Kinsta Review 2024: 11 Reasons to Choose Kinsta for Your WordPress Sites

Searching for a reliable web host is a crucial aspect when you are starting a blog or creating a business site. If your website experiencing frequent downtime and slow speed issues then your customer or visitors will be turned off and so no sales or views. So you need to be much careful while deciding on a web hosting company.

Fortunately, there are web hosts, not too many, which offer consistent services along with blazing fast support services. So if you haven’t found out the best for you, we undoubtedly can say that Kinsta is the best solution for bloggers, marketers, developers, etc. Here in this article, we describe the top features that make Kinsta a dominant player over others when it comes to world class managed WordPress hosting.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a web hosting company that is specialized in managed WordPress hosting. They offer hosting packages on one of the most robust servers (powered by Google Cloud) to offer maximum reliability to their users. Unlike simple shared hosting, in managed WP hosting the company takes care of most of the system optimizations and security issues.

Kinsta holds the industry best customer support department which hires CMS (WordPress) specialized staff so to offer you maximum support. On the whole, Kinsta is an incredible host that delivers an amazing experience.

Kinsta Review: 11 Reasons Why You Should Choose

Cutting-Edge Cloud Platform by Google

Google is well known for its scalability and state-of-the-art infrastructure to handle the huge traffic waves. So here what makes Kinsta a powerful managed WordPress web host

Kinsta utilizes Google Cloud which means they provide you access to infrastructure that Google is also using for its search engine and YouTube etc. In addition, the cloud capabilities enable the company to provide the highest uptime in the market thus saving you from any sale loss.

Irresistible Support Services

Kinsta-intercom-chat Kinsta Review 2019

If you are a beginner, a hosting company without a hasty support service might get you in trouble. There are lots of technical aspects while dealing with websites and for a newbie taking care of everything is pretty overwhelming and time consuming. On Kinsta you don’t have to worry about it from the support side.

Kinsta offers 24/7 live chat support and a ticketing system. They hire a team of developers having experience with open source projects including WordPress hence an efficient support department. Open a live chat and a support agent will get connected within no time (roughly 2min or less).

Secure Web Host and a Free Hack Fix

A managed WordPress web host offers great peace to businesses and individuals when it comes to security precautions. On a simple shared hosting you have to take care of every security protocol and if anyone hacks in then you are on your own. Sometimes the company even suspends the hacked account.

Kinsta implements numerous security protocols to let you operate freely. By utilizing cloud infrastructure the company isolates each hosting account and so if your neighbor’s account got affected in any way it won’t bother you. It is the most secure way to protect users. Furthermore, to cover security holes they no longer support the old PHP versions which are not getting patches. Kinsta continuously monitors for uptime and security. The active firewalls scan for hack attacks like DDoS.

The amazing part of their security is that they offer free hack fix guarantee. No doubt your site is well protected but if your website is comprised they will fix it for you. To avoid performance issues Kinsta restricts some security plugins on their platform like WordFence. However to add an extra security layer the hosting is compatible with Sucuri and CloudFlare. Besides these security measures, Kinsta allow

  • Two-factor authentication
  • 6 failed attempt auto IP blocking
  • Strong password indication
  • IP blocking on request

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Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Alongside the aforementioned security measures, Kinsta offers free let’s encrypt SSL with no headache of renewals. Due to increasing cases of hacking encryption of credentials such as login details and credit card numbers become a necessity. Besides SSL may give your site a little SEO benefit.

Because it’s an inevitable option so Kinsta offers free SSL to their user to ensure a secure environment to operate. You don’t have to get through the arduous process to activate the SSL instead Kinsta integrated it right in their dashboard. With just a matter of a few clicks, it will implement on your site. For renewals, you don’t have to worry as the company will do it free forever.

Developer Friendly Features

Advanced developer features are included for all plans like PHP version customization, SSH access via WP-CLI, and Git compatibility to help the technical team make all kinds of changes in a fraction of time. With just a single click, changing the PHP version is dead simple yet convenient. Website cloning and staging area features are also available to make it hassle-free to migrate your data from one server to another or test new updates in a staging environment.

Plus, webmasters can set up different PHP workers for each hosted site on Kinsta allowing ultimate flexibility regarding performance. On top of that, for maximum security, secure tunneling into the database for remote access ensures robust protection.

Advanced Server-Side Cache

Believe us or not, sometimes optimizing WordPress becomes a headache. With shared hosting providers, you have to configure a cache plugin and manage dozens of options to enhance site speed as well as cache mechanism. When done wrong, it causes a site break or results in an ugly look. It happens to us many times with other of our blogs. On the other hand, for maximum results, you have to install two or three plugins to cache different assets which causes more HTTP requests.

Kinsta knows this hurdle and that’s why offering server-level cache instead of utilizing plugins. They provide a fine-tuned LXC powered hosting environment to deliver lightning-fast speeds across the world through their CDN network. LXC containers make sure to isolate each website’s resources for the sake of the best possible performance they can deliver. It ensures 100% availability of each account’s resources including Linux, PHP, MySQL, and NGINX.

Furthermore, you can switch between different PHP versions to enhance performance. However, one should enable PHP 7 or a higher version to avail the fastest loading speed. All these features work out of the box require nothing to configure. They are utilizing the following four types of mechanisms at server level:

  • Bytecode cache
  • Page cache
  • Object cache
  • CDN cache

Free Automatic Backups

Backups are not only essential to secure your data from the worst incidences but also help to restore your website if newly implemented updates break it. With that said, no matter what kind of host one is using whether it’s shared or dedicated, you should set up a backup system. There are many third party services available such as VultPress and CodeGuard, however, it costs extra.

Luckily, Kinsta offers free automatic backups with a one-click restore feature. It’s not only easy but highly convenient for users to restore their assets like a charm with minimum hassle. Besides that, manual backups can also be taken with a click. Even though many hosts charge a fee for backups (especially shared) but Kinsta is generous enough to provide such a feature at no extra cost. You can manage site backups right from the MyKinsta dashboard.

You might say there are various WordPress plugins available for the same thing (backups) costing nothing but we are confident enough to say that plugins are sometimes not easy to configure. It takes a lot of time to set up plugins, maintain FTP access, and database connections. In a nutshell, you cannot compare those free solutions with Kinsta’s dedicated backup system.

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18 Datacenters Around the World

Kinsta Review Google Cloud Data Centers

Kinsta lets you make use of one of the biggest infrastructure systems in the industry. Because of their incorporation with the Google cloud platform Kinsta have feet in 18 different regions. This includes the locations:


  • Council Bluffs, Iowa
  • The Dalles, Oregon
  • Ashburn, Virginia
  • Moncks Corner, South Carolina
  • Los Angeles, California

South & North America

  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Montréal, Canada


  • Ghislain, Belgium
  • London, UK
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Hamina, Finland


  • Changhua County, Taiwan
  • Jurong West, Singapore
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Mumbai, India
  • Hong Kong


  • Sydney, Australia

You will be given with a choice to strategically host your site on a server near your target audience. In this way, the data transmission will be quick and your site will experience a fast loading time. This is really a beneficial option, especially for e-commerce sites.

Google is well taking care of servers, no doubt, but if in any case, a server breaks down then still your site will not go down because of cloud capabilities where servers are interconnected through a robust network. Kinsta is using the Google premium tier that is designed for low latency.

Free CDN Network

No matter how many data centers your web host has around the world, having a CDN network enabled is always better compared to using the host servers for many reasons. CDN (content distribution network) fetches the data through the nearest located server to the user resulting in the lowest latency thus the fastest loading. That said, it helps to deliver a better user experience as well as reduce the load on your hosting server as it caches your site’s assets.

CDN work by caching the website content into their servers which are usually located all over the world. When someone accesses the site it loads back-end files from the cache server instead of the actual hosting server. However, when you update anything it automatically retrieves that data to provide fresh content. Luckily, Kinsta includes a free CDN powered by KeyCDN to help you enhance site speed.

Flexible Scaling

With Google Compute Engine servers, it’s super easier to scale your hosting servers automatically and there are no limits regarding CPU scalabilities when needed. Simply put, one can scale up system resources like a charm. You’ll be notified about the resources limits, however, upgrade system power so to not let down your site for a single second.

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What you need to Know: Kinsta Dashboard

If you ever host a site on simple shared hosting, the hosting provider might provide you cPanel access to control the hosting features. cPanel is being widely used in the industry because of its intuitive interface but it might not be friendly for everyone.

Kinsta adopts a different approach by offering a custom in-house dashboard so you can manage your site effortlessly. Even if you are experiencing hosting for the first time Kinsta dashboard offers you maximum usability.

The Thing You Won’t Get From Kinsta: Email

Usually, when you get a shared hosting plan it also includes an email hosting that allows you to create an official email address that includes your domain name. For example, your domain name is then the email address can be [email protected] or something you prefer.

So for this, you need to use a separate service like Gsuite which costs you just $5/month. Further, there are also some free solutions with some limitations.

Kinsta Review Conclusion: Should You Choose It?

Web hosting is a crowded industry where a lot of companies make lots of claims. So finding the best managed WordPress host with solid performance and protective security measures is a considerably difficult task.

So, if you want to host a business site or a blog, Kinsta managed WordPress hosting is the best place to stop on. Without any hesitation, we can say Kinsta is incredible when it comes to uptime and speed.

The other most crucial department such as customer support is extremely impressive. They are knowledgeable as well as friendly and make their availability within 2 minutes whenever you contact them via live chat.

As a whole, Kinsta is an outstanding choice. They absolutely deliver consistent services. Though they have hasty price tags but by delivering total peace of mind with premium security and state-of-the-art infrastructure they well satisfy the pricing. We are sure you will find them an amazing web host too.

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