Cheap 10Gbps and 1Gbps Dedicated Server Hosting Providers 2024

A cheap 10Gbps dedicated server with stable performance sounds exciting. This higher-tier hosting type is usually associated with large businesses that need more power in terms of CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth.

But here is a thing, just because you need something extra in hardware doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. Although it comes with a higher price tag compared to shared hosting, but in return, it provides you the power to handle projects of any capacity.

As the name indicates, a dedicated server is the one with the entire of its resources dedicated to you. So with no noisy neighbors, you will get an allocated amount of resources to run websites website/application smoothly.

If you find a hosting provider that provides you the best value, it is worth spending on a dedicated server, which in the long run, gives you financial benefits.

Why You Need A Dedicated Server?

To handle large websites and applications with millions of users, you need a web server that provides you fully separate environment.

There is no one with whom you shared the server resources; thus, you exactly know how much bandwidth is left and when to upgrade so you can avoid possible outages.

Also, you get more control over the server and implement the security protocols that you want.

That is why we compile the list of the best cheap 1Gbps and 10Gbps dedicated hosting to make it easy for you to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Best Cheap 10Gbps Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

1. A2Hosting – Best 10Gbps Dedicated Hosting Servers

Established back in 2001, A2hosting is an independently owned company that holds a variety of hosting services to meet the needs of developers, bloggers, and businesses. Just like Bluehost, A2hosting also covers shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. A2hosting provides well optimized services that utilize speed-friendly technologies and solid security protocols even on the lowest Tier (shared) hosting.

If you are looking for low cost hosting that provides you an entirely separate environment, their VPS plans start as low as $5/month and provide you the ability to choose from the list of Linux OS.

A2Hosting makes available dedicated servers on three different levels, i.e. unmanaged, managed and Core servers. So it is essential to carefully assess your needs before picking up a dedicated server plan. The utilization of SSDs, Memcached, OPcache, and HTTP/2 make sure fast speed services.

Their cheapest dedicated server start at only $99.59/month which gives you a healthy amount of resources. Each of their plans are backed by a 99.9% uptime commitment. The least plan “SPRINT,” includes 8GB RAM, 2x500GB storage, and 2 Core Intel 3.1GHz processor. Here note that the first plan includes simple Intel CPU while other plans come with a more powerful Intel Xeon CPU.

The unmanaged plans provide you administrative access and so the ability to choose your operating system. There is no cPanel included; however, you will get Webuzo 1-click installer to install applications quickly.

A2hosting managed, and Core dedicated server packages come with the same price tag. The thing that makes apart managed from the core that you will get managed services as well as server root access. So for a developer who wants hassle free dedicated server but also needs to control server operating system and web server software Core VPS is the way to go.

Both Core and Managed dedicated server plans comprise with same specifications. At a starting price of $141.09/month, you will 8GB RAM, 2x500GB storage, 10TB bandwidth, and 2 Cores Intel 3.1+ GHz. The best part, you don’t have to pay any additional amount for SSL and cPanel control panel.

Their anytime money-back guarantee makes them stand out of the competition. Support channels (Live chat, phone, and email) are available 24/7 and are pretty reliable to get help at the time of need. When you ready to move your site on A2Hosting will move your site for free.

2. Turnkey Internet

If you see their online reviews, you will find a mix of the bad and good responses of people. In our opinion, what we found TurnkeyInternet is a considerable hosting provider that serves the cheapest dedicated servers as well as premium quality servers too.

Established in 1999, TurnkeyInternet holds every solution required to set up a website. They also offer open environment VPS and dedicated servers enabling the developers to develop the applications with their desired software.

If you want to take a look at dedicated server configurations or looking for your side project their lower Tier dedicated package is the best pick for you. You will get Intel Xeon Quad-core processor, 8GB RAM, and 1000GB HDD storage. So far, they put no cap on bandwidth. All of these comes in just $month.

For more stable solutions for your professional project, their Dual Hexa-core plans are the best money value. Starting at just $53.99/mo comprises with Dual Hexa-core Intel Xeon @ 2.66GHz processor, 8GB RAM, and 10TB of bandwidth. You can easily add more storage and can use the combination of HDD and SSD.

By default, this plan does not include any RAID system. If you don’t know, RAID is an array of physical drives that store the data in multiple attached drives so as to ensure security in the case of hardware failure. Turnkey Internet offers RAID 1, 0, 5, 10, which you can add paying the additional cost. Besides essential server-side security measures, they also offer free basic DDoS protection.

Another reason why TurnKeyInternet is worth mentioning here that they hold a wide range of dedicated server plans. You can avail up to 128GB RAM and thousands of GB of storage.

On the other hand, if you want a server with managed support and cPanel control panel. By paying just $99/mo, they provide you 8 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, and RAID 1 based 240GB SSD storage. Further, with cPanel dedicated server, you don’t need to buy any additional backup services as it is included with 100 GB R1Soft Backup.

Need help TurnKeyInternet support services are available 24/7 regardless of time. Phone, Live chat, email, and knowledge base are the major ways to get help.

If you are still in confusion, go ahead and give them a try. If you realize it’s not the dedicated server you are searching for, you can exercise their 30-day money-back guarantee. For highly affordable dedicated servers, of course, Turnkey Internet is a worthy choice; however, you can save a massive amount during events like Black Friday sales.

3. InterServer – Cheapest 10Gbps Dedicated Server

Interserver is completed around 2 successful decades in the industry. Having such an experienced company at your back is good because whenever you need some kind of help, they know what can be the possible cause and how to deliver secured services.

Whether you need Windows or Linux, you can easily find the solution as they allow you to host both types of operating systems on shared, Cloud VPS and dedicated web servers.

A sign of a good web hosting company that it grows with your website/application. There is a wide range of dedicated hosting servers to choose from as per your requirements.

You can start as low as $50 per month, which includes a 1.6GHz 2 cores CPU and 1GB of RAM. Having such a low amount might not be sufficient for most projects; however, by just paying an additional $3/month, you can double the RAM.

Interserver is really a company that provides the right bang for your bucks. The $70/month plan unlock the power of Xeon E3-1230 Four Core CPU, 10TB bandwidth, 8GB RAM, and 250 GB of SATA storage. You can easily avail of more resources as per your needs.

Solid state drives are significantly faster (20X) than traditional spinning drives, so gives the user a more smooth experience while writing/reading data. By just paying an additional $2/month, you can replace SATA with SSD. So in total, you need to pay around $72 for faster and smooth usability; however, it totally depends on your choice.

Similar to other cheap dedicated server providers, Interserver allows you to launch most of the Linux distributions at no cost. On the other hand, if you want to use Windows, you need to pay an extra amount to purchase its license as it is not open source just like most of the Linux operating systems.

Interserver also makes it easy to pick a server by classifying the needs like a general-purpose dedicated server, large storage, and GPU dedicated servers.

At Interserver, you can contact their support department using live chat, phone, and email. Unlike Liquidweb, their live chat mainly focuses on pre-sale queries, so to get help on technical issues, you need to open a ticket. However, keep the price difference in mind.

Cheap 1Gbps Dedicated Server Providers

1. BlueHost – Reliable Cheapest 1Gbps Dedicated Servers

If you are looking for cheap, or we can say the best cost-effective Dedicated Server for Linux Bluehost is the easy pick. Whether you need a simple easy-to-use solution for websites or hosting for an ecommerce store, or you need highly scalable hosting, Bluehost is a one-stop shop for all. Furthermore, Bluehost is among the four companies officially recommended by WordPress.

BlueHost’s dedicated server plan starts at just $69.99/month, which gives you the power of 4 cores @ 2.3GHz and 4GB RAM. You will get plentiful storage and bandwidth, which is 500GB and 5TB, respectively. You can avail up to 16GB RAM and a 3.3GHz processor. The best part is that you just not get fine-tuned optimal performance but also some freebies.

Days are gone when you pay separately for SSL so to maintain a secure connection (to protect user personal information) between browser and web server.

Usually, in the case of ecommerce sites, people put their information like name, phone number and credit card number, etc. but Google encourages the implementation of SSL for every type of website.

For that, Google announced that it would give a light ranking boost to a site using SSL. Fortunately, Bluehost include free SSL in each of their plan that can be activated with a matter of a few clicks.

If you are curious about whether Bluehost can be used for developing purposes or not, the good thing you can surely make use of their low cost services. With root access to the server, you can manage things like operating systems and web server softwares.

For those who are not familiar with the dedicated servers, all of the Bluehost dedicated configurations come with a cPanel option that you probably experience with shared hosting. Their enhanced cPanel makes it super easy to manage emails, domains, and databases. Furthermore, they also include a set of WordPress related tools.

When looking for a cheap dedicated server, it is the foremost factor to look at their customer service quality. You can contact Bluehost 24/7 using Live chat, tickets, and phone. There are also tons of tutorials related to the domain, email, control panel, etc.

However, keep in mind if you are unsatisfied with their services, you can ask for a refund within the first 30 days. Overall speaking, Bluehost is one of the web hosts take to make possible the case that is low price and consistent performance in the same package.

2. InMotion Hosting – Runner-up Choice for Best Performance

You are searching for heavy-duty premium hardware to handle your heavy traffic websites. And of course, that hardware comes with additional complexities compared to shared or VPS hosting.

Why not invest in a company dedicated server that will do all the hectic like configuring the operating systems, softwares as well as keep it up to date while allowing you to stay focus on your site or application.

InMotion is our top pick when it comes to cheap managed dedicated servers with 10Gbps uplink. Their all dedicated packages are covered with highly redundant RAID storage and amazingly fast SSD storage. One of the major factors while selecting a hosting company, whether you are searching for reliable shared hosting or a dedicated server, is to look at available options when you need more power. Because migrating from one host to another, again and again, is not the thing that everyone likes.

InMotion has a huge space to take care of bigger projects and business websites. The company offers 6 different dedicated server packages where you can avail up to 512GB of RAM and the power of dual Intel Xeon Silver 4110 CPU. That means they have the capacity to handle almost any type of website and application.

When it comes to pricing, InMotion may not look like a cheap dedicated server, but compared to companies like LiquidWeb, InMotion offers economical managed dedicated servers.

With a price tag of only $105.69/mo. you will get 5 IP addresses, Intel Xeon E3-1220 v2 (3.5GHz Turbo 4C/4T), 8GB DDR3 RAM, and 6TB data transfer. For storage, you can choose between 500GB SSD or 1TB HDD that comes along the plan.

Another good thing that each of their plans comes with separate configuration options enabling you to craft your plan as per your requirements.

With the help of state of the art technologies and multilayer security, they are eliminating all possible reasons that can cause inconsistency and thus making sure to provide you 99.999% uptime. They have partnered with Corero to protect you against DDoS attacks.

With no additional cost, you will get cPanel and WHM regardless of the dedicated package you select. These will allow you to monitor resources and manage features like domains, databases, websites, and emails, etc. enormously easy. For encrypted connection, you can activate the included SSL for free.

Here note that they offer Linux based dedicated server, so if you are going to use softwares that need Windows support, unfortunately, InMotion is not the place for you. Fast response and knowledgeable customers support team is another factor that makes InMotion a more considerable choice.

Since they are serving Linux users for more than a decade, they better know how to assist their customers. You can contact them using Live Chat, phone, and emails. Contacting them over live chat is pretty quick and smooth. You save a huge on cost if you buy for at least a 1-year duration.

They offer a 30-days refund policy. In our opinion, InMotion is the best combination of premium support and hardware.

3. HostWinds – Cheap 1Gbps Dedicated Server Hosting

For a fully managed support, the allocated amount of resources and full access to server HostWinds is the way to go for. Since its inception in 2010, the company aims to provide quality web hosting services at jaw-dropping prices.

Hostwinds is a good addition to the web hosting industry that offers different Tier of hosting. There is the availability of shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers. If you want to try a kind of dedicated environment, they offer managed and unmanaged plans. Besides website/application hosting, they offer SSL, VPN, and cheap email hosting solutions.

Hostwinds offer E3-1270 v2 and E3-1271 v3 with lots of customization options. Their E3-1270 v2 server provides 3.50 GHz base processor frequency, 8GB RAM, and 8IP addresses.

It includes 10TB outbound traffic; however, there is no limit on inbound traffic. Hostwinds does not include RAID storage in this dedicated server, but if you want to be extra secure, you can add this service at very affordable prices.

Hostwinds provides the user with a simple client area to manage the acquired dedicated server. The internet world is full of threats, so you might not want to go online without taking proper security measures. Thanks to security plugins, two-factor authentications, and many other security protocols, you can make yourself pretty safe and secure.

However, Hostwinds also offer several add-ons in extremely low pricing so everyone can afford it. At just $1/moth, you can add Cloud Backups that provide direct access to restore so you can quickly fix up the things.

Most hosting providers offer protection against DDoS with no added cost, but that is mostly limited to basic protection or size of the attack. Just like its competitors, HostWinds also offer DDoS protection add-on. By paying an additional $50/mo. Their experts will take care of DDoS attacks irrespective of the size.

You are in trouble and worried that how to overcome that problem, don’t worry, HostWinds guidance is available 24/7/365. You can ask for help using live chat, phone, and ticketing systems. There is also an extensive knowledge base that comprises tons of articles great for self-diagnosing and self help.

4. GoDaddy – Cheapest Dedicated Server with Unlimited Traffic

GoDaddy is a publically traded web hosting and domain registration company. Founded in 1997, GoDaddy owned the title of the best domain registrar that is managing over 78m domains. This huge company is operating through 14 offices around the globe.

Before reviewing their affordable dedicated servers, let’s have a look at their other services. If you have ever searched for reliable domain registrars, you surely come to the name GoDaddy. They offer an extensive range of domain extensions.

You can buy a new domain name at really low prices that even some extensions are available under a dollar price tag. Alongside different hosting services Godaddy covers web security (like different SSL certificates and backups services) as well as separate email hosting and MS office.

Moving to their dedicated hosting, it would be not wrong to say GoDaddy offers industry-best money values dedicated server plans. Whatever you like, you can avail of both Intel and AMD servers. A great example of their cheap dedicated server is DS-32 self-managed plan. It starts as low as $129.99/month.

You will get Intel Xeon-D 2123IT (4C/8T – 3.0 GHz Turbo), whooping 32GB RAM and 4TB HDD storage. Unlike most hosting providers, GoDaddy plan included RAID 1 storage with no additional cost.

Uptime is an essential part of any website or application. If your server stays down most of the time, the customer won’t be able to visit your site and maybe left it forever. So Godaddy uses the premium hardware as well as provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Although Godaddy offers a resourceful plan with abundant RAM and storage, but there is one limitation you must consider before making your mind. For marketing, they offer unlimited traffic; however, keep in mind you will get only 1GB bandwidth.

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer used between two points like your server and user. So it’s a crucial part to avoid outages. To be honest, Godaddy is pretty generous when it comes to RAM and storage, but bandwidth is pretty limited. With an additional cost, you can add more bandwidth.

GoDaddy offers both Windows and Linux dedicated servers allowing every customer to try their services. The annual plans are backed by 30-days, while with the monthly plan, you can ask for a refund within the first 48-hours of purchase.

While operating a dedicated server, you are not alone as GoDaddy support agents are accessible via live chat, phone, and emails. All in all, Godaddy offers fine-tune dedicated hosting servers with built-in security, although keep in mind your bandwidth needs.

5. LiquidWeb – Best 1Gbps Dedicated Servers with Ultimate Performance

If you are not just focusing on a cheap but the best combination of price and dependable quality, Lqiuidweb covers you there. Yes, with a price tag of $149/month, they are not offering a cheap dedicated solution but the level of flexibility, amazing support services, robust security, and consistent uptime (100% network and uptime guarantee), they could have charge higher.

Both Windows and Linux users can take benefit of their top-notch dedicated servers. They maintain a range of servers in three different locations – US Central Servers (Michigan), US West Servers (Arizona), and EU Netherlands (Amsterdam).

Their very first plan comes with Intel Xeon 1230 v6 (4Cores @ 3.9GHz) and ample 16GB RAM that is more than enough to handle heavy traffic websites without any kind of lags or outages.

To make sure the maximum data security, the company is using a combination of SSD and HDD. You will get 2x 240GB SSD storage, which will be used as primary storage to store all of your data. While there is also 1TB SATA that plays the role of Backup Disk.

Moreover, the company is responsible for maintaining a DDoS free environment; however, if somehow you get affected, you need to contact their heroic support, and they will take care of the server.

What controls panel, either cPanel, Interworx, or Plesk, makes you more comfortable to manage to hosting features? The good thing Liquidweb allows you to choose between your favorite control panels. While ordering the server, you can choose what control panel you want to go with; however, you need to pay some additional amount.

Before you make your mind on Liqudiweb, the thing worth mentioning that their $149/month is only for Linux users. The Windows users who want to enjoy Liquidweb peace of mind services can start as low as $249/month. But this plan includes a lot to satisfy the user for such a high price tag.

On the support side, Liquidweb holds the best as well expeditious customer support department, and yes, they are absolutely right by calling their support department as “Most Helpful Humans in Hosting”. Whether you need technical support or having a pre-sale query, their support agent appears in a matter of seconds.

They also guarantee 59sec response time on the phone. Where others are ensuring 24 hours on tickets response, Liquidweb guarantees their response in just 59min. Generally speaking, they won’t let you feel alone whenever you need them. We are pretty sure you won’t go wrong with Liquidweb.

6. IONOS (1and1)

1&1 IONOS was found in 1988, come with the aim to provide reliable, secure, and powerful services. Similar to GoDaddy 1&1 offers plenty of digital products from its platform. Alongside web hosting services, they are offering SSL certificates, a website builder, online marketing tools and email hosting, etc.

If you are searching an alternative for domain registration 1&1 is a considerable choice that manages more than 12 million domains. Just take the example of a .com domain extension.

You can grab it at just $1 for the first year. There is also list domain extensions that you can buy under a dollar like .online and .site etc. however, the renewals are pretty high for such exclusive extensions.

When it comes to the cheapest dedicated server, fewer companies are able to compete with 1&1. Who doesn’t want to take a look at 8Cores CPU, 8GB RAM, and unlimited traffic at just $45/month?

If you want to go low further, you can switch to HDD based RAID 1 storage that will make your plan as low as $40/month. You don’t have to think about migration when you need more scalable solutions as they offer up to 20 cores CPU and 198GB of DDR4 RAM.

On the way to coping their mission, 1&1 is utilizing a variety of measures for secure and reliable dedicated services. Their advanced firewall filters the incoming traffic so that to take care of DDoS attacks timely. Furthermore, their A8i dedicated hosting plan includes site malware protection and RailGun content delivery network. Is there more? Yes, there a free domain name for you.

There is no doubt 1&1 designed pretty well plans. However, there is also a lot of people claiming their unresponsive behavior. So you must also keep in mind their negative side. Another worth mentioning a thing you will get a $45/month price for up to 6-month then the price goes up to $65/month.

Their phone support is available 7-days a week. Although if you contact them using the email that’s really a sluggish way and might take days to diagnose the problem.

So what we think, if you are searching for a short term cheap dedicated server like for a college project, 1&1 is really a cheap solution for both hosting and domain. If you are searching for dedicated solutions on an annual basis, there are many worthy web hosts like A2hosting and Bluehost, etc.

7. MochaHost

Mochahost is not as much popular as above mentioned companies, but when you are hunting for cheap shared or VPS or a dedicated server Mochahost is a considerable choice to look at.

With around 17 years of experience in the industry, Mochahost knows how to satisfy the needs of a variety of customers. Besides general hosting types (shared, VPS, cloud and dedicated) they also offer hosting exclusively designed for Tomcat and WordPress.

Mochahost has both Windows and Linux dedicated hosting solutions. Just like most of the other web hosting companies, Mochahost offers a time-based discount, i.e. you can save more on cost if you go for an annual subscription instead of monthly billing.

The starting Altura-3 plan consists of 1 core 2.4 GHz CPU, 50GB SSD storage, and 4000GB monthly traffic. With the very first plan, they allow you to choose between 2GB – 6GB RAM.

All of the dedicated plans included with CloudFlare Railgun, 1,000 Mbps Network Port and free weekly snapshot. Mochahost knows how uptime is important for their customers because if the company is unable to keep your site online, then why to invest in that company services.

That is why the company is pretty confident and offer a 100% network and uptime guarantee. Another nice thing that allows you to save money for the future that Mochahost offers a lifetime discount that means you will get discounted renewals.

You may surely hear about the free domain for the first year. However, Mochaost goes against the Fashion by offering 1 Lifetime free domain that means as long as you stay on their servers, you don’t have to pay even a single penny for domain renewal.

The company provides you full support against malware and spam; also, you will get notified on suspicious events. Besides, each dedicated server is pre-loaded with let’s encrypts SSL that ensures secure online transactions between your site and user.

Mochahost offers 2 types of money-back guarantee (30-days or 180 days). If you go with 30-days you can ask for a full refund within the first 30-days. On the other hand, if you select a 180-days refund policy and you request a refund, they will refund you based on the pro-rated of all unused services.

We have experienced their live chat support, which is quite quick in responding. For major issues, you need to create support tickets and keep in contact with their team. The truth is, Mochahost might not be a popular, but such hosting provider, which is backed by several guarantees is a worth trying out solution for cheap dedicated servers.


All in all, dedicated server hosting is an expensive hosting solution which is why there are very few options for 10Gbps servers. However, there are lots of companies out there offering dedicated hosting with different specs and so that different pricing.

Hence chances are pretty high that with proper research, you will find the right hosting provider within your budget.

Above, we have mentioned the 10 best cheap 10Gbps and 1Gbps dedicated server hosting providers, and all of these offer different specs and pricing.

If you have a generous budget and primary focus on getting a hassle-free server, we recommend A2Hosting, it is a popular and reliable name when it comes to the best cheap 10Gbps dedicated server hosting in the industry.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to break your bank, we recommend BlueHost for cheap 1Gbps dedicated server hosting – it has a really excellent reputation in the industry.

All the above mentioned companies for cheap 10Gbps dedicated servers and 1Gbps servers offer reliable yet speedy web hosting but also pretty affordable solutions to host small to large-scale websites as well as projects.

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