10 Cheap KVM VPS Services 2024

A Virtual Private Server brings you better speed, more control, and low latency services which not only help your project to offer a delightful experience to the visitors but also improve search engine ranking. Of course, a cheap KVM VPS comes with all these benefits but without breaking your bank account.

A virtual private server by using virtualization technology divide one server into multiple virtual servers. In more simple words, it split one physical server into multiple virtual servers. As the name says ‘Private’ it means that virtual server is dedicated to you and you won’t have to share the resources (RAM, CPU, and Storage) with other users on that same physical server. This provides several benefits over shared hosting like better control, privacy, fast loading time, and an allocated amount of resources.

Different companies using different virtualization technologies and each technology varies in features than others. The most popular technologies that are being used are KVM, OpenVZ, and Citrix Xen. Each technology comes with its own pros and cons.

As this guide is about exploring good but cheap KVM VPS providers so we will give you a quick introduction of virtual technologies.

OpenVZ: Also called Open Virtuozzo is a Linux focused virtualization. It means while using OpenVZ you can only host Linux. The OpenVZ uses container-based virtualization which means you cannot perform kernel-level modifications. In this virtualization, after the allocated amount of resources like RAM/CPU, the remaining amount is free to all. So if you need more you can avail unused portion of resources.

Citrix Xen: Xen can be said as more improved virtualization than OpenVZ. It eliminates all the limitations faced by OpenVZ. A virtual machine created using Xen can run any operating system. Unlike OpenVZ, Xen enables you to do kernel modifications.

KVM: (Kernel Virtual Machine) KVM allows you to run any operating system and play with low-level kernel settings. The best part of this technology is that it allows you to set the values of the resources. KVM provides a more isolated environment and so allows the users to manage their own kernel.

KVM can also be oversubscribed but due to better isolation, it won’t compromise performance and resources. While on the other hand, OpenVZ is often oversold and so sold at lower prices than KVM. As the KVM offers more private virtualized hardware than any other technology so it is ideal for resellers, medium businesses, large enterprises, and rapidly growing professional projects.

As you land on this page, it means you are seeking KVM virtualization-based VPS. Different companies use different virtualization, so it becomes a difficult task to find the right KVM VPS provider. That is where we are going to help you in finding low cost but worthy solutions.

cheap kvm vps servers

We hope after going through the article you will find the best deal for you.

So let’s get started!

10 Best Cheap KVM VPS Providers of 2024

1. InterServer – Our Top Choice for Best KVM VPS Provider

InterServer is a low-cost, reliable hosting provider that offers shared hosting, VPS, reseller, storage servers, and dedicated server solutions. It has been serving customers since 1999. From its beginning, the company emphasizes delivering quality services and phenomenal support and doing it pretty successfully.

The best part is that InterServer allows you to choose the virtualization technology of your choice. While purchasing, you can select from KVM, Virtuozzo, and HyperV. The KVM-based virtualization on Interserver VPS permits you to run both Linux/Windows operating systems.

InterServer offers amazingly low price KVM VPS. With the very first packages, you will get 1 CPU Core, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB data transfer. Even with such low price VPS packages, the company does not compromise on essential things like solid-state drives, self-healing hardware, and top-notch security.

Website page loading speed is one of the factors that can affect your potential customers. A website with fast loading speed not only delivers a pleasant experience to your site visitors but also get favor by searching engines. So with the combination of a dedicated environment, SSDs, and a choice of different data centers, your site will load blazingly fast. What’s more, their cloud VPS comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

InterServer holds 3 data center choices Secaucus, NJ (2), and Los Angeles, CA. Compared to some other web hosts it is not much but with the use of technologies they are delivering pretty stable and consistent speed. However, we think for the Asian market, they can improve more by locating a data center in Asia.

They also offer Managed KVM VPS but in a unique way to what the other providers are doing. You will get Managed support if you buy 4 or more slices. They will fully assist you with security patches, operating systems, and diagnosing failed services. This is great because when you grow, you need more hands to help you and, at that point, will be accompanied by Interserver Managed support without paying any additional costs.

For managing hosting features, you can deploy OS with a free Webuzo control panel which includes a one-click installer enabling you to install 100s applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, etc. effortlessly. Without any hassle, you can make use of services such as PHP, Ruby, Rails, Java, Apache, and many other developer-friendly features.

InterServer Windows KVM VPS plans are available on Hyper-V or KVM virtualization. Windows Server users can also avail of very affordable KVM VPS from Interserver. Windows plans are featured with excellent speed and security. You will get administrator access which enables you to enhance features without facing any limitations.

Interserver’s in-house support team operates from Secaucus, New Jersey, and stays active 24/7. The company presents support services through live chat, tickets, and phone. They hold a knowledgeable and helpful support department.

2. HostWinds – Cheapest KVM VPS with 99.98% Uptime

Founded in 2010, Hostwinds services come with affordable price tags making it possible for customers to enjoy a variety of hosting services. It provides an array of solutions that include shared hosting, Windows & Linux VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. The company supports both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Hostwinds enable you to launch your cheap KVM VPS at a surprisingly low price. You can avail of VPS packages in 2 management levels – Managed and Unmanaged. If you are experienced in managing servers, self-managed VPS can save you more on cost. You are responsible for server configurations, software, and operating system installation. On the other hand, Managed VPS is the best to pick if you want to receive administrative and enhanced technical support from company experts.

As per your requirements, you can select a plan out of their 10 different unmanaged VPS plans. By implementing KVM, the company permits you to take the benefits of a more isolated environment and to do kernel-level modifications.

The cheapest KVM VPS unmanaged plan contains 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB bandwidth. It allows you to upload a custom ISO or choose the version from pre-loaded Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Fedora.

Where the company offers very reasonable pricing, there is also no scarcity of features. All of their plans include Snapshots, an Enterprise firewall, 1 Gbps Ports, and a 99.9999% uptime commitment. Like any other VPS provider, Hostwinds support instant scalability allowing you to add resources whenever you need them.

However, the Managed KVM VPS is more like a peace of mind solution letting you put more focus on your project instead of playing around with configurations. In case of any technical problem, you just need to contact their support department and they will take care of that problem.

Hostwinds managed VPS plans are slightly higher in prices than unmanaged. The very first plan loaded with 1 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB data transfer. The company offers a time-saving application library that allows you to install applications like WordPress, Drupal, LEMP, and more without any technicalities.

Hostwinds operate via three data centers located in Seattle, Dallas, and Amsterdam. You can choose a location by keeping in view your targeted audience. All of their data centers are backed by Video Surveillance, 100% Power SLA and Armed security to avoid any possible disastrous situation.

For technical support, unmanaged VPS users cannot avail of much help. However, if you acquire a Managed VPS plan then the company is responsible to deliver you full assistance regarding technical issues. Hostwinds holds a very friendly support department that is quick in responding. You can get help through live chat, phone, email tickets, and knowledgebase.

3. TMDHosting

Whenever it comes to feature-rich web hosting without breaking your bank account, TMDhosting is the most potential choice to consider. For example, just look at their shared hosting plans which are escorted by SSD storage, plenty of data center choices, multiple caching layers, and premium security measures. Similarly, they offer cutting edge cheap KVM VPS.

Unlike the aforementioned web host, TMD Hosting does not offer the choice of management levels. It only offers completely hassle-free Managed VPS hosting plans. There are 4 different KVM VPS plans to choose from.

The most basic plan brings plentiful resources which include 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 3 TB bandwidth, and 40 GB of SSD storage. Regardless of the plan, the web host allows you to reap the benefit of KVM virtualization.

One of the most noticeable parts of TMDHosting VPS is the control panel. You can access the most powerful control panel (cPanel) with the VPS plan without charging any additional fee. cPanel makes it a lot easier to manage hosting features even for beginners. Additionally, the included 1-click application makes your job easier to install applications without any complexities.

TMD hosting is among the web hosts who took security very seriously. They are utilizing sophisticated web-based firewalls, SPAM experts, and an isolated environment which is great for security and monitoring. However, the company is ensuring good security measures but if somehow your website got affected or some installations badly messed up with your site layout the quick way to get everything right is the backups. The best thing is you will get free daily backups facility with the VPS. And also there are no charges for restoring backups.

With the use of several technologies, TMDHosting delivers blazing-fast services. The RAID-10 based SSD storage not only delivers fast speed but is also considered a more secure way to keep data. To further improve the speed and security you can enable the integrated Cloudflare CDN.

TMDHosting effectively covers the data center availability zones. The reason why you should be careful while choosing the server location is that it affects the page loading speed. A data center closer to your targeted audience is able to provide fast loading times. TMD hosting lets you set up your affordable KVM VPS in the USA, Europe, UK, Asia, and Australia. While selecting the hosting plan you can choose your preferred location. They also provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

However, their billing structure may be a deal-breaker for many users who are seeking cheap VPS services. You can avail of their lowest prices for the first-month invoice then you need to pay the regular price which makes it an expensive choice. So for the cheapest KVM VPS seekers, it’s a good solution for a short duration. They offer a 30-days money-back guarantee.

In the case of any technical problems, you don’t have to worry about the solutions as their support team is always online to assist their users. Use Phone Call, Live Chat, or Tickets to contact them. We have seen them very active whenever we contact them via chat.

4. Hostens

Hostens brings many things on the table besides offering the cheapest KVM VPS hosting plans backed by cloud-based infrastructure and a whopping 100 Gbps network capacity. With that incredible network connectivity, your hosted websites and projects will never face downtimes due to sudden traffic spikes. They utilize branded hardware by HP (ProLiant DL360 Gen10) and enterprise-level technologies to ensure a 99.98% uptime guarantee.

With self-managed KVM VPS, you can handle your server through command lines or set up cPanel/WHM, Plesk, or DirectAdmin control panels at your ease. Furthermore, Hostens also allows installations of Windows and Linux OS distributions to manage your VPS efficiently. Within a few clicks, their Init scripts help you automatically configure your desired operating system after the initial OS installation – a very quick yet easy approach.

The company has up to three packages named Small, Medium, and Large, so you can start with the basic server and scale up whenever needed within clicks, thanks to instant, easy scalability and flexibility, allowing smooth upgrades on demand. Even you won’t have to restart or reinstall the operating system after the upgrades. They have a redundant amount of RAM, storage, CPU Cores, and Add-ons in place to maximize your virtual machine’s performance.

With add-ons and additional tools, you can not only prevent spam emails, encrypt inbound and outbound traffic, secure communication channels but also set up SSL certificates and spam filters. There are also backups available that can be configured according to your priorities, like daily or weekly. One of the best things about Hostens is that they provide RAID storage solutions and flexible billing, so your data will be protected by its mirror copies and you will only pay for the used resources.

Hostens assists its users regarding customer support services through diverse channels such as live chat, email, social networks, and the ticket system. You can get in touch with the support agent anytime 24/7 via your preferred gateway. They also have an active user community where one can ask questions regarding server management, performance, security, web applications, control panels, OS, OpenVZ, Apache, VNC, Nginx, RDP, etc.

The very first or entry KVM server starts at $1.80 per month and offers 2GB of RAM, 1 CPU, 20GB storage, and 4TB data bandwidth. Their top-of-the-line plan costs $7.20 per month for 3 CPU Cores, 8GB RAM, 80GB storage, and 16TB bandwidth. Each server includes IPv4 and IPv6 addresses by default. You can purchase your desired plan via PayPal, credit cards, Ali Pay, WebMoney, and Bitpay. A 30-day money-back guarantee also covers each package, so try worry-free for a whole month.

5. BlueHost

BlueHost is a well-established and trusted name which is often referred to as one of the largest web hosting providers. Founded in 2003, the company is powering over 2 Million websites and is also on top of the WordPress recommended web hosts. Bluehost holds a variety of solutions to host small to heavy traffic websites. They also offer eCommerce hosting solutions.

Luckily you can avail KVM based VPS from this top-notch hosting provider. Their VPS plans come with Managed capability which means they are going to cost more than a normal cheap KVM VPS. However, the Managed VPS enables you to make use of hosting features more efficiently. A slight limitation here is that although KVM supports both Windows and Linux but Bluehost only offer Linux based VPS.

Bluehost believes in the easy and quick provisioning of Cloud VPS services. After the purchasing process, they don’t take much time to provide you ready to use services. Where they are using open source technologies like OpenStack and KVM to ensure powerful VPS they also use solid-state storage drives which are significantly better in performance than traditional spinning drives.

There are 3 different pre-made VPS plans to choose from. Starting with the least you will get 2 CPU cores, 30 GB SSD storage, 2GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth, and 1 IP address. The virtual private servers bring along some freebies such as a Free Domain Name for the first year and a Free SSL certificate.

One of the reasons that make Bluehost a smart choice, especially for beginners is the ease of use. The inclusion of enhanced cPanel makes it a lot easier to install applications, manage databases, creating email accounts, and many more. You usually see cPanel with shared hosting solutions so if you have already experienced it you will find absolutely no trouble in managing Bluehost VPS.

Although Bluehost is delivering secured hosting services but they also offer some optional add-ons to upgrade the security measures. SiteLock will defend your website against malware by detecting and then fixing the vulnerabilities.

When it comes to managed services as the company is responsible for all major server technicalities which means it may not offer root access. But this is not the case with Bluehost. Advanced users can access the operating system through the provided control panel.

A little downside with Bluehost KVM based VPS is that it does not offer the choice of data centers. They only offer US-based data centers.

Although every hosting company offers support services, the best one remains open 24/7 and offers multiple support channels such as Live Chat, Email Tickets, and Phone Call. Luckily, Bluehost meets all of these standards. We have tried their live chat multiple times and their support agents are real quick in responding. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So overall Bluehost offers affordable KVM VPS that encompasses all the essential features like instant server provisioning, OS-level access, SSD storage, and 24/7 support. But so far they do not offer the choice of data centers.

6. AccuWebHosting – Cheap KVM VPS for Linux OS

AccuWebHosting is another means of establishing your online venture on cheap KVM cloud VPS solutions. Established in 2003, Accuwebhosting is an experienced US-based hosting provider. The company house a vast variety of hosting solutions to cater to the needs of individual to enterprises.

You can avail of both Linux and Windows cloud VPS solutions utilizing KVM virtualization. Usually, if you want a team to support you in dealing with technical complexities a managed VPS is a way to go for. AccuWebHosting allows you to convert self-managed to managed VPS services by adding an optional add-on. However, as you are looking for inexpensive KVM VPS then you should not do so as their “Fully Managed” VPS service significantly increases the cost.

AccuWebHosting is operating through a large infrastructure spread around the world. It stands among the few companies that offer such a huge amount of data centers (15). So whether your audience located in Asia, Europe, the UK, the USA, or Africa you can easily host your website near them.

The company is offering Windows and Linux cloud VPS plans separately. The cheapest KVM VPS comes with 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 40 GB storage, and 1 TB of data transfer. All of their Linux cloud servers are connected with the RAID-10 storage system to ensure high data security against hardware failures.

Accuwebhosting offers a very straightforward way to launch the server. After selecting the size of the server all you need to choose the operating system and a few other settings. The company lets you easily and automatically increase the capacities of the RAM, storage, and processing power (this facility available only for Denver, USA data center users.)

By default, the cloud VPS plan includes operating systems and applications like PHP, MySQL, Postgres, and Python. During the signup process, you can also request for any other software that you require for your project.

Regardless of what plan you choose they include free weekly backups. However, a minor limitation here that free weekly backups are only available to Denver, USA location. Besides complimentary backups, they also offer paid backup add-ons available to all users.

On the other hand, if you want Windows hosting, the company also offers a range of plans. The most basic plan comes with the same resources as we get in the case of Linux (1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 40 GB webspace, and 1 TB bandwidth. However, the Windows plan costs you double than the Linux VPS due to the Windows licensing fee.

Windows plans contain almost the same features as Linux like RAID 10 storage system, the choice between 17 data center locations, 1Gbps Connectivity, server firewalls, and full admin access.

In order to contact the Accuwebhosting support department, there are 3 ways – Phone, Live Chat, and Emails. Although live chat response was quite good but they were also pretty fast in assisting their customers via support ticket. You will get a response in under 1-hour which is good for a ticketing system.

Overall, AccuWebHosting is a well-packed cheap KVM VPS provider with tons of data center locations. However, there are some limitations like the users using the Denver location can upgrade the capacities of RAM, Storage, and Processing power, etc. The Global server client can upgrade their VPS to the next plan.

7. ScalaHosting

Started back in 2007, ScalaHosting is relatively less popular than the above mentioned cheap KVM VPS providers. However, the use of an impressive set of technologies makes it a potential host. Unlike most of its rivals, ScalaHosting invests more in its services to deliver reliable services with reasonable price tags and less in marketing.

ScalaHosting offers both Self-managed and Managed cloud VPS solutions at affordable prices. And the surprising part is that unlike any other company they offer Managed cloud VPS at cheaper rates than self-managed that’s because currently their Managed cloud VPS plans are available on a discounted prices.

So on ScalaHosting, the cheapest KVM VPS plan offers you a managed environment where the company fully assists you regarding the setup, configurations, and optimization of your server.

The company provides enterprise-grade SSD storage with all of its VPS plans. This ensures lightning-fast speed as SSDs take significantly less time to write and read data as compared to spinning drives.

Security is among the foremost factors you must look at while operating online. A secured web host will be able to deliver you a peace of mind environment so you can focus on your project. The good thing ScalaHosting deploys SPanel Shield on each VPS which not only monitors the websites but also blocks the malware attacks. If a breach happened you will receive a detailed report along with instructions to get out of that problematic situation. Furthermore, you can also request the technical team to help you out.

They have further increased security by providing free daily backups and free snapshots. The company automatically keeps 2 Snapshots of your VPS for the last 2 days. This is very helpful if you want to restore to the previous state.

With the very first plan, you will get 30 GB SSD storage, 1 CPU core, 20 B SSD, and a decent amount of 2 GB RAM. You can either choose from the pre-designed plans or configure a server as per your requirements.

One of the things that can make your hosting experience pleasant is the ease of use. The company is providing an all-in-one sPanel (control panel) to manage cloud VPS solutions. It includes every essential feature related to Emails, Databases, domains, and some other tools.

On the other hand, if you are searching for cheap unmanaged KVM VPS then ScalaHosting is also a potential choice to look at. With just $10/month, the plan includes 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM, and 50 GB of SSD storage. Moreover, if you want you can build a VPS with custom resources.

Like Managed Cloud VPS plan, Self-Managed also holds a decent amount of features such as instant scalability, Free 3 Snapshots, and guaranteed resources.

Where the company offers very comprehensive plans there is also a little downside in that the company offers limited data center locations. Currently, you can only choose between Europe and the US data center.

We have contacted the ScalaHosting support team multiple times and we were really impressed with the rapid response. They are knowledgeable and available 24/7. You can make a phone call, start a live chat session (2:30 AM to 5 PM (GMT -6, CDT), or send tickets. Here note that Live chat is mainly for pre-sale queries.

8. HostSailor

HostSailor has also established itself as a trusted provider for solutions such as shared SSD hosting, VPS, and Dedicated servers. The company is known to provide some of the cheapest hosting solutions making it possible for most customers to convert their imaginations into reality.

HostSailor separately offers KVM, KVM, Xen, and OpenVZ virtualization VPS plans. You have the facility to launch either Windows or Linux based KVM plans. Further, on the KVM platform, you can use the custom ISO. Starting with Linux, it offers the cheapest KVM VPS, which costs you just $2.99. There are 6 different specifications of VPS plans to choose from.

The most basic plan includes 256 MB RAM, 1 CPU core, 256 GB bandwidth, and 10 GB of HDD storage. With such resources, it might be sufficient for a very basic level project. In order to get a smooth performance, we suggest you go for at least 2-3 GB RAM. For example, their “SEAMAN” plan offers 1 GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth, 4 CPU cores, and 30 GB HDD storage. While on the pricing side, it costs you just $6.99/month, which is less than most competitors.

Even with such low pricing, the good thing is that they make you available everything that an owner needs to grow the website. Each of the plans provides DDOS protection and there are also optional security add-ons.

After making payment, unlike shared hosting, you don’t have to wait for hours for the account. HostSailor instantly makes you available your server which is good especially if you want to migrate your existing website.

Another noticeable part is the control panel. All of their VPS packages come with SolusVM which is not as intuitive as cPanel but still, this VPS management control panel makes it easier to manage the VPS cluster. This GUI based interface allows you to manage users, virtual servers, configurations, and monitor important metrics. However, the inclusion of the control panel doesn’t mean it lacks server root access. You have full control over the server and can make OS-level changes.

When it comes to  Windows-based affordable KVM VPS, HostSailor offers fully managed plans. You will be surprised to see they allow you to launch a Windows VPS server at just $5.99/month. However, this plan includes just 512 MB RAM which we think might not be sufficient, so go for higher plans.

HostSailor is operating through two data centers located in Romania and the Netherlands. While in the case of the Windows KVM VPS server, you can only select Netherland as your data center location.

Unlike most web hosts you don’t have to make longer-term contracts in order to avail low price hosting plan. HostSailor offers both monthly and annual billing and even if you choose monthly billing their prices stay amazingly low.

A disappointing thing is that where most companies offer SSD based storage, HostSailor KVM based plans still relying on old HDD storage.

If we talk about customer support, their response was not that fast. In around after 3 min their support agent appears on the chat. Furthermore, also during a chat, the response was not that quick as we experienced with web hosts like HostWinds and Interserver. Overall what we think you should expect such limitations from a low-cost virtual server provider. It is offering worthy cheap KVM VPS which are accompanied by GUI based control panel, DDOS protection, and 1Gbit networking.

9. NameCheap

As its name saying NameCheap is known to offer cheap solutions. The company has been around since 2000, is offering a wide range of digital products from its platform. They offer Domain names, web hosting, and security related products. NameCheap is mainly well renowned because of its domain registration business. It is one of the trusted domain registrars accredited by ICANN. They offer over 200 TLD extensions at very competitive prices so you don’t have to face much trouble finding the desired one.

For setting up a cheap KVM VPS, NameCheap offers you 2 different plans to choose from. Started at just $11.88 the plan brings you more resources as compared to the competition. You can make use of 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, 1000 GB bandwidth, and 40GB of SSD storage.

The good thing besides maintaining the low cost virtual private servers they do not compromise on the technology. Both their VPS plans are equipped with the RAID-10 storage system which protects data by utilizing disk mirroring and disk striping.

By default, NameCheap VPS plan comes with a self-managed environment which means the user is on its own to take care of the virtual server. However, if you want managed VPS then you need to add cPanel and their Server Management add-on during the purchasing process but it turns into a pricey solution.

NameCheap offers root access to the server which enables you to restart or shut down the server anytime you want. The company restricts its VPS plans to the use of the Linux operating system only. So while configuring your server you can select from their three pre-loaded Linux distributions – CentOs, Ubuntu, and Debian.

There are also some freebies included with both VPS packages. You will get a free domain name and a free transfer for your existing website. The best part, along with domain names they also provide free domain privacy which is very useful if you want to hide your personal information such as Name, Email Address, Phone, etc.

The beauty of KVM is that it not only provides a more improved isolated environment but also ensures easy scalability with guaranteed resources. Compared to other virtualization it is very easy to add more RAM, Storage, and Processing power to KVM based server. NameCheap lets you start with a small number of resources and when you grow you can add more resources in the form of RAM, CPU, and bandwidth.

Unfortunately, NameCheap does not offer the choice of the data center. Although they offer choices with shared hosting plans but you can deploy a virtual private server only in a US-based data center.

For support, NameCheap Live Chat team is not only highly responsive but also remains online 24/7. There are only very few events when we experienced more than 1 min delay to get connected to their chat. Some other means of getting help from their technical team are phone, email tickets, and knowledgebase. With annual plans, NameCheap offers a 30-day refund policy which is good to pull your funds back if they don’t meet your expectations.

10. HostPapa

Founded in 2006, HostPapa hosted over 500K websites in its 2 data centers (the US and Canada). This privately owned Canadian-based company holds a variety of solutions aimed to meet the needs of small businesses. It is a complete web host that offers Domains, Web hosting, Security, Email, and MS Office products.

With its virtual private servers, HostPapa lets you reap the benefits of KVM where you can enjoy guaranteed resources. HostPapa VPS plans may not look cheap to you but once you compare the price with the benefits you will see they are offering a good bang for your buck.

Out of their 5 different specs VPS plans, the most basic starts at just $19.99/month. It provides you the power of 4 CPU cores and 2 GB of RAM. You can make use of 1 TB bandwidth and plentiful 60 GB SSD storage. Like any other virtual private server provider, you will be granted server root-level access.

HostPapa has taken various security measures so that you don’t have to worry while operating your business online. They have implemented a server firewall, DDoS protection, Regular security updates, and a Brute Force detection system. Each VPS plan comprises a free SSL certificate which you usually find only with higher budget plans.

A beginner may be worried about managing a virtual private server because the VPS management dashboard mostly varies from company to company unless you invest more in control panels like cPanel. HostPapa provides a proprietary VPS management portal making management a piece of cake. The self-managed plans provide full root access to the server so allow you to install any control panel of your choice.

Just like some other web hosts, HostPapa offers a Management add-on. During the purchasing process, you can choose between self-managed (Free), Managed, or Fully Managed VPS.

Uptime is the most crucial aspect of a website because it significantly affects your website traffic. Visitors may avoid a website that they find unavailable most of the time. We appreciate how HostPapa made it possible to deliver above 99.9% uptime. The company is pretty confident in its services and provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

As HostPapa provides a decent amount of resources even on their most basic plan they put no restriction on the number of domains you can host on a single VPS account. But, you must be careful as hosting too many websites can affect the performance.

Here is a concerning thing, HostPapa offers different billing cycles like monthly, quarterly, and annual. You will be able to get a minimal price when you pay for 3 years at once. This may be a deal-breaker, especially for those who are looking for cheap KVM VPS for a short duration. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HostPapa offers a variety of support channels – phone, tickets, and chat. You can get into their extensive library which contains self-help written articles and videos. So, if you are searching for an affordable feature-rich KVM VPS you should take a look at HostPapa.


No doubt, KVM is an excellent vitalization technology that comes along with a list of benefits. It provides excellent virtualization and better ensures a dedicated environment. As you can see, there are a decent number of cheap KVM VPS providers to choose from.

You must look at some factors like Live chat is a necessity, especially if you are going to try VPS hosting for the first time. Furthermore, a virtual server provider that is integrated with the latest technology like SSDs will be able to deliver you fast loading time services.

All of the above-mentioned service providers are offering KVM based solutions. However, some of them restrict you to the use of Linux, while some support both Windows and Linux. Thus, look at your needs and then pick the company accordingly.

We recommend InterServer in the first place for cheap KVM VPS solutions. The good thing is they offer rock-bottom prices with their plans. They are maintaining both Windows and Linux based plans separately. What’s more, all of their VPS plans offer SSD based storage, free snapshots, enterprise firewalls, and 99.98% uptime. Due to monthly billing, you don’t need to make any annual contract.

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