8 Best NGINX Web Hosting Providers 2024

If we ask, do you want high speed web hosting for your website?

We are pretty sure your answer will be “Yes”.

But the real puzzle is finding a high performance web hosting company. Besides SSDs and other speed friendly initiatives (multiple datacenters, a small number of accounts on each server, and CDN, etc.) you need to select a company that is well implementing the Nginx web server. Don’t worry about that as we are going to uncover the best Nginx hosting companies that make your website/app run blazingly fast.

What is NGINX Web Server?

Nginx is an open-source platform developed by Igor Sysoev in 2002. The concept behind Nginx is to provide a solution to operate the servers with the highest speed and make the fastest web server. Because of continuous developments and many years of success, Nginx becomes widely popular, especially for business websites. Now more than 50% of business sites are taking benefit of the Nginx webserver to provide smoother experiences to their customers.

The great thing is Nginx also expanded as the websites grow from simple HTML to more dynamic content. The software supports all elements of the modern web like HTTP, HTTP/2, etc. It’s a reverse proxy server that helps in distributing loads of content request – accelerating your website or applications tremendously — so choosing the right Nginx web hosting offer you swift performance and reliable support to manage that.

Benefits of Nginx Software

It offers stacks of advantages including;

  • Screaming fast speed and has a clear speed edge over other web servers like Apache
  • More easily scalable and efficient to handle loads of traffic and spikes
  • Efficiently handle SSL/TLS, compressions, and dynamic caching
  • Act as a load balancer to manage the traffic and avoid possible outages
  • Eat less resources like memory compared to Apache
  • As Nginx can perform multiple tasks such as reverse proxy, load balancers, and caching so diminish the need for multiple tools and lots of configurations
  • This does not end here Nginx also support video stream in various formats and POP3, SMTP, and IMAP.

However, note that for support services, Nginx does not hold as rich community compared to Apache, but it is continuously growing. Also, Nginx offers lots of documentation, FAQs, Ebooks, etc. In our opinion selecting a web host that already offers Nginx is a more safe point from a customer support perspective.  So now let’s move to our main subject.

8 Best Nginx Web Hosting Providers 2024

1. Kamatera – Cloud NGINX Hosting Servers (Cheap SSD VPS Plans)

Kamatera is an excellent web hosting company for Nginx users. In a matter of seconds, you can deploy applications of your choice, including Nginx, Node.js, WordPress, and more. Kamatera is an outstanding package of speed and reliability. With the power of Intel Xeon processors, solid state drives, and multiple server presence locations you will get blazing fast services. Why you should give it a try? Well, they offer a 30-days trial account so that you can test their services.

There are only a few companies with such an extensive global presence like Kamatera. The company operates 13 data center locations including regions of the Americas, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Kamatera is a cloud hosting provider and in our opinion, more fit for developers because of their open environment. They provide full root access, and the user is allowed to install or uninstall operating systems. Whether you want to make use of Windows server or Linux distributions, Kamatera covers you in everything.

Kamatera maintains a simple calculator on its pricing page where you can calculate the cost for your required resources. You can also select from a list of OS and add-ons like cPanel and Plesk etc. Furthermore, if you are not well aware of server configurations and operating system installations and still want to use their cost effective services, then you can check for their managed services.

Considering the future, when your project starts growing, you need robust solutions to handle heavy loads of traffic. Kamatera is a scalable web host where you can avail a wide variety of products like dedicated cloud servers, block storage, load balancers, and private networking. On cloud servers, you can avail up to 72 vCPU, 384GB RAM, and almost limitless storage.

Kamatera maintains a variety of support channels (live chat, phone, and emails) to help their customers. However, here note that live chat and Phone support is mainly deal with sales inquiries. It means for technical assistance, you have to submit tickets or search solutions in their knowledge base. With all of these features and affordable services, Kamatera also ensures ultimate uptime. Such qualities also got it a top position in our roundup of best hosts for the Nginx web server. Although if you are a beginner, then you should consider their managed services.

2. InterServer – Cheap NGINX VPS Hosting Servers with High Resources

For deploying your online projects on the Nginx web server, this company brings you a stable as well as economical VPS solution. Started back in 1999, the company warmly welcomes the latest technologies to provide quality services. They are using high performance SSDs and RAID-10 storage arrays to maintain data consistency. Furthermore, they offer 3 VPS locations, including West Coast (Los Angeles) and East Coast 2-Secaucus.

One thing that you must consider before selecting a web host is the availability of scalable options, so you don’t have to migrate your project to other web hosts. Interserver houses highly scalable VPS solutions as well as dedicated servers. If you are a beginner in VPS hosting, Interserver makes it easy to operate.

The inclusion of the Webuzo control panel allows you to install tons of scripts and web servers smoothly. However, if you still want to use cPanel, you can avail it as an add-on by paying an additional fee.

Interserver offers a straightforward way to launch a VPS server. You can just move a slider and craft a plan upon your requirements. The most basic plan ($6/month) includes 1 core CPU, 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD storage, and 1 TB data transfer. If you start with 1 slice plan, you can easily add more slices at the time of need.

You can avail of up to 16 cores CPU and 32GB RAM on VPS plans. Here note that if you buy 4 slices or more you will qualify for Interserver managed services where you can count on their team for patches, diagnosing failed services, and fixing other issues. That means you will get priority as well as support for diagnosing issues.

For support services, no matter when you contact them. Their team always remains available via live chat and ticketing system. Just like most of the web hosts Interserver offer discount if you purchase for a more extensive duration. You can get a 10% discount on annual subscription; however, so far, there is no discount on monthly plans.

All in all, Interserver is a worthy host where you can get reliable services along with scalable and feature-rich plans. If you are tight in budget, Interserver is the web host you should think about which affordable in pricing as well as includes all of the essential things.

3. A2Hosting – Cheap NGINX Hosting for VPS Servers

For speed-hungry websites, A2Hosting is another dependable option. It’s a peace of mind web host that efficiently delivers 99.9% uptime as well as faster and stable services. To get the benefits from Nginx fastest web server, the company design VPS Nginx hosting solutions. These VPS based plans also come with some additional speed friendly services like Turbo server to further boost the speed.

As in VPS hosting, you will be provided an entirely private environment so you will see a noticeable speed boost of using Nginx. With its VPS plans, A2Hosting offers a free Webuzo control panel. All you have to do is to opt an operating system template with Webuzo during the checkout process. Using this you can set up Nginx with a matter of few clicks. Furthermore, whenever there is an updated version available, they will notify by email, and you can easily update it using same Webuzo panel.

A2Hosting entry plan starts from $5/month that comprises 20 SSD storage, 1 core CPU, massive 2TB data transfer, and 512 MB RAM. They also provide the facility to configure the resources (RAM, CPU, storage, and bandwidth) as per your requirements. Similar to SiteGround, A2hosting utilizing technologies to deliver screaming fast loading time including SSDs, 4 data centers locations (2-USA, Asia, and Europe) and an optional Turbo Boost service (we didn’t try it because we were pretty satisfied with their speed on our testing website).

Their VPS plan is not only good for building websites, but the developer can also take full advantage to build up different projects. They make you the King of the server where you will get full root access of the server and edit any file. Also, you can select Linux OS as well as get a new operating server on demand.

A2Hosting offers an anytime money-back guarantee. Yes, that’s correct. Within the first 30-days, if you are unsatisfied, you can get a full refund, and after that, the amount that is to be refunded will be calculated based on the unused services.

The company is using different support channels like Live Chat, Phone, and email to assist their customers. Though their support services are reliable and available 24/7 but SiteGround is splendid in this department. So for starting your project on A2 Nginx hosting, we recommend choosing the “Runway 2” plan as it packs more resources compared to entry-level package “Runway 1”. Overall, A2Hosting provides a perfect mixture of features, reliability, and security.

4. Vultr – Cheapest NGINX Hosting for Developers

If you are searching for a web host that provides full liberty over the server, then Vultr is a more suitable choice for you. Vultr is a cloud hosting platform and is pretty stable in terms of speed and uptime. In cloud hosting, numerous servers act as a single machine – the data is stored across multiple servers. This means you won’t rely on a single server like in shared hosting and so cloud solution provides you easy scalability and exceptional reliability.

Vultr is more like developer-friendly hosting where they can install applications as well as operating systems of their choice.

Nginx does not come pre-install on Vultr cloud hosting. You have to install Nginx manually and if you don’t know there is simple tutorial available on their website. It will take a few minutes to install and run the Nginx. Vultr is using SSD based servers and 16 data center locations. Having such an enormous amount of data center locations enable you to locate near your targeted audience that significantly improves loading speed.

When it comes to pricing, Vultr is really an affordable solution. The plans prices start from just $2.50/mo however we recommend at least go for a $5/mo plan for more smooth services where will get 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD storage, 1 CPU, and 1 TB data transfer.

Furthermore, if at any time you need more resources, they will provide you almost instantly and avoid any possible outages. Vultr also offers some heavy-duty solutions like bare metals, block storage, and dedicated cloud. The company provides easy to use control panel along with cloud hosting. You can track server health when peak activities happen, team management, API, and different application settings.

Vultr offers a huge list of operating system library. You can install CentOs, Debian, Fedora Ubuntu, and more. Plus, they also allow you to deploy a Windows server. You can even upload a custom ISO file. Vultr control panel comprises a 1-click installer to deploy various apps like LAMP, GitLab, LEMP, WordPress, Docker, and more in a few clicks. A

lthough you will get amazing services, but you have to compromise support services. Vultr does not offer Live Chat technical support, so you mainly rely on email support. You can also dig into their Docs and FAQs for solutions. What we say, Vultr is a reliable and affordable web host that offers full liberty to the server and so a good choice for developers.

5. DreamHost VPS

For reliable Nginx web hosting DreamHost, VPS packages is another simple way to go. The company is working since 1997 and is serving the market with shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting services. And if you are searching a cheap and trustable domain registrar, DreamHost is also a way to go.

The company also well-known because of its 97 days money back guarantee (does not apply on VPS plans). They let you switch between Nginx and Apache server seamlessly. However, VPS plans only use Linux and do not provide full root access to the server, so for that, you need to use their cloud servers.

DreamHost VPS plans come with managed services which means their team is responsible for a major part of the performance, security patches, OS updates, and other softwares. The reason why DreamHost is a good choice even for beginners that they provide a very straightforward control panel that makes a lot easy to take benefit of their tons of features. DreamHost provides 100% uptime guarantee and backed by SSDs, which are significantly faster than SATA drives.

DreamHost VPS basic plan costs $10/mo contains 30GB SSD storage and 1GB RAM. The company offers an unlimited type of hosting where you can host unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited MySQL databases regardless of the plan you choose. Plus, you can create unlimited custom email accounts. Each of their plans brings free let’s encrypt SSL too.

When your project is getting popular, you can avail more resources like RAM right from your control panel. There is no rarity of developer friendly tools. Their plans support PHP7, Perl, Python, OPcache, and Crontab Access, etc. You will also get secure shell access to gain remote as well as remote access.

Although DreamHost performance is outstanding, but there are few things you must consider before. Just like most of the hosting companies, you will get their lowest pricing only if you go for a 3-year plan duration. Secondly, they offer live chat support only Monday – Friday, 8-4PM PT. However, email support is available 24/7. You can even request phone support.

DreamHost is an ideal host where you can easily switch between Nginx and Apache and take advantage of their robust infrastructure. And most importantly you don’t have to worry about overage fees due to traffic spikes as you will get unlimited bandwidth even on the least plan.

6. SiteGround – Best NGINX Shared Hosting with Instant Support

Undoubtedly our top recommendation is SiteGround. And why is that? We are using their services for more than 2 years, plus HostingSprout is also hosted on SiteGround servers. SiteGround is performing remarkably in terms of speed, security, features, and easy to use. They are going pretty consistent for us that we rarely face any issue and thanks to their expeditious support team that is always available whenever we try to contact them.

SiteGround is a well reputed company when it comes to speed, security, and support. Of course, if you are seeking Nginx based hosting, one of your prime concern is speed. The thing we like the most that SiteGround doesn’t just rely on that instead they include many other speed friendly technologies like SSDs, Free CDN, HTTP/2, and PHP7.

Furthermore, based on Nginx reverse proxy, the company developed a speed optimization plugin “SuperCacher,” which cache static as well as dynamic content and significantly improve site speed.

SiteGround offers shared, managed WordPress, cloud, and dedicated hosting plans. All of their servers are pre-installed with the Nginx web server; however, on a dedicated server it doesn’t come pre-installed, so you have to install it manually. SiteGround is built on resource-efficient Linux containers that ensure stable services even in the case of higher traffic spikes.

We appreciate SiteGround robust measures for security. Along with frequent Kernel updates, web firewall, and Spam filtering system, the company also implement powerful 1H Hawk system and Anti-bot AI to prevent brute force attacks. Adding more, SiteGround is utilizing the cornerstone account isolation technique, which means if in any case an account gets affected, it won’t affect others on the same server.

Although SiteGround utilizing the remarkable infrastructure, still, they offer pricing that is affordable to individual customers. Starting from just $3.95/mo, the plan includes 10GB SSD storage and 10K monthly visits. You will also get free SSL, unlimited MySQL, SSH access, cPanel, and 30 days money-back guarantee.

SiteGround offers free daily backups even on their least plan with a 30-days retention period facility. The limitation on monthly visits and tight storage capacity is their downside. However, a clear boundary line helps us when we are going out of resources. Honestly speaking, SiteGround is the best affordable Nginx hosting that is performing exceptionally well in all areas like support, security, and features.

7. TMDHosting

If you want to set up a website and searching for a cost effective solution, TMD hosting is another choice. The company offers a wide range of products, including shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated services. The best thing is you can take Nginx hosting benefit by using their shared hosting plans.

Speed is crucial for success so along with Nginx web server TMDhosting integrated with SSDs, so your data travel drastically fast compared to HDDs. To further enhance the speed, you can select a data center located near your potential audience. TMD data center located in 6 regions of the world, including Chicago, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Sydney, and Singapore.

TMD hosting is a combination of feature-rich and trustable web hosting. Their hosting plan includes free cPanel, which is being widely used in the industry. It is easy to use control panel, and a beginner get used to it within no time. With Softaculous auto-installer you can install tons of applications with merely of clicks.

While hosting on TMD, you don’t have to worry about security aspects. Their staff takes care of security updates to makes sure security up-to-date. To add an additional layer of security, they have maintained BitNinja web firewall. Moreover, there is free SSL by let’s encrypt in each plan.

TMDhosting introductory pricing starts from just $2.95/month that includes unlimited bandwidth as well as storage. You will get a free domain name and can host 1 domain on this plan. So if you are planning to host multiple sites in the future, their business plan is the best choice for you where you can host unlimited domains.

They allow you to create unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts regardless of plan. All of their packages include developer-friendly features such as SSH access, Perl, Python, Curl, and Cron, etc. The most basic “Starter” plan includes basic caching; however, their higher plans come with a multi-layer caching system.

Another thing that differentiates TMDHosting from most of the companies that they offer 60-days money-back guarantee that shows their confidence in their services. They maintain multiple support channels, including phone, live chat, email, and knowledgebase.

By concluding, we can say TMDhosting is a cost effective solution, especially for setting up websites. The developers can go for their VPS plan to get an open environment. However, like other web hosts, you are able to get the lowest prices when signing up for a duration like 3-year.

8. Cloudways – Managed Cloud NGINX Hosting

Cloudways provides a seamless way for website and app developers to get the benefits of cloud technologies. What makes Cloudways different than most of the companies that they house huge scalable solutions. The company offers different cloud providers from its platform – you can buy Vultr, DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud, and Linode from Cloudways. Let’s make it straight. Cloudways is a third party seller that sells other company’s services.

But the thing that makes Cloudways a considerable Nginx web hosting company is that they make straightforward solutions. If you ever visit AWS or Google cloud, it is very complex to configure even if you are familiar with cloud computing. Next, They offer managed services that mean they will handle all the patches and updates related to security, performance, and operating system, etc. Furthermore, Cloudways offer 24/7 support services via live chat, phone, and email.

In order to provide high performance services, Cloudways multi-layer caching system, HTTP/2 enabled, and SSD server plays an important role. To ensure low latency, one of the major factors is the distance between the server where your site is hosted and targeted audience. Thanks to cloud infrastructure and wide availability of data center locations, you can easily host near your possible customers. This is really great for ecommerce site owners.

With Cloudways, you can launch a server as low as $10/mo. including 1GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25GB SSD storage and 1TB bandwidth. Each of their plans comprises with 1-click free SSL, dedicated firewalls, and site staging. Cloudways features an enormously intuitive dashboard for managing hosting features. You can set up server, monitor resources, and install applications with a 1-click installer from there.

There is also a nice collaboration tool, which is great if you are going to start your project in a team. You can provide access to other team members without sharing login credentials. While making use of cloud infrastructure, you can rely on Cloudways customer support. The services like AWS offers you tons of reliable solutions at one place but when it comes to customer support either you go their pricey support plans or rely on their rich knowledge base.

Cloudways did a great job here by offering 24/7 live chat as well as support tickets. In a nutshell, Cloudways prices are a little bit higher compared to if you directly purchase from that provider, but Cloudways managed services and support services make them worthy. If you want to take a taste, you can do that with 3-days no credit card trial account.

Conclusion – Which NGINX Hosting Should I Choose?

So for an easy selection, we carefully put together some reliable NGINX hosts from the crowded market. However, the choice of a single web host heavy depends on your needs like whether you are going to set up a website or searching for project development.

In our experience, if we had to recommend Nginx based web host, InterServer is our top pick for setting up websites or servers. Whether it’s in the area of security or fast speed, InterServer is remarkable in all departments. Furthermore, we really appreciate their expeditious customer support team, which always proves themselves as a helping hand. You will get all the essentials for setting up websites, such as a 1-click installer, Let’s Encrypt, free backups, and more.

For developers, an open environment web host is usually friendlier where they can install and uninstall applications of their choice. In our opinion, Kamatera and Vultr are both good Nginx hosting providers if you want to host your data on the cloud platform. You will get full root access so you can play with server configurations. Furthermore, both offer SSD storage plans and come with pocket-friendly plans.

So what’s your top pick? Did we miss any good Nginx web hosting? Let us know with your precious words.

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