10 Best Cheap VM Hosting Providers 2024 [Top VPS Virtual Machine Hosting Services]

In this article, you're going to learn some of the best VM hosting services to host your sites, apps and projects on high-end environment for ultimate performance as well as reliability.

VM hosting allows you to set up websites or applications on server guaranteed resources and get seamless experience. Unlike shared hosting where server resources shared among numerous accounts, VM hosting provides you a segregated environment on a single virtual machine. So the resources (RAM, CPU, and storage, etc.) are solely for its user.

Furthermore, it gives you better control even installing the operating system and restarting the server, etc. Because of the dedicated environment, VM hosting provides the best reliability and high performance services.

Offering more control in the user’s hands doesn’t mean that it will be difficult for you to operate or require specific technical knowledge. Most of the companies provide intuitive control panels so that users can pay more attention to their project instead of managing server. Also, some companies offer managed services where the company technical team deal with all the optimizations and patches.

If you are on shared hosting and need scalable as well as a controlled environment with high performance, VPS hosting is the best way to go for. Whether you want to utilize the operating system of your choice or searching for high performance web hosting solution, VPS can cover your needs.

Due to the huge amount of virtual private server companies in the market, it is a hectic task to pick the best VM hosting provider. So here we are breaking down the considerable companies to make things simple for you.

Recommended Top Cheap VM Hosting Providers

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10 Best VM Hosting Providers 2024 [Top Virtual Machine Hosting Services]

1. Kamatera - Overall Best for High Performance


A scalable hosting provider that step into IT-based services back in 1995. The company provides a developer-friendly environment where they can utilize almost every application as well as the operating system of their choice. The cloud based VM hosting offers dedicated resources and the bulk of scalable solutions.

It includes plentiful cloud plans, load balancers, managed cloud and managed Microsoft cloud services, etc. Kamatera featured with instant availability of server (under a min server set-up), instant scaling and 99.95% uptime guarantee.

From its platform, Kamatera supports almost every tool and software a developer needs for its variety of projects. A powerful API, administrator access to your server, stop and restart a server, choice of an operating system are among the essential features for developing purposes.

One of the prominent factors is the location of datacenter to get low latency services, so your app audience gets a smooth experience. You can deploy a server in one of their 18 datacenters locations by considering your targeted customers. For developers, Kamatera supports numerous versions of Linux as well windows server. Moreover, they also allow you to bring your own operating system.

Kamatera delivers you the real power of Intel Processors, 600Gbit networking, and SSDs for faster and consistent services. Before launching a server, you can calculate the price of your required resources. Just select needed RAM, CPU, and storage, etc.

If you are not familiar with the operating system and other server configurations, Kamatera managed cloud add-on is for you. By adding that their technical team will take care of all the crucial settings, patches, and updates. So what you do if your current web host goes out of scalable solution?

Probably you will migrate to another web host which is a time consuming process. Or you go for a dedicated server which is not only hectic to control but also an expensive solution. On Kamatera, up to 384GB RAM, 72v CPU, and terabytes of storage is available.

For a user who is new to application developing, Kamatera holds a friendly and responsive customer support team. All the essential ways like live chat, email, and Phone are available where customer can ask for help. There is no need for a money-back guarantee as you can test their services with a 30-days free trial account.

Besides, due to monthly and hourly billing, you can cancel anytime and discontinue future billing. Kamatera hold vast scalable options, stable services, flexible environment so has the full potential to be termed as best VM hosting for developers.

2. A2Hosting - Cheap VM Hosting with SSDs


A2 VM hosting provides you everything you could ask for. Founded back in 2001, the company features all type of hosting solutions, including shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting. A2 VPS plans come with 3 management levels. Like some other companies, they offer unmanaged and managed VPS with OpenVZ and Virtuozzo virtualization technology.

Additionally, they offer Core VPS plans best for those who are seeking for managed VPS with root access. If you are an experienced developer and searching for customizable solutions, A2Hosting unmanaged plans are reliable as well as an affordable option.

A2hosting VPS plans starts from $5/month. It provides you allocated amount of resources, which include 512MB RAM, 20GB storage, 2TB data transfer, and 1 Core CPU. All of their hosting packages included with fastest solid state drives for fast data reading and writing.

You can either pick pre-designed plans or use “CONFIGURE THIS VPS” button to design a plan according to your needs. For faster services, the company makes available its servers from multiple locations. You can choose from the USA, Europe, and Asia datacenters. Moreover, they offer “Turbo Boost” add-on to further boost up page loading time.

While checkout process A2hosting provides you different configurable options so that after purchasing your account will be ready to take off your project. There is a list of operating systems (multiple versions of Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and more) to choose from. If you want to make use of cPanel, you can do so by paying an additional fee.

You can opt for an operating system with the Webuzo control panel. It is a free and easy to use control panel that allows the user to install scripts and updates like a charm. Besides ensuring high performance services, they take various perpetual security measures. Every account includes free hackScan and DDoS protection.

While using such a flexible hosting good customer support is one of the essential things. A2hosting holds an enthusiast group of gurus to help their clients. For quick help either open live chat or phone. However, most of the time, they ask you to open a ticket instead of helping over live chat.

Other ways include tickets and rich-knowledgebase. A2hosting offers industry best refund policy. You will get anytime money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, you will get a full refund within the first 30-days while after this refund will be issued based on unused services. It is an obvious signal that shows company confidence in their services.

As a whole, A2hosting is a good VM hosting provider with 99.9% uptime commitment and speedy services. And they offer free migration services too.

 3. Vultr - Cheap VM Hosting on Clouds


Behind Vultr high performance, there are multiple SSD based datacenter locations. Since its inception in 2014, the company has been successful years and deployed over 26M instances for their thousands of customers. Because of their open environment services, Vultr is a remarkable place for developers.

They offer 32 data locations which are more than most of the providers. The huge benefit of such a large number of locations allows you to host your site in a data center nearest your targeted audience. Thus data can travel fast between server and user. So your customer will get blazingly fast loading time.

Vultr offers cloud-powered VM hosting that enables you to deploy virtual machines almost instantly. The cloud based infrastructure is built in a way that multiple data centers are connected and behave like a single machine. This enables cloud hosting to deliver more consistent services because unlike shared hosting, it does not rely on a single server.

Vultr offers a wide range of plans that start as low as $2.50/month. However, the least plan that we recommend you to start from cost $5/month. It includes 1GB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 1TB bandwidth, and 25GB storage that is enough to run a basic level project smoothly.

Vultr houses a highly scalable solution which allows you to increase the resources as your app/site grows up. You can also avail other high-end solutions like bare metals and dedicated cloud. So it means Vultr has the capacity to meet the individual to enterprise needs.

The reason why Vultr is more suitable web host for developers is that they allow tons of developing apps as well as the operating system of your choice. Whether you want to use Windows or Linux, you can do as you will be provided with server root access. There is also a list of pre-configured operating systems such as CentOS, CoreOS, Ubuntu, and more. Plus the company allows you to upload your own operating system.

After signing up, Vultr provides easy to use control panel where you just pick a plan, server location, OS, and some other crucial settings to deploy a server. You can also keep track resource usage rate so that to increase or decrease as per your needs. The control panel includes a 1-click installer to install apps like Docker, GitLab, WordPress, and more with a matter of few clicks.

When it comes to customer support, unfortunately, there is no live chat support. You can get help through tickets and documentations. So if you are fine with such limited support channels, Vultr is the ideal host that offers affordable plans on consistent servers.

4. Hostens - Cheapest VM Hosting KVM Plans

Hostens VPS

If you cannot afford expensive virtual hosting servers but can't manage to compromise on low performance, Hostens is what you should look at as it offers the most cheapest VM hosting servers backed by SSDs and high speed hardware. They have an enterprise-grade data center built with modern hardware and a high speed network to deliver the fastest possible services.

Hostens is the best choice for users on a tight budget. The company provides quality VM servers empowered by KVM virtualization technology, RAID SSD storage, Intel next-generation CPUs, and high RAM of 768GB DDR4 per node. Each server can offer up to 56 Cores and 28 threads along with a dedicated 4Gbps network speed to ensure lightning-fast hosting across the world.

With a guaranteed 99.98% uptime, your website or application will be up and running almost all the time - thanks to KVM isolation and tier-3 data center. Their data center is equipped with N+1 redundancy to ensure the ultimate availability of resources when needed. You will also get full root access to install your desired application, operating system, Linux distros, or install a custom Linux kernel for rendering the maximum performance of your VM.

There are up to three packages to choose from (Small, Medium, and Large); the entry package costs $1.80 per month (for a 3-year contract, upto 70% off) for 1 CPU Core @2.60 GHz, 2GB of RAM, 20GB space, and 4TB data bandwidth. Each plan comes with optional backups, IPv4, IPv6, 24/7 customer support, and easy scalability on the go. We recommend choosing an at least an annual subscription as it saves you up to 50% compared to monthly subscriptions. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so pick Hostens without any fear of losing your money,

5. BlueHost - Best VPS Hosting for WordPress/Apps


Bluehost is one of the favorite places for beginners to set up a website effortlessly. So if you are going to start a WordPress website, Bluehost Shared hosting is a cost-effective solution that offers limitless resources as well as various freebies.

You'll get a free domain and free SSL certificate with each plan they offer. Because of stable performance and sustainable uptime, the company managed to gain the trust of thousands of customers and currently managing over 2 million customers. One of the reasons of BlueHost is the recommendation of official WordPress team. For more scalable hosting and control, Bluehost VM hosting is the way to go for.

You can launch a VPS server as low as $19.99/month. It contains 2 cores CPU, 2GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth, 20GB storage and 1IP address. To make sure fast speed services, BlueHost is utilizing SSD servers instead of mechanical spinning drives. With each of their VPS plans, you will get a free domain for 1st year.

SSL is essential to make sure secure customer information flow (credit card details and Phone number, etc.) between user and server. SSL also take part in google search engine ranking factors. Fortunately, Bluehost VPS hosting comes with free SSL certificate.

Thanks to Bluehost KVM hypervisor that provides guaranteed resources you paid for. If you ever use cPanel web hosting, then it takes no time to you to get familiar with VPS hosting. Bluehost VPS plans include cPanel that empower you to manage things quickly.

Another best thing about BlueHost is that they allow you to add more VPS, shared or dedicated server and everything from just a single control panel. Furthermore, if you are working in a team, Bluehost enables you to provide access to members for specific aspects.

Bluehost offers free and paid backup services. During the checkout process, you can check for CodeGuard service ($2.99/mo) that includes 1-click restoration. On the other hand, you can also configure daily, weekly, and monthly backups for free. However, for restoring a free backup, you first need to download the zip file and then upload. BlueHost offer 24/7 live chat, phone, and ticketing system.

There are also lots of support resources in the knowledgebase. Overall, it’s a nice host to run virtual machines on a trusted hosting platform. Though sometimes their live chat support responds unexpectedly slow. As a whole, it’s a worthy host to utilize that offer 30-days refund policy.

6. InMotionHosting Cloud VPS - Best for High-End VPS Servers

InMotionHosting Cloud VPS SSD

Although InMotion is not a cheap VPS provider but with its performance, it beat most of the companies. The company holds a scalable product line that includes shared, managed wordpress, VPS, and dedicated web hosting.

For starters, InMotion shared hosting plans come with affordable tag (get an exclusive discount from us here) and allow you to host 2 domains on their least plan. The most distinguished aspect of Inmotion is their money-back guarantee. They offer unmatched 90 days refund policy. Yes, you will get 90 days to test their services and make your mind whether to continue or not.

Talking about VPS hosting, Inmotion offers both managed and unmanaged plans to set up virtual machines. If you think shared hosting is not enough for your growing website, then a perfect place to migrate is their managed VPS plans, which comes with an optimized configuration for WordPress. InMotion unmanaged VPS plans are backed by cloud technologies and offer greater flexibility to IT pros.

The very least rich resources plan ($21.04/mo) offer you 4GB RAM, 75GB storage, 4TB bandwidth, and 3IP addresses. During the checkout process, you can choose between 3 Linux distributions – Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. Inmotion adopt a unique approach (unlocked CPU cores) for CPU power. So the system automatically allocates the power according to your needs – for a heavy project, there might be multiple cores.

As speed is one of the major concern while picking up a web host, so InMotion takes well care of that by including free SSDs.  Furthermore, you can choose between the US East Coast and West Coast datacenter. Inmotion ensure maximum availability of services by utilizing their 3x duplication mechanism.

So if something goes wrong with your node, their system will switch to a backup. In unmanaged services by providing the root access and an open environment web hosting the company enable you to make use of any software or tools that you want to.

The web host provides you full freedom with SSH access to utilized language libraries and packages. There is no cPanel included with unmanaged VM hosting; however, there is a minimalist interface dashboard that provides you critical metrics. You can monitor usage, average load, and traffic spikes.

If there is any problem while hosting on Inmotion servers, you can ask for help via live chat, ticket, and phone. They also maintain a Skype and extensive knowledgebase. The major downside of InMotion that there are only 3 Linux distributions. So if it won’t bother you InMotion is a great VM host to utilize fast services, rich resource plans, and VPS snapshots.

7. TMDHosting


Whether you need a shared hosting package for a small web site or a heavy-duty solution like VPS and dedicated servers, TMD has a name of affordable hosting. TMD provides the most cost-effective VM hosting plans, which comes with abundant resources.  Their managed services where an in-house team will take care of optimizations for speed, security, and updates, etc. it is the best solution for setting up websites.

The best part is that all of their VPS plans included with cPanel. It is the most intuitive dashboard that automates complex tasks and offered by most of the providers. So if you are currently using cPanel hosting then migrating on TMDhosting won’t be a problem for you.

TMDhosting well take care of factors for ensuring speed, security, and maximum availability of services. First of all, they are using blazing fast SSD, which are 20 times faster than spinning drives. Secondly, the provision of an isolated private network enables faster connectivity and dedicated data channel.

Next foremost factor for nimbler loading times the availability of data center nearest to your targeted location. The company has 7 datacenters in USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia regions.

TMDhosting cloud based VPS takes premium security measures that comprise web based firewalls, continous monitoring, daily updates. As an extra security layer, there is also free daily and on-demand backups.

The VPS plans can set up as low as $19.97/month. It covers 40GB SSD storage, 2GB RAM, 2 Core CPU, and 3TB bandwidth. You can avail up to 12GB of RAM and 6 Core CPU on VPS packages. Because of the cPanel and Softaculous, you can install tons of applications with a 1-click installer.

While operating online, you may also keep in mind the probability of problematic situations. So having a good customer support team is essential to look at while selecting a hosting company. Luckily TMDhosting holds one of the best support team in the industry.

There are multiple channels such as Phone, Live chat, and tickets for helping customers. We always found Live chat quick to respond whenever we contact them. However, it’s mainly for information so for advanced issues they may ask you to open a ticket which is a quick option too.

There is a 30-day-money-back period in which if you are not happy simply open live chat and ask for a refund. So if you are searching open environment hosting for developing needs, sadly it is not the host for you. However, a host with 99.99% uptime guarantee, cPanel control panel, multiple datacenters, affordable pricing, and a free domain name left no reason to ignore it.

8. DreamHost - Best SSD VM Hosting


DreamHost is a well experienced and a secured web host, which is serving its customers since 1997. Besides different types of web hosting, DreamHost also acts as a domain registrar. To set up a website on shared hosting DreamHost is a considerable choice. They offer stable shared hosting plans, which include a free domain, free SSL, SSD storage, and unlimited traffic.

The most noteworthy part on shared hosting plans that you will get 97-days money-back guarantee which is more than the period offered by any company in the industry. So you can do in-depth testing as there are plenty of days to ask for a refund if it’s not the right host for you.

DreamHost VM hosting offer consistent performance where each individual get allocated set of resources, and so enable smooth and faster loading time. They offer managed VPS, which is backed by their expert team that takes care of updates for security, operating system, and more.

The most basic plan cost $10/month, which allow you to host unlimited domains, unlimited MySQL databases, 30GB storage, and 1GB RAM. You can create an unlimited number of official email accounts – email @ your domain. Unlike most of the web hosts, they offer unlimited traffic, so you don’t have to worry about traffic spikes and averages fees.

All of their plans are included with SSD which are incredibly fast than the standard spinning drives. Further, to encrypt information between website and traffic DreamHost offer free SSL certificate by let’s encrypt.

Like any good web hosting company, DreamHost grows with your website. The company offers the scalable option so you can start with required resources, for instance, 1GB RAM and then easily scale up from your control panel. For advanced and experienced users, there are also tons of features to utilize.

You can make use of PHP7, Perl, Python, IPv4/IPv6 addresses, SSD access, OPcache, and more. When it comes to the selection of a web server, you will be provided to choose between Apache or Nginx web server.

Another good option from the security point of view, DreamHost VPS permit you to password protect your website directories. This allows access “member only”, and so keep secure confidential data. On the side of support services, DreamHost ticketing system is the major channel to assist their customers. Their live chat remains available Monday - Friday, 8-4PM PT. And for Call, you have to submit them a request.

For self-help, you can search solutions in the broad knowledgebase. Overall DreamHost is a good VM hosting provider that offer 100% uptime guarantee, however, due to managed environment they do not offer root access (for root access go for their cloud services), so it’s the best host for setting up websites.

9. LiquidWeb


LiquidWeb dips its toes into almost every type of hosting services to manage individual to enterprise hosting needs. No doubt LiquidWeb is one of the most stable but in the meantime an expensive web host. LiquidWeb is a giant company that houses solutions like shared, cloud, private cloud, VPS dedicated, cloud dedicated, and many other hosting related services. With amazing 99.99% uptime and lightning fast services, it is the best VM hosting if money is not a problem for you.

LiquidWeb offer VPS hosting packages in different management levels. Management level is determined by which operating system you choose; for instance, there are different CentOS templates with tags like fully managed, self-managed, and core managed.

In self-managed services, the company will take care of all the hardware and network infrastructure optimizations. However, you are responsible for almost everything like OS updates, security enhancement measures, support, webserver management, and other basic to advanced aspects. So it is an ideal option for tech-savvy but not for inexperienced customers.

Liquidweb offers both Linux and Windows based VPS services. The managed VPS plans start from $29/month, which include plentiful resources such as 2GB RAM, 2vCPU, 40GB SSD storage. You can choose between cPanel or Plesk Onyx control panel. Each server comprises ServerSecure™ that ensure enhanced security by keeping data secure and blocking unwanted access.

For an additional layer of protection, you can add backup add-on during the checkout process. Liquidweb maintained 4-datacenters zones to choose between low latency services. To further boost speed and security, each account integrated with CloudFlare CDN – no additional fees.

LiquidWeb called their support department as “heroic support.” And undoubtedly, the company has the best customer support department that makes them highlighted in the crowded industry. The customer can contact them via live chat and phone. They also operate a ticketing system if you need help via email. In case of any problem, you have to contact them like using live chat, and their agent appears like a hero (under a min response time).

The biggest downside of Liquidweb is pricing. So anyone looking for pocket-friendly VM host, it may be worth looking at web hosts like Kamatera and Vultr, etc. Besides this, Liquidweb is a solid web host build on cutting edge technologies, efficient to provide 99.99% uptime, heroic support services, and perfect scalable options.

10. FastComet


With its expeditious customer support team and state of the art technologies, this company is an excellent option to go for whether you need hosting for small or a business website. FastComet is another expensive web host that provides you a complete VPS solution to run a website flawlessly.

Fastcomet offers 8 datacenters choices located in Asia, Europe, and America regions. Furthermore, whether it’s the media files or databases everything stored on cloud based SSD servers that boost up the speed significantly compared to non-SSD providers.

FastComet plans start with a hefty price tag of $59.95/month. However, this plan encompasses everything so no additional costs. It includes 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD web space, 2.50GHz processor, and 2TB bandwidth. There is no limit on how many websites you can host on a single VPS account.

The thing that enables you to take advantage of FastComet VPS is the inclusion of cPanel. It is the most simplified control panel that allows you to manage all aspects enormously easy associated with the server. FastComet also offers Softaculous app installer where you can install more than 450 apps through a simple one-click installer.

FastComet takes various steps to maintain peace of mind security. A network and web application firewall protect each account. Their continuous monitoring system is intelligent enough to exploit and protect your account from malware. They also provide protection from DDoS hacking attacks which is an automatic system to guess your password.

Each of their plans comes with free daily and weekly backups that are stored on the same server. However, you can also add off-site backups which stored on a different server. Other hosting features include Nginx/Apache web server, SSH access, Perl and Python support, etc.

FastComet offer customer support on which you can undoubtedly rely at the time of any issue. Live chat and email support channels remain available 24/7 throughout the year. So no matter whenever the problem arises, you can quickly approach them, which is a good thing for newbies. Fastcomet is a well secured and fast VM hosting provider however if that’s not enough for you they offer some extras like Fastguard and Rocketbooster.

Currently, FastComet VPS billed on monthly or 3-period. That is why they offer very limited 7-days money-back guarantee. All in all, FastComet offer secure and reliable services but with a sky-high price tag. There are other considerable options available with a low price tag unless you need an all-in-one solution for a website that comes with premium support and cPanel.

11. GreenGeeks


Last but not least, here is GreenGeeks which covers a broad portfolio of web hosting services that comprise shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting. If you need green VM hosting, then GreenGeeks is the best choice.

All of their hosting products powered by renewable energy, thus playing their role in reducing carbon while doing business. So hosting on GreenGeeks, you will get the satisfaction that your website leaves no carbon footprints.

Besides eco-friendly hosting, GreenGeeks also focus on providing consistent services that more than 400K customers trusted on their platform.

Under the hood, GreenGeeks VM servers backed by Intel E5 processors, fastest network connectivity and SSD storage. The array of RAID-10 storage provides reliability and better security. GreenGeeks VPS offers unmanaged virtual machines and full root access.

You are responsible for all server management, updates, and patches. There is no cPanel, so for managing VPS aspects, the account comes with VPS management portal where you can manage DNS, start, restart, and stop sever. Furthermore, you are allowed to install the operating system of your choice.

After verifying the order, the company takes around 60 seconds to make your account ready. GreenGeek's virtual plans start from $5/month. It comprises 1GB RAM, 25GB storage, 1-core CPU, and 1TB bandwidth. So far they offer only 1-datacenter (United States) for VPS plans.

For scalability you can stay on VPS plans up to 16GB RAM, 200 GB storage, 8TB bandwidth, and 6 cores CPU. That means you have plenty of rooms to grow your project. In addition, the company offers bare metal solutions to meet customer requirements when it goes beyond the capacities of virtual private servers.

GreenGeeks hold an active 24/7 customer support department that you can access via live chat, phone, and emails. However keep in mind, as the VPS services are unmanaged, so don’t expect much from the customer support department.

The company is responsible for keeping everything smooth from their side, and if you mess up something, you are on your own. So GreenGeeks is a potential web host if you are looking for VM solutions for developing purposes. For serious site owners, we recommend a managed VPS hosting, which is the best choice as scalability.


So here is the list of reliable and trusted web host that we carefully pick out from the overcrowded market. Out of these which one you should go for?

Coming up to your needs, if you are a developer, then you may need an open and flexible kind of VM hosting that allows you to utilize almost every software and language that you want to.

Web hosts like Kamatera and A2Hosting are incredible for application development. Both are affordable VM web hosts, provides dedicated resources, and offer affordable pricing structure.

For serious site owners, a managed VM host will prove a peace of mind service for them. The managed services facilitate you to focus on your site while all the background processes like security and operating updates handle by the company experts.

Furthermore, they provide you full support in case of any issue. BlueHost and InMotion Hosting are good choices for managed VM server plans. And if money is not a problem for you, then LiquidWeb is a viable option too.

So which is your best VM hosting provider? Post a comment below and share your experience with others.

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