10 Best Scaleway Alternatives and Competitors 2024

Scaleway is an attractive, affordable cloud hosting provider that houses a variety of scalable solutions, including Virtual instances, Bare Metal, Kubernetes, Block storage servers, Load balancers, and more. However, the fact is that a company cannot meet the needs of every customer.

Unfortunately, the company is underperforming which urges people to find Scaleway alternatives that offer similar cloud services but with better performance, reliability, and server stability. If you haven’t experienced it yet, here look at some of the significant reasons.

Why Scaleway Alternatives

  • Lack of enthusiast customer support department, and most of the time, you are on your own
  • Bigger downtimes while some people even complaining the downtime lasts for days
  • Poor bill charging section, so if you add bank or credit card details, take an eye on billing
  • Sometimes it feels like the machine is out of your control, like it won’t respond to functions like rebooting.

Besides these reasons, you can also find lots of people in the online community complaining about their services. Thus we decided to write on the best Sclaeway alternatives to help the seekers. So without further ado, let’s move on to the main topic.

10 Best ScaleWay Alternatives, Competitors, and Similar Services

1. Kamatera – Editor’s CHOICE

Kamatera stands in the top spots when it comes to the best alternatives to Scaleway cloud services. The company relies on high-tech hardware such as SSD storage, branded Intel Processors, and 400Gbit networking to ensure 99.9% uptime and faster cloud services.

Kamatera offers an extensive variety of products, including cloud hosting, block storage, and load balancers. In converse to Scaleway, Kamatera provides 30 days free trial account, which is good to take a look at whether it’s the right alternative you are searching for or not.

For the pricing, the company holds an easy to use calculator that helps to calculate cost prior to launching a server. When selecting a web host, it is prudent to go for the one that offers multiple datacenters at various geographic locations so that you can locate near that maybe your audience.

Where Scaleway offers merely 2- datacenters, Kamatera enables you to choose from their 13 datacenter locations located in Europe, Asia, America, and Middle-east regions. As most developers desired a kind of open environment web host where they can utilize almost any app and operating system. Kamatera provides full root access to the server. They also provide a long list of Windows and Linux distributions. Even more, you can bring your custom ISO file.

Relative to shared hosting, cloud computing is a complex infrastructure. So in order to get full benefits of cloud infrastructure, Kamatera offer managed cloud add-on. The managed cloud service allows you to devote more time to your project as Kamatera IT team will manage and monitor the server for databases, operating system, web servers, and firewalls, etc.

When starting a project, you should not neglect the importance of scalable options. If there is not enough room, ultimately you have to migrate to another web host which is not only time consuming but also a tedious process. Fortunately, Kamatera offers up to 72v CPU, 384GB RAM, and storage availability in terabytes.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry if there is any problematic situation arises. Kamatera delivers 24/7 support services in multiple ways. You will get almost instant response on live chat while for advanced issues you can submit tickets. There is phone support too. Considering all the aspects, Kamatera could be your best Scaleway alternative that is included with essentials like flexibility as well as scalability.

2. Vultr – Cheapest Scaleway Alternative

Founded in 2014, Vultr holds copious impressive things to offer. What makes them better than Scaleway is their giant cloud infrastructure and cost-effective plans. Vultr provides a convenient place where a developer can play without any worry of scalability as well as usability.

Vultr, one of the major superiority over Scaleway, is the choice of datacenter offer to its customers. Compared to Scaleway (2 datacenters so far), Vultr enables its customers to choose between 16 datacenters. The availability of such a broad range of locations allows you to locate your server near potential audience and greatly improve loading speed.

Vultr offers SSD cloud instances starting from $2.50/month. However, this package carries very limited resources that might be suitable for hobbyists. You can grab 1TB bandwidth, 25 SSD storage, 1GB RAM, and 1 core CPU in just $5/month. The good thing there is a multitude of packages so you can easily pick as per your specifications. If you are getting out of resources, the company allows you to scale up from the provided control panel quickly.

After signing up process, Vultr takes almost no time to make your account ready for launching an instance. You will receive a simple and quite easy to operate control panel that empowers you to access all the features. You can monitor resources, manage backups, DNS, and more. Further, they offer a very straightforward way to launch a new instance.

It also holds the one-click app installer that supports a list of apps like WordPress, Magento, GitLab, LEMP, LAMP, Joomla, and more. It allows you to install any operating system such as Windows, CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu, etc. What’s even more excellent for developers, they can also upload their custom ISO file.

Before deciding on a web host, you should also look at their customer support department. Vultr offers email support, which is available 24/7 and pretty responsive compared to Scaleway. It holds lots of documentation, which is helpful if you want to diagnose issues on your own.

A little downside is that Vultr does not offer live chat. However, it won’t be an issue when compared with Scaleway as they provide live chat but not as helpful and quick as it should be. Honestly speaking, Vultr is the best substitute to Scaleway which lets you take advantage of their cutting latest infrastructure and scalable options.

3. CloudWays – Best Managed Scaleway Alternative

When it comes to fully managed cloud servers, Cloudways is a well known name in the cloud hosting industry. Instead of maintaining its own datacenters, the company adopts a different approach that simplifies some of the leading cloud infrastructure provider services for customers.

For example, Amazon is a leading cloud services provider, but for beginners, it’s so complex to configure a server. Hence Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting from its platform. Thus if you are going to launch a server with AWS, Cloudwys provides you a straightforward way where you can pick a pre-made plan and deploy a server.

Cloudways offer Amazon web services, Google Cloud, Linode, DigitalOcean, and Vultr from its platform. Besides using other companies cloud infrastructure, the company developer also adds tons of features from their side. One of the thing that let you take full benefit of cloud hosting is the provided control panel. Cloudways includes a powerful control panel to manage all the features like a pro.

Acting as a third party doesn’t mean Cloudways takes hours to ready your account. After signing up they handover your account in a matter of few minutes. The company knows the importance of speed and thus takes every step to deliver under a sec loading time. Their services integrated with SSD based servers, built-in caching system, PHP7, and HTTP/2 servers.

On Cloudways the lowest plan cost you $10/month. It contain 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD storage, 1 core CPU and 1TB bandwidth. And when it comes to scalability, you can avail up to hundreds of GB of RAM and almost limitless storage and other resources. Compared to scaleway, Cloudways include free let’s encrypt SSL in all of their plans which you can activate with merely of few clicks (require no coding).

For an eCommerce site, it is more important to locate near targeted audience to deliver smooth site shopping experience. So Cloudways is a good place for them that offer 60 datacenter locations in total.

The included control panel comes with 1-click app install and 15 different metrics for monitoring app and server. The beauty of Cloudways that they put on ease the advanced features like staging area, server cloning, and management, and you can utilize such features with a matter of clicks.

Another place where Cloudways is preferable over supported 5 cloud providers that they make easy availability of support services like live chat. Plus you can also contact via phone and tickets. By concluding, Cloudways is the well-managed web host that covers its users from all departments, whether it is security or flexibility or speed.

4. DigitalOcean – Excellent Scaleway Alternative for Developers and Programmers

DigitalOcean is one of the hot favorite places for developers to enjoy simplified and robust cloud infrastructure. What other companies called a server instance Digitocean named it a droplet. Just like its competitor, the company presents a very candid way that takes less than two minutes to deploy a droplet.

Their servers are integrated with SSDs which perform significantly faster than mechanical drives. Their best-in-class networking and enterprise KVM hypervisors enable the company to deliver optimal performance and security.

Similar to Scaleway, DigitalOcean is crammed with numerous features and scalable options. You can choose from tons of pre-made plans. The cheapest plan starts from $5/moth and comprises 1GB RAM, 1vCPU, 25 GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth. To save on cost, you can start with your required resource and scale up as your needs grow up.

Where people mostly complain about Scaleway downtimes, Digitalocean is pretty stable in this perspective. They provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and if they fail, they issue hosting credit for that period. Another factor that gives DigitalOcean the upper hand over Scaleway is the availability of data centers. While setting up a droplet, you can choose from 12 datacenters located in 8 different regions while Scaleway offers just 2 locations.

Being an open environment web host doesn’t mean it’s just for experienced users. You can install apps like WordPress and Docker etc. through 1-click app installer. The developers can make use of almost any operating system or upload any combination of OS. DigitalOcean provides an intuitive dashboard that let you manage droplets, databases, and monitoring metrics.

You can also configure DO with third party app like slack so to get notifications in Slack channel based on your alert policy. However, you can also view a real-time summary of how your server performing.

With DigitalOcean, you can easily set up a simple backup system that is a fundamental part of every type of project. The major downside of DigitalOcean that they do not offer live chat. The only way to get technical support is to submit tickets. Also, they have maintained a big tutorials base that includes step by step guides. In a nutshell, DO is taking care of their client’s very well. However, we don’t recommend it for beginners due to their limited support channels. For experienced users, it’s a worthy web host to consider.

5. Webfactions

Exploring a stable and trusted hosting provider for app development here is WebFaction explicitly designed for developers. The web host strongly focuses on developers and let them get the benefit of numerous programming languages, databases, and frameworks. The company offers a fully managed service that means their in-house team monitor sever performance and patches if any loophole arises. Besides tons of supported languages and frameworks, you can also utilize full SSH access and powerful API to automate the tasks.

Compared to Scaleway, WebFaction plans are higher in prices. WebFaction is an ideal alternative to Scaleway if you are searching a managed as well as high performance hosting. They offer shared and cloud server plans. Shared cloud hosting plans start at $10/month. It comes with 1GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth, shared multi-core CPU, and 100GB of storage.

All of their plans include enterprise-grade SSD storage and multiple data center locations (located in the Europe, US, and Asia regions). However, if you need a private environment and guaranteed resources like CPU, then their cloud servers packages are more suitable choices.

Just like Scaleway, WebFaction does not come with cPanel. The company designed its control panel that displays all features. It is very easy to use, and if you are having any trouble, fortunately, they offer lots of documentation and guidelines on completing tasks. Another highlighted area of WebFaction is their customer support department.

There is no live chat; they offer a ticketing system that is backed by their active support team. The company also have a community forum that provides solutions for lots of issues and installations. You can even post your question there. So yes they are missing live chat but having a variety of support channels (documentation, email, knowledge base and forum) is a helpful thing.

The major drawback of this company that it is for a limited niche. The people who are inclined toward coding and dealing with technicalities, WebFaction is a great Scaleway alternative for them. We really appreciate their 60-day money-back guarantee that enables the customers to test their services whether to continue their services or draw funds. Aside from SSH access and the availability of lots of programming languages, their 1-click installer proves to be a time-saving feature.

6. Akamai (Linode)

Founded in 2003, Linode holds the absolute potential to be termed as a cheap Scaleway competitor. Over the years, the company has grown up successfully and trusted by 800K customers around the world. Similar to Scaleway, Linode cloud hosting packages caters all the features for developers.

The company enables you to take benefit from a strong infrastructure that built on lightning-fast SSD servers, 40Gbps network and fast processing Intel E5 processors. Plus, they cover 3 regions (Asia, Europe, and America) with 10 datacenters locations so providing you the best possibilities to locate your site/app near your customers.

Linode offers an array of plans starting as low as $5/month that include 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 1TB data transfer, and 25GB SSD storage. If you are going to start a kind of project that needs more memory, Linode makes it simple for you by categorizing the plans. You can pick from standard, CPU, GPU, and Memory-optimized plans.

They let your hands on almost every tool that a developer requires like API, CLI, tons of distributions, and customization of distributions using the provided Stackscript. To handle your increasing traffic, you can increase the resources using resize resource button.

Once you setup your account they provide you an in-house made dashboard. You can start or restart or shutdown the server that means you get full root access. There are plenty of other features present on the dashboard. For example, it provides you insightful details on CPU and storage usage, etc. What’s more handy, you can set email alerts so that the system notify you whenever hit the specific critical level that you set.

One more powerful feature that attracts developers is server cloning. This function allows you to make a clone of your running server so that if you want to deploy the same server on different datacenter, you can do so within no time. Other feature in dashboard includes DNS manager, resource mode to recover from critical errors, managing load balancers, and more.

Backups are good things, and every project must have it. Linode offer one-click managed backups as an add-on (starting from $2/mo). These backups are made automatically in 3 different slots, i.e., a daily backup, 2-7 days backup and an 8-14 days backup. Plus, they also provide on-demand backups. Whenever you step into trouble, there are various ways you can get help.

First of all, through the dashboard help button, a bot will serve you with the possible solutions. Secondly, you can open a support ticket with their technical team or dig into their documentations. There is also a community forum to interact with other users. Overall, Linode holds a powerful cloud hosting solutions for personal to business-level projects. However, you should have some experience in managing servers and distributions.

7. DreamHost

DreamHost has spent around two decades in the web hosting industry. Being one of the oldest web hosting providers, DreamHost, run by the experienced team. With over 400K+ customers, they are hosting over 1.5 million websites on their servers. Whether you are searching for simple hosting services for a blog or need solution for hosting app DreamHost covers you in everything.

For website shared hosting plans, start as low as $2.59/month that comes with freebies like SSL and domain name. Further, it includes unlimited traffic and SSD based storage. So far, they do not offer a choice of datacenter feature. The most noticeable part is the refund policy. They offer 97-days money-back guarantee on annual subscriptions (not applied on VPS, dedicated and DreamPress).

What makes DreamHost more considerable alternative to Scaleway is their low pricing feature rich plans. The servers which are engineered around Ceph and Openstack let you run any application on SSD servers. Their unmanaged cloud hosting plans provide full root access and allow you to make use of Linux, BSD, or MS Windows.

The company house ideal tools for developers, i.e., large programming language libraries, API and SSH access. Whether you want to utilize MongoDB, or Node.js, or Rubby, they include almost every tool to serve better developing environment.

DreamHost adopts a pretty flexible approach and provides S3 compatible hosting as well as object storage. You can also connect other storage applications like DropShare, Retrospect, CloudBerry, and more. The cloud hosting packages starts from $4.50/mo ($0.0075/hour). You will get 1vCPU, 80GB SSD storage, 512MB RAM while there is no cap on bandwidth so far. You can avail up to 8GB RAM and 4vCPU. Each of their plans included with 100GB block storage with no additional cost. So DreamHost is one of the ideal hosts for projects that require large storage capacity.

Built with OpenStack, DreamHost dashboard offers users a pleasant experience due to its minimalist interface. It is divided mainly into three categories compute, network, and storage. If you ever step into any problem, the company offer 24/7 email support that is quick in response. They do offer Live chat which remains available from Monday – Friday, 8-4PM PT. However, it’s mainly for sale queries.

There is also a helpful community forum that offers lots of solution, or you can post your issue there. In summary, Dreamhost is a cost-effective alternative for Scaleway cloud hosting for individuals. However, they offer limited plans. So when your app grows, you have two options either migrate to their dedicated server or another web host.

8. CloudSigma

The major advantages CloudSigma has over Scaleway is the wide availability of cloud locations, fast networking, KVM virtualized servers and an array of scalable options. The company has been serving the customers for 10 years. Another good point that cloudsigma is a certified cloud service and infrastructure that complaint with ISO 27001 for meeting security and data privacy requirements. The company offers a 100% uptime guarantee, and for over 15min downtime you will get x50 time credit. By utilizing the latest technologies and networking, they make possible under a second loading time.

Having the choice of multiple datacenters enable you to host your site near potential audience so that data takes less time when traveling between servers to the user end. Cloudsigma offers 9 locations available in USA, Europe, Asia, and Middle East regions. The KVM based cloud provides ring-fenced protection to your resources and so a fully dedicated environment. Alongside their API, developers can do tons of integrations.

Before signing up, you can calculate the cost of the resources you require for your project. Simply go to their pricing page and scroll down you will see an easy to use calculator. Just select the data center and put the number of resources you want. Furthermore, Cloudsigma allows you to pay your bills directly in different currencies such as US dollar, British Pounds, Euros, and more.

For cloud hosting just set up an account and then you can buy required resources right from the control panel. Plus, if you spend $10 in cloudsigma every month, you will receive 50GB SSD storage, 1GB RAM and 5TB outbound data transfer for free. For growing requirements, there is no need to get into tedious migration process as the company offers up to 128GB RAM, 5TB SSD storage, and 40 CPU cores.

The company provides professional incident management that provides proactive alerting to customers. Cloudsigma another edge over Scaleway is their customer support department. They offer 24/7 live chat as well ticketing system. If you want to experience their services before purchasing the company offers no credit card 7-days trial account. So cloudsigma is a sound cloud hosting provider that offer fast and stable services. They will absolutely provide you the right power for which you paid as well a full bucket of resources for free.

9. Amazon Lightsail

Next Scaleway alternative is a giant name in the web hosting industry. Amazon Lightsail is a simplified cloud hosting offer by Amazon web services. Although amazon web services offer robust high performance infrastructure, but for a newbie, it is very complicated to configure and launch a new server. So Amazon Lightsail is the best way for rookies to take advantage of the same infrastructure. Furthermore, it is compatible with AWS products. Although amazon Lightsail encompasses high scalable plans but if at any point in time if you decide to move on AWS, you can do so easily.

Starting with Lightsail is like a charm, just like Scaleway you will get pre-designed cloud hosting plans. There is the availability of both Windows and Linux virtual servers. The very first plan costs $3.50/mo. suitable for simple basic level projects or for hobbyists. It includes 512MB RAM, 1 Core processor, 20GB SSD storage, and 1TB data transfer. You should go at least for $5/month plan that comes 1GB RAM and allow smoother working.

The vendor also offers handy add-ons like managed databases, load balancers, and block storage. These are especially useful when your project in a rapid growth phase, and you need more time for your app, not wasting it in resource monitoring and maintenance.

Similar to other cloud companies, Amazon Lightsail offers an array of pre-configured 1-click apps, operating systems, and developer stacks. Platforms like WordPress, Drupal, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Windows Server, GitLab, Nginx, and more.

Furthermore, you can make use of SSH for installing additional software. Apart from the latest SSD hosting servers, the company maintains multiple datacenters in the Asia Pacific, EU, US, and Canada regions. Being managed by a large company, you will get a safe and secure environment. You can also make amendments to the Lightsail firewall from the provided console.

The customer support department is the major reason why we don’t recommend Amazon cloud hosting services to inexperienced customers. There is no live chat, so for technical assistance, you can create a request via console. They have maintained a knowledge base that is full of helpful tutorials and guidelines.

Honestly, Amazon offers highly stable cloud hosting with a range of products that can easily hold low to high-traffic apps. There is tons of video and documented tutorials available over the internet.

10. Atlantic.net

Last in our list of Scaleway alternatives is one of the oldest cloud hosting providers. Founded in 1994, the company maintains multiple presence locations. The company comes with an aim to simplify the complex cloud technologies so that everyone can take benefit of it. Being powered by RAID-10 solid state drives and enterprise-grade infrastructure, they offer a 100% uptime guarantee. The company offers a wide range of solutions, including cloud hosting, managed cloud services, load balancers, and more.

The good thing is that Atlantic.net offers general-purpose, storage, memory, and compute-optimized plans. So if you need more storage then just go for storage optimized plans which come with high storage capacities. Compared to Scaleway, Atlantic.net is a little bit pricey. The cheapest plan ($8/month) comprise 1GB RAM, 1vCPU, 40GB SSD and plentiful 3TB data transfer. Like most companies, they offer time base discount – like if you buy a 3-year duration, you will get the maximum discount.

As we discuss earlier hosting an app near your potential audience, enables you to load it faster for your users. You can choose between 7 data center locations located in San Francisco, Dallas, Toronto, New York, Ashburn, Orlando, and London. The company also plans to launch more severs in Asia and Europe.

There are also several one-click apps, such as LAMP, LEMP, WordPress, Docker, and more. Atlantic.net does provide you API, SSH access, and a console for operating hosting features. If you feel more comfortable with a third party control panel like cPanel, you can integrate it by paying its licensing fee.

What if something went wrong with your site? One of the quick ways is to restore backups. Operating without backups means you are always at risk. There is no free backup service included; however, the company offers optional backup service that you can enable from the provided control panel.

Knowing the importance of customer support services, Atlantic.net offers 24/7 customer assistance via phone and email services. As a whole, Atlantic.net is a worthy alternative to Scaleway when it comes to performance (speed and uptime) and scalable options. Starting from a simple cloud hosting plan, you have the option to migrate to a private or to a dedicated server as per your requirement.

Which of these Scaleway alternatives should you choose?

All of the above mentioned are viable alternatives. These companies offer stable cloud hosting solutions compared to Scaleway. All you need to do is pick the right plan according to your requirements.

We recommend Kamatera (1st Choice) and Vultr (Runner-Up) as both are great substantial alternatives to Scaleway. Both are built on fast networking and SSD based servers. And most importantly, where Scaleway just offers 2 data center choices, Vultr and Kamatera offer 16 and 13 datacenters, respectively. Furthermore, they provide you full root access and almost every tool a developer may need.

So, which one do you go for as your best Scaleway alternative? Let us know and other readers through the comment section.

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