Top 10 Cheapest VPS Providers 2024: Best Cheap VPS Servers Hosting

If you are searching a hosting solution that can offer you better control, more privacy, guaranteed resources, and better performance, VPS servers are the best way to go. And fortunately, now these are cost-effective because pricing enormously goes down because of competition. So now you can avail a reliable as well cheapest VPS server hosting easily.

Primarily companies offer two types of VPS services which are managed and unmanaged. Normally unmanaged are the cheapest virtual private server plans where you will you will be provided with flexibility to install software of your choice and full root access where you can even reboot or shutdown the instance. Where these unmanaged plans offer you several benefits, these also require a person to have some experience in hosting management.

While in case of managed VPS hosting plans, because the company’s experienced team handles most of the technical aspects so managed plans are usually priced higher compared to the unmanaged packages. Mostly you will get an included cPanel with managed plans that let you handle the hosting features extremely easily.

So things get simpler if you are an experienced developer and familiar with command-line work, unmanaged servers are cost-effective and flexible. If you are not experienced, seeking a robust performance and want to focus on your project not on maintaining technical aspects then the managed option is the most appropriate way.

So here we pop-out the some cheap VPS server providers who are not only well-reputed and reliable but also offer plans at surprisingly low prices with a complete toolkit to host your projects.

10 Cheapest VPS Server Hosting Services : Best Cheap VPS Servers

A2Hosting – Cheap SSD VPS Hosting

Started back in 2001, after the successful launch of shared hosting the company introduced their virtual private servers packages in December 2007. A2Hosting crafts a variety of technologies, including Turbo server, A2Accelerator, HTTP/2, etc. so that you don’t have to worry about speed and uptime problems.

Whether you want a basic type of hosting like shared or more powerful infrastructure like VPS, A2Hosting designed their services to be friendly for developers by including tools like Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and for bloggers by adding tools like cPanel.

The most notable part of A2Hosting is that they tailored their VPS plans by keeping in mind the variety of needs of customers. Mainly VPS services are classified into three categories unmanaged, managed, and core VPS. The unmanaged plans offer you low cost solutions with a starting price of just $5/mo where you will be provided with 20GB storage and a spacious 2TB data transfer.

Furthermore, your site/app will be powered by 1 Core CPU and 512MB RAM. The cheapest unmanaged VPS allows you to design a custom plan with the required resources. Here note that solid state drives are optional whereas all other plans include it freely with a free SSL certificate.

The unmanaged account also allows you to run software of your choice which may not support by managed VPS. You can anytime load or reload from a variety of Linux OS such as Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS, etc.

If we talk about the managed account, you won’t get as much flexibility as on unmanaged because of the restriction on server root access. But, managed instance provides you full peace of mind environment with expert technical support.

But if you need both features root access as well as managed environment then “Core VPS” with the availability of up to 150GB SSD storage, 4TB data transfer, and 8 cores. If you want to launch a Windows server you can do so on their managed and Core VPS packages.

You can control latency up to some level by choosing a server near the possible audience. A2Hosting has data centers in Michigan, Arizona, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

Support services are available 24/7 on live chat, phone, and email but keep in mind if you go with unmanaged VPS they will provide a basic level of support for the flaws on their side. In a nutshell, A2Hosting provides stable performance with perpetual security measures on different types of virtual servers from low cost to high price tags.

BlueHost – Overall Best Cheap Virtual Private Server with cPanel

BlueHost is widely known as the cost-effective hosting among starter bloggers and marketers to launch a blog. The Company operating since 2003 and is a part of the large business group EIG. BlueHost is common because they provide pretty much stable services while offering bigger discounts.

Where they provide reliable services on shared web hosting, they also offer powerful hosting on their VPS servers. With an easy to launch VPS plan facility, you can also enjoy the instant scaling for adding more resources promptly at the time of need.

They ensure extreme performance and the provision of allocated resources by using technologies like KVM and OpenStack to keep every account holder separate from others and so you will get guaranteed resources.

Although unlike A2Hosting you won’t get a variety of VPS solutions, the company offers just managed VPS server but still manage to provide different OS options. Because of managed capability, their team will take care of security patches and other technical aspects of the virtual instance.

Each virtual private server comes with an enhanced cPanel for ultimate control to operate the server, especially to newcomers as it includes a 1-click installer and several WordPress tools built by BlueHost developers.

If you’ve used their shared hosting in the past, then BlueHost VPS won’t be a problem for you. The multi-server management is also one of the worthy things to talk about. It allows you to manage other hosting accounts like VPS, shared, etc. from just one place.

BlueHost is an affordable managed VPS host to avail fully-featured controlled environment. The basic plan holds 2 Cores, 30GB SSD storage, 2GB RAM, and 1TB data transfer at just $19.99/mo. Furthermore, you will get a domain name as a freebie.

The company has a 30-day money-back guarantee in place on annual subscriptions. When it comes to supporting services, you get 24/7 live chat, ticketing, and phone support. But for technical support, you need to submit a ticket because other channels are mainly maintained for sale queries.

1and1 – Cheapest Windows VPS Hosting

1and1 is another VPS provider that offers flexible, easy-to-use, and secure services. You may hear about them if you ever searched for cheap domain registrars because 1and1 is a large domain registrar that manages over 19M domains.

You can register a domain with them at the amazingly lowest introductory pricing ($0.99/1st year). Besides that, the company is a pool of digital services such as heavy-duty dedicated servers and bare metals, shared and cloud hosting, a variety of email marketing tools, and web security services.

1and1 is a pretty large firm that has its infrastructure in about 10 different countries including the UK, USA, and Spain, etc. All of the VPS plans grant you administrative access to the server so you can control the OS, software, and other crucial rights.

The servers are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies like VMware virtualization that assure the high performance and resources allocated to your site. Furthermore, the powerful Intel Xeon processors guarantee 99.99% uptime.

They offer the industry’s lowest introductory prices that start from just $4.99/month. It includes 1 Core CPU, 1GB RAM, and 50GB SSD webspace. Don’t need to worry about traffic limitations as you can make unlimited use of it regardless of the plan you select.

Currently, they are offering a CloudXL plan at just $1/month for 6 months with resources of 4GB RAM, 2 vCores, and 120GB SSD storage. Isn’t it an excellent opportunity to taste their services? Of course, yes.

Like other VPS providers, you are free to lunch Linux VPS while for Windows you have to pay an additional $10 for OS. You can choose the server location from the US, Germany, and Spain. Moreover, every plan includes a free SSL certificate which is considered an essential part of every website.

For technical diagnosing, you have to contact via emails, live chat (8 AM to 8 PM EST), and phone calls just for sale queries. So 1&1 presents the opportunity to use powerful hosting without investing much especially for short-term projects.

DreamHost – Affordable “WordPress” VPS Hosting on Clouds

Dreamhost is one of the proficient companies in the hosting industry that is serving its customers since 1997. Besides different types of web solutions (shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated), you can get a domain at just $9.95/year and a lower renewal rate ($13.95/year) compared to the giant domain registrar like GoDaddy.

DreamHost is a very stable web host with a top-notch performance even if you use their shared hosting. They provide a 100% uptime guarantee and you can host unlimited websites on their shared unlimited plan. Moreover, it also includes a free domain, SSL certificate, and domain privacy.

Recently the company also introduce their more economical services ($2.59/mo) though it is pretty limited where you can host 1 website and no domain and email hosting. On annual plans, you will get a prolonged 97-days refund policy.

For more power, DreamHost offer managed VPS hosting plans. There is an availability of a 1~8 GB RAM package. The prices are starting at $13.75/mo that holds 1GB RAM and 30GB SSD hosting space. The VPS account support a 100% uptime guarantee and effortless scalability of RAM and storage.

Moreover, the DreamHost VPS server offers unlimited bandwidth, MySQL database, and email hosting. Unlike shared hosting where most companies specify the number of websites, you can host, on DreamHost VPS you can host unlimited domains.

Each virtual private server offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL. DreamHost VPS allows you to access advanced features like Apache, Node.js, SSH access, OPcache, PHP, Perl, and Python. Additionally, they provide a free in-house built control panel for all VPS plans that is different from cPanel but comes with some common features like one-click application installer.

If you are facing difficulty you can ask for help on live chat from 5:30 am – 9:30 pm PST while email assistance is 24/7. Generally speaking, there is no doubt about DreamHost’s performance so you can surely rely on their shared or cheap VPS servers.

OVH – Cheapest VPS Server Hosting for Linux and Windows

OVH is a giant name in web hosting offering web solutions for almost all range of customers like individuals, businesses, webmasters, and large-scale enterprises. They have a broad range of products to fulfill different users’ needs and project resources.

Currently, serving cloud VPS, SSD VPS, Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud, Dedicated Servers, and email hosting solutions, etc. That extensive coverage of services makes it a one-stop-shop to avail complete web tools kit for flawless performance.

Their offering for virtual private servers is insanely cheaper which costs under $4 a month with OpenStack KVM virtualization, 1 vCore 2.4 GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, RAID storage array, and 20GB SSD volume. That’s an incredible price and the most economical plan you can avail.

Furthermore, there are a number of data centers located across the globe to deliver faster cheapest VPS hosting. The coverage areas include London, Poland, Frankfurt, Beauharnois, Strasbourg, and Gravelines.

OVH has the lastest breed of hardware and latest technological measures to ensure 99.95% SLA, thanks to high speed network connectivity and KVM kernel. All accounts packed with root access, RESTful API, and full development environment.

With that kind of control, one can deploy Java, Docker, Ruby on Rails, Python, LAMP, etc. to enjoy fully featured development environments. There are also different stacks to choose from alongside content management system choices to create a website in a few clicks on WordPress.

Advanced users can manage their VPS hosting servers with the command line and SSH, however, beginners might find it difficult. So, they can install cPanel or Plesk control panel to make things easier compared to the command line. But, these panels cost a bit extra money depending on the license you desired to use. When your project outgrows, adding additional disk storage will cost a few couples of dollars per month.

Like other VPS hosts, they also charge a small amount for snapshot feature to create manual backups. In a nutshell, users having a tight budget must choose OVH for the best money-value plan packed with SSD space, reliable uptime, high performance, and ultra scalability.

Vultr – Cheapest Cloud VPS Servers

Just like the other web VPS hosts mentioned before Vultr also provides a fully featured development environment with specified resources. But the plans offered by Vultr also powered by cloud capabilities. Usually, traditional VPS consists of one server shared with multiple users.

While in cloud infrastructure, multiple servers are connected to each other and act as a single machine. So this mechanism allows the company to minimize downtimes and avoid latency too. Vultr has a big name in affordable cloud hosting that has a significant market share with over 100K customers and 16M+ instances deployed on their platform.

The most noteworthy thing about Vultr is the extensive number of data centers. There are almost 15 low latency data centers located globally. Whether you want to host on Seattle or a Sydney server, the data centers are located in a way that you can easily found the one nearest your targeted audience.

Besides multiple locations, all instances are backed by the latest Intel Core processors to make sure lightning-fast performance and ultimate uptime.

You are free to use any operating systems of your choice; however, there are plenty of applications integrated into the control panel which you can deploy by few clicks like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and GitLab, etc.

You will be provided with full root access of the server, deploying custom ISO, or choose from the default one. Furthermore, they allocate a dedicated IP address to each account.

Vultr plans start at just $2.50/mo with 1 Core CPU, 512 MB RAM, and 20GB SSD storage. The plans are highly scalable so you can upgrade the resources anytime. The company also offers enterprise-level solutions such as  Bare Metal and dedicated servers on cloud architecture.

Vultr implements a slightly different billing structure compared to the other providers mentioned above. They allow you to select between hourly or monthly billing for hosting. So there is no money-back guarantee because of no longer-term contract and you can cancel anytime.

The major thing that bothers us is the slow response time of customer support services which are mainly provided through the ticketing system. No doubt, Vultr is the cheapest cloud VPS with trustable quality if support is not a problem or if you have a bit expertise regarding technical issues.

DigitalOcean – Cheapest Linux VPS with SSD Storage

When you are searching for a robust hosting solution compared to shared, DigitalOcean is a significant name that provides a total segregated environment where you can play freely.

Just like Vultr, DO is a specialized cloud provider where the resources are not shared with other accounts on the same server. The company is so popular that more than 1 million developers are making use of their vigorous infrastructure.

DigitalOcean has 8 data centers across the world for the lowest response time and improved ping speed. The new account will be hand over to you within no time as you are required to enter just a few details, select a data center and choosing a plan, etc.

You will get a simple control panel with various pre-built apps like open source applications including Magento, WordPress, Node.js, GitLab, Docker, and many more. Also creating backups is so easy which is priced around 20% of the droplet cost and creates automatic backups of your instance.

Digital Ocean droplets start from $5/mo or $0.007/hr. packed with 25GB SSD space, 1GB RAM, 1TB data transfer, and 1 Core CPU. Here note that if you are going to use WordPress then the recommended plan is one having 1GB RAM.

If you are running out of storage, you can do so by adding block storage at really low prices $0.10/GB. The Company also makes sure to maintain a well physical as well as infrastructure security. 24/7 guards, CCTV and backup generators while infrastructure protected by multiple in-depth security layers, multi-factor authentication, and pro-active monitoring, etc.

DigitalOcean offers a useful team management tool that makes collaboration easy for you by managing multiple users without sharing credentials. When your site grows up, DigitalOcean has solutions coming with 192GB RAM and 32 Core CPUs.

Moreover, soon they are going to introduce Kubernetes which is a more powerful solution for businesses. Also, heavy traffic can be managed by enabling the load balancers to route traffic through various instances to keep your website up and running.

They mainly offer support services via the ticketing system that is slow. However, you can browse an extensive knowledge base for self-help guides.

CloudWays – Cheapest Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud hosting taking not only place of traditional shared hosting but also VPS as well as dedicated servers due to instant provisioning and out of the box scalability feature with pay-as-you-go billing structure instead of paying a fixed amount. That said, you only pay for resources your application use which results in a significant cut on price hence save a lot of money.

CloudWays is one of the top-notch managed cloud hosting providers built with advanced technologies and super-fast hardware to ensure blazingly fast loading speed across the world, thanks to substantial worldwide data center coverage.

They are utilizing third-party companies servers including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode, etc. and optimized them for ultimate performance. Where using AWS is quite a hassle, CloudWays has enhanced the user experience by offering easy to use and user-friendly control panel which allows 3rd party add-ons integration like a charm.

It takes only a few minutes to integrate with Gmail STMP, DNS Made Easy, App migration, and RackSpace email hosting. You can set up a cheapest VPS server with 1GB Ram, 1 CPU Core, 25GB SSD space, and 1TB bandwidth at affordable rates on DigitalOcean, however, price varies from host to host.

Each VPS packed with countless features such as multiple databases, 60+ data center locations, 1-click apps, PHP version selection, CloudWays bot, free SSL certificates, 1-click cloning, auto-healing functionality, and dedicated firewall are a few names. You can monitor for 15+ metrics and instant system alerts to keep an eye regarding server issues and account activities.

Though the host offer built-in cache mechanism but you can also make use of CDN which further enhances performance. For developers and webmasters, Staging functionality also included for testing new changes before implementing on the live website.

One can easily access their VPS hosting server via SSH and SFTP to maintain it securely which is knows as the safest way to handle files. When it comes to security, the entire infrastructure protected with advanced managed measures to ensure foolproof protection against malware, DDoS, hackers, and vulnerabilities. Whenever you need assistance, the 24/7 available technical staff can be reached through chat, call, and ticket system.

However, there is also an extensive knowledge base filled with hundreds of tutorials. Plus, webmasters can head over to the community section for exploring new things. CloudWays offer much more one can imagine, so you won’t regret if choose them to enjoy peace of mind VPS hosting.

Amazon LightSail

Amazon Web Services is a complex cloud infrastructure which is not easy to use for all; it requires advanced technical skills and expertise. This is where LightSail comes in the game which simple yet powerful solution to launch your cloud instance in a matter of moments.

The best part is to compete with the competitors, they significantly decreased the prices of the plans near to half compared to the old ones. Now you can deploy the cheapest VPS server at insanely lower fees with friendly management panel.

There are 13 global data center locations with up to 38 zones available, making it possible to host your applications or websites near your target audience. Data centers play a vital role in decreasing latency and thus delivering lightning-fast data rendering.

All accounts permit SSH terminal access for Linux/Unix, static IP address, DNS management, API access, SSD block storage, and AWS services integration. It’s dead simple to configure AWS add-ons including CDN, databases, Amazon VPC, EC2, DynamoDB, Aurora, and Load Balancer.

LightSail has a robust load balancing technology using which you can route traffic through multiple instances to maintain performance and speed. Taking backups of your data is essential when working online and it’s always a wise step to take regular copies of your apps.

You can do it just at $0.05 per GB to create clone copies or snapshots. However, snapshots help to migrate server content from one to another with minimal hassle. Keep in mind, you can seamlessly scale each virtual machine within a few minutes without impacting the performance.

Launching Windows-based RDP also included to allow remote access alongside monitoring tools to keep your applications running and up 24/7. The plans prices vary according to the Linux and Windows operating system but are the cheapest ones than the entire industry. Webmasters and Developers can choose from a variety of OS selections, Stacks, and CMS options.

All virtual machines are compatible with Ubuntu, Linux, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenSUSE, and Windows servers. Bloggers can install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc., as well as business owners, can make use of Magento to launch an eCommerce store. For more insights, it would be wise to take benefits from their “One Month Free” offer.


When seeking the cheap VPS hosts, you may surely come to a name called Linode cloud. The company focused on providing the cloud VPS services empowered by ultimate performance speed. They have more than 400k customers in around 131 countries. Linode ensures maximum availability (99.9% uptime guarantee) as well as fast web hosting by utilizing the SSDs, Intel E5 processors, and 40Gbps network.

The hose has located its data centers in 3 regions (Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe). From these regions, one can pick from 9 data centers according to the preferred location. Linode offers a feature-rich dashboard from where you can easily launch the server, manage DNS, and enable load balancers.

Moreover, it also provides system usage insights so you can keep an eye on the resources and can avoid any shortcomings because of resource shortage. Developers can install any required distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, etc. and different versions.

Besides, you get plenty of useful additional features like server cloning so you can deploy a server instantly in future, rescue mode to recover your project from uninvited errors and easy backup system. You can install the CLI to work through command lines safely too.

Linode pre-made plans are divided into “Standard” and “High Memory”. The prices start at $5/mo which is really cheap and affordable for launching a cloud VPS. Basic plans come with 1GB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 1TB data transfer, and 25 SSD storage.

Linode also offers managed server where an in-house expert team will maintain the infrastructure so that you can focus on your project. Also managed customers will get a free cPanel which is famous because of its ease of use. Plus there is free backups and free site migration.

Linode does not offer in-house support chat although there is a community chat where you can share your problem with other users. For company experts solutions you can submit support tickets.

Conclusion – Which is the “Cheapest VPS” Hosting Provider

When finding low-cost VPS hosting, you may come to various names. The above-mentioned companies are well-known and significantly reliable.

For Cheapest VPS server, A2Hosting provides trustable services by delivering the best value for your money. You can launch the unmanaged VPS in just $5/mo where you have the administrative rights of the server. They do have other options like managed and core VPS and for more power, there is also the availability of dedicated servers.

For Cloud VPS we recommend Vultr which is quite famous for its consistent high-performance servers. Their Cheapest cloud VPS plans start at just $2.50/mo with enough resources to deploy a development environment. The plans are scalable with merely a few clicks and have plenty of rooms you might need in the future.

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