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PHP is the acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor that is a broadly used scripting language. This open-source language simplifies web development and creates dynamic websites. PHP can be embedded with HTML, due to these characteristics, it is simpler to differentiate. Moreover, it’s ideal for developing pages having dynamic information such as payment methods. To enjoy such benefits, you need PHP hosting so to work without any limitations.

Due to its necessity for running CMS like WordPress, Magento, etc., and web frameworks like Laravel, hosting companies added it by default for all hosting plans without charging any additional fee.

But, it’s always good to check whether they support PHP and the required version for your needs.

Best and Cheap PHP Hosting Providers 2024 (Choose #4 for Exclusive Discount)

1. BlueHost – Best PHP Host with Instant Support

Anyone who has ever searched for hosting probably knows BlueHost. Their popularity is due to the fact that they provide satisfactory services at economical prices.

The company started in 2003 and now hosts over 2 million websites, which is impressive for any web hosting company. The plans include the widely used cPanel (custom), which makes easy the management of databases, email, and other essential aspects.

When you buy a hosting plan, you will qualify for a free domain name for the first year. Like many other web hosts, BlueHost also provides the lowest pricing when you subscribe for a longer period such as you will get $2.95/month when buying a three-year plan.

The Basic plan can power 1 website with unmetered bandwidth and 50 GB storage. You can create up to 5 email accounts which are more than enough for small sites. They do include daily, weekly, and monthly backups alongside basic restoration access for free. You can either restore the entire backup or specific files whenever needed.

Although Bluehost is an affordable PHP web hosting, but there are few limitations to its services. First of all, where most companies are using SSDs to improve their performance, Bluehost also runs its servers on SSDs. Besides, you won’t have the choice to select a data center of your choice.

Besides these, they strive to give an isolated environment on shared servers to deliver full resources to each user. If you think Bluehost isn’t worth using, then a 30-day refund is also in place to get your hard-earned money back.

Regarding customer support, you may face some delays as they are not much consistent on live chat. So you may consider calling them in case of urgent issues. Also, you can submit your query by sending tickets or make use of DIY guides. Overall Bluehost is a big name that surely has some negatives but provides affordable, reliable solutions as well as support PHP 5.6, 5.5, and 7.0+ versions.

2. GreenGeeks – Cheap PHP Hosting Services

If you are searching for eco-friendly, fully loaded, affordable PHP web hosting, GreenGeeks is a potential choice. They are famous as a green hosting company that powered its servers with 300% renewable energy. With the experience of more than 10 years in the industry, they know how to satisfy their users, and so they are hosting over 300k websites. The first useful freebies you will get while opening an account with them is a free domain name.

Like SiteGround, for the lowest latency, GreenGeeks also allows you to choose the server location that should be near your targeted audience. It helps the server to deliver the data whenever requested quickly. Moreover, it’s a developer-friendly host that allows you to choose between PHP versions, SSH access, Perl and Python support, etc. GreenGeeks takes several steps for speed enhancement like in-house PowerCacher, LiteSpeed, and RAID-10 based SSD storage.

At GreenGeeks you don’t have to confuse that which plan to choose. There is only one plan that goes easy on your wallet and costs just $3.95/month. It provides unlimited storage, data transfer, MySQL databases, domains, and subdomains. The most significant part is that it can host unlimited websites.

GreenGeeks ensure secure environment with pro-active server monitoring, scanning, account isolation, and spam protection. Besides, they take free nightly backups where you can restore one in a calendar month for free and for every additional restoration you have to pay $25.

GreenGeeks is among the companies that take customer support seriously. They have an active live chat available 24/7. Also, you can call them or submit a ticket for your queries. And if during the first 30 days you feel unsatisfied, which we are sure you won’t, you can ask for a refund.

With all that said, if you want to do business while taking part in eco-friendly initiatives, GreenGeeks is undoubtedly the trusted and choice incorporated with latest technologies.

3. FastComet – Best Fast PHP Hosting with SSDs

Fast comet is the perfect combination of robust infrastructure and amazing support services. They provide an impressive 99.9% uptime that makes them stand in this crowded industry. It’s a quite small company that has been serving customers in almost 83 countries with more than 9-year experience.

FastComet is one of few companies that offer a free domain name for a lifetime. Yes, by purchasing a hosting account you don’t have to pay money for domain renewal as long as you keep hosting account with them.

With its capabilities, Fastcomet tend to outrank many giant companies in this business. They offer above average money back guarantee like where most companies offer 30 days refund policy they provide 45 days.

Moreover, their bigger plans are optimized with 5 layers caching that includes Varnish, LiteSpeed LSAPI, Memcached, APC, and OPcache. These cached different modules and components to make your site faster. They make available various PHP versions starts from 5.3 to the latest one.

Another unique point of FastComet is its daily backup policy. Every plan includes backup as well as restoration service at no extra cost. Their pricing starts at $3.95/month to host one domain. You will be given 15GB storage, 25K monthly visits, and 2GB RAM with 2 Core CPU.

FastComet offers a range of datacenter locations compared to the other web hosts. You got almost 8 different data centers to choose from. Like SiteGround, FastComet also has sturdy security initiatives such as brute force protection, malware scanning & removal, account isolation, etc.

A company that does not support most common customer support channels might get you in trouble especially for the rookies. Fortunately, FastComet performs outstandingly in this field too. They maintain step-by-step tutorials and guides on their site. For quick help, you can either call or use live chat. Plus, tickets are also good for receiving assistance.

4. InMotionHosting – Affordable PHP Hosting with NVMe Storage

Reaching almost 2 decades of their services in the coming couple of years, this web host knows how to make their customers happy. Their main selling point includes feature rich plans and handsome money-back guarantee. Plus, you can host 2 domains on their most basic plan which makes it more affordable if you are planning to run multiple websites. Each plan packs a free domain for the first year.

InMotion is free from any bandwidth restrictions and offers massive SSD storage as well as traffic. InMotion also considered developer-friendly as they support PostgreSQL & MySQL databases, SSH access, Perl, Python, and Ruby, etc. InMotion hosting PHP version can be customized as per your choice.

They provide max speed zones that allow you to choose from the US East and West Coast data center. The most protuberant part is 90 days refund policy which is beyond the industry standards.

The “Launch” plan costs $4.19/month with a facility to host two domains. During the purchasing process, you can select your desired CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop, etc. Your preferred CMS will automatically installed.

Moreover, you’ll receive $150 advertising credit to advertise your site on search engines to drive instant traffic. InMotion offers free backup and restoration services where they provide backup services up to 10GB data, but you can restore only once in 4 months. So it is suggested to create your own backup.

Like any good PHP hosting, InMotion maintains a vigorous support team that quickly appear to help whenever needed. You can submit tickets or ask for help using live chat, phone, or even Skype.

All in all, InMotion is a great affordable solution that not only offers speed, high uptime and tight security like free SSL & DDoS protection but also protects your investment with an enormous refund policy.

5. A2Hosting – Highly Optimized PHP Web Hosting with 20X Speed

A2Hosting provides a simplified environment that allows you to launch a site quickly or create PHP environment. The company offers both Linux and Windows based hosting solutions such as shared, managed WordPress, Cloud and dedicated servers. They provide 99.9% uptime guarantee which is quite achievable by them. Also, A2Hosting is an ideal choice for developers as their different hosting solution support almost every application and developing languages such as PHP versions, Perl, Python, Apache and lots of others.

A2Hosting claim to deliver up to 20x faster service which is achieved through utilization of solid state drives, Turbo server, LiteSpeed caching, HTTP/2, SPDY, and A2optimized server. HackScan protection is integrated with the entire hosting platform to ensure bulletproof security and block threats.

Further, they include firewalls, brute force defense and continuous monitoring protocols. A2Hosting is also known for its unique anytime refund policy. Within the first 30-days, you are eligible for full refund while after this you still have the chance to get your money back of unused services.

The “Lite” plan starts at $3.92/month permitting 1 website while you can make use of unlimited storage and bandwidth. Unlike most of the providers, here at A2Hosting, you won’t get a free domain name which should not be a big deal because it is not going to save you lots of bucks. Other than that you will get lots of things at such a low price like free Let’s Encrypt SSL, free site migration, and free security enhancement tools.

They provide support for the entire year without any break. Their support gurus are available on live chat, call, and tickets. Also, you can learn a lot from their knowledge base. While setting up an account, you can choose an application that will auto-install on your account and their cache plugin thus you will get online quickly without getting into installations. Precisely, A2hosting is each for developers as well as bloggers and is a risk-free web hosting for PHP or other use.

6. SiteGround – Best PHP Cloud Hosting

When it comes to the best host that comes with state-of-the-art technologies, SiteGround is one of the top choices. The company was established in 2004, and since then has grown so much and now manages over 2.8 million domains. If you want the latest PHP releases, then SiteGround is the ideal option. Every hosting plan supports multiple PHP versions that allow you to run the desired one. You can change it by merely mouse clicks through cPanel.

SiteGround strives to provide fast web hosting solutions with the highest uptime. All packages whether shared or dedicated are on SSDs. Moreover, every account is enabled with HTTP/2, free CDN, and Nginx server technologies. Also, there is a 3 level caching system developed by SiteGround that cache the static and dynamic content of your site to boost the speed further. Although note that the on “StartUP” plan you can utilize the basic level while all others allow full control.

The very first plan offers 10GB web space, 10k monthly visits and can host one website. So if you are starting out then, it’s an excellent option. Except for the “StartUp” plan, all others offer free daily backup & restoration services where you have access to restore a copy from the last 30 days. Due to increasing number of security issues, they also have robust account isolation in place.

As the SSL becoming popular and essential for every type of website, SiteGround provides Let’s Encrypt SSL which can be activated easily from cPanel. Another noteworthy part is their customer support. The team is knowledgeable and lighting fast when connecting via chat and phone.

Additionally, there is a ticketing system and resourceful knowledgebase for non-urgent issues. With such excellent services, you will get 30 days refund policy. So whether you are just going to start or have an already running site, SiteGround is the secure, trusted and reliable option we recommend without any hesitation.

7. TMDHosting

Founded in 2007, the company successfully positioned itself in this stiff competition field. With the help of the latest infrastructure such as SSDs, NGINX Web Server, and power backups they can provide fast PHP hosting and 99.99% uptime guarantee.

For enhanced page loading time, they have multiple data center locations so pick the best one precisely for reduced latency. Their developer combined Varnish, APC, and opCache layers to deliver flawless and smooth services to your site users.

Similar to Bluehost, you will get the lowest price ($2.95) by subscribing for a longer duration, i.e., three years. However, purchasing a 12-month subscription still gets you competitive pricing. They let you play freely by providing unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and MySQL databases.

If you planned to host multiple sites, we suggest considering “Business” package because it allows unlimited domains. You get a free domain name and free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt on the purchase of annual plan. Plus, free backups and restore features save you a few extra costs.

TMDHosting is well known for its specialist technical support that can be reached anytime round the clock. Their devoted team is available on multiple channels such as live chat, tickets, and phone. Their consistency proves their care for customers. TMD is among the companies that support the largest range of PHP versions, which includes 4.5 to 7.

Another great part of their services is the refund policy which is a whopping 60-day. It’s twice than most of the providers. Generally speaking, TMDHosting designed versatile solutions to meet the needs of different types of users by supporting simple to complex essentials like Perl, Python, APACHE mods, HTACCESS, and CGI scripts, etc. Plus, we really appreciate their above average refund policy and technical support.

8. DreamHost

It is not wrong to entitle DreamHost as one of the oldest and most experienced hosting services operating since 1996. Their service is a perfect combination of speed, security, and simplicity. They designed a single all-inclusive plan. Although DreamHost has a lot of useful features included in their packages but you will see their pricing higher than the competition which makes them slightly less competitive.

They offer you as low as $7.95/mo when entering into a long-term 3-year contract which makes it not affordable for everyone. The first thing that can satisfy pricing is you can host websites. Now think by hosting 2 to 3 websites on their servers, your cost will lower down significantly. Plus, as you are investing a considerable amount, so they protect your funds by offering 97 days money back guarantee. This means if you don’t like their services you got plenty of time to consider.

DreamHost offers a free domain name as well as privacy protection. When you buy a domain name, you provide a phone number and email address, etc. The domain privacy hides these pieces of information to protect you from spammer and hackers. There is no cap on storage, data transfer, and email accounts. Moreover, you don’t need any help as you can activate SSL with just 1-click that is entirely free for the life of the account.

Bear in mind that DreamHost does not provide cPanel; instead, they offer an in-house-built control panel. You might face some difficulty at the start, but you will get used to it with little effort. In case of any technical problem, you can always contact them via live chat.

Additionally, you can request a phone call or submit tickets. In a nutshell, DreamHost is the best PHP hosting provider that offers above average 99.9% uptime and developer-friendly tools.

9. WebHostingHub

WHH, founded in 2010, provides stable and affordable hosting for PHP for individuals and small businesses. The company targets a specific niche of people seeking shared hosting to better meet their requirements. So, Web Hosting Hub is not for you if you are looking for a VPS, cloud, or dedicated server for PHP; instead, it is a substantial choice as a specialized shared PHP hosting company.

You can either use their website builder to design a customized site with no coding knowledge or simply install a CMS like WordPress to get online quickly. Besides, there is a pre-installation facility for WordPress, PrestaShop, and BoldGrid.

WHH is one of the companies that shows confidence in its services by offering a 90-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Each of its plans includes free SSD drives, which are normally 20 times faster than traditional hard disk drives.

Their basic package, “Spark,” offers unlimited hosting, including free storage, bandwidth, and an email account. A noteworthy part is that you can host two websites. The package also allows 10 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases in total and $150 free advertising credit.

Although there is no free backup service even on their highest plan, their developer designed a click-based backup tool that just costs $1 per month. When receiving higher traffic, you can seamlessly upgrade to higher plans.

The company clearly knows how much support services are an essential part of any hosting company. So besides the typical support channels (Live Chat, Phone, Emails), you can seek their expert help on Skype. By considering all things, we can say WebHostingHub is a provider that supports developer tools but also brings simplicity to build up a site in a matter of minutes.

10. CloudWays

CloudWays is a cloud based PaaS (platform as a service) provider where one can make use of PHP hosting with MySQL or deploy cloud instances from more than 60 global locations.

They are offering the latest PHP 7 version for all servers which is way faster than older versions so your programs will execute blazingly fast. Developers can also utilize other tools such as MariaDB, NGINX, MySQL, and Apache which are pre-made features and available for all users.

The best part is everything is managed from installing WordPress or Joomla to launching Linux servers; it requires a few clicks to get started. Where most cloud hosting companies lack live chat, CloudWays assist you in real-time and fix any issue you might face, which rarely occurs.

Compiling complex applications usually demands a group of developers, this is where the “Team Collaboration” feature comes handy to assign specific rules to each individual. That said, you can authorize limited access to any member as well as restrict it when needed.

It won’t be wrong if I say every coder knows GIT, right? It’s the most popular place where devs. share open source codes all over the world to collaborate with others. And to make it even more helpful, they allow easy GIT integration alongside SSD & SFTP – these are default perks.

For maximum security, free unlimited SSL certificates are given to make your apps and websites secure and it requires a single click to activate. Furthermore, upgrading to higher resources is dead simple thanks to flexible scalability.

When it comes to programming, how one can forget API access? In fact, robust API takes things to the next level to execute specific operations remotely without spoiling sensitive information. It’s even more important when you have a dynamic app.

Luckily, API access is included for integrating third-party tools such as Slack, etc. Overall, CloudWays is the best of the best cloud-based hosting offering managed services at an affordable price with 24/7 customer support.

Conclusion – Choosing the Right PHP Web Hosting

Searching a PHP hosting is not as troublesome as looking for reliable hosting for Tomcat and other apps. Every company that allows you to install CMS and web framework like WordPress, CodeIgniter, etc., support PHP.

The fact is that some companies may support a single version that you might avoid using or they may offer older versions of their basic plans. Also, some companies quickly integrate the latest PHP version, while some are not so much quicker.

Above mentioned companies are outstanding but to be more specific, FastComet, GreenGeeks, and A2Hosting are our top recommendations.

Top Choice: BlueHost is always our priority when it comes to quality, premium-class solutions, and advanced infrastructure. With feature-rich plans, they are splendid in the customer care area. They offer 99.99% uptime, well-maintained security measures (brute force defense, account isolation, in-house backup), and have data centers in multiple locations.

Runner-up: GreenGeeks offers a single plan that includes everything you might need to make use of PHP. Unlike SiteGround, there are no monthly visits and storage caps. Although, their infrastructure may not be as advanced as SiteGround. Otherwise, there are multiple PHP versions and all essentials to set up a website.

Affordable Choice: A2Hosting is a choice when seeking a cheap Php hosting provider with easy scalability. They strive to provide a developer-friendly environment with rock-solid uptime and an anytime money-back guarantee.

So you can’t go wrong with these best PHP hosting providers; feel free to post your questions in the comment section if you have any confusion or suggestions.

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