Top 13 Kimsufi Alternatives for VPS and Dedicated Hosting 2024

Looking for cheaper services than Kimsufi? We’ve reviewed the most competent and reliable Kimsufi alternatives for virtual private servers and dedicated hosting solutions.

VPS and dedicated hosting services are quite the same, apparently. Though there are some limitations with VPS, both come with dedicated resources for boosting overall performance.

It not only results in offering a satisfying experience to your visitors but also plays an important role in improving your SEO ranking.

No matter if it’s a VPS hosting provider or a dedicated one, you’re looking for, this article is written especially for you to find a Kimsufi alternative that can replace virtual and dedicated hosting solutions provided by Kimsufi. We’re going to lay down the best VPS and dedicated server providers and their detailed reviews as well.

So, within a few minutes (if you keep reading), not only you’ll be aware of the best VPS/ Dedicated hosting providers, but will also find out which one suits your project (site) the most.

What’s the Difference Between VPS and Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

Next to Shared hosting (the most basic web hosting type), VPS hosting is where a server is shared among various users as in shared hosting. In simple words, VPS hosting is a stepping stone between shared and dedicated hosting.

But what distinguishes VPS and shared hosting? Well, though the server is still shared in VPS hosting, the users get dedicated resources which is something shared hosting lacks. To further clarify, look at the picture below.

This availability of dedicated resources makes VPS a relatively reliable and plan type. And as clear, VPS features optimized performance as well. But because of the sharing of a server, there still are some restrictions that are ended by dedicated hosting.

For further explanation of VPS in other words, here’s an example.

The case of VPS hosting is quite like renting a room in a small hotel. You’ll have a dedicated room to stay in. While some common places like a parking lot, garden, and stairs/ lift, etc will still be shared.

Dedicated Hosting

A step further to VPS, Dedicated Hosting is the most expensive plan required by enterprises level projects only. Unlike VPS, a confusing term for beginners, the case of a dedicated server is simple.

In dedicated hosting, you rent an entire server, and as a rule of thumb, it costs accordingly. Like VPS hosting, resources are dedicated. And your control over your server even enhances. While the entire server is yours and under your control, you’re enabled to set it up however you want.

Thus, a dedicated hosting service raises your experience further.

Renting a dedicated server (in dedicated hosting) is quite like renting a whole house or hotel. You’ve access to it entirely and don’t have to share anything with anyone. But as it costs more than renting just a room or two.

By the same token, dedicated hosting is an expensive hosting type. But in fact, it’s the most expensive web hosting type. So before heading up to dedicated hosting, make sure to have enough budget in your pocket.

Now have a look at our independent list of Best VPS and Dedicated services.

Top Kimsufi Alternatives for VPS and Dedicated Hosting Services

VPS Hosting Alternatives to Kimsufi

For getting all the important pieces of information about these Kimsufi alternatives, I would recommend getting through our independent and detailed reviews about each host.

Kimsufi VPS Alternatives for Better Virtual Private Servers

1. Kamatera – Best Kimsufi Alternative for SSD VPS

Kamatera is one of our most recommended cloud hosting providers and an excellent Kimsufi alternative for virtual private servers. Since its inception, Kamatera has always been one of the high-end platforms to avail VPS hosting on cutting-edge cloud infrastructure backed by powerful hardware and high-speed network connectivity. Their venture started in 1995 to become one of the largest providers all across the world.

What Kamatera is primarily defined for, is because it’s the only company that gives complete control over your server. Alongside this, Kamatera is highly scalable as well. From a reliability point of view, Kamatera is particularly quite stable with a guaranteed 99.95% uptime. So, users get complete inner satisfaction.

Having company experts available for support is always better to solve your issues whenever the need arises. That’s why Kamatera has managed the remarkable feat of providing 24/7 customer support. Meaning that there’s no need to worry about technical terms.

And if they fail to satisfy you, keep their industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee in mind.

Regarding the infrastructure, they bring enterprise-level hardware in use. These include powerful Intel Xeon processors that are specially designed for 24/7 operation. Additionally, SSD drives and 40 Gbit reliable networks are a significant addition. So you collectively get screamingly fast loading times to provide your visitors with a delightful experience.

With the availability of 18 data centers worldwide, you’re enabled to choose anyone. Choosing the one near to your target audience potentially boosts your site’s performance.

The company charges are as low as $4/ mo for cloud VPS plans. That’s what makes Kamatera within the reach of almost everyone. This starter plan comes with 1 CPU core, 1GB Ram, 20GB SSD storage while restricting 1000GB bandwidth alongside 1 Public IP.

Their pricing calculator also includes options for choosing your desired operating system and its add-ons. Moreover, the additional options include extended daily backup and fully managed service where the server is managed efficiently by their own team of experts.

Another important aspect of cloud VPS is the “pay as you go policy”. By choosing the hourly billing option, this law is applied and you’re only charged for the hours, the server was utilized. To make this system successful, the company had to feature an immediate setup.

That is why Kamatera includes instant server deployment and your server gets running in seconds. So you can start using them right away.

2. Vultr – Cheap Kimsufi Alternative for Cloud VPS

When talking about the best cloud VPS providers, how could we forget Vultr? Started its venture back in 2004, it isn’t very old like Kamatera but has grown enough to hold a big number of customers. And their success can be estimated through the fact that currently, they’re running over 17 data centers all across the world.

Their widespread data center locations include Singapore, USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, and Sydney. No matter what part of the world you’re living in, they’ve got you covered. With an uptime guarantee of 100%, they’re quite reliable and trustable.

The best part about Vultr is they don’t require you to have technical knowledge about cloud VPS terms. But the company has tried its best for reaching the highest level of simplification. For providing you with adequate site loading times, they use the latest processing technology at hand. Additionally, they assure to use SSDs for further boosting it.

Alongside the option for choosing your desired server location, you’re even allowed to choose any operating system. These OS combinations include Windows, Linux, CentOS, and Debian, etc.

Vultr features a friendly assistance service when it comes to customer support. You can directly contact them via email, ticketing system, or social media. Alongside his, you do get a wealth of helpful FAQ sections on their website and guides as well.

For the ease of users, they feature 1-click install applications. Popular ones like WordPress, cPanel, and Minecraft are particularly included. The automated backup service can be accessed and scheduled through your provided control panel. Additionally, the snapshots feature is available, too.

The company boasts many security features like implementing firewalls and DDoS protection. Plus, with the support of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, your server can perform better.

A company can have the best features of the world, but if its pricing is outside your budget, it will be useless for you. Right? But the case of Vultr is a bit different. Despite excelling in almost all important aspects, it offers cheap pricing which is under the reach of most users.

Their cloud VPS instances start as low as $2.50/ mo. This starter package comes with 10GB of SSD storage, 1 CPU core, 512GB Ram, and 0.50TB bandwidth (IPv6 support). The highest they can offer is 24CPU cores, 96GB Ram, 15TB bandwidth, and 1600GB of SSD storage. No matter what your business needs are, they’ve got you covered.

3. InMotionHosting – Kimsufi VPS Alternative on SSD Clouds

With nearly 2 decades of experience in the hosting industry, InMotion is well aware of what people actually demand from a hosting provider, and aims to provide all that. Though their pricing isn’t very competitive. It isn’t expensive either if we keep its remarkable features and cutting-edge infrastructure in mind.

Founded in 2001, InMotion has been providing its customers with quality-oriented hosting services ever since. While it’s among the best shared hosting providers, it doesn’t mean InMotion got nothing to offer here.

No doubt, the worst enemy of an online business site is server downtime. That’s why InMotion has managed the remarkable feat of providing 99.99% server uptime (guaranteed). To further aid their reliability, InMotion hires knowledgeable, fast, and friendly technicians available 24/7 for solving your issues. So, you won’t be put off by the lack of customer support.

But what would you do if they fail to provide what they feature? Well, there’s a 90-days generous money-back guarantee as well which shows their confidence in their services.

All of their cloud VPS plans come with complete root access. In other words, you’re allowed to choose your desired operating system. Regarding security and protection, they feature DDoS protection, dedicated IP address, and snapshots feature for creating backups.

Regardless of the plan, you’ll choose, they guarantee to use top-notch hardware. The utilization of SSDs further boosts the performance.

Moreover, users are provided with a decent and simple control panel that also shows the breakdown of resource usage (Ram, bandwidth, etc). So, when your website grows enough to scale up resources, you’ll get to know and fortunately, InMotion offers flexible scaling options to meet all business needs.

On the other hand, there are some additional features like options for choosing data center location, automation of server tasks, the partition of hardware resources, and SSH access for encrypted access to the server.

Their cloud VPS plans start as low as %5/ mo. This starter plan “cVPS-1” packs with 1GB Ram, 1 CPU core, 25GB SSD storage, and 1TB bandwidth.

The highest they offer includes 32GB Ram, 8 CPU cores, 640GB storage capacity, and 7TB data transfer (bandwidth). As enough resources are available, you won’t need to migrate if your site grows to an enterprise level.

Last but not the least, the instant server deployment enables you to start using them right away.

4. A2Hosting – Best Kimsufi Alternative for Linux VPS Servers

Being one of the oldest web hosts just like Kimsufi, A2Hosting has been around for a long time. Founded in 2001, A2Hosting got started with the aim of providing feature-rich web hosting without breaking your bank account. What A2 cares the most about, is reliability and performance. Therefore, A2 hosting is somewhat the best option if you want to have a lightning-fast load time of your site.

As mentioned before, A2Hosting is particularly reliable. Their confidence in this aspect can be judged through their 99.99% server uptime guarantee with all packages. A2 hosting excels in almost all the aspects of web hosting. And has got lots of reasons which compel customers towards it.

Regarding the infrastructure, A2 hosting brings the latest server technology at hand, in use. From powerful processors to enterprise-level SSD disks, and reliable network infrastructure, they’ve everything for featuring screaming-fast performance while maintaining the highest level of reliability.

Almost all the web hosts pride in featuring more performance than the others. But what sets A2 hosting apart from the pack? Well, it is their Turbo servers feature which, according to them, is 20x faster. And even tests prove it. But as a rule of thumb, this extraordinary feature comes at a cost. And isn’t included in their starting plans.

Moreover, A2 hosting includes a friendly team of technicians termed as “Guru Support” available 24/7/365 to let you drive efficiencies. Their VPS plans come with full root access enabling you to install custom applications or script installs.

To further aid their versatility, there is a risk-free money-back guarantee which is probably a significant addition.

By getting through their website once, you’ll know how supportive they are of developers. With lots of developer-friendly features, they’re on a mission to bring ease to the lives of developers.

In terms of pricing, A2 hosting features fair pricing making it possible for most customers to convert their imaginations into reality. So, If you don’t want to make a big hole in your pocket keep A2 hosting in your concern. VPS packages start as low as $4.99 a month. And the best part is, you’re not restricted to choose a longer plan for enjoying this discount.

The cheapest VPS includes 1GB Ram, 150GB Raid-10 SSD storage, 1 CPU core, and 2TB bandwidth.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to go with VPS backed by 20x server technology, let me tell you that it won’t cost you less than $29.99 monthly. This starter Turbo VPS package includes 2 CPU cores, 8GB Ram, 150GB NVMe SSD storage, and 2TB of data transfer.

5. InterServer – Cheap Windows VPS Plans

If your utmost priority is reliability, InterServer should be on your list. InterServer was founded in 1999 and has been growing to become among the best web hosts, ever since. InterServer tailored their hosting services according to customer needs and features high-level scalability for making themselves suitable for businesses of every kind.

As mentioned before, InterServer is highly reliable and particularly stable with a 99.99% guaranteed uptime. And they didn’t just guarantee it to meet the industry standards but use advanced server technology which keeps your server running even when components misbehave.

InterServer scores pretty well when it comes to customer support. For reaching a higher level of customer satisfaction, providing customer support is necessary. InterServer features 24/7 support via phone, live chat, and ticket system. So getting your issue solved is just a few clicks away.

To support all business needs, InterServer offers Windows VPS, WordPress VPS and cloud VPS. And we will be talking about the cloud VPS. Firstly, it comes with full root access allowing you to install any custom script to meet your hosting environment. These include the most popular and useful ones like WordPress and Joomla.

InterServer comes with various security functions to make sure users are getting the security and protection they deserve. They assure to use KVM, Openvz, Virtuozzo, and Hyper-v virtualization platforms for tight security. And the best part about data protection is you get remote backup service for free.

The company boasts cPanel as a control panel for free. cPanel designed to be an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly, quick and powerful control panel. With a simple and modern layout, understanding and customizing terms becomes easier. While others provide it for additional bucks, getting it for free with InterServer is a great deal of comfort.

Unlike others, InterServer doesn’t include a money-back guarantee. Their plans are month to month and if you’re ever unsatisfied with their service, you can cancel the plan.

Their cloud VPS plans start as low as $6/ month, making it possible for most customers to convert their imaginations into reality. This cheapest cloud VPS brings you 1CPU core, 2GB Ram, 30GB SSD, and 1TB bandwidth. To meet business needs of all kinds, there’s a flexible pricing calculator.

The highest resources available at them are 16 CPU cores, 32GB Ram, 480GB SSD storage, and 16TB to data transfer. So, whatever your business needs are, they’ve got you covered.

6. OVH Cloud

Whenever cloud companies are being compared for creating a great balance between affordability and great functionality, OVH cloud is almost always there. It delivers feature-rich plans at affordable rates with significant discounts. OVH has been in operation since 1999 which makes it among the oldest and most experienced web hosts that can be used as a Kimsufi alternative for better services.

OVH is particularly stable with a 99.9% incredible guaranteed server uptime. So, users get complete peace of mind. Having company experts for technical assistance is always better instead of relying on third-party support. That’s why the OVH cloud comes with 24/7 customer assistance service. Meaning that there’s no need to worry about technical stuff.

Regarding the infrastructure, OVH assures us to use powerful server hardware. SSD is an advanced kind of storage disk and is many times faster than traditional HDDs. OVH features NVMe SSD storage drives with all the VPS plans. Another generous point of OVH is the availability of unlimited bandwidth.

Security and protection are among their utmost priorities. Regardless of the plan, you’ll choose, there’s a DDoS protection feature, KVM virtualization, and 24/7 server monitoring. Alongside this, automated backups service and snapshots feature are also common.

Additionally, VPS servers come with a powerful API, and the support of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. If your site requires more storage, additional disks can also be rented. Furthermore, users are enabled to choose any operating system. There’s a large list of operating systems to choose from.

The best part is that Plesk and cPanel are available. Throughout our careers, we’ve got through so many hosting companies, and several companies charge additionally for these. In my opinion, getting these for free is quite better. Because by saving money, you can later spend it buying useful add ons or themes for making your website amazing.

With VPS plans starting at just $3 monthly (was $6/ mo), they’re easy on your pocket and best for those on a budget. This starter VPS comes with 1CPU core, 2GB Ram, 40GB NVMe SSD storage, alongside unmetered bandwidth (250MB/s speed). The data transfer speed gets better and better with higher plans.

To meet businesses of every kind, they feature VPS tailored to customers’ needs. For example, VPS for Minecraft, WordPress, and VPS sandbox are available.

7. RamNode

No wonder if you haven’t heard of Ramnode ever. Though it isn’t a household name like Kamater and InMotion, they’re among the only companies that provide remarkable features without breaking your bank account. And making it possible for most customers to convert their imaginations into reality.

Currently, Ramnode is running multiple data centers located in Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and the Netherlands. The company since 2012 is running with the aim of providing affordable servers with useful features. Firstly, they offer instant server deployment. Meaning that you’ll get your server running in just seconds.

Ramnode scores pretty awesome in the aspect of reliability. With a guaranteed 99.99% server uptime, they’re particularly stable. If you’re willing to migrate your existing site to them, it would be delightful to know that they include free migrations for cPanel-based sites.

Additionally, you’re provided with cPanel access and Softaculos for easily and quickly installing your desired apps. With the additional daily backups service, you’ll get complete inner satisfaction. This backup service proves to be extremely useful in the condition of data loss.

Regarding customer support, they’re featuring friendly 24/7 customer assistance. While testing it, I got satisfactory results. The best part was that I got a reply in just a few seconds. Alongside this, they feature knowledge bases that have answers to over 400 topics.

The best point about them is the “pay as you go” policy. And you can either go with monthly billing or hourly billing. Once you go with hourly billing, you will be charged only for the hours their server has been utilized.

While they’re featuring a wide array of services, including VPS, VDS, cPanel hosting and much more. The standard KVM VPS plans start at $3/mo. This starter plan comes with a 1CPU core, 15GB ultra-fast SSD storage, 512MB Ram, and 1000GB bandwidth. Unfortunately, they don’t provide more than 4 CPU cores and 16GB Ram. But in my opinion, it’s enough for large businesses as well.

Overall Ramnode is an impressive web hosting company that excels in almost all aspects of web hosting. Though it doesn’t include the advanced features. But at a reasonable price, features everything you might need to keep your ball rolling.

Top Kimsufi Alternatives for Dedicated Servers

1. TurnkeyInternet

The very first alternative to Kimsufi for dedicated server hosting is TurnkeyInternet, It is one of the top-notch platforms to avail dedicated server hosting backed by powerful infrastructure at fair rates. The company has been around since 1999 and serving customers with impressive hosting services ever since. Now it has grown enough to be considered one of the best hosting companies worldwide.

Having company technicians for technical assistance is always better and ideal for beginners. That’s why Turnkey Internet includes 24/7 customer support by a friendly, fast, and knowledgeable team.

Server downtime is doubtlessly the worst enemy of an online business. But with InterServer you’ll get complete inner satisfaction. As they’re featuring a remarkable 100% server uptime guarantee.

Their dedicated servers come with automated operating systems installations and you’re allowed to choose which one to go with. With a user-friendly control panel, customers are provided with direct access to management tools and you can keep an eye on the network bandwidth graphs as well.

Moreover, the availability of remote reboots of your server is another significant addition. Regarding the infrastructure, they bring the latest technology at hand in use. From the utilization of SSD drives and powerful processors to 10GB/s network connection, they score pretty well, overall.

Unlike many other dedicated providers, TurnKey Internet brings forth a risk-free 30-days money-back guarantee which enables you to easily refund money if you’re not fully satisfied with their services. Willing to transfer your existing site to Turnkey Internet, you’ll be delighted to know that they’re offering a free site migration service.

As mentioned before, they offer fair pricing. With dedicated servers starting at $39/ month, Turnkey Internet is quite a competitive player in the hosting industry. This cheapest dedicated server packs with 2 x Intel Xeon CPUs (24 Cores), 8GB Ram, 240GB SSD, 10TB bandwidth, and a dedicated network port.

2. OneProvider

When it comes to providing performance-ordinated dedicated servers at fair pricing paired up with reliability, how could we forget one provider, a powerful, and reliable dedicated hosting provider in the hosting industry? The company was bootstrapped in 1999 and has been on a bumpy ride ever since. Read on for more details.

Their dedicated servers can be tailored according to your will. You’re allowed to have a Raid hardware controller. In this advanced system, your server keeps running even if components misbehave. So, using it can provide you with incredible uptime. Moreover, they feature additional IPs as well.

Regarding security and protection, the company boasts many options like implementing firewalls to block hackers, DDoS protection, and backups service. For the management of your server, a decent control panel is in place. Using it, you can easily reboot, reinstall the OS, manage passwords, set up VNC connections, and much more.

Their operating systems include Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Suse, Fedora, and Scilinux. When it comes to customer support, One Provider isn’t reliable enough. You don’t get 24/7 customer service via live chat or phone. But instead, you’ve to go through the tickets system for solving your issues.

Their dedicated servers come with different prices and configurations that vary with data center locations. For getting you an idea about their pricing, let me tell you about some details of a server. This dedicated server, located in Los Angeles, USA, comes with an Atom D525 (2 cores) processor paired up with 4GB Ram, 500 GB (HDD SATA), and 30TB bandwidth at the rate of $15.00.

Meaning that their pricing isn’t very cheap. But it isn’t expensive either. Overall, OneProvider is a trustable and reliable platform to avail dedicated hosting services at fair pricing. And the option of deploying your server in desired locations is a great deal of comfort.

3. Wholesaleinternet

Whenever it comes to feature-rich web hosting without breaking your bank account, WholesaleInternet is among the most potential choices to consider. Though it isn’t as popular as some others are, it is still a considerable option for dedicated server hosting.

Unlike others, the company doesn’t feature a variety of hosting plans but they’re offering a variety of dedicated hosting plans. There are instant dedicated servers available as well as custom dedicated servers. And the best price is there are different kinds of hardware resources available. So, you can choose whatever you want to meet your business needs.

When it comes to the term pricing, Wholesaleinternet includes fair pricing. With instant dedicated plans starting at $10 a month while custom dedicated at $22/ mo, they’re cheap on pricing.

The starting instant dedicated server includes 2 processors, (2 cores), 4GB Ram, and 256GB SATA drive. Alongside this, you get unlimited bandwidth with a 100mb/s restriction while 1 usable IPv4 Address is also in place. Regarding the OS, you’re allowed to choose the latest Cent 6.

On the other hand, custom dedicated servers allow you to flexibly choose resources. The starter custom dedicated server comes with 2 processors (4 cores) paired up with 16GB Ram, and 1TB HDD. Additional storage drives including SSDs are also available. When it comes to the OS, CentOS 7 64-bit is included for free while others are available at additional costs.

The customer support of WholesaleInternet isn’t satisfactory. You’re neither provided with 24/7 live chat nor you can submit a ticket unless you’re a customer. Anyway, you can contact them via email or telephone.

4. Scaleway

If you don’t hesitate to spend some extra bucks on cloud-powered dedicated servers then Scaleway is a well known alternative to Kimsufi services. Scaleway is one of the few companies that offer a great balance between affordability and functionality. The entire infrastructure of Scaleway is built with top-notch hardware to make sure you’re getting blazingly fast load times. Founded in 1999, Scaleway rapidly grew to become one of the giant hosting providers out there.

Scaleway is both cost-efficient and secure while maintaining the highest level of reliability. With an uptime guarantee of 99.9% – 99.99%, Scaleway is particularly stable. While their unlimited policy (for bandwidth) is another significant addition.

Further aiding Scaleway’s reliability and versatility is the 24/7 customer support backed by their fast, friendly, and knowledgeable team. So, solving your issues is just a few clicks away.

All of their dedicated servers come with fast Intel processors. With dedicated servers starting at $10.89, their pricing is quite fair and reasonable. This starter plan features an Intel processor, 4GB Ram, 1TB HDD, and unlimited bandwidth (250mb/s).

According to them, your dedicated server gets ready and usable in under 2 minutes. While there are many billing options. They accept billing through direct debit, credit card, American Express, and Paypal. Scaleway particularly cares about security and protection.

To meet all the business needs, the company offers flexible customization and redundant hardware resources.

Their dedicated servers come tailored to your will.

You’re enabled to choose memory size, memory speed, memory type, disk type, and even additional disks are available. Where the capacity of disks can also be adjusted, you can easily find affordable server configurations by just putting your budget there (on their site). After visiting their site once, I was fully satisfied and I hope you’ll also be.

On the other hand, the extremity of their flexible customization can be estimated through the option for choosing the chassis type, network speed, and much more. That’s how you can determine their professionalism in their word.

As ScaleWay excels in almost all the important points of web hosting like, reliability, customer support,, and pricing, we definitely recommend it to our visitors.

4. NameCheap

When registering a domain name for your online business, Namecheap is the most reliable Kimsufi alternative for buying a domain name. Founded in 2000, Namecheap is considered one of the oldest and most recommended web hosts. With over 2 decades of experience in the hosting industry, NameCheap knows what people need and tries its best to provide that.

NameCheap is aware of the fact that server downtime is the worst enemy of an online business and even can make it go to the dogs. That’s why Namecheap brings forth a 99.99% server uptime guarantee with dedicated plans. Meaning that you may barely see your server being down.

Conscious about the security of your dedicated server and account?

When going with NameCheap, it isn’t the thing to worry about. Private peering network and 24/7 server monitoring assure that everything of yours is secure and protected from hackers etc. Advanced security options include the implementation of a firewall and CXS anti-malware protection. Thankfully, these services come with basic dedicated servers as well.

Moreover, NameCheap assures that the custom servers (tailored to your business needs) are set up within 24 hours. So, you can start using them right away. For helping you out, they’ve pre-configured services recommended for different business needs.

How fair is the pricing of NameCheap?

Well, their dedicated servers start as low as $54.88 a month. Though it isn’t cheap, it’s quite fair if you keep the hardware resources and other extras in mind. This starter plan comes with 4 cores @ 3.5 GHz, 16GB DDr4 Ram, and 2 x 480 GB SSD. Overall, this kind of server hardware is good enough to handle large sites. But certainly, there are higher servers available.

In case of emergency downtime or solving your issues, customer support is often required. Thanks to NameCheap that has managed to provide 24/7 assistance. Regarding the control panel, they feature Interworx and cPanel starting at $18.99/ month and $29.88/ month respectively.

For the people willing to migrate to Namecheap, they have a delightful service; free site migration. Unlike many others, the company is ready to take the headache of providing assistance for free during this complex process.

5. is the subsidiary of one of the most popular hosting companies; GoDaddy which has served over 20 million customers on their floor yet. Just like GoDaddy, features quality-oriented services to its customers. With their widespread data center locations (EU, US, Hong Kong / Asia), no matter which part of the world you live in, they’ve got you covered.

Don’t be put off by the lack of customer support, because Velia’s customer support services are some of the best around. Their representatives have been properly trained to help you with anything 24/7.

All of their dedicated servers are backed with Intel Xeon processors that are specially designed for 24/7 operation. Alongside this, you’re enabled to choose hardware configuration according to your business needs.

The best part is their unlimited policy (for bandwidth) while restricting a  dedicated 100 MBit/s port which can be optionally upgraded to 10GB/s. Additionally, flexible upgrading options are available for suiting businesses of all kinds.

Regarding the server deployment, your servers will be ready to use in under 24 hours according to them. All of their dedicated servers pack with free KVM / IPMI remote access. And you’re allowed to freely choose your desired operating system.

Being a subsidiary of GoDaddy, Veila features affordable pricing. The cheapest dedicated server comes with Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3 (4 cores) paired up with 16GB Ram, 2-240GB SSD Raid at $47 per month. While Management software and GBit Uplink are available optionally at additional costs.

As mentioned before, they have redundant hardware resources to make a perfect match with all projects. From dual processors to ample ram and additional SSDs, they’ve everything someone could ask for. So, no matter what your business needs are, they’ve got you covered.


1. What is Server Uptime?

Server uptime is the percentage of how much time your site will be available/ online/ accessible. It is typically measured in years. And the average server uptime of a year is simply considered “server uptime”.

Server downtime is opposite to server uptime and considered the biggest enemy of an online business. As clear, how can a site make progress if it’s not even accessible by visitors. Server uptime is generally the responsibility of your hosting company. These days, The standard uptime guarantee is 99.9%-99.99%.

2. What is Cloud VPS?

For understanding cloud VPS, first you should be aware of VPS and Cloud hosting.

  • VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In VPS, you don’t get a dedicated server but dedicated resources only. A dedicated server is divided among different users through software. And dedicated resources mean that if 1GB Ram is yours, it will remain yours and no other can use it.

  • Cloud Hosting

In cloud hosting, different servers from different locations are interconnected through a network infrastructure and act like one machine. The desired data of visitors is pulled by the nearest location. In this way, visitors get blazingly fast site loading times and overall, they pass through a delightful experience.

  • Cloud VPS

In cloud VPS, virtual dedicated servers are interconnected as in cloud hosting. And all those virtual dedicated servers from all across the world act as one.

3. How to Find the Right Web Host?

In order to find the right web hosting company, you should first keep your business needs in mind and evaluate each company in your consideration by the following factors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kimsufi Hosting Alternative


Reliability usually refers to server uptime. Suppose what would happen if a business site isn’t even accessible. There will be nothing but a big loss. What causes a site to be inaccessible, usually is server downtime.

So before choosing a hosting company, you should make sure that the host is reliable enough to not cause you big problems down the road.

Customer Support

Another important factor, customer support means the assistance service company offers. Having company experts for technical assistance is doubtlessly better instead of relying on third-party support.

Therefore, you should opt for a company that has managed to provide 24/7/365 support.


When researching a hosting service, keep your business needs in mind. And make sure the provider is offering all the important features your site requires.

Otherwise, you may have to take the headache of site migration or buying those services separately.


When browsing the web, you might have focused that the site load speeds of all websites aren’t the same. Some load extremely fast while load bit-by-bit.

As mentioned before, having fast load times of your site not only delivers an incredible experience to the visitors but improves your SEO rankings as well.

Conclusion – Which Kimsufi Web Hosting Alternative Should You Choose?

Depending on what you need either a VPS or dedicated server, read corresponding reviews and decide which company best suits your needs. We did our utmost to build this list for both kinds of customers.

If you’re looking for virtual private servers at an affordable price, we recommend Kamatera for cheap VPS services. They use cloud infrastructure for all VPS servers, so reliability is guaranteed. Plus, the fastest speeds and high uptime are also ensured because of SSDs and top-tier network connectivity.

There are multiple Kimsufi alternatives for dedicated hosting servers in our list, such as TurnKeyIntwernet, OnProvider, and WholeSaleInternet. Pick wisely, enjoy tension-free services.

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