Top 7 Best NameCheap Alternatives 2024 for Web Hosting and Domains

What? Are you not satisfied with NameCheap?

Do you need a domain registrar that even offer the domains at the lower pricing than NameCheap?

Or you are in search of NameCheap alternatives for any other reason?

NameCheap is not the largest but it is one of the best domain registrars due to their competitive pricing and seamless services. The low renewals as compared to most of the other registrars makes them a favored option. Also, they are really apt and ready your newly acquired domain instantly.

NameCheap is a good domain registrar as well as a cheap WordPress hosting provider to manage small websites. But you might face few issues like downtimes when it comes to hosting.

In some months they are providing fine services while sometimes you may face several downtimes i.e. lack of consistency.

For many users, this urges them to find the NameCheap alternative that is not only a trusted registrar as well as a reliable hosting provider.

Another reason for looking at the domain registrars like the NameCheap is pricing. Although it is recognized for its low pricing, but due to stiff competition in the industry, you can find the companies that offer TLD’s with very low pricing than the NameCheap and even with more freebies.

namecheap alternatives

So whatever the reason you have in your mind here we carefully enlist the top 7 best NameCheap alternatives 2019.

Let’s have a look…

Note: The first year prices of domains may vary as many companies offer frequent promotional discounts while there are very few times when the registrars modify the renewal pricing.

Top 7 Best NameCheap Alternatives (2024) to Get Reliable Web Hosting and Domain Registration Service

1. BlueHost

Almost everyone who is working online knows about Bluehost. It is typically known as one of the best hosting services among starters and intermediate webmasters/bloggers.

Bluehost hosts over 2 million websites and is officially recommended by In addition to web hosting, you can also register a domain name via Bluehost at the industry standard rates.

So if you are a beginner, want to build a blog and looking for the domain and hosting from one provider then Bluehost is the most suitable choice for you. Bluehost offers a free domain name for one year when you purchase a hosting plan from them.

On the other side, Namecheap offers domain and hosting but they do not include a free domain with the hosting and also far behind from the Bluehost when it comes to quality web hosting. So for domain & hosting seekers, Bluehost is the best alternative to NameCheap.

But if you want to register solely a domain name then Bluehost offers it in just $11.99/year and renews it for $15.99. The domain pricing is higher than the NameCheap so selecting BlueHost is more suitable when you need hosting and domain in one place.

There is nothing wrong with buying the web hosting and domain from the different providers but after purchasing you need to connect them which might be a tricky process for novice users.

Bluehost’s basic hosting plan comes with 50 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. You can set up 5 email accounts and 25 sub-domains. So that’s enough resources for new sites. Customer support is one of the most noteworthy factors, particularly while making a hosting decision. So Bluehost maintains all the channels like Email, live chat, phone, and a wide knowledge base.

Bluehost did not offer any freebie and if you want to activate the add-on like domain privacy they charge $0.99/month. Concisely if you are searching a domain registrar with quality hosting then Bluehost is more like a top Namcheap alternative. So make sure to subscribe to their plan for a longer period as it is the only way for lowering the overall cost.


  • Founded in 2003, hosted over 2M websites and increasing steadily
  • Having a good image among bloggers which is a sign of their excellence
  • A very brilliant choice for new bloggers
  • They offer 30 days money-back guarantee on hosting plans
  • Offers scalable hosting solutions for your growing needs
  • Trusted by ICANN as well as


  • Buying just a domain might be a bit pricey due to their high renewals. But also keep in mind that most of the companies in the industry offer domain at low introductory pricing but high renewals.

2. [Cheapest Domain Names Starting at $6.99/yr] as the name shows meant mainly for TLDs, but they also offer an extensive array of products including web hosting, SSL, Email and site builder, etc. They are doing business since 2000 and owned by an established business group EIG. So let’s check out what makes similar to Namecheap?

Buying a domain from them is a seamless process and you can pick the .com TLD in just $9.99. In the very next year, the price increased slightly on renewal which is $11.99. So there is a minor difference between the first time and renewal pricing of both companies. The backend design is very friendly which makes it easier to manage all of your domains. does not tend to offer the freebies like domain privacy protection add-on and for activating this, you have to put up almost $8.99/year.

But on the other hand, NameCheap offers WhoisGuard free for the first year and with a very low ($2.88) renewals. Here note that it is not a mandatory add-on because we have several domains with no privacy protection and never face any spam troubles.

As is one of the largest domain registrars and that’s why you can pick special extensions such as .design, .jobs, and .coop, etc. Both and NameCheap offer very competitive pricing and you can see the little differences.

Some TLD extensions are cheaper on like .biz, .me, and .net, etc. while some are cheaper on NameCheap. And for anytime assistance, both companies offer support services on live chat, email, and phone.

Although also offers web hosting but it is not worthy to use. There are many complaints against their hosting quality, see on their official profile on BBB. So purely they are trusted registrar and competitive pricing makes it a close Namecheap alternative.


  • A trusted registrar also accredited by ICANN
  • More domain extensions are available than NameCheap.
  • You can even pre-register new domain extensions


  • Did not offer any freebie like domain privacy

3. GoDaddy

Godaddy is known as the world’s biggest domain registrar and top NameCheap competitor. There is more than 71 million domain under their management and 17+ million customers. The company formed in 1997 expanding steadily as they have 6K employees and recently acquired HEG (Host Europe Group), a leading hosting firm.

GoDaddy offers tons of products such as web hosting, web security protocols, MS office, site builder, and much more. Frequently they offer huge introductory discounts on domains. Currently, the .com and .net are available at the same pricing of $11.99. And they take $15.99 for .com renewal while $16.99 for .net renewals.

There is no free add-on by Godaddy but if you are interested in investing in the multiple domain extensions related to your domain such as .net, .org, and .info, etc. then Godaddy turns into a great alternative to Namecheap by offering bigger discounts.

Godaddy is not just a domain name registrar but also provides hosting to customers. Honestly, we do not suggest you host your site on their servers due to their low-quality services and the absence of customer support channels. Due to their low-quality services and many other reasons, there are tons of articles on GoDaddy alternatives.

If we talk about their support services there are 2 options Phone and email which are available 24/7. For self-help, you can browse their knowledge base or launch their community forum. The most significant option live chat is missing most of the time and only available during limited hours (5am – 10:30am PST – tentative hours). The company himself tends to encourage the users to call them in case of any assistance.

GoDaddy is an incredible registrar where you get bigger discounts. As you do not need much assistance in the case of domains so it’s good to go. But for hosting, you may need support services frequently and most of the time immediately so selecting GoDaddy is risky. Their hosting is not totally useless but you can get more reliable hosting from Bluehost with comparatively low pricing.


  • The largest domain seller with ICANN accreditation
  • Frequently offers bigger discounts where you can get a domain name within a dollar
  • Offer discounts in order to secure the brand name with other extensions.
  • They offer lots of products such as email hosting, web hosting, domains and MS office, etc.
  • They are managing over 71 million domains which is a sign of their excellence in domain registering.


  • Lacks of customer support channels like live chat which is not available 24/7
  • Lots of upsells appears while making the purchase
  • Demand high renewals on most of the products

4. NameSilo

NameSilo is the most potential and another best alternative of Namecheap due to their low pricing. This cheapest domain registrar offers a .com domain name just for $8.99/year (ICANN fee included) while Namecheap charges $8.88 (+ $0.18 ICANN fee) for the first year.

Namecheap offers a little bit of discount if you buy the domain for a longer duration while NameSilo offers a quantity-based discount where you are able to save some penny when purchasing domains in bulk.

Besides domain registration, many companies offer free and paid add-ons. One of the very common add-ons is domain privacy protection. It hides your personal information like email and phone number etc. from the WHOIS which might be helpful in lowering the junk emails.

Both NameSilo and NameCheap offer free WHOIS privacy until you have the domain with them.

Similar to its competitor NameCheap, besides domain name registration NameSilo also offers various services like web hosting, SSL, and Email related products. However, NameCheap is still the place where you can get t cheapest hosting plans and SSL certificate.

But for reliable hosting, we strongly encourage the users to try InMotion Hosting (56% exclusive discount within the link) where you will get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL too.

Both providers offer a pretty simple and easy-to-use control panel. You can contact them anytime via live chat, phone, and emails to get quick and friendly support. We have domains with them and never face any issue, both fairly reliable.

The difference is you can save a minor amount on domains using NameSilo. While NameCheap is a very nice option if you want all the things at one place like domain, SSL, and the web hosting package, etc. Again you may face downtimes with NC hosting so we recommend InMotion Hosting.


  • One of the cheapest website name/domain seller
  • A certified registrar by ICANN
  • Offer free Whois privacy for a lifetime
  • Good choice for domain investors as they offer quantity based discounts


  • As they are only specialized in domain registration services so they offer no hosting plans.

5. DreamHost

DreamHost has been in the business since 1997 and so becomes an experienced and trusted web host. They are also a specialized WordPress hosting to create WP websites. Now there are more than 1.5 Million sites hosting on their servers which clearly shows that how professional they are.

DreamHost offers more than 400 domain extensions. The .com TLD comes in just $9.95 while you have to pay only $13.95 for renewal. Here keep in mind that most of the companies offer domain names at extremely low pricing but at the time of renewals, they ask for $15 to $30. So being an old and trusted firm, DreamHost is relatively more affordable.

With DreamHost you will not get merely a domain name, there are further several freebies. First of all, you can turn on the domain privacy for free and can create the subdomains as many as you want.

Next, they also allow you to lock the domains to avoid the risk of unauthorized transfer. Furthermore, you can generate professionally looked Name Servers by including your domain name.

If you are looking for a domain and hosting solution in one place then DreamHost is really a nice alternative to Namecheap. Unlike Namecheap, Dreamhost is a quite good hosting service. Although their hosting pricing is slightly higher than the industry, but in return, you will receive the value for which you paid.

The hosting plan consists of a free domain name, free Let’s Encrypt, unlimited storage on SSD hosting, uptime guarantee, and unlimited bandwidth, etc. Plus, you can host unlimited websites. They offer a distinguish refund policy which is 97 days. It indicates your investment is indeed in a secure place.

The drawback of getting DreamHost is that they do not offer live chat while making a purchase and the one and only way is to email them. Sometimes you need information or have some uncertainties in your mind but missing live chat at that point is annoying. However, after subscribing to their plan you can get access to live chat 24/7.


  • Decades of experience, working since 1997
  • Low renewals as compared to the many other registrars.
  • Domain with many freebies. Also, you will get a free domain by purchasing a hosting plan.
  • Offers 97 days money-back guarantee on their shared and WordPress hosting plans.
  • ICANN accredited


  • The way of providing customer support seems complex. You can only open a live chat after purchasing. Instead of offering phone support, you have to pay a nominal fee to add the callback feature.

6. started back in 2009 and serves only as a specialized domain registrar. There are various tools related to domains like monetization autopilot, domain brokerage, and domain for sale, etc. The is trusted by some authoritative sites such as domainstate and domaining etc.

The great thing about is they are very upfront about pricing and charge the same cost for the new domain and for renewal. Purchasing a .com extension will take only $9.45 and at the time of renewal, you have to pay the same amount as there is no rise in pricing.

On the other hand, NameCheap offers this for $10.87. Here note that both include free domain privacy for free. If you are interested in .net, .org TLD’s then offers low pricing relative to Namecheap. provides a marketplace for domain investors and sellers. In the marketplace, you can take part in the auctions and expired domains. They also manage numerous domain portfolios. Making an investment decision is surprisingly easy as they also enlist the traffic, revenue, and age of the domains.

Besides the marketplace, they also offer domain brokerage services. At just one dashboard the buyer can place the bids and seller can respond the incoming bids and offers. So buying & selling domains becomes handier.

Furthermore, if you need any information concerned to their products, contact them via phone, email or live chat. So if you are striving for the NameCheap alternatives and pricing is your main concern then is a considerable choice.


  • They got ICANN accreditation
  • Low pricing as compared to the competitor registrar
  • Includes a free Whois privacy
  • Offers various products convenient to domain seller and buyers


  • Offers no hosting packages
  • Not as famous as other companies like GoDaddy or

Note: They offer numerous tools on their site and that’s why their site is full of different terms which may confuse the newbies.

7. iPage

Assuming that you are searching Namecheap alternative mainly based on the pricing in relatively better-hosting quality then here is iPage. They began in 1998 and now powering over 1 Million domains. Along with registering domains they offer shared, VPS, dedicate and WordPress web hosting plans.

Registering only a domain on iPage is cheap as compared to the NameCheap for the first year. iPage charges only $8.99/year but they are expensive at the time of renewal where they ask for $16.99. Also, there is no free add-on with the domain name which may prove a compensation of high pricing.

But if you want to set up a personal, new, or small blog/website then iPage is a considerable choice. You can get hosting and domain at really cheap rates for a longer period (3-years).

Within $72, iPage provides you a free domain, unlimited storage & bandwidth, unlimited MySQL database, free sitelock, $100 for Bing and $100 for Google AdWords. Plus, you can host unlimited domains. There is also a free drag and drop builder that includes hundreds of templates.

On the other hand, you can purchase the hosting for maximum 1-year from Namecheap and in the very next year, you need to renew it for 1-year and then so on. Namecheap charges only $9.88 for the first year while in the next year they amounted to $38.88 for renewal and again $38.88 for the third year.

As the iPage is relatively better than Namecheap because you can host unlimited websites with a single account then it would be wise to select iPage for cheap web hosting solutions.

You can get customer support through live chat, email, and calls. They also offer one toll-free number for US users. Here you should keep in mind the risks of downtimes problems in your mind while selecting such a cheap hosting provider, that’s why we only suggest it for very personal and small level blogs or users having a limited budget.


  • Cheap domain and web hosting solution
  • Offer free domain name with hosting plan
  • Lots of freebies with hosting plan
  • 24/7 support services including live chat, email, and phone


  • High renewal on domain names.
  • As per our testing, it is only suitable for smaller blogs


Here, the conclusion depends on your requirements while seeking NameCheap alternatives.

Are you searching for an alternative mainly for registering a domain name?

OR do you need an alternative that offers domain names as well as reliable web hosting?

The answers are simple for just purchasing a domain name we recommend NameSilo as they are cheap in pricing just $8.99 for 1st year and $10.87 for renewal. Plus, you will get free Whois privacy for a lifetime.

But if you are searching domain + hosting from one place then there is no match of BlueHost. Although Bluehost is a bit costly but they deliver the benefits and you will experience seamless services.

We surely recommend BlueHost for starting new blogs as they are very much a reliable hosting provider. You will also get a free domain name for the first year.

We hope this list of top NameCheap alternatives assists you in selecting the right provider. We really appreciate your feedback so feel free to share if you have other alternatives to NameCheap that are not listed above.

Imran Nazish

Imran is an enthusiastic web hosting and server management geek with over 8 years of experience dealing with different kinds of hosting companies. He is also familiar with web hosting technical stuff and server optimizations and shares thorough, well-tested reviews and guides on the same domain.

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