SiteGround Review 2024 : Is it the Best WordPress Host, Really?

SiteGround is one of the best web hosting services that was started back in 2004. They have made a good name in spite of the intense competition. Almost everyone, using SiteGround Hosting services whether the experts or the beginner seems very awestruck by them. This siteground review will give you insights about the features they offer, plans, and everything you need to know before buying.

They are on the top shelf in providing support, uptime, speed, etc. and have an excellent reputation in the web hosting industry. Also, they have servers in many geographical areas for convenience and easy accessibility to their customers.

With a lot of experience in the industry (more than ten years), SiteGround offers different products like Shared, Cloud, Dedicated, VPS, and WordPress Hosting.

They are providing SSD drives storage for all plans to ensure fast services.

The technology advances that the company has;

  • SSD hosting servers for faster I/O
  • SuperCacher
  • NGINX web server tech
  • HTTP/2 protocol
  • Linux Containers

Why Do I Recommend SiteGround?

Because the kind of services they are providing as compared to price are remarkable; especially the uptime and support services. Furthermore, as WordPress is the most used platform, SiteGround offers some unique features related to WordPress that prove very handy. There are many other reasons that, I will describe below. So, let’s take a tour

This siteground review will provide you the complete insight about the company services. After reading it you will be able to decide that is it good for you or not?

SiteGround Review – Let’s Compare Features, Plans, and Pricing

Let’s first discuss some core features and benefits about this best hosting service.


Uptime is very crucial for your website because the uptime is the time during which your website is operational or we can say accessible to the visitors.

The Uptime of your site directly affects the visitors like If a visitor, most of the time found your site down(inaccessible) then eventually at some point he/she will leave the website never to come back.

So, you need to host your website on the hosting that provides an outstanding server uptime.

Linux Container Technology being used by the company which is known as resource efficient. They monitor the servers more frequently than the general monitoring to find out the issues before those convert into serious problems.

Moreover, another tech advancement by the company is the account isolation technique. w\With this, if a hosting account affected and down due to some problem like a surge in traffic their account isolation technique will not let the other account being affected.


Service uptime offered by SiteGround is 99.99% guaranteed. As per our experience, the uptime during some months was 99.99%. The least time that we experience is 99.97% which clearly shows that they never let your website down. The 100% Uptime is also feasible if using dedicating hosting but it’s very expensive.

Many other companies claiming 99.99% uptime but the point is that, did they deliver it? Yes, some companies deliver it but their hosting plans are expensive while some companies are just focusing on the claiming instead of delivering.

So, our conclusion is that SiteGround offering good and competitive uptime as compared to many other companies. Thumbs Up! For the uptime that they are delivering to their clients.

Customer Support


First of all, Let’s check out this video,

What if something wrong happened and you don’t know what to do? Then you need support services to solve the problem. But what if the support team does not respond to you properly or in a straight way. This will create a more terrible situation; you’ll lose visitors and revenue too. So, in the case of SiteGround, you don’t need to worry about the support.

Their support team is very active and always available to help you. Their support team is very informative, trained, and responsive to fix your issues within no time and guide customers as quickly as possible. Furthermore, they maintain the profiles of their team on the website to create a trusted environment.

There are three ways to contact them 24/7 via tickets, live chat and phone. I have a good experience with them and would like to give out 9 by 10. So, when it comes to support, you don’t have to worry and purchase SG hosting without any doubt.


Loading speed of your website is another important and very critical factor as Google already mentioned that they consider it as a ranking signal. It means your site should be loaded within a matter of a few seconds such as maximum 2~3 sec. No matter which hosting plan you are using SiteGround will deliver an outstanding and blazingly fast server speed.

I have a good experience and found them satisfied regarding speed. There are a number of free speed testing tools available on the internet to check site speed like GTMetrix and Pingdom. I have experienced high speed not only once rather we check it more frequently and found that they are consistent in speed.

So the question is what they do for the highest speed that others are not? First of all, they use SSD drives even on the Shared Hosting for the operation to be executed more rapidly as compared to the traditional disks.


In addition, they use SuperCacher technology which is available with all the plans except

StartUp. SuperCacher technology consists of three layers; the first layer copy the static contents like images, scripts, etc. and put them into the RAM memory so next time these contents load from the RAM memory which is very fast as compared to loading from the server hard drives.

The second layer caching the queries from the database and store them into the RAM as a result of which if the same query is required again then the results show up immediately. The last is the Dynamic layer which caches the whole pages of your website that will surely decrease the contents load time dramatically.

Another technology they are offering is CloudFlare CDN within the Panel which is used to cache your site contents on the different data centers over the geographical boundaries. So that when a visitor approaches your website it loads contents from the nearest data center to the user.

CloudFlare is the best free service when it comes to optimizing your site for incredible speed. If your primary concern is about site speed or experiencing low speed with other hosting companies, then you should try this surely.

Free Backup

Do you consider website backups as an important factor? What you’ll do if your site got hacked or compromised? You must have a backup service to save your data.

There are various developers and programmers who build Themes and plugins to help you achieve desired functions on your website. But sometimes a plugin or theme could destroy your website and make it completely inaccessible.

To overcome this situation taking backup will be a lifesaver. For a premium backup service, bloggers/webmasters have to spend 5~30 dollars per month. But SiteGround, unlike the many other hosts, offers free daily backup for all plans.

So that in the case of any serious problem you can easily restore the whole site quickly. They made one copy of your data on a StartUp, but on all other higher plans they backup 30 copies. It means no worries about data loss anymore.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Another very attractive offer that may lean the customers to SiteGround’s Managed WP Hosting. Here note that this is not offered by the several other hosting companies and it usually costs more than the traditional hosting.

So, what does mean by the Managed WordPress Hosting?

For a newbie, it will take time to know how to secure the wordpress website properly? How to do updates and daily backups? How to maintain speed?

The solution is Managed WordPress Hosting. In this, the company manages all these aspects like security, speed, backups, etc. Now you don’t need to worry about anything just focus on your content because all other things become the headache of the company.


You need to secure your website because now a day’s security is the main issue. Hackers are always looking for security holes and every year thousands of websites hacked by hackers only because people are not paying much attention to the security of the site. You can see the video on how SiteGround secures your website or blog data. Please have a look;

For security concerns, the company does the daily backups, monitor to identify the security holes, updates, offers plugins, etc. The accounts are isolated even on the shared hosting it means if a hosting account is hacked or vulnerable due to some reason other accounts will not be affected.

Every year they add many rules in the firewall to protect WordPress and the other platforms as well. The security team of the company releases many security patches from time to time to ensure proper security.

Besides, their Spam Prevention system filters all the incoming and outgoing emails as it’s very easy to spread the vulnerabilities by emails. So at the end if any vulnerability affects your hosting account after cheating all security layers (which is almost impossible) then the company provides you a free facility of daily backups on all the plans; in that case, you can easily restore within a matter of few clicks.

cPanel  – Now Offering a Custom Panel Much Better than cPanel

SiteGround made its custom panel to manage your web hosting account, believe it or not, their custom panel is way easy to use just like cPanel. They are going to ditch cPanel soon in the future.

The cPanel offered by the company is very simple to manage hosting account easily. So what’s the role of cPanel? Using cPanel, you can manage emails, domains, subdomains, file manager, different statistics, FTP accounts, backups databases and much more. They made the panel friendlier for easy understanding.

Furthermore, you can customize the cPanel. The company is the partner of third party tools such as Softaculous, SpamExperts, etc. to enhance the customer’s experience. The company developed some its own unique tools like Auto updates, SuperCacher, etc. to make the services more reliable. Also, you can transfer the website from another hosting to the SiteGround with no cost.

No Hidden Fees

Now, in this section of SiteGround review I will discuss are they charge any hidden fee?

Well, they are very transparent and shows every detail about their plans very clearly. When you click on the comparison list or the plan details comparative list shows of all the plans where all fees and percentages are very clearly stated. You can grab the information by just hovering the mouse on any content in the list.

Also, they are showing on the support section the priorities given to you as per the plan you choose. They are also showing the uptime of their services during the whole month and year on their website. So, feel free while purchasing and read out the information before choosing a plan.

Limitation of Using SiteGround

So, I have shared all the features they provide but wait there are some drawbacks also, let’s talk about.

Limited Visitors

Unlike other hosting companies, SiteGround (Shared and WP Managed) plans are limited to a particular number of visitors per month. The number of visitors varies from one plan to another.

The very basic plan is the StartUp plan which allows 10,000 visitors per month. This is a small number of visitors, but this number of visits are suitable for a very new blog and small websites.

If you are going to start a new blog, then it will be an excellent choice to start with SG. So while purchasing the plan choose it wisely as per your requirements, don’t go for bigger plans.

You can buy the “StartUp” plan at just $6.99 per month because of the 60% discount using our exclusive link while this plan normally costs $14.99.


SiteGround is a bit expensive when we compare it on the basis of storage, websites to host, and allowed visitors per month. Many other hosting companies offer more storage space like 50GB or 100GB on their basic plans, but SiteGround offered only 10GB.

Besides some companies are given unlimited bandwidth at comparatively low prices. If pricing really matters in your case, then there are many other hosting companies such as InMotion (Our Recommended WordPress Hosting) otherwise SiteGround is a solid choice to choose.

So it is clear that the prices are bit high but they are very efficient in delivering speed, Uptime, Security and support which makes them costly.

Limited Storage

If we compared the storage space with the other hosting companies, then it is a bit lower. But Storage may not be a problem in case of a descriptive type blog/website.

By descriptive nature, we mean if your blog based mainly on the text contents then the space offered by the company in” StartUp plan” is enough.

But it might be a problem if you use it to upload softwares and the similar more space consuming contents. So, if you are a newbie then the StartUp plan is suitable for almost all types of websites, and when your traffic grows up then shift to the higher plan.

Visit SiteGround NOW

SiteGround Hosting Plans Overview

Let’s talk about SG hosting plans. Currently, SiteGround offering three plans StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek in shared and wordpress hosting category.

So, I will only share detailed information about these plans (shared hosting). The shared and WP Hosting packages are suitable for all major CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. and also for mediocre traffic sites. If your site is getting a lot of traffic then VPS or Dedicated server will be right fit for you.


It is a very basic plan which is currently available at $6.99/mo, it’s suitable for an average size blog or business website as this plan allows only 10,000 visits per month.

siteground shared startup plan

While purchasing this plan keep in mind that you can host only one website on it. The Essential features are:

  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • Unlimited Emails & DBs
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • 10k monthly visitors
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Free Setup & Transfer
  • Free Website Builder
  • cPanel & SSH Access
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Unlimited My SQL DB
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


As your blog or website grows up you can shift to the higher one such as GrowBig package. This plan allows you to host Multiple Websites.  This plan is also suitable when you have multiple websites with average traffic and includes the three level SuperCacher technology.

GoBig Siteground hosting package

The plan permits 25000 visits per month. At regular this plan is available at $24.99, but now due to discount promotion for new customers, you can grab it at just $9.99. This plan includes all the essential features including premium ones:

  • Technical Support on the priority basis
  • Exclusive SuperCasher Technology
  • 20 GB of Data Storage
  • Good for 25k monthly visitors
  • You can host multiple websites
  • Premium 24/7 technical support
  • Blazingly fast server speed
  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Free Website Migration
  • One year free Wildcard SSL
  • Free App Installers
  • Daily Backups
  • 30 Backup Copies


If you have money and searching for high performance hosting then choose “GoGeek”. This plan is for heavy traffic websites as this allows 100,000 visits per month.

This plan also comes with SuperCacher technology of three layers. According to the company, there are few users on each server who share the resources.

Typically this plan costs $39.99/month but currently costs only $14.99. That’s why don’t waste the just click on the link and grab it before it gets too late.

GoGeek Siteground hosting package

This plan includes essential and premium features such as:

  • You can host unlimited websites
  • Free PCU Compliance
  • Stagging option for WordPress and Joomla
  • Unmetered Traffic and Database
  • cPanel and SSH
  • Free Email Accounts
  • 24/7 Priority Technical Support
  • SuperCacher for Higher Speed
  • 1 Year Free WildCard SSL
  • 30 Backup Copies
  • 1-Click Git Repo Creation
  • Free Website Builder
  • 30 GB SSD Based Web Space
  • Free Daily Backup System
  • 30 Days Money Refund Option

Geeky staging tools for Joomla and WordPress that enables you to test the changes before presenting the material online.

Free PCI Compliance: This certificate ensures the security standards which is necessary in the case when your website accepts the credit cards and helps to maintain a secure environment.


If you are looking for web hosting with high speed, uptime, and quick support then purchase SiteGround without any doubt. The thing to remember is hosting packages prices and limitations.

Apart from pricing and restrictions, they are offering a bunch of features free. If you have a website with massive traffic, then SiteGround is the best.

According to our point of view, the prices are suitable because they are delivering so much. So if the price doesn’t matter for you then go for SiteGround.

Furthermore, currently, they are offering 60% off on StartUp plan, so the prices are almost equal to other low cost hosting company’s plans just click on the link below and grab the huge discount.

Imran Nazish

Imran is an enthusiastic web hosting and server management geek with over 8 years of experience dealing with different kinds of hosting companies. He is also familiar with web hosting technical stuff and server optimizations and shares thorough, well-tested reviews and guides on the same domain.

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