12 Best (Cheap) Linode Alternatives for 2024

Are you searching for the best Linode alternatives?

Is the Linode cloud hosting failed to meet your satisfaction level?

Well, you are in the very right place here, we are going to uncover the best alternatives to Linode cloud hosting.

No doubt Linode is a good cloud hosting provider that caters to the needs of developers. The company is pursuing the mission to simplify cloud infrastructure to facilitate developers in developing websites, applications, and gaming servers. Being built on SSD servers, Intel E5 processors enable the company to deliver powerful solutions. And they offer competitive pricing too.

Reasons for Linode Alternatives

On the other hand, Linode may not be a perfect choice for everyone because a single company cannot meet the needs of all types of customers. Linode may sound perfect for you, but the unavailability of your project-specific feature will surely urge you to search for Linode alternatives that can handle all your requirements.

For Windows users, Linode cloud is not an ideal choice as they offer Linux-focused virtual machines. This means Linode officially does not support the Windows server. However, as they provide you full control of the server, so it is possible to install but not having built-in support means the company won’t be able to assist you in installing and managing the Windows server. So you are on your own.

Not all but some of the potential alternatives for Linode offer live chat technical support, which ensures quick access from the experts. Whereas Linode’s major source of helping their customer is via an email ticketing system.

Another reason why people try to avoid Linode is its short money-back guarantee. You just got 7-days to make up your mind about whether you should continue their services or not.

No matter what your reasons are, below is the list of the best alternatives you are looking for.

Best Linode Alternatives and Competitors 2024

1. KamateraHighly Recommended

Kamatera is one of the well-experienced and solid-performance cloud hosting providers. Compared to Linode, Kamatera hold more room and scalable options to meet the needs of any type of application. Unlike Linode, Kamatera offers you technical support whether you want to host Linux or Windows operating system.

Established in 1995, Kamatera has 16 datacenters in global locations, including North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East regions. You don’t necessarily need to pick a pre-designed plan that may or may not fit your current needs. They allow you to craft the one exactly as per your requirements if you need more processing power and little storage, you can do so easily.

On the pricing side, it all depends on your needs. However, if you want to launch a simple pre-made plan you can start it as low as $4/month. With such an incredibly pocket-friendly plan, you will get 1vCPU, 1GB RAM, 5TB data transfer, and 20GB SSD storage. Unlike Linode, Kamatera offers a 30-day trial account where you can choose any configuration for up to $100. They won’t restrict the use of any cloud feature in trial access and you will be provided with server root access.

Kamatera is putting great efforts into delivering the fastest cloud services and they are doing it so well. First, there is 15 global low latency location. Next, they provide a complete SSD solution which means both your applications and databases are stored on the fastest storage solution. Furthermore, the inclusion of Intel Platinum processors and 40 Gbit Public and Private networking ensure lightning-fast speed.

Kamatera holds an extensive line of products. You can avail of both unmanaged and managed cloud services. So if you don’t want to configure the server and operating system with managed service facility, you can focus on your application development as you are being backed by the Kamatera expert team.

If you are not experienced but still want to take benefit of Microsoft cloud services, Kamatera makes it possible with their managed services. They also offer purpose-focused solutions such as application hosting, mobile app solutions, e-commerce, etc. For greater security, you can enable extended offsite backups.

Kamatera brings in 24/7 rapid response to support its customers. The availability of low-priced cloud computing on cutting edge servers, free 30-day trial account, and live chat support backed by the expert team make Kamatera an excellent alternative for Linode. Other means of getting help include phone and email tickets.

2. VultrRunner Up Cheap Linode Alternative

The giant availability of scalable options, cutting edge infrastructure, global locations, and economical pricing structure makes Vultr stand among the top Linode alternatives. Founded in 2014, they earned so much success during this short period. Since its inception, it has deployed 25+m instances for 100K+ customers.

Vultr is one of the few companies with such a huge cloud infrastructure that provides Vultr with a clear edge over Linode. You can deploy a server on one of the locations out of the 17. This wide availability of data centers enables you to locate your application near your targeted audience hence it will load faster.

Just like Linode, Vultr offers highly scalable options which means their servers can manage heavy loads of traffic. With just $5/mo. you will get 1vCPU, 1GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth, and 25GB storage. Each of their plans comes with high-performance SSD drives to deliver you reliable and affordable cloud hosting. However, for learning purposes, they do offer insanely low priced cloud computing like you can launch a cloud server at just $2.50/month.

After signing up, Vultr usually takes around less than a minute to spin up a server. They provide full control of the server which permits the user to install the operating system and different software of your choice. Either install an operating system from their OS library or upload a custom ISO file.

Vultr provides a straightforward easy to use control panel. It let you manage DNS, backups, and install applications through the 1-click installer. Furthermore, it presents you with useful graphical representations regarding resource usage and peak activities.

For heavy storage requirements, Vultr offers a block storage facility. If at any point in time your app needs more storage than allowed you can easily extend your storage capacity using block storage at amazingly low prices ($1/mo/10GB). This storage is highly redundant and backed by solid-state drives.

Besides heavy-duty cloud computing packages, Vultr offers business-level solutions such as Bare Metal, Load Balancers, and Dedicated cloud. So have peace in mind when your app grows as Vultr excellently covers you with scalability, reliability, and security.

When it comes to customer support, Vultr offers you more reliable options. Recently they have introduced live chat support backed by their technical team. You can also submit email tickets. Additionally, there is a huge amount of helpful docs related to OS, networking, managing server, and more.

3. DreamHost – Free 100GB Block Storage

Founded in 1997, DreamHost is a premium quality hosting provider. The utilization of accelerated networks, solid-state drives, and the latest-gen processors brings you consistent and reliable performance.

Unlike Linode, DreamHost is also a reliable domain registrar that offers numerous domain extensions at a very reasonable first time and renewal cost. So what makes DreamHost a good alternative to Linode? The good thing DreamHost is free from vendor lock-in. It means their cloud hosting is fully compatible with third party services such as Amazon S3 cloud storage.

DreamHost developer-focused cloud hosting puts the ultimate control of the server into your hands. So compared to Linode, DreamHost allows you to install the operating system and software of your choice. On their unmanaged cloud computing, you are able to install Linux, Windows, or BSD.

DreamHost offers more resourceful plans compared to Linode. Just take the example of their most basic plan which comes with 512MB RAM, 80GB SSD storage, 1vCPU, and 100GB of block storage. They are branding bandwidth as “Free bandwidth” which means bandwidth is free in all of their plans and will not be included in your monthly bills unless the company decided to end this special offer.

While choosing a cloud hosting provider, one of the most crucial factors to look at is the availability of scalable options i.e. is the company offer more powerful and resource-rich packages to meet your growing needs? Currently, DreamHost just offers 3 cloud hosting plans which is way much smaller the number of options compared to Linode.

From DreamHost cloud computing you can avail up to 8GB RAM and if you need more power you have no choice other than dedicated servers. So, it is reliable as well as a cheap alternative for Linode for developing small applications however if you are expecting fast growth then cloud providers like Vultr and Kamatera are more suitable options.

DreamHost offers unmanaged cloud computing plans. If you want something where you want their team to manage your server then DreamHost VPS hosting is the way to go for. It provides a fully isolated environment with a 100% uptime guarantee, free SSL lets encrypt, server root access, and lots of other useful options for developing purposes.

In the case of a problematic situation, you can ask for help by sending an email to their technical team or using a callback option. There is also live chat available during (5:30 AM–9:30 PM PT). if you want to explore yourself, the Dreamhost community covers tons of topics where you can also interact with other users.

4. Amazon EC2

Amazon holds the largest cloud infrastructure and provides the best quality hosting services for businesses looking for amazing scalability and reliability. If you ever searched for the best cloud providers you surely came to their name. Backed by Amazon.com financial resources, they house the cutting edge hardware, widespread data centers, proven content delivery network, load balancers and more.

Although AWS offers a wide range of options and customizations but it’s not what you are seeing normally from most web hosting companies. They actually offer a great set of services including hosting for experts because of the variety of options, customizations, and services making it a complex solution for novice users.

Amazon EC2 is one of the popular and basic solutions that you can avail from the Amazon platform. The complete virtual environment, choice of an operating system, and hardware of your choice make it a perfect consideration for Linode alternatives.

As Amazon is the largest infrastructure as a service there are virtually no limits for the languages that you can install and use for coding. Many languages are readily available to make use of including PHP, .Net, Perl, Python. Another worth noticing feature is the Auto-scaling. It let you avoid any possible downtimes which may occur due to a shortage of resources. The Auto-scaling will automatically increase the resource bar at the time of high traffic spikes.

When it comes to pricing unfortunately unlike Linode, Amazon EC2 does not offer straightforward pricing structure. At the time of purchasing instances they offer 4 different options: On-demand Instances, Saving Plans, Reversed Instances, and Spot Instances. On-Demand is like pay-as-you-go similar to most cloud providers. Reversed instances are usually the most affordable solution available at a huge discount. In this, you need to make a capacity reservation.

Spot instances allow you to request spare Amazon EC2 computing at a huge up to 90% discount on the On-demand price. By making a commitment to the usage of a specified amount of resources you can avail saving options and reduce your cost significantly. The best part after signing up you can enjoy their state of the art infrastructure for up to 750 hours for free.

For managing instances, it comes with an EC2 console. You can easily create alerts to keep an eye on the status of your instance. Through the CloudWatch monitoring view, you can monitor the performance of memory, storage, CPU and network traffic. Of course, the EC2 console lets you manage other crucial things such as load balancing, auto-scaling, adding more server resources and creating snapshots, etc.

Amazon offers 4 different support plans where the basic plan provides you free access to community resources, documentation and video tutorials. Their least support plan starts at $29 which allows you to contact their technical team using emails. No doubt Amazon EC2 is widely used, somewhat reasonable pricing with lots of customizations. However, if you are a novice you will find it overwhelming. It’s an amazing highly consistent and expansive platform for experienced users.

5. LiquidWeb Cloud VPS

LiqidWeb is a solid performance hosting provider backed by experienced people. The company is specialized to meet enterprise hosting needs however they also offer affordable hosting packages for individuals and small businesses making it a strong alternative to Linode. Founded in 1997, Liquidweb is managing over 1 million websites on its premium quality servers.

Due to its excellent services, the company rapidly grows and has received INC.500 award for the fastest-growing companies. Liquidweb provides required scalability and virtualization for both Windows and Linux users. There are plenty of reasons why you should prefer LiquidWeb over Linode.

Whether you want to host a website or an application LiqidWeb cloud VPS comes with 3 choices of control panels. During the checkout process, you can choose between cPanel, InterWorx, and Plesk Web Pro for managing hosting features.

cPanel is the most popular intuitive control panel which allows the user to create databases & manage databases, backups, and a lot more features enormously easily. So having such a powerful control panel in your access enables users especially novices to take benefit of the power of cloud VPS.

LiquidWeb Linux based servers are currently available at $15/month. It provides 2GB RAM, 2vCPU, 40GB SSD webspace, and 10TB bandwidth. Due to promotion right now you will also get free 100GB storage for backup. LiquidWeb cloud VPS featured with instant scalability which lets you quickly resize the resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage. This facility eliminates the need for migrating your data when your needs grow.

As they are serving businesses’ websites so Liquiweb is pretty much aware of the importance of speed. They have replaced the old HDDs with the latest SSDs which are known to be more reliable and speedy. Further, LiquidWeb also provides the choice of datacenter however the price may vary depending on the data center.

Compared to Linode, LiquidWeb is utilizing several security measures. They are well-taking care of almost every security risk. Besides secured server facilities they include DDoS attack protection with each of their plan. Moreover, you should be happy to know that every cloud VPS is included with firewall protection and Cloudflare CDN.

The customer support side is another area where Vultr beat Linode with a clear margin. Where Linode ignores the live chat support at all, LiquidWeb provides heroic 24/7 live chat support. You can absolutely rely on them at the time of problematic situations as they usually respond in under a min. There are also phone and emails for getting help. LiquidWeb provides a 100% network and power guarantee.

6. CloudSigma

CloudSigma is another Linode alternative offering highly scalable, reliable, and flexible cloud hosting solutions. Founded in 2009, it provides dedicated environment cloud services from their globally located data centers. CloudSigma high-performance services are the result of solid-state storage, 10GigE networking, tight security monitoring, and several low latency locations.

One of the factors that set apart CloudSigma from the rest of the cloud providers is the unique interface. They provide a clean interface that makes it a lot easier to move around. With just a few clicks you can launch a server and for that, you can pick from a wide range of operating systems, server locations, settings, and the type of storage you want to utilize.

CloudSigma proudly stands among the cloud hosting providers that absolutely worth your money by providing superb quality servers, and a 100% uptime guarantee. On top of that, CloudSigma infrastructure and services are certified with the ISO 27001 requirements, which is about security and data privacy.

Unlike Linode, on CloudSigma you can craft your plan as per your requirements. So it means if you need a small amount of storage but more processing power you can do so effectively. You can see some of their sample pre-made plans on their pricing page however If you scroll down a little bit you will see a simple calculator determine the cost of the resource you need.

So does Linode offer you anything as you invest more? The answer is NO. On the other hand, CloudSigma is a generous company where if you spend at least $10 per month you will get an additional 1GB RAM, 50GB SSD storage, and 5TB bandwidth along with the resources you paid for. Like we said before scalability is one of the foremost things while choosing a cloud server for your app. The good thing, CloudSigma holds a huge amount of resources to comply with your future needs. You can avail of up to 10 CPU cores, 128GB RAM per server.

Similar to Linode, CloudSigma also well established its data centers facilities in the world. While setting up a server you can choose between 10 data centers located in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Middle East regions. By locating near your possible audience helps in boosting your application loading time.

Whenever we contact their support service team using Live Chat we received an immediate response, on the other hand, Linode does not offer Live Chat support. You can also contact the CloudSigma technical team using emails. Furthermore, feel free to explore tutorials and ask questions in their community.

7. Cloudways

CloudWays is a great combination of affordability and functionalities. They deliver managed cloud hosting services which makes it a great cloud provider for setting up websites and developing apps. There are multiple things that make CloudWays a good alternative for Linode such as integrated Let’s encrypt SSL, more robust security, intuitive control panel, and advanced features like staging area.

Using CloudWays you can choose to host from one of the top 5 cloud providers which comprise Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Vultr, DigitalOcean, and Linode. CloudWays makes it simplified for its customers to take benefit of insanely fast servers. If you are not skilled enough to understand and configure complex cloud services especially Google Cloud Platform and AWS, CloudWays provides the best opportunity which comes with amazing support services too.

Similar to Linode, CloudWays offer you an allocated amount of resources. First, you need to pick a plan that you think fits with your current needs however as you need more resources you can easily increase the bars from the provided control panel.

With CloudWays, a  minimum plan costs $10/month which includes 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 25GB Storage, and 1TB bandwidth. As they support 5 different cloud providers so you will never think about the migration because of resource shortage.

Compared to Linode, CloudWays is taking care of various factors to ensure high-performance services. So besides utilizing the SSD based servers, their services are integrated with several performance-friendly technologies like Cloudflare CDN, HTTP/2, PHP 7, Redis, and Nginx to boost up the speed. And the best part is there is no need to learn about these, mostly, as most of them are handled by their experts.

CloudWays features solid security measures so that you can operate with full peace of mind. Along with continuous monitoring, all the servers are protected with OS-level dedicated firewalls to filter out malicious traffic. You can enable an effective layer of 2-Factor authentication security. Furthermore, there are also regular security patches to avoid vulnerabilities. For an additional layer, you will love their 1-click backup/restoration.

For fast load times, through CloudWays you can choose from 60 data centers. This is great as you can easily find a server location near your targeted audience. For effective workflow, CloudWays support easy Git integration, SSH access, and team collaboration tools.

Whenever you contact them their support team quickly walks you through security, server, and any other technical issue using Live Chat and Ticketing System. If you are still undecided about using CloudWays, then go ahead sign up for their free 3-days trial account to test their services.

8. A2hosting – Cheap Alternative to Linode for Bloggers

A2hosting is a rapidly growing name in the web hosting industry that holds a variety of solutions including shared, managed WordPress, Cloud VPS, and dedicated servers. Founded in 2001, they are paying their full attention to delivering blazing fast servers. Besides web hosting services, it is also a good domain registrar.

Although their shared hosting plans are pretty well-designed included with solid security, high speed, and developer-friendly tools. However, as a Linode alternative their shared hosting is not a suitable choice because in this server resources are shared among numerous users.

A2hosting offers cloud VPS where you will get an allocated amount of resources and the level of scalability just like in Linode. However, they move ahead compared to Linode to make VPS in access of the seekers. You can choose the VPS as per your skills and save on cost. A2hosting offers VPS in 3 different management levels: Unmanaged, Managed, and Core VPS.

The most affordable way to launch a virtual server is the unmanaged VPS which starts at $5/month. It is a suitable choice for those who are comfortable with command-line work and want server root access. This plan includes 1 Core CPU, 20 GB storage, 2TB data transfer, and 512MB RAM. Just like Linode, A2hositng VPS is specifically designed for Linux OS. You can choose from a list of Linux operating systems.

Unlike Linode where you have to choose between pre-made plans, A2hosting offers you both pre-made and ability to craft a customized plan. Compared to Linode, A2hosting offers a small number of data center choices however whichever you choose you will get SSD based servers with no additional cost. They offer 2 data center locations in the USA, 1 in Europe and 1 in Asia.

For managing a VPS server you can either use command lines or Webuzo free control panel. While choosing the Linux OS you can select the Webuzo control panel. It is easy to use and also included a 1-click app installer.

Unlike Linode, A2hosting VPS servers are enabled with HTTP/2, SPDY, ESI,x, and 10Gb/s network connectivity. For more speed boost you can get some add-ons such as Turbo Boost and Turbo cache by paying an additional amount. On the security side, they provide protection against DDoS attacks.

Managed and Core VPS are almost the same except that Core VPS provides you server root access while managed VPS does not and is completely managed by the company. Furthermore, both unmanaged and Core VPS plans include free SSL and cPanel access.

A2hosting clearly beat Linode and most hosting companies in terms of refund policy. You will get any time money-back guarantee which means within the first 30-days you will get a full refund and after that pro-rated refund on the basis of unused services. A2hosting offers 24/7 Live chat, email, and phone support.

9. Amazon Lightsail

You may hear about Amazon web services which are known as a reliable hosting provider for all types of websites and applications. Besides hosting they also offer bundles of digital products solutions such as blockchain networks, security, gaming tech, and more. However, AWS is not as straightforward as Linode (we already discussed Amazin EC2 above), so a beginner may end setting up a plan with resources that he/she may not even need.

So AWS designed simplified cloud hosting packages powered by their state-of-the-art servers. Similar to Linode, Amazon Lightsail accompanied by easy to use Lightsail console or API which allows you to set up and launch an instance in a matter of a few minutes.

What makes Amazon Lightsail one of the most potential Linode alternatives is the support for Linux and Windows operating systems. Where Linode ignores the Windows niche Lightsail especially designed separate Windows OS plans for better performance.

You can launch a server as low as $3.50/month which comprises 512MB RAM, 1 Core processor, 20GB SSD storage, and plentiful 1TB bandwidth. And when it comes to locating your app nearest your targeted audience Amazon offers the most number of data centers than any other cloud provider in the industry. Amazon Lightsail also houses solutions such as managed databases, block storage, load balancer, and manual/automatic snapshots.

Lightsail provides an ideal solution for those who prefer to use a simple interface. After creating a server they let you choose from numerous Linux operating system templates. Additionally, Lightsail is an ideal choice for running an application template such as WordPress, Joomla, LAMP, Nginx, and more.

While using Lightsail it means you have the most scalable company behind your back that can meet your growing needs easily. Whenever you want to upgrade for more computing power, storage and control Amazon allows you to export your Lightsail configurations to EC2 using a simple setup wizard.

If we talk about support services this is where Amazon has a downside, chiefly for novice users. For technical assistance, all they offer is an extensive web knowledge base and community forum. They do offer email support, but at an additional cost. The minimum email support plans start at $29/month with around 12-hour repose time. For a faster response, you need to get their higher support plan.

Amazon Lightsail is a good simplified solution for setting up websites, small apps, and e-commerce websites. However, bear in mind their limited support channels.

10. HostGator

HostGator is another renowned web hosting provider that is a considerable alternative for Linode when it comes to hosting a website or blog on hassle-free and fast cloud hosting. You will get an allocated amount of resources, a fully virtual environment, and easy to use UI for novices compared to Linode.

Founded in 2002, HostGator now holds all types of hosting solutions from shared to dedicated servers. HostGator cloud hosting delivers an amazing 99.9% uptime on average. In most months their uptime stayed at a max of 100% which is an excellent performance.

HostGator cloud hosting does not compromise on the importance of speed either. The provision of a specific amount of resources (no sharing with other accounts on the server), varnish caching, cloud resource management, and low-density servers will make your website fly.

When it comes to price to resource, HostGator cloud hosting offers you more worthy solutions compared to Linode. With just $4.95/month you will get 2GB RAM, 2 Core CPU, and unmetered bandwidth and storage. You will also get a free domain name with an annual subscription. However, here note that you will get such low pricing from HostGator if you buy a cloud hosting plan for like 3 years whereas Linode can offer you low pricing even if you choose to go for monthly billing.

Usually, larger websites require more resources and for that, they need to buy higher and expensive plans. But in the case of the HostGator cloud, they offer you unmetered bandwidth and storage along with a substantial amount of RAM and CPU. The only limitation that you need to consider the number of websites that you want to host.

HostGator cloud brings in data mirroring and automated failover to make sure you don’t lose your data and keep your site alive even if a hardware issue arises. The automated failover automatically switched your site on another server while for securing data they keep 3 copies of your website on different devices.

The best part for managing hosting features their cloud hosting included with cPanel that is enormously easy to use for tasks such as creating an email account, managing sub-domains, backups, and 1-click installer. So if currently you are hosting your website on a shared server and want to take advantage of cloud servers HostGator support a free full site migration.

Where they designed cloud hosting suitable for websites if you need hosting where you will be provided with server root access and other developer-friendly tools then HostGator VPS is the way to go for. Their VPS packages include loads of resources, DDOS protection, secured VPS firewall, and weekly off-site backups.

Need help? Unlike Linode, you can quickly contact HostGator technical team through Live Chat. You can also get help via phone, email, knowledge base, and video tutorials.

11. Interserver – Cheap Windows Cloud Linode Alternative

Interserver has been serving its customers for almost 2 decades with a range of products including shared, cloud VPS and dedicated servers. Whether you want to host Laravel or want to set up a WordPress blog Interserver holds reliable solutions for you.

Interserver Cloud VPS provides you the level of control you get with the Linode server. You will get full root control of the server and operating system you want to use.

Interserver offers both Linux and Windows-based servers separately. So for Windows users, using Interserver is more suitable than Linode. Another good thing Interserver offers more worthy Cloud VPS plans than Linode. Interserver lowest plans start at just $6/month which includes 2GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 30GB SSD storage, and 1TB data transfer.

By default, Interserver Cloud VPS offers you limited support however when you buy 4 or more slices they provide managed support services. That means you count on their team for security patches, control panel issues, and diagnosing other services-related issues. Interserver also houses a handsome amount of resources to meet your future needs. You can avail of up to 32GB RAM, 16 Cores CPU, 16TB data transfer, and 480GB SSD storage.

Interserver allows the user to install an OS with a free Webuzo control panel. Where Linode provides a custom control panel with a 1-click apps installer, Interserver Webuzo enables you to deploy 100’s of apps quickly on your cloud VPS. While setting up an account you can choose to select between West Coast (Los Angeles, CA) and East Coast (Secaucus, NJ) datacenters. The choice of a data center is very important for some crucial platforms like stock trading to reduce the latency.

Interserver Cloud hosting is characterized by lightning-fast speed, top-notch security and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Furthermore, they are also utilizing unique auto-healing AI which comes into play whenever the system detects the problem. The AI will redirect those to another node and which is why you will experience very rare problems.

If you want to code in popular languages such as ASP.Net, C #, ASP classic, etc. you need a Windows server. For Windows cloud VPS, Interserver offers an array of hosting plans. You can launch the Windows server in just $10/month. There are tons of scalable options and you will get administrator access which means you can do everything with your server and can integrate tools like Cloudflare, Let’s Encrypt, Nginx, PHP and more.

Interserver in-house expert team always available to assist you. They are pretty quick in responding to your queries over the chat. You can also reach them using phone and email tickets. If you want to diagnose or learn something on your own don’t forget to crawl into their knowledge base.

12. Atlantic.net

Atlantic.net has a reputation for providing a good quality hosting solution where you can surely trust to host your professional projects. It is one of the oldest cloud hosting providers which spent around 20 years serving the customers. They claim “trusted by 1500 businesses” including the businesses Lenovo, Puma, KIA, and Newegg. Furthermore, they are also certified by ISO 27001, 14001, 9001, Privacy Shield, and several other certificates.

Atlantic.net enables you to launch a Windows or Linux based server in a matter of seconds. With the utilization of RAID-10 VPS storage systems, they are making sure to keep your app online and secure even when some hardware components misbehave.

Similar to Linode, Atlantic.net offers pre-made plans however they did a great job by categorizing the plans as general purpose, Storage, Memory, and Compute optimized. This allows the customers to pick a cloud VPS server as per their requirements. Along with Linux, unlike Linode, they officially support Windows servers that means while utilizing their Windows-based server, the Atlantic.net support team will back you up regarding server issues.

Atlatntic.net provides a good worth to your money. They offer a wide range of plans starting from just $8/month. With this cloud VPS package, you will get 1GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 40BG SSD storage, and 3TB data transfer. Currently, you can choose between 7 of their data centers.

An important consideration while choosing a hosting company for your application is scalability i.e. how long their resources are enough to handle your growing website.

Atlatntic.net is a big company that holds a giant cloud infrastructure so it means you can available a huge amount of resources. It means they can hold projects of any size. So to save some cost you can start by picking a plan as per your current requirements. And when you need more resources you can quickly scale up their cloud platform backed by a 100% uptime guarantee. They also offer managed services, block storage, load balancers, and the best HIPAA-compliant hosting solutions.

Atlantic.net offers a very straightforward control panel to launch a server, selection of the operating system, and DNS management. However, if you want to use cPanel you can easily integrate that by paying an additional $14.97/mo. They also support various one-click installer apps including LAMP, Node.js, WordPress, and more. You will be provided with Atlantic.net RESTful API which enables you to programmatically manage cloud services.

While hosting on Atlntic.net you can stay in peace as you will get help from a team backed by decades of experience. You can access their team via Email and phone.

13. TMDhosting

Last but not the least, if you are searching for a simplified cloud hosting solution merely for your growing website then TMDhosting is a great alternative to Linode. Typically people use shared hosting when they are going to start a new website. However, as your website grows you need a hosting solution that provides more control over resources so to ensure more reliability and security.

Compared to Linode, TMD cloud hosting solution is an excellent way to host a website because they provide more simplicity and usability. Where Linode offers you their in-house made control panel for managing a server, TMDhosting provides cPanel. So it means if you are already using cPanel with your current web host then you will feel absolutely no problem while managing TMD cloud hosting.

Your site will get a smoother experience compared to shared hosting as a cloud server provides you with a fully separate environment. And unlike shared hosting, you will get an allocated amount of resources.

If we talk about the money value, TMD hosting offers you more worthy plans than Linode. With just $5.95/month, the plan included 2 CPU cores and 2GB DDR4 RAM. The best part, they put no limit on the usage of bandwidth and storage space. Here bear in mind, you will get such low pricing only if you buy their plan for the 3-year duration while with Linode you don’t have to make such long contracts.

Although TMDhosting offers low pricing when you go for a 3-year billing cycle however they also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to test their services.

TMD cloud hosting also comes with various freebies. Besides free cPanel, you will get a free domain name with an annual plan. For quickly installing apps like WordPress, Joomla, Laravel and many more the cPanel included with Softaculous AutoInstaller.

TMDhosting provides a well-secured environment. They are utilizing the web firewall by BitNinja. Also, there is free Let’s Encrypt SSL and SPAM Experts. Furthermore, you can easily integrate Cloudflare CDN which not only improves the loading time but also filter out malicious traffic.

Don’t go fast during the checkout process as they will offer you a choice of data center there. You can opt the one nearest your targeted audience out of their 6 data centers.

TMDhosting offers managed cloud hosting which means their team will do all the management dirty work and fully support you in the case of problematic situations. Their cloud hosting packages are backed by 24/7/365 Live Chat, Email, and phone support. Whenever we contact them using live chat they usually respond in under a min.


Out of the crowded web hosting market, we have listed our top 12 Linode alternatives. A choice of web host depends on your needs.

Whether you are searching for a cloud provider for app developing purposes or a more managed cloud solution for hosting a website, you can find the best alternative for Linode from above mentioned top-rated companies.

After in-depth reviews, we have some suggestions for you.

For developers, we recommend Kamatera and Vultr. Both are among the best cloud providers. Both of these companies offer reliable and dependable cloud hosting services but with amazingly cheap pricing tags. Furthermore, they hold a huge amount of resources for scalability.

However, if you are planning to host a website on a cloud hosting platform, we recommend companies like Liquidweb, HostGator, and TMDhosting. These are well-known names in the web hosting industry and provide cPanel-based cloud hosting, making it a lot easier for novice users to manage cloud computing.

Consequently, choose any one of the Linode alternatives that best fit your needs.

Imran Nazish

Imran is an enthusiastic web hosting and server management geek with over 8 years of experience dealing with different kinds of hosting companies. He is also familiar with web hosting technical stuff and server optimizations and shares thorough, well-tested reviews and guides on the same domain.

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