dreamhost cloud computing 2017

Working since 1997, Dreamhost is known as a trusted and experienced provider. Along with quality hosting services, they also make their position as the best domain registrar. They offer to launch the server within 30 seconds hence a quick solution for developers, marketers, and bloggers.

The company built a smart architecture that consists of the latest technologies like solid state drives and next-generation processors. They put the server control into your hands and you can make changes via command lines and other tools.

Dreamhost offers 1-core CPU with 512 MB RAM. The plan also contains 80GB-SSD storage and 100GB block storage just at $4.50/mo while you can further add the additional blocks as per your needs just at $10/month. They provide free upload traffic while you will be charged for download bandwidth. And your investment is secured by a 97-day refund policy.

Need more resourceful plans? They also offer servers with upto 8GB RAM. Another advantage of using Dreamhost, you can run a cloud server for a long time while you will be charged for maximum 600 hrs. (25 days) in a given month. So, you will enjoy services for a higher duration with low pricing as compared to DigitalOcean.

DreamHost also offers developer-friendly tools under DreamObjects by charging nominal fees. It includes web app development, automatic WordPress site backups and integration of your storage applications (CloudBerry, QNAP and Dropshare and many others), etc.

You can contact anytime with their support services through chat and emails. For getting assistance on the phone you need to buy their “Call-back” feature. All in all, DreamHost is a nice choice and specifically, the pricing makes it a truly close alternative to DigitalOcean.


 Plans range (3-Plans)
Prices$4.50/mo – $48/mo
CPU1 Core – 4 Cores
RAM512MB – 8GB
BandwidthUpload Traffic Free
Storage80GB –SSD

7. HostGator Cloud Hosting

(Best for: Bloggers, Webmasters, and Marketers)

hostgator cloud best fast digitalocean alternatives

HostGator offers speedy but economical cloud hosting services. You might hear some people complaining about their shared hosting. But by using HostGator cloud hosting you will taste a whole new experience. Even some established bloggers mention HostGator Cloud services as the best web hosting.

Besides the quality, the other thing that makes HostGator a good DigitalOcean alternative for bloggers and webmasters is the pricing. Hostgator offers a hatchling cloud plan at just $4.95/month while Digitalocean charges $5/month. Plus, as compared to DigitalOcean, HostGator offers more resources to their users, like 2-core CPUs, 2GB RAM, Unmetered bandwidth, and storage, etc. While DigitalOcean provides 1 core CPU, 20 GB SSD storage, 512 MB RAM, and 1TB bandwidth.

Scalability is the beauty of the HostGator and by just simple clicks you can increase your resources as per your requirements. This is not only cost-saving but also gets you out of the data migration and out-of-resource problems. For delivering high-speed services, they include integrated local caching with all of their plans.

Another motive for choosing HostGator over digitalocean is the control panel. HostGator includes an easy-to-operate control panel. Also, HostGator shows more trust in their services, as a result, they offer a 45-day money-back guarantee which is above the industry average.

Still not impressed by HostGator? We are sure this will change your mind. Digitalocean does not offer live chat and for help, you need to submit a ticket which is a slow process. And if you don’t know much about server management and other technical parameters, then you may step into serious trouble. On the other hand, HostGator provides customer support via Phone, Live Chat, and ticketing. However, they are not consistent in live chat but they are still much better than any ticketing system.


 Hatchling, Baby, and Business Cloud
Pricing$4.95 – 9.95/mo
Websites1 – Unlimited
CPU2 Cores – 6 Cores

Note: Higher plans include SSL and Parked domain features.

8. InMotion Hosting

(Best for: Web Marketers, Bloggers, and Bigger Developing Projects)

InMotion Cloud VPS hosting review

The next best alternative for DigitalOcean is the well-organized, trusted and popular InMotion Hosting. The company is trusted by CNET and got an A+ rating with BBB. Also, there are thousands of good reviews from real users. They are commonly distinguished for blazing fast services, customer support with rapid response and a generous 90-day refund policy.

InMotion offers managed Cloud VPS hosting services which might be the reason that their plans are pricey as compared to the DigitalOcean. But high specifications of plans deserve such pricing. Just take the example of their VPS-1000HA-S (most basic) plan that costs $29.99/month but includes 4GB RAM, 75GB SSD storage, 4TB bandwidth, 3 IP address, Backup and much more. Plus, unlimited websites are allowed to host on a single plan. All Cloud VPS plans are also optimized for e-commerce needs.

With such resourceful plans, you can guess it’s established for bloggers and web marketers instead of beginners. As they offer VPS based cloud hosting so, you can expect rock-solid 99.99% Uptime and lightning-fast speed. Max Speed Zones play a significant role in improving speed which allows you to choose the data center location during the checkout process.

If you are already using cPanel with your existing provider, then you will glad to know that InMotion includes that intuitive cPanel with all of their Cloud VPS plans. They also provide a free domain name with 6 and 12-month plans. Instead of 1 or 2 cores, InMotion develops a system where your task is spread across available CPU cores for faster execution and hence multiple tasks can be executed spontaneously.

Another feature that makes InMotion as one of the great DigitalOcean alternatives is customer care. Not only Live Chat, Phone, and emails but also you can talk via Skype.

So although their plans are costly relative to DigitalOcean, but you will get a well-featured plan that includes blazing fast speed with SSD (20x faster than spinning drives), server snapshot, backup, free site migration and much more.


 Plans range (3 Plans)
Prices$29.99/mo – $74.99/mo
Bandwidth4TB – 6TB
Storage75GB – 260GB SSD
IP Addresses3 – 5


Cloud hosting is gradually turning into a popular platform for developers, bloggers, and web marketers because of its potential benefits like rock-solid uptime, multiple data centers choices, fast speed, and much more.

Also, cloud computing offers a unique feature where your data is cloned on various servers, and in the case of failure of a server, your site will still operate normally through other working server. That’s the alluring beauty of cloud hosting.

Picking up the best DigitalOcean alternative becomes very simple by keeping an eye on the type of work you want to do. If you are searching for an alternative for developing needs, then we recommend Kamatera and Vultr because you will get all developer-friendly tools and apps in one place. Plus, they also have a 24/7 in-house support team for dealing with the user’s queries promptly.

On the other hand, if you are a blogger or web marketer and want to host your blog on cloud hosting for a longer term, then A2Hosting and DreamHost offer peace of mind services. They are blazingly fast, deliver above 99.9% uptime, easy to use and provide support services mainly through live chat, phone, and ticketing. Plus, there are plenty of third-party good reviews about both hosts.

That’s our humble suggestion about DigitalOcean alternatives. So, pick a provider of your needs and share your cherished thoughts with us. It will be a pleasure for us.

Imran Nazish

Imran is an enthusiastic web hosting and server management geek with over 8 years of experience dealing with different kinds of hosting companies. He is also familiar with web hosting technical stuff and server optimizations and shares thorough, well-tested reviews and guides on the same domain.

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Hey thanks for the article. It’s really good and helpful. I just thought to share my experience for an alternative to DigitalOcean. For past 2 Months, I have been using the Cloud Servers of F(x) Data Cloud and they are actually the cheapest Service Provider with great services. The Plans are starting at just $1.99/Month and if you go for the higher ones, they actually save lots of your Budget.

I have a good experience with their servers and thought it might help you even.


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