9 Best Cheap MongoDB Hosting 2024

If you plan to run MongoDB, then you need to pick a host that offers compatible MongoDB hosting because, typically, you can’t install it on shared hosting. So, it means you need to be mindful before selecting a web host. But don’t bother, as we list out the best cheap MongoDB hosting companies to save you time and effort.

Usually, MongoDB-supported hosting appears in marginally higher pricing than shared hosting plans. One of the primary reasons is that it puts more control in the user’s hand by providing root access which is generally a part of cloud, VPS, and dedicated servers. Also, if root access is not given like in managed VPS, some companies may install on your request.

Usually, when a hosting company offers root access, they do not include the intuitive control panel (cPanel), which is given free with shared hosting. But some providers are now offering specific plans with cPanel which is handy for new to experienced users. That’s why we come up with web hosts, including a review on each to help you to pick the best for running MongoDB seamlessly with excellent usability.

So, without taking your time into the intro, let’s drive to the real topic.

best mongodb hosting providers

Best Cheap MongoDB Hosting Providers 2024

1. Kamatera – Out Top-Rated Choice

If you ask us what’s the top-notch cloud-based MongoDB hosting provider, we would recommend Kamatera without any hesitation. With dozens of apps to deploy, including Docker, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, LEMP, LAMP, Kubernetes, and FreeNAS, you can launch a MongoDB server within a few minutes. Users can choose from up to 39 applications and services at the starting price of just $4 per month with customizable resources. They support four different versions 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, and 4.0, backed by Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server.

Kamatera has an extensive range of plans, plus custom options to build the desired cloud server by choosing the required system Ram, storage, processing cores, IP addresses, and data center location. The entry plan costs four bucks a month with 1 vCPU (@2667MHz) clocking, 20GB of SSD space, 1GB Ram, 5TB bandwidth, and 1 IP address.

There are 18 data centers spread across the world in 4 continents, all of them made of cutting-edge hardware and redundant resources. You can select from 17 pre-made plans or configure a custom one according to your needs. A custom cloud instance can be configured with up to 104 vCPUs, 512GB memory, multiple IPs, and 4000GB storage.

For ultimate MongoDB database projects, Kamatera offers a high-end 8 Cores package coupled with 16GB of memory, 100GB SSD storage, and 5TB data transfer at the price of $96 per month. All MongoDB servers come default with Type A CPU and can be purchased on a monthly or hourly billing cycle. Thanks to the first 30 days free trial offer for HostingSprout visitors, you can try without paying a single penny for a whole month. We recommend giving them a TRY.

Kamatera MongoDB Hosting


  • Suitable for Windows, Linux, WordPress, Databases, and 30+ apps
  • Support 100+ OS images with your own OS as well
  • Performance-oriented data centers
  • Multi-tier connectivity to avoid downtime
  • Fast speed through SSDs and Intel Platinum processors
  • Easy single-click scalability
  • Add-ons for enhanced performance (load balancers, firewalls, and private networking)


  • You must have technical expertise in managing a cloud server
  • Trial account requires a credit card
  • Only a single payment gateway (credit cards), no Paypal

2. A2Hosting

Not only the best, but A2Hosting also provides a cheap MongoDB hosting solution where you can just start at $5/month. You will be given with server root access, and so you are free to install any application. A2Hosting, established in 2001, is an experienced as well as a trusted provider in the market. You have the choice to decide between Linux and Windows servers.

They offer plenty of VPS packages, including unmanaged, managed, and Core VPS. If you don’t have the technical know-how of unmanaged VPS server management, then you must try managed one, which is, of course, expensive, but all technical issues are handled by the company. Managed VPS does not offer root access, so you have to make a request, and MongoDB will be installed by them.

You will get fast and secure hosting built with SSD storage. The smallest plan provides 20 GB space, 2 TB data transfer, and 1 Core CPU at the price of $5/month. The best part is they offer anytime money-back guarantee which means they are super confident in their services. In any time refund policy (Pro-rated), you can get a full refund within the first 30-days and after that a pro-rated credit of unused services.

Another considerable advantage of A2 is scalability; they offer scalable VPS plans where you have the choice to scale up the resources as per your needs. Plus, you can select the OS templates and data center location. The company delivers customer support through its knowledgeable team available 24/7/365 via live chat, phone, and ticking. So all in all, A2 provides affordable VPS plans with full liberty, and you can install whatever you want to.


  • Availability of both Windows and Linux based servers
  • MongoDB can be installed on both managed and unmanaged
  • Anytime refund policy
  • Allow configuration of the plan with pre-installed OS
  • Even the smallest plan integrated with speed-friendly features like HTTP/2 and LiteSpeed, etc.
  • Core VPS is primarily designed to provide root access along with managed services
  • 24/7 swift customer support


  • Configuring plans may turn them into a costly solution like when we just increase the bandwidth from 2 to 3 the price jumps from $5 to $25.

3. Vultr – Cheapest MongoDB Hosting on Clouds

Vultr is another excellent choice when it comes to web hosting that allows installing any application and operating system as well as you uploading your ISO file. Their leading-edge cloud infrastructure provides 99.99% uptime. The best part, they offer a multitude of packages to overcome the needs of individuals to enterprises.

Vultr offers 32 data center locations to select which also helps to increase data rendering speed. Moreover, all plans include SSD drive for data storage. You don’t need to pay for the whole year in advance at once because Vultr is a monthly billing hosting provider. Therefore if you find them unsatisfied, cancel their services at any time without losing any money. Furthermore, the easy to use control panel grants access to various useful features.

Vultr pricing start from $2.50/month that has 20 GB storage with 512 MB RAM. They do have a $5/month plan that carries more resources compared to the competition and comes with 25 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, 1000 GB bandwidth and 1 CPU core. Their plans are highly flexible allowing you to add additional resources instantly like block storage at $1/month for 10 GB.

Talking about customer support, you can approach the support staff by submitting tickets, and there are no other ways than this one. The company also has proper documentation. Vultr offers unbeatable pricing with scalable and flexible options where you can even upload your custom ISO.


  • 32 strategic data center locations
  • Serve dedicated services as well to best fit your needs
  • One of the providers that offer the biggest library of OS
  • Can deploy the server promptly with easy to use control panel
  • Rock-solid 99.99% uptime
  • A comprehensive catalog of packages to meet everyone’s requirements
  • Hourly billing means no long-term contract and so you can cancel anytime


  • No availability of live chat and phone support, so the instant help is only to self-diagnose the issues
  • The first plan which costs $2.50 don’t allow installing WordPress

4. InMotion Hosting – Cheap Cloud MongoDB Hosting

InMotion is a well-known name in the web hosting industry. One of the major reasons is that they present an amazing 90-days refund policy during which you can ask for a refund without any hesitation. That’s more than sufficient duration to test their quality. We did not find any reason to claim our invested money back as they are still outperforming in all areas.

InMotion offers both managed and unmanaged servers for developers and programmers who want to install MongoDB platform. The core benefit is that they do allow administrative access even for managed VPS service to give more control on your hands. Of course, it’ll cost you more as their experts deal with the dilemma of server management, updates, and patches, etc. Moreover, we appreciate the free availability of cPanel as it makes a lot easier to operate the VPS server.

On the other hand, InMotion unmanaged plans also offer a reliable solution to developers with full root access as well as SSH keys. The unmanaged hosting starts at $19.99/month includes 4 GB RAM, 75 GB SSD storage, and 4 TB bandwidth. The plan has a free domain name. Moreover, there is an added layer of security against DDoS.

InMotion customer support never disappoints us – support members appear within a minute. You can contact via phone and tickets too. Furthermore, there is also a customer community where you can reach out to others. Forthrightly, InMotion brings the value for the price they charge and allow installing any application on your VPS as well as dedicated machines.


  • Managed and unmanaged servers support MongoDB hosting
  • Managed VPS includes free cPanel, backup and even offer root access
  • Includes live state snapshot and DDoS protection
  • Allow hosting unlimited domains
  • 90 days money back guarantee


  • You will get low pricing only when subscribing for a longer duration like 1-year. But remember many other well-known providers are utilizing such tactics.

5. Host1Plus

Host1Plus founded in 2008 by establishing its data centers in London and Vilnius. The company is successfully meeting its user’s expectations and now crossed over 65k customers. Also, they increase the sum of data center locations to 5 with immaculate infrastructure that offers reliable SSD cloud hosting solutions. You can make your selection from either Linux or Windows OS. Both come with a wide range of plans.

If you’re not comfortable with command line work, then Host1Plus would not be a good option for you. At Host1Plus, nothing will come pre-installed and also, there is no easy installer. Even their chat support will not install anything for you for free – it’s an entire unmanaged server provider and highly suitable for technical experts.

For example, installing WordPress CMS will require you to deal with lots of commands, setting up PHP and MySQL, etc. For help, they just referred us to appropriate material such as DIY tutorials. So it’s more like a developer-friendly hosting that is going through a secure and flexible solution.

It offers the smallest plan at $6.40/month that comprises 512 MB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 20 GB SSD and 2 TB bandwidth. It’s more expensive than Vultr and DigitalOcean when compare prices but allows enormous bandwidth. 14 days refund policy protects your investment as well.

For customer support, you can contact the staff via live chat and tickets. Moreover, they have a knowledge base that contains helpful articles regarding server management, DNS, and tools, etc. If you don’t have technical knowledge, then Host1Plus will take a lot of time to make things work and run. Indeed they are a solid provider for using MongoDB but either you must have expertise.


  • Trusted by massive amount of customers over 65k
  • They offer very affordable solution with ample amount of bandwidth
  • Maintains both Windows and Linux
  • Allow plan customization and scalability as well
  • Along with cloud, they also provide a large variety of VPS with root access


  • A small period of only 14-days for the refund policy
  • Only suitable for skilled users

6. LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb is a big name in hosting business trusted by giant brands to host their projects. They are one of the expensive hosts that provide solutions for freelancers, agencies, and business owners. Founded in 1997, the company now have 5 data centers and over 500k customers under their management.

Liquid Web offers a broad category of hosting while cloud VPS is the entry-level product that provides you full root access and enables MongoDB installation. Their cloud VPS pricing starts at $59/mo by including 2 vCPU, 40 GB storage, 2 GB RAM and unlimited domains. The 10 TB bandwidth shows that they are exclusively providing solutions to heavy traffic projects.

We don’t need to say anything about their service uptime excellence. Most notably they claim uptime guarantee, and in case of failure, they will be liable to pay 10x credits for the amount of downtime. Although, LiquidWeb’s plans are high priced, but each plan holds a lot of features that generally come at additional fees. With LiquidWeb, you will get built-in backup, CDN, DDoS protection, dedicated IP, cPanel, and much more.

The support is knowledgeable, friendly and always available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and emails. So the bottom line is if you are seeking enterprise level hosting for setting up multiple projects then LiquidWeb is a good choice. If you are just starting out, then there are many outstanding options on this list for reliable solutions.


  • One of the oldest and famous companies having 500K+ customers
  • Rock-solid hosting environment for unbeatable experience
  • Trusted by giant brands all around the world
  • Allow unlimited websites
  • Built-in backup, firewalls and DDoS defense
  • By using Strom VPS, you can resize RAM and storage, etc.


  • Expensive solution suitable for agencies and enterprises
  • The smallest plan won’t allow Windows OS for that, you need to subscribe to the second plan at least

7. CloudSigma

The company was founded in 2009 and provides a fully controllable cloud environment. You can launch your server by choosing from 10 data centers. CloudSigma also proudly present their ISO certification for protected cloud infrastructure. They support unmodified Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and other OS choices. Starting with CloudSigma won’t take much time and you can give them try with 7 days free trial – no credit card requirement.

From the intuitive control panel, you can easily deal with OS, SSH keys, security and other crucial settings. Their server support KVM virtualization which is more efficient in resource allocation and security perspective. The root access will be handed over using “sudo su” – a command line work.

The first plan costs $14/month includes 1 core CPU, 1 GB RAM, 50 GB storage and 5 TB data transfer. There is a simple calculator on their website, just choose the location and your currency and enter the needed resources values to get the most appropriate package. So it offers easy customization of “compute” where you can create one with your desired CPU, RAM, and storage, etc.

We really appreciate their customer support which is fast and available round the clock. Alternatively, you can submit tickets or seek your answers through tutorials. CloudSigma is best to craft the flexible solution and so you are not going to pay for the resources not required.


  • Offers both windows and Linux
  • Seven days trial account to make sure it’s perfect for you
  • Flexible scalability allow crafting most suitable feature rich package
  • Instantly launch the server
  • ISO security certified cloud
  • Quick customer support


  • The pricing structure may confuse the newbies

8. TMDHosting

When it appears to the feature-rich VPS MongoDB hosting, TMD is a cost-effective option that incorporates several useful freebies like a free domain name and backup, etc. Offering you to pick from 5 different locations, deploying a server is a smooth process. All the servers are equipped with SSDs and web application firewall with auto updates. On the top, you will get a 30 days refund policy.

Although TMD offer managed VPS plans along with free cPanel but meantime, you’ll get root access to install desired application. In fact, the company offers a cloud-based hosting that allows you adjust the resources instantly with few clicks. Amazingly they deliver rock solid 99.9% uptime.

TMD pricing starts from $19.97/month which include 2 GB RAM, 40 GB storage, 2 Core and 3 TB bandwidth. Most of the provider out there charge some fee when you open an account with them for the first time but TMD does not include such fees. Every plan got a free backup feature, and their technical staff will configure it for you.

Their technical support is a noteworthy element of their services which is provided 24/7/365 by different channels – live chat, tickets, and phone. So far we never have to wait more than a minute whenever we need help from them. All in all, TMDHosting VPS is another decent option you can trust and we are sure you will not go wrong with them.


  • Offers packages load up with features
  • Great usability by including cPanel
  • Fast and quick customer support with all standard channels – live chat, email, phone
  • Include freebies like domain name, backup service, and no setup fee
  • 30-days refund policy


  • Not offer the variety of plans just the 3 to pick from

9. MediaTemple

Here is MediaTemple that showed up with nice sophisticated web hosting solutions. You can go for MediaTemple to avail either unmanaged or managed service. In unmanaged, you gain root access and have to do all the work via command lines. Their instant resources scaling enable users to upgrade their servers to ward off any shortcomings.

MediaTemple is built with a high-performance SSD for the fast processing of data. Moreover, they provide 99.99 percent of guaranteed uptime – for any 20 minutes down, they are liable to pay 20% credit of monthly fee. Their managed plans also allow you to install MongoDB, which includes a handful control panel but cost $55/mo. So if you have such a high budget, you can select LiquidWeb which is better reputed than MediaTemple.

The unmanaged MongoDB VPS plans come at $30/month with 20 GB space, 2 GB RAM, and 2 TB bandwidth. Additionally, you can choose from Ubuntu, Debian, and various versions of CentOS. You will save some serious money by signing up for their plan for a longer duration. So if you are a kind of advanced user comfortable with commands – Media Temple is undoubtedly good to go that support up to 64 GB RAM and 8 TB bandwidth.

Like any other reliable provider, MediaTemple also offers convenient ways to their customers for getting help. Live chat, email and phone line are available irrespective of time as well as tons of articles for self-help. Sometimes live chat takes 5-10 min to get connected to the other end. But overall they are amazing in providing services with maximum availability.


  • Offers both managed and unmanaged VPS plans with MongoDB installation
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • You can choose between various OS versions
  • More resources can be added instantly
  • Lots of rooms available as your project grow


  • Live chat sometime can take 5-10min to get connected
  • Lack of Windows server


The above mentioned are well-reputed and reliable MongoDB hosting providers surely deliver you peace of mind services. Some companies offer managed as well as unmanaged services. If you are a beginner and not familiar with command line work, then managed plans would be the most appropriate choice for you.

On the other hand, if you know how to work with command lines, then you may save on the cost by purchasing an unmanaged plan.

A2Hosting is a popular host that comes with a variety of products suitable for bloggers, developers, and agencies. They offer unmanaged, managed, and core VPS packages. The managed VPS plans are considerably higher in pricing but you receive mess-free MongoDB hosting. They deliver 24/7 support, maximum uptime, plan customization, and speed-optimized servers.

Please feel free to share your experience with us through the comment section it will be helpful for all readers.

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