9 Cheap OpenVZ VPS Hosting Providers 2024

A cheap OpenVZ VPS that delivers solid performance, incredible uptime, easy scalability and reliable customer support is quite difficult to find but we did the hard work and put together some of the top hosts for you to save time and instant server deployment.

OpenVZ is a virtualization technology that is effective and powerful for creating virtual machines. It offers a quick and affordable way to build virtual environments, also known as containers, on a single physical server. OpenVZ functions at the operating system level, in contrast to conventional hypervisor-based virtualization, enabling several isolated Linux containers to use the same kernel while keeping separate user areas.

One of OpenVZ’s main benefits is its resource efficiency. By dynamically assigning resources like CPU, RAM, and disc space to containers as needed, it maximizes server utilization without the overhead associated with conventional virtualization. Due to its exceptional performance and responsiveness, it is the perfect option for running several virtual servers on a single hardware platform.

Many companies and hosting providers use OpenVZ because it can offer effective, segregated environments with no resource overhead, enabling them to optimize their server architecture while maintaining high levels of security and performance. A valuable tool for both small businesses and large companies looking to maximize the effectiveness and scalability of their server hosting solutions. It is also lightweight, making it well-suited for circumstances where resources need to be allocated wisely.

9 Best Cheap OpenVZ VPS Providers 2024

1. InterServer


Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS), one of the many hosting solutions offered by InterServer, are designed to meet the various demands of online projects. With a balance between processing cores, RAM, and storage to guarantee maximum performance for your websites and applications, their VPS hosting is a flexible and affordable choice.

The variety of Linux (open source) templates available from InterServer makes it simple to choose the operating system that best meets your needs. For consumers that favor a Windows-based environment, they also provide Windows virtual private servers. InterServer also provides Large Storage Optimized servers, which are geared toward data-intensive applications if you need a lot of storage.

Their cloud virtual private servers are the best option for hosting your projects, with plans starting at just $6.00 per month. With CentOS deployment and the free Webuzo management panel, which allows one-click installation, InterServer streamlines the process for individuals wishing to set up popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, etc.

In addition, InterServer offers managed assistance when you buy four or more slices. Their knowledgeable support staff is available 24/7 by phone, live chat, and a ticket system and is prepared to help with server troubleshooting or address difficulties like database issues or malfunctioning services.

Professionals looking for a Windows-based VPS will value the ease of remote desktop access, which enables them to log in from any location and maintain their apps’ smooth operation. They use various virtualization technologies for VPS hosting, including OpenVZ, Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, and KVM to meet the needs of every user.

InterServer offers web hosting services as well as a cloud remote backup service to protect your important data. This assurance is essential for making sure that your work is available whenever you need it.

In addition, InterServer offers a selection of scripts with a one-click installation wizard, enabling the creation of professional websites without the need for coding abilities. You have the freedom to create websites that are suited to your particular needs thanks to the availability of scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, Moodle, Dotnetnuke, Oscommerce, Gallery, Osticket, Zen Cart, Prestashop, and SugarCRM.

2. Hostens


OpenVZ VPS container is one of the many hosting services offered by Hostens. Hostens has established itself as a cost-effective choice for people and companies looking for reliable web hosting by putting an emphasis on pricing and dependability.

Hostens offers a range of VPS hosting services made to suit various user requirements and financial constraints. They are a suitable option for people seeking affordable OpenVZ VPS to robust hosting solutions due to their devotion to cost.

To improve the entire hosting experience, Hostens offers a number of features, including:

Choice of Operating Systems: To suit their unique project requirements and tastes, users can choose from a range of Linux distributions.

Solid-State Drives (SSD): Hostens uses SSD storage for their VPS hosting, which enhances server performance and allows for faster data read/write speed. As a result, websites load more quickly and applications respond more rapidly.

Data Centre Locations: Hostens runs data centers in a number of cities, enabling users to select a data center that is close to the location of their targeted users. This regional diversity guarantees the best accessibility and smooth processing of the website.

24/7 Customer Support: The company provides round-the-clock assistance through a variety of channels, including live chat and a ticketing system, because it recognizes how important dependable customer support is. This guarantees that users may get support whenever they require it, whether for general questions or technical problems.

Additional Services: To ensure a complete solution for varied online needs, Hostens offers a variety of add-on services in addition to VPS hosting, including domain registration, KVM VPS, Linux VPS, storage servers, and SSL certificates.

Due to its exceptional pricing on unmanaged VPS hosting, Hostens stands out when it comes to budget-friendly virtual private servers. Their billing contracts are transparent and free of ambiguity, guaranteeing that customers receive high-quality services without being hit with unforeseen fees or surprises. Users looking for a reliable hosting service value the company’s dedication to openness and clear pricing.

Even though Hostens offers the cheapest OpenVZ VPS plans, all hosting plans also come with a free 6-month subscription to a VPN as a special promotion. Users’ security and privacy are improved thanks to this added value, making it an attractive option for individuals who place a high priority on online safety.

3. Time4VPS


Time4VPS is a popular hosting company that focuses on container VPS through OpenVZ. Time4VPS has become known for its expertise in virtualization and commitment to client satisfaction as a result of its dedication to delivering stable services.

Offering Container OpenVZ hosting, which is renowned for its effectiveness and adaptability, Time4VPS enables users to make use of a virtualized environment that is isolated, safe, and incredibly flexible. With this level of control, it is an excellent option for a variety of applications, including web hosting, software development, and more.

The ability to manage resources is one of Container VPS’s main benefits. Users can freely distribute CPU cores, RAM, and storage space using Time4VPS, giving them the ability to scale resources up or down in accordance with project needs. Performance and cost-effectiveness can be enhanced with the help of this optimal resource use.

Because of Time4VPS’s lowest prices, anyone can run a container virtual private server. The business places a strong emphasis on openness, making sure that customers are aware of all costs associated with using its services. This is especially helpful for anyone looking for web hosting that is inexpensive without sacrificing quality.

Time4VPS places a high premium on security. Each container runs independently, boosting security and reducing cross-contamination between virtual environments. Their container VPS hosting is created with isolation in mind. For securing the hosting environment and the protection of sensitive data, this level of isolation is essential.

The web host offers a variety of Linux distributions for container VPS hosting, allowing users to choose the OS that best meets their project’s requirements, ensuring compatibility and simplicity.

Time4VPS is an affordable choice for those looking for robust virtualized hosting as it offers the cheapest container VPS plans starting at just 2.60 EUR/mo – making it one of the cheapest OpenVZ VPS options. These self-managed plans feature SSD storage, a full software stack, data center operations in the heart of Europe, consistent backups, and a collection of tools for simple server maintenance. Utilizing virtualization that is OpenVZ-based, Time4VPS offers isolated, secure containers with effective resource usage, finding the ideal balance between cost and performance.

4. AlphaVPS


The “Cheap VPS” plans from AlphaVPS are no exception to their reputation for providing robust, dependable, and lightning-fast VPS hosting solutions. These low-cost servers are built on the OpenVZ 7 virtualization technology, which makes them ideal for a variety of use cases that don’t call for running your own kernel. Starting with AlphaVPS is a simple procedure that can be broken down into three simple steps:

Select a Plan: There are several different plans available from AlphaVPS. Their helpful sales engineers are available to assist you in choosing the package that best meets your needs, whether you have specific resource requirements or need advice.

Configure Your VPS: After choosing a package, you have the freedom to alter and set up your OpenVZ VPS in accordance with your preferences. This involves deciding on the operating system, location, and any additional features you might need to improve your hosting environment.

Launch Your VPS: AlphaVPS guarantees a flawless experience by launching your VPS right away following payment. Your server will be operational in a matter of minutes, ready for you to use it to host websites, applications, or any other online projects.

AlphaVPS’s “Cheap VPS” options demonstrate how important affordability is to them. These plans are made to offer customers a hosting service that is low-cost without sacrificing performance. These plans provide a cost-effective entry point for people and companies wishing to build an online presence or relocate their websites to a stable hosting environment, with rates starting at just a few euros per month.

You will take advantage of high-performance hosting without breaking the bank with AlphaVPS services. AlphaVPS makes it simple to get started and customize your VPS to match your specific requirements, whether you’re a beginner wanting to launch your first website or an experienced user in need of scalable hosting capacity.

5. VPSDime


VPSDime is a trusted and probably the most affordable OpenVZ VPS provider with ultimate system resources, well-known for its performance and reasonable prices. With an emphasis on providing premium services at low costs, VPSDime has built a solid name in the web hosting space.

A variety of VPS are available from VPSDime to meet the demands of users with various requirements. Their infrastructure and hardware selections demonstrate their dedication to offering high quality hosting, guaranteeing users stable and speedy hosting services.

The hosting experience is improved by a number of features included in VPSDime’s hosting options. Users can pick out from a number of Linux distributions a good way to match the requirements and choices in their personal venture. Because faster data retrieval and robust servers are made by SSDs and enterprise-grade hardwares, hosted websites and apps run swiftly. Although there are numerous data centers, customers can select one that is geographically closer to their audience, improving website accessibility and responsiveness.

Additionally, VPSDime understands the need for dependable customer service and provides 24/7 support via a variety of channels, including live chat and a ticketing system. This guarantees that consumers can get assistance promptly, whether they require technical support or have general questions. In addition to VPS hosting, VPSDime offers further services like domain registration and SSL certificates, providing a complete answer for different online demands.

With 100% enterprise SSD, 10Gbps networking uplinks, and on-the-fly scalability, their VPS offers significant resources at an economical price. VPSDime makes sure that customers benefit the most from their servers by offering above-and-beyond features.

For people and companies looking for top-notch virtual OpenVZ servers, VPSDime stands out as a trustworthy platform thanks to its low prices, ultimate server efficiency, and selection of different VPS configurations. They are a compelling web host for anyone wishing to host websites, applications, and online projects with an emphasis on performance and cost-effectiveness because of their commitment to delivering outstanding value for the money.

6. RamNode


RamNode is also an excellent choice for cheap OpenVZ VPS hosting. RamNode has made a name for itself as a reliable option for people and companies looking for high-quality services by putting a strong emphasis on performance, dependability, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Due to its effectiveness and resource isolation, OpenVZ virtualization—which RamNode specializes in—is a preferred option for VPS. Users of OpenVZ can benefit from a virtualized environment with dedicated resources, which enhances both performance and security.

A number of features are included in RamNode’s OpenVZ hosting to improve the VPS experience. Users have the freedom to select a Linux distribution that best fits their interests and requirements for their own projects. Because it uses SSD storage, hosted websites and applications load swiftly and respond swiftly due to faster data access and increased server performance.

Users can choose a data center that is close to their target audience thanks to the availability of diverse data centers, providing optimized speed and accessibility. RamNode offers 24/7 assistance through a variety of channels, including live chat, a ticketing system, and a knowledge base. This ensures users can obtain assistance whenever they need it, whether for technical problems or general inquiries.

RamNode’s VPS features dedicated resource allocation, RAID-10 storage for ultimate speed and data restoration, a 1Gbps network connection, up to 5 data center choices, and a legacy SolusVM infrastructure to deliver unmatched hosting for all range of users – from individuals to large enterprises.

7. OpenVZ.io


The official website for OpenVZ, a solid and effective virtualization system commonly used in server management environments, is OpenVZ.io. With the help of OpenVZ’s container-based virtualization, users can host numerous isolated Linux containers—often referred to as VPSs (Virtual Private Servers)—on a single physical server.

OpenVZ.io serves as a useful resource center for people interested in container-based virtualization by offering information and materials connected to OpenVZ technology.

The development of small containers that share the kernel of the host server is made possible by OpenVZ, which excels in resource efficiency. This results in less overhead and effective utilization of system resources.

To ensure that one container’s actions do not influence the functionality or security of others, each container runs in perfect isolation from the others. For web hosting environments, this kind of isolation is essential to enhance the performance of each user’s server.

OpenVZ containers are popular among administrators and hosting companies because they are simple to administer, clone, and scale. These containers are quickly provisioned and appropriate for resource allocation and on-demand scaling. With OpenVZ, customers may choose the Linux distribution that best meets their needs while still benefiting from robust security features that guarantee data separation and prevent unauthorized access.

A 1Gbps uplink networking, SSD-cached storage, 1 IPv4 + /64 IPv6 addresses, DDoS protection for better security, instant setup for deployment, and a 7-day money-back guarantee for the initial order is offered by OpenVZ.io

Besides that, users interested in OpenVZ hosting can find a variety of tools and services on OpenVZ.io. These consist of thorough manuals, software downloads, an active community, news and updates, and support channels. Whether you’re a hosting platform, system administrator, or developer, it is the ideal website to learn, get software, and communicate with other OpenVZ users.

8. HostSailor


HostSailor is a reliable hosting company for OpenVZ virtual private servers. It provides a variety of VPS plans backed by high performance, reliability, and client satisfaction in order to meet the needs of webmasters, individuals, developers, and companies.

HostSailor’s OpenVZ VPS allows users to run many isolated Linux containers (VPS) simultaneously on a single physical server. Users are allowed to choose from different Linux distributions, giving them the opportunity to determine which one best suits their projects. HostSailor uses SSD storage which results in faster data retrieval, improved server efficiency, and enhanced website loading times. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks can stop your online services. To protect hosted websites and applications from such attacks, 1Gbps to 20Gbps DDoS protection is available for all packages.

The OpenVZ VPS plans from HostSailor allow users to scale up or down resources like CPU, RAM, and storage to meet changing demands. The company offers instant VPS setup so that users may instantly start using their virtual server. HostSailor runs data centers in a number of places, enabling users to choose a data center that is closer to the target audience. This regional diversity guarantees the ultimate accessibility and functionality of the virtual server.

HostSailor knows the value of any time on-demand customer service, so they offer round-the-clock support through a variety of channels to make sure users can get assistance whenever they need it.

OpenVZ hosting by HostSailor gives users complete control over their virtual environment and is a solid web hosting platform. It is the perfect option for businesses and individuals who need a VPS under low cost and on-the-go scalability to meet their needs.

They also provide consumers with an additional incentive to get two months of free hosting on annual plans, making their services even more valuable for those looking for stable and pocket-friendly hosting solutions.

9. HostTripples


HostTripples offers reasonably priced OpenVZ VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting with a focus on providing economical prices without compromising performance, suitable for all ranges of customers. To maximize resource usage and cut costs, OpenVZ enables customers to operate isolated Linux containers (VPS) on a single physical server.

HostTripples has a number of features and advantages with each virtual server, including:

Choice of Operating Systems: To suit their unique project needs and tastes, users can choose from a variety of Linux distributions.

DDoS Protection: To protect hosted websites and apps from potential online threats and guarantee continuous online presence, the company has DDoS protection in place.

Instant Setup: Instant VPS setup, enabling customers to swiftly deploy their virtual servers and get started on their projects.

With a free control panel, root access, 1 IPv4 address, RAM, and a RAID 10 hard disc for data redundancy, the web host offers amazing OpenVZ VPS plans that are very cost-effective.

You have the freedom to create your own virtual machine (VM server) with your preferred operating system and data center locations (India, Canada, and France). You also get admin-level access to ensure full control of your server, allowing you to install, modify, or delete your OS/Apps as you like.

By passing the constraints of shared hosting, you can take control of your own VPS server without incurring significant hardware expenses. The customer service staff of HostTripples is accessible to help you at any time, day or night.

When you sign up, you will immediately have access to your VPS, enabling you to launch your project with speed and efficiency. HostTripples provides great performance, flexibility, and affordability to fulfill your requirements, whether you’re a small business owner or an individual.


OpenVZ VPS hosting is a reliable and affordable option for people and organizations looking for effective virtualization technologies. An appealing choice for server setups, OpenVZ’s container-based virtualization provides robust isolation, resource allocation, and flexible scalability. Users can operate various isolated Linux containers (VPS) to maximize resource usage on a single physical server.

It gives customers complete control over virtual environments, enabling them to select their chosen operating systems, scale resources as necessary, and take advantage of lightning-fast data processing. Furthermore, it also combines ease and performance with features like DDoS protection, round-the-clock customer service, and instant setup.

The above-reviewed cheap OpenVZ VPS providers are the best web hosts for high uptime, robust security, expert customer support, and excellent performance – all at under-budget prices.

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