Best cPanel Hosting Providers 2024 [We Recommend #2]

If you are searching for the best reliable cPanel hosting provider, you are not alone. cPanel is the most intuitive and powerful control panel in the market.

The beauty of this tool is that it turns complex tasks into a simplified process that even a beginner who is going to experience a web hosting control panel for the first time can easily understand.

Whether managing emails or domains or accessing file manager, everything is obvious and straightforward. This control panel automates almost every aspect of your website so that you spend little time on managing features while more focus on website content.

So, web hosting with budget-friendly packages and cPanel sounds like a perfect deal for setting up professional projects.

There are lots of companies out there offering hosting services along with cPanel, which can make the process tedious, especially for beginners. We assume here that you are going to start a new website, so shared hosting is the perfect solution for you.

Shared hosting is by far the cheapest cPanel hosting to start where each server is shared among various users so that it is low in pricing. However, don’t worry about reliability, as shared hosting is pretty stable to handle new to medium-traffic websites.

That’s enough talk now let’s review the budget-friendly yet reliable cPanel hosting companies.

10 Best cPanel Hosting Services 2024

1. BlueHost – Overall Top-Rated cPanel Host

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosts and is an essential mention when it comes to affordable web hosting services. It is also at top of the list out of the three companies recommended by

Bluehost has been serving customers since 2003 and stands among the largest hosting providers. More than 2 Million websites powered by their servers which are backed by experienced customer support and fully featured plan.

Bluehost offers tons of different products to meet the needs of different types of customers. Whether you need hosting for building up a blog or an eCommerce website or a resourceful VPS, Bluehost caters to almost everything. As in this article, we are talking about friendly budget cPanel hosting, so our focus will be on their shared hosting.

Bluehost cPanel shared hosting plans come in three different specifications, regardless of the plan you choose you will get unmetered bandwidth. That said, your website will be able to handle an enormous amount of visitors each month without facing any problem.

Furthermore, except for the basic plan, you will also get unlimited storage. Recently the company has introduced SSD storage (charging you no additional cost) and compared to traditional spinning drives, SSD’s are the fastest in data reading and writing.

The integration of cPanel enables you to take benefit of automation when it comes to website features and emails. Moreover, their enhanced cPanel comes with some WordPress tools that allow WordPress users to access different tools quickly. Their shared cPanel hosting provides you full control over features like email forwarding, autoresponders, and mailing lists.

Bluehost basic plan comes with 50GB SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth. As per our experience, 50GB is more than enough for most websites.

Unlike other hosting providers, Bluehost has introduced resource protection technology. That means if your website is eating more resources that can affect the other websites or your website being affected by other sites. BlueHost will transfer that heavy resource consuming website on the isolated server temporarily. This way they are making sure you won’t lose your valuable customers so that sales.

Bluehost doing an amazing job to low-cost hosting seekers by including freebies along with their plan. On buying an annual plan you will get a free domain name and free SSL certificate. If you ever step into a problem don’t worry their support team is accessible 24/7 via live chat, phone, and tickets.

Although Bluehost is pretty feature-rich but there is also some downside such as where most web hosts offer free site migration, Bluehost charge you a handsome amount for this. Overall, Bluehost is a considerable web host and you can rely on them for starting up your professional projects.

2. InMotionHosting – Best SSD cPanel Hosting

The next in our list of top cPanel hosting providers is InMotionHosting. Founded in 2001, InMotion holds various reasons to be termed as a reliable hosting provider for setting up professional projects. The company offers a variety of services including shared cPanel hosting, VPS, managed WordPress and dedicated servers.

Their unique selling point that attracts the beginners for building up small websites that you can host 2 domain on their most basic plan. Each of their hosting plans comes with unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Furthermore, you are allowed to create the unlimited number of custom email accounts which ends including your domain name.

InMotion plans come with a nice looking fully featured cPanel that houses tons of features and tools to assist your website. It comprises more than 400 free applications including WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal, and Joomla.

Using the 1-click installer in cPanel you can install tons of applications with a matter of few clicks. Whether you want to access database or email forwarding or subdomains their cPanel offers you full control to manage features relevant to your website. Using Backup Wizard you can easily create a complete or partial backup of your website.

InMotionhosting welcomes you with a free domain name and SSL certificate. In order to make sure fast loading time, the company offers a choice of datacenter between US East coast and US west coast datacenters.

Besides, Inmotion hosting included with free SSD storage. Due to the increasing online security concerns each of their plans comes with SSL, Hack protection and DDoS protection without any additional cost.

For setting up an eCommerce website, InMotion makes it easy to set up shopping carts and online payment methods. Except for their least plan (Launch) you will get eCommerce ready plans.

Another worthy feature included with each of their plans is safe application roll-back. This enables you to safely roll-back to the previous version of the application if updated version misbehaving with your website.

When choosing a web host, an important factor to look at is their refund policy. The longer the money-back guarantee, the longer you can test their services before deciding whether to continue them.

InMotion is among the few companies that offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. That means you will have roughly three months to try their services.

A major downside that their most basic plan includes just 2 databases. However, as a beginner, it won’t affect you from any aspect. Inmotionhosting offers 24/7 support services. You can contact their team using live chat, phone, and tickets. Furthermore, they even offer Skype to make support services even more accessible for you.

3. GreenGeeks – Best Cheap cPanel Hosting

With a price tag of just $2.95/month, GreenGeeks is surely a budget-friendly cPanel hosting provider available out there. We really appreciate their efforts in playing their part to keep our environment clean by utilizing renewable energy. And that is why the name contains Green. For their efforts against carbon pollution, the company is recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

In the past, the company offers just a single all in one shared hosting package that contains everything. But now just like its competitors, GreenGeeks offer 3 different amazingly affordable hosting plans and cPanel for managing hosting features. The very basic lite plan allows you to host 1 domain while there is no limit on the storage space and data transfer.

The cPanel fully integrated into all of their hosting plans. The inclusion of a 1-click app installer makes it enormously easy to install applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many others. Further, whether you want to access database tables or creating email accounts you will face no restriction. With annual hosting plans, you will get free Let’s encrypt wildcard SSL and a domain name. If you have an existing website GreenGeeks will migrate it for you for free.

GreenGeeks offers pretty unlimited types of hosting plans. Along with unlimited storage and bandwidth, they also provide unlimited MySQL databases, sub & parked domains and email accounts. As speed and uptime really matter a lot regardless of what type of website you want to operate so the company hosting plans equipped with performance-friendly technologies. First of all their higher plan offer you a more optimal performance so great for traffic-intensive websites.

Next, they are providing SSD based RAID-10 storage, which is not only fast but also secure. Their servers are optimized for LiteSpeed and MariaDB to deliver blazing-fast speed. Furthermore, you can choose between Europe, United States, and Canada data centers by keeping your targeted audience in view.

Besides security, a great cPanel web hosting company must ensure a safe environment for your website. The good thing this affordable web host takes several necessary steps to maintain safe and secure web hosting services.

With robust account isolation even on shared servers, they make sure every account is secured separately. This way if a single account gets affected by malware it won’t hurt others. Moreover, they also use container-based technology, pro-active server monitoring, SPAM protection, and nightly data backups.

On the support side, like every good hosting company, GreenGeeks offers prompt support services via Live Chat, Email tickets, and Phone. You can access their support team regarding any technical issue at any time. You can ask for a refund within the first 30 days; however, we are pretty sure you won’t find any reason to do so.

4. A2Hosting – Best VPS cPanel Hosting

Here is another top cPanel hosting provider established back in 2001. We really appreciate their part in efforts against carbon pollution. Since 2007 the company 100% utilizing the green energy hence playing their social part while conducting the business.

A2hosting has a pretty good reputation because of its major focus on delivering speed and reliability. So they have included solid state storage in all of their plans without charging any additional penny. However, they also designed a speed exclusive plan which is comprised of what they called “Turbo Servers”.

The Turbo plan not just backed by SSDs but also there are fewer users on that server so your site gets more resources and runs more smoothly. A2hosting Turbo servers plan is a considerable choice for high traffic websites to get stable performance.

Like BlueHost web hosting, A2hosting also comes with cPanel. Platforms like WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, and hundreds of other applications can be installed super easily using a one-click installer. Furthermore, by logging into your cPanel, you can easily access features related to domain redirections, email forwarding, spam filtering, and more.

A2hosting’s shared hosting with cPanel plans come in 3 different packages. Their least plan offers you unlimited web space and bandwidth. You are allowed to host 1 domain on their LITE plan while the other 2 plans allow you to host an unlimited number of domains.

A factor that plays a role in delivering the fast loading time is the location of datacenter between the server where your site is hosting and your audience. This way the server takes less time to receive requests and send data.

A2hosting offers 4 different data center choices located in Michigan, Arizona, Amsterdam, and Singapore. Furthermore, their Turbo plan includes Memcached, APC/OPcache, and Turbo cache to cache the different website elements. A2hosting includes free Cloudflare CDN for all plans which enhances your website speed significantly. You can connect it with your website right from the cPanel.

When it comes to security A2hosting adopted multiple measures for secure services. They provide free HackScan protection to proactively protect your website. Furthermore, they are also maintaining a dual firewall, virus scanning, and defense against brute force protection. To protect your hosting account, A2hosting has introduced two-factor authentication which is really a secured way to login to your hosting account.

A2hosting provides a unique refund policy which they called “anytime money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with their services you can ask for a full refund within the first 30-days. However, if you ask after the first 30-days of your purchase they will issue a prorated refund based on unused services.

Unlike many other hosting providers, A2hosting does not come with the free domain name but it’s OK because their plans are already low in pricing compared to their competitors. In case you need any help you can contact their support team via online chat, phone, and tickets.

5. TMDHosting

When searching for affordable cPanel hosting, TMDhosting becomes a significant mention. Founded in 2007, the company provides an unlimited type of web hosting where you are free from any bandwidth and storage limitations. And the inclusion of fully-featured cPanel allows you to easily manage files, emails, and applications. Regardless of the plan you pick, you will get access to every feature of cPanel.

The best thing is that TMDhosting is utilizing several speed-friendly technologies so that to ensure the fastest loading time. Each of your website files and database will be stored on SSD storage. The SSD has a significant edge over spinning drives when it comes to data reading and writing.

TMDhosting maintains 8 data centers covering the region of Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Africa. This means that no matter where your targeted audience is located, TMDhosting provides you the opportunity to locate your website near them by choosing one of the closest data centers. To further boost up the speed, they also have integrated CDN right in cPanel. This CDN cache your website on the servers around the world so to ensure fast loading time.

Unlike some other hosting companies, TMDhosting puts no cap on the number of MySQL databases, email accounts, and subdomains. The company offers 3 different shared hosting packages. However, at the time of need, you can easily avail of more scalable solutions such as cloud, VPS and dedicated server. TMD provided cPanel includes Softaculous Autoinstaller, which houses tons of applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many more with just a few clicks.

As we told you before the longer the money-back guarantee the good for you because it allows you to get your money back if the company services are not performing well for you. Also, the longer refund policy period shows the company is pretty confident in their services.

When it comes to a money-back guarantee, TMDhosting stands among the generous companies. They offer 60-days to test their shared cPanel hosting plans. Here note that this policy applied only when you go for annual billing.

With more than 10 years of experience in the web hosting industry, TMD team knows the importance of security. So to ensure a secure environment, the company did regular updates and continuous server monitoring. The company also performs free daily backups and they keep each backup for a month before replacing with the new ones. Of course, you can also restore it, however, for restoration, you have to submit a request to their support team.

For supporting their customers at the time of problematic situations, TMDhosting offers expeditious live chat, tickets, and phone. Furthermore, there are also tons of helpful content in their knowledge base.

6. FastComet – Best Cloud cPanel Hosting

Fastcomet is the precise definition of quality cPanel hosting with cheap pricing tags as well as high uptime. The company established in 2013, offers SSD based hosting that is powered by the power cPanel control panel. The company is known to provide reliable web hosting in the peace of mind environment which you can avail for your professional websites without breaking the bank.

The full compatibility of cPanel unlocks you tons of features to utilize. Whether you want to manage your MySQL database or want to create custom email accounts all can be done super-duper easily. Furthermore, the advanced features such as forwarding automatic mail, managing mail responders and spam filter can be done right from the cPanel.

The most amazing thing about FastComet is that it grows with your project. That means when your project starts getting popular and you need a more resourceful hosting solution you can easily migrate to their Cloud VPS or dedicated servers. For a start, the company offers really affordable cPanel hosting plans.

There are three different shared hosting plans to choose from. However, if you are going to use WordPress they also designed hosting packages exclusively for WordPress users. If we talk about their shared hosting packages the least plan comes with 15GB SSD storage and 25,000 monthly visits.

Unlike other companies, they adopt a different approach by mentioning clear storage and monthly visits. Some customers may take it as a negative point. What we think that this way, you will know what your limits are and when to upgrade your plan.

When it comes to a secured web hosting provider, FastComet is a considerable choice. Besides network firewalls, web application firewall and malware scanning, they also provide you protection against brute force attacks.

Furthermore, server security by BitNinja and 2-F authentication ensure you a safe place to play. To add an extra layer of security, FastComet provides free backups which retained for 7 to 30 days (depends on the hosting plan). These backups are stored offsite and unlike most hosting companies you will get easy 1-click restore manager.

Knowing the importance of website loading, FastComet all plans include Cloudflare caching, cache header optimization, browser optimization, lossless data compression, AutoMinify and more.

Additionally, their highest plan includes some advanced optimizations like Memcached, Varnish, OPcache, and APC. If you want to locate near your targeted audience FastComet well covers you there. They offer 10 datacenters located in North America, Europe, Asia, and Asia-Pacific.

A good web hosting company is not good without their great customer support services. What we experienced that the FastComet support team is expeditiously available 24/7. You can ask them for help using live chat, phone, and email.

FastComet does not offer free domain however they offer domain registration at very low pricing as well as renewals. Each of their plans includes free Let’s Encrypt SSL.

7. HostGator

HostGator, a giant name that proudly stands under the roof of top-rated cPanel hosting providers. The company started its journey from a Florida dorm room in October 2002. It was started as an independent company but in 2012 it was acquired by a large business group (EIG) the same group that owned one of the largest web hosting company Bluehost.

HostGator gradually increase their product and now they offer almost every web hosting solution including Shared hosting, managed WordPress, cloud, VPS and cheap dedicated servers. HostGator cPanel web hosting packages start at very low pricing but still, the company manages to give its customers a warm welcome by providing free domain name and SSL certificate. Here note that domain name is free for the first year while SSL certificate is free for lifetime.

HostGator comes with full cPanel accessibility. It makes you a lot easier to manage password protected directories, email forwarders, IP Deny and URL redirections.

Whether it comes to manually create MySQL databases or email hosting, Hostgator cPanel provides you an extensive range of features. A facility to create an instant backup of your entire cPanel gives you another reason to consider their services to meet your hosting needs.

Unlike some other companies mentioned in this list, HostGator does not offer the choice of datacenter. However, by providing unmetered disk space and storage they ensure your site won’t get into any kind of trouble because of resources.

Moreover, their services are backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee which considered standard uptime in the industry. If in any month the company unable to keep up with their promised uptime they will issue service credit to your account for the month.

Besides unmetered storage and bandwidth, Hostgator allows its users to create unlimited POP3 email accounts. HostGator makes application installations such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento, etc. so much easier.

With their included 1-click installer you can install over 75 applications with merely a few clicks. If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest in a premium theme HostGator got something for you. Their rich website template library contains more than 100 mobile-friendly templates for free.

HostGator does offer 24/7 customer support services through online chat, tickets, and phone. However, they need to improve the chat response time which we experience is not consistent. Their support team is known to overcome any issue on their servers.

In case, during the first 45 days of their services, if you think it’s not the one you are searching for a professional project, you can ask for a refund.

8. WebHostingHub – Excellent cPanel Hosting at an Affordable Price

Not very popular, but one of the potential and worthy web hosts for low-cost cPanel hosting solutions. Many review websites give the company a positive rating. WebHostingHub is a sister company of the well-known Inmotionhosting that we mentioned among the tops. Founded in 2010, the company aims to provide reliable and affordable hosting plans.

The reason why the company is not much popular because they just focus on a very specific niche. You need shared cPanel hosting, Webhostinghub got the solution for you however they don’t house any other hosting solution like VPS, Cloud and dedicated server. So when your site starts growing, and you think WHH’s highest plan is not enough for you, the company will assist you in migrating to their sister company (Inmotionhosting), which holds every type of web hosting solution.

The company provided cPanel, which is equipped with every tool you need to build your website. Using cPanel, you can do hassle-free email management, simple backup solutions, website file management, DNS editor, and more. It also includes a one-click app installer that supports hundreds of applications, allowing you to install apps super easily.

Web Hosting Hub offers 3 different hosting plans to choose from. Their hosting is really affordable because they allow you to host 2 websites on their most basic “Spark” plan. Furthermore, they put no cap on storage, bandwidth, or the number of emails you can create.

Each of their plans backed by SSD storage which is up to 20x faster than the mechanical hard drives. Another great feature that WHH has to offer compared to other hosting providers is the provision of free private SSL.

WHH does offer a choice of datacenter, with the US East Coast and West Coast datacenters available. Note that this choice is only available to “Nitro” and “Dynamo” plan customers.

If you have an existing website but not satisfied with your current host performance and searching for the best cPanel hosting then WHH higher plans are not only performance-optimized but also higher plans capable to offer you more power.

Another distinguishing side of WHH is its money-back guarantee. The company offers 90 days to test its services, which is a huge period. It means you have more than enough time to test out their uptime, speed, and other features. If you don’t want to get into the fuss of installation, select WordPress during WordPress so it will come pre-installed with your hosting account.

So if you want to build 2 newborn websites Webhostinghub is an amazingly pocket-friendly cPanel web host. Despite its low pricing, the company did not ignore the importance of the technical support department.

Instead along with live chat, tickets, and phone, they offer skype as a means to contact them. Once you have decided WHH is the right web host, you don’t have to buy the domain name as it comes free with all of their annual plans.

9. HostWinds

Established in 2001, HostWinds is an affordable and customer-focused cPanel hosting provider. The company holds a solution for both types of customers – Windows and Linux. They offer shared, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated servers from their reliable platform. Also, WordPress users can get solutions as per their needs. So if you want to host a business site or a simple blog or searching a developer-friendly solution Hostwinds offers you economical pricing tags.

Hostwinds included cPanel enables you to manage hosting features effortlessly. You can manage different facets of your website such as DNS, FTP accounts, and database management, etc. super easily. Their cPanel also includes Softaculous Auto Installer to install applications with few clicks. It supports hundreds of applications including CMS, Mails, E-commerce, Forums and more.

Hostwinds tries to provide its customers with simple hosting packages that are free from bulky comparison tables. Although it might be good for beginners, advanced users may take it as a negative. For your understanding, let us clear their billing structure. So, what do most hosting companies do?

They offer low prices when you buy for a longer duration, like 2 or 3 years, while if you go for like 1 or 6 months, their prices will be pretty high. However, Hostwinds offers low pricing to your first invoice, irrespective of the billing cycle. This is the reason that makes Hostwinds a reasonable choice especially if you are searching for a hosting company for a short period.

The good thing all of the Hostwinds shared hosting plans offer you unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Moreover, their hosting includes a free domain name. Here keep in mind you only qualify for a free domain name when you go for their annual billing cycle.

The company put no cap on the number of email accounts, subdomains and MySQL databases in any of their plan. You might also aware of the importance of SSL certificate for security as well as SEO. While hosting on Hostwinds, you will get 1 Free SSL certificate for free.

Hostwinds knows how much speed is important for a website. So instead of just relying on fast solid-state drives, they offer data centers in 3 different locations. You can choose one of the locations from Dallas, Seattle, and Amsterdam data center by keeping in view which will be closer to your targeted audience. Plus, these hosting plans are based on the fast Litespeed web server which is known for delivering static content drastically fast compared to Apache and Nginx.

Hostwinds does come with any free backup services. However, they offer an affordable backup add-on that costs around $3/month. This paid backup service provides full control over backup files whenever you want to restore your site.

When it comes to a refund policy, Monthly and Quarterly plan users can ask for a refund within 48 hours while the annual plan users will get 30-days. Overall, Hostwinds is a well-packed web host backed by 24/7 support (Live chat, email, and phone) while staying in budget-friendly cPanel hosting options.

10. HostPapa

Last but not least in the list of 2024’s best cPanel hosting providers is HostPapa, which has been around since 2006. They host over 500K websites on their platform, which is optimized for delivering dependable performance. HostPapa is like a one-stop shop that houses products related to security, email and office, domain, and marketing.

HostPapa provides a broad range of solutions for different hosting types including shared, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS servers. Whether you want to build a small business website or an online store they provide you everything to operate smoothly. Just like its competitors, the cheapest way to get cPanel hosting is shared hosting.

The thing that makes HostPapa really affordable is the facility to the user to host 2 websites on the most basic “Starter” plan. Along with the free domain name you will get 100GB of SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth. It also includes 25 MySQL databases. So you will get plentiful resources that while operating 2 websites on the Starter plan you will encounter no shortage of storage or databases.

So, you can easily create a complete or partial backup of your cPanel using a backup wizard in the provided cPanel.

Using the user-friendly cPanel, you can effortlessly manage domains, access raw logs, manage FTP accounts, and access various website statistics. It also includes Softaculous, which is actually a one-click installer that allows you to install hundreds of applications, including Drupal and WordPress.

The HostPapa plan also includes email hosting at no additional cost. It permits you to create up to 100 email accounts and unlimited email autoresponders. The company takes numerous measures to keep your and your customer data safe and secure.

Each account comes with free SSL, which lets you encrypt crucial information such as credit card numbers and phone numbers. However, typically, people put credit card details on eCommerce websites, but if you are operating a simple blog, SSL is still beneficial for you as it gives you a small SEO advantage.

The company maintains a server firewall, DDoS protection, and intrusion detection system. If you are going to start a new website, then usually people go for the most basic plan. However, if you already have a running website, then we recommend going for their higher plans. HostPapa’s “Business” and “Business Pro” plans come with more power, like more CPU cores and more entry points.

To ensure that your site won’t get hurt by slow loading time, the company is utilizing SSD. You can easily enable CloudFlare CDN with your website which undoubtedly makes loading time faster. However, the users with the highest plan will get bonus speed because of the fewer users on the server and more resources.

Another worth mentioning thing that HostPapa offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. When the word “Best” comes up, you may have a question regarding the support services. All the companies listed here are pretty reliable in terms of technical support; however, some need a little bit of improvement, like HostGator. HostPapa offers live chat, email and phone support 24/7.


We hope after reading this article you will feel pretty confident that which cPanel hosting company best caters to your needs. This list of hosting providers does not just focus on pricing. We have carefully picked out the companies to makes sure you will get low priced as well as every necessary feature.

Of course, cPanel is a user-friendly control panel for managing different basic to advanced hosting features. As a beginner, picking up your first web host with cPanel will help you a lot because when you migrate your website to another web host in the future, you don’t have to struggle, as most of them offer cPanel.

So, which one would you go for as your best cPanel hosting provider? If you choose from the above companies we are pretty sure you won’t regret your decision. Let us know which one suits you through the comment section below.

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