Top 18 Free WordPress Hosting 2024

Newbies and those who currently don’t have enough money to purchase web hosting often use free WordPress hosting for testing and know-how of WordPress, and then they shift to the premium plans. This practice is also useful for testing new plugins and themes as well as for some developing activities.

Pro Tip: Sometimes updating plugins and themes could break your site, so you should build a dummy/test site and update plugins and themes there (dummy site) before doing updates on the main website. It can save you a lot of time and headaches.

Actually, it’s the best way to learn WordPress more closely, but the thing to remember is that the resources are limited to free web hosting, and shortcomings are frequent.

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We include those limitations that you may encounter while using free WordPress hosting service at the end of the article.

Pros of Free web hosting for WordPress:

  • Free of cost no need to spend even a cent
  • Best for experiments/learning if you don’t have any WordPress experience
  • Ideal for beginner learners
  • Best for testing plugins, themes or development
  • Made a blog just as a hobby or for fun


If you are serious and want to establish your online business or blog, then consider about buying the paid hosting service. Because in a premium, plan there is tight security protocols, daily backup options, high speed and Uptime that run your business and blog smoothly.

We strongly recommend BlueHost. It is an excellent choice, and you can avail basic hosting plan just at $3.45 per month. For a limited budget, you can also try iPage to get hosting account just at $24 for the whole year.

Why do we recommend BlueHost? Because they fulfill all the security holes, make your business secure and provide the best WordPress hosting at a reasonable price. Money back guarantee, free domain name with top-level extensions like .com, .org, .net, 24/7 live chat, advertising credit makes you feel amazing and professional.

Moreover, BlueHost is officially recommended by WordPress.org. So, don’t waste your time if you are serious then click below and purchase a Bluehost plan.

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Let’s have a glance at the list of free WordPress hosting platforms. Numbering doesn’t matter on the list, almost all the companies providing the same kind of services besides a bit of difference. We gave them numbers mainly based on their quality and space allowed and for your ease of use.

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Top Free WordPress Hosting in 2024

1. 000WebHost

They are one of the top free wordpress hosting provider and their services performing very well as compared to many others. Also, they have pretty much experience due to the long period in the industry. Moreover, it’s an ad free hosting service, isn’t it great?

The thing to be a wonder at is that they are promising to deliver 99.9% Uptime and does not demand even a coin from your side. So feel free and start building your blog or site today.

SO let’s have a look at the key features;

  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • One click installer
  • Website Builder for free
  • Free domain with .000webhostapp.com extension
  • Almost 1.5GB storage and 10GB bandwidth
  • Infinite domain names
  • Free plenty of templates are available
  • PHP and MySQL Databases, FTP, instant backup
  • 5 email accounts with POP3 and IMAP
  • SPAM protection and Mail Forwarder
  • phpMyAdmin, Directories for Password Protection, and much more

2. Hostinger

Another very familiar name on our free list of wordpress hosting is Hostinger. Offering Auto script installer, latest PHP, SSD drivers, and technical support. There is no ad or any banners by the company, and furthermore, they are giving 99.9% server uptime guarantee. So at any time if you want to upgrade then this hosting is an option to consider. They are starting from $2.45/month with many features stamp as unlimited.

So let’s see what they got for us

  • Almost 2GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth
  • Ability to host sub-domains
  • 5 Addon domains and domain parking facility
  • Easy control panel
  • One click WordPress installation
  • MySQL 5.1 and PHP 7
  • Cron jobs facility
  • 2 MySQL database with no size limit
  • phpMyAdmin for the management of databases
  • Complete Backup Solutions
  • 24/7 support and Site Builder

 3. x10Hosting

One of the very brilliant company in providing the free hosting services. And don’t worry in case of any problem just join the community that includes almost 750,000 members to answer the question you are confronting.

And when you change your mind and want to shift to their premium hosting plan then the company provides you some extra features. Furthermore, the company has the experience of almost 11 years that shows they know how to win the trust customers.

You don’t need to care about the traffic because there is no boundary for data transfer.

  • Limitless storage space, bandwidth, and MySQL
  • Domains with five free extensions
  • The company is using SSD hosting servers even for free users
  • Three email accounts and up-to-date version of PHP
  • Free website builder and plenty of templates
  • More than 200 free apps
  • Help center that includes knowledge base and a search bar for asking the questions
  • No limit on file size
  • Availability of backup crafting

4. Byet

When it comes to the number of features in a free web hosting, then I think there is no match of the Byet. Also, they are offering HTTPS/SSL certificate for free while on the other hand, some companies charge handsome amounts for this. The free of cost hosting service provided by the company is fantastic. You should surely try it.

  • Almost 1GB storage and 50 GB monthly transfer
  • Ad free hosting service
  • Free HTTPS/SSL certificate
  • 5 addon, 5 parked domains and a free sub-domain
  • Have the facility to create 5 MySQL database
  • 5 email accounts, Forwarder, and free webmails
  • Get you the statistics of storage, data transfer, daily hits and about various logs
  • Support is available for 24/7 along with ticket system, knowledgebase, and visual guides
  • IP address manager, Redirected URL manager, error page manager, backup and many more
  • cPanel, file manager, and FTP accounts
  • Softaculous 256 script installer including different platform like WordPress, Joomla
  • Site creator with a number of templates

4. WPNode

It is very easy to start with WPNode you just need few clicks. They are offering some pre-installed tools such as W3 Total Cache plugin, phpMyAdmin, Secure File Transfer Protocol, etc. Also, there are some free themes available to apply. Furthermore, in the case of any problem, you can send the email or tweet them to support services. For backup, you can use Updraft Plus to prevent any data loss.

Note that: Unlike many other companies, their services are available for a limited duration.

  • You can make unlimited sites
  • 5GB SSD storage space
  • No limit on data transfer it means no limit on page views
  • 1GB storage for emails
  • Free CloudFlare CDN is available
  • Transfer files using SFTP
  • Database creation and its management via phpMyAdmin
  • W3 edge plugin for enhancing server performance

5. AwardSpace

This is another popular hosting provider and having experience of more than 10 years. The company offers tons of premium plans along with the free plan so that in future if you change your mind then you can easily move to the premium one. If your aim to create a non-profit, as a hobby or to taste the services, then it is an excellent option to subscribe.

Their services are not speedy as per our statistics, but I think speed is not a protestation factor while using free service. Just focus on the vast list of features.

The company step ahead from its industry rivals and offers Live Chat on a free plan. Although they are not outstanding in response time but they deserve appreciation for this effort.

  • You can store data of 1GB
  • 5GB bandwidth
  • 1 domain and 3 subdomains allowed
  • You can create 1(one) MySQL database
  • DNS, WHOIS management
  • Absolutely AD free web hosting service
  • 1 FTP access account
  • 1 MySQL database and phpPgAdmin for establishing and editing the database
  • 1 email account, Spam and virus filter, POP3 and Auto email responder
  • Easy installer for WordPress and Joomla

6. Biz.nf

Biz.nf offers free web hosting for WordPress and Joomla, you can install these platforms by using automatic installation wizard. They are providing PHP 7 even for the free hosting plan. The company includes plenty of cool and premium features in its hosting plan for free such as 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support and server monitoring.

If you really want to setup a blog then don’t waste your time and at least take a bite of their services for once

  • 5 GB bandwidth and almost 1GB hosting space for storage
  • 1 domain and 3 subdomains and 3 domains along with .co.nf extension
  • 24/7 support including ticketing and FAQ’s
  • No pop up, banner or any kind of ads
  • You can host 4 websites on one hosting account
  • 1 email is allowed, email filter, webmails, and autoresponder
  • POP3, IMAP, and SMTP enabled
  • Spam and virus protection tool
  • PHP 5 and PHP 7
  • 1 account of MSQL database, phpAdmin Panel
  • 1 FTP account, file manager, and Dreamweaver support
  • Offering Zacky Website builder, different statistics, and much more.

8. FreeHostingNoAds

As the name shows, this company offers web hosting at no cost. You can manage an enormous amount of traffic as well as huge storage space so that users can test or run their blogs without any concerns. They provider script installer for WordPress and Joomla. You can also avail the Technical support while facing any issue.

You would really enjoy their free WordPress hosting the reason to stay tuned with them is that they are gifting a lot of space and bandwidth.

  • 20GB hosting storage plus 200GB bandwidth
  • Script installer tool
  • Can create free URL such as name.t15.org
  • 3 MySQL database, 3 FTP accounts, and 3 email accounts
  • Including the backup facility
  • phpMyAdmin, Control Panel, file manager
  • Free Website Builder, also you can make the changes in the existing templates

9. Zymic

One of the very generous hosting service to start a website freely. With pretty much storage and bandwidth and no ads made their hosting preferable for the users. A Huge amount of templates with different layouts and also you can customize them as you want.

Moreover, you can host an unlimited website on an account. The amazing features delivered by the zymic enables them to be one of the top free WordPress hosting providers.

  • Nearly 6GB Disk storage
  • 50GB data transfer facility
  • Subdomains
  • 3 MySQL databases
  • File manager and database management
  • Control panel
  • PHP version 5.2.12 available
  • Articles, Tutorials and community forums for support
  • No annoying ads and ads free web hosting
  • FTP account for the easy management of your site contents

10. 5GB Free WordPress Hosting

Where some companies offering their own customize control panel in a free hosting plan, 5GBFree offering cPanel which is the most common tool for management of the website. So that, the users can better experience and understand the hosting. But they are not offering any email account, domain extension, cron jobs and custom error page.

We found their services consistent and worthy enough that we include the company on our list.

Here are some core features to look for;

  • 5GB storage
  • 20GB for the data transfer
  • 1 parked and 1 addon domain
  • 1FT account
  • 3 MySQL databases
  • cPanel and PHP
  • You can get help from FORUM

11. Host-ed.net

The next name in our free list of wordpress hosting provider is Host-ed.net that comes with plenty of features. You can host three domains in an account; different monitoring statistics can create various type of databases, CloudFlare and support made their free hosting services more reliable. There is no Site Builder for free users.

They are displaying each and everything very clearly even the technical parameters such as RAM, CPU with specifications avail to the free users.

  • 1 GB free hosting space
  • 10 GB for website traffic or bandwidth
  • CloudFlare for caching your website
  • Three domains and one subdomain can be host
  • One email account with Email filter, POP3, Webmails
  • NET, PHP 5, Ruby, SSI, and phpMyAdmin
  • SSL certificate
  • cPanel and customization for error pages
  • Website Builder, CMS, and one-click installer tools
  • Support services are available 24/7 in the form of ticketing and FAQ’s

12. 100 WebSpace

Although they are offering very limited resources in a free plan like only 100MB disk space but on the other hand fast support services, Mailing list, SSL certificate generator and 1-click installer for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other applications able the company to be one of the best free web hosting providers.

Moreover, if you want to shift to premium plans which is very cheap and cost nearly about $0.99, then you have a pretty much type of extensions (more than 70) available to choose from.

  • 100 MB web space
  • 3GB traffic is allowed
  • 1 Free domain, 5 subdomain and unlimited parked domains
  • You can create 3 email accounts
  • 1 FTP account, IP blocking, and URL redirect services
  • 99.9% Uptime of servers
  • Free templates for website
  • All types statistics insight like error logs, access logs, FTP details, etc.
  • Shared SSL IPs, SSD Data Caching and site boosters
  • MySQL database, phpMyAdmin and PHP 4, 5, and 7
  • SPAM filter, SPF and Virus protection
  • Ticket and Email system response within 1 hour for any kind of help at any time

13. FreeHostingEU

This company offers web hosting with impressive features including 1-click installer for WordPress and Joomla. They provide very limited resources as compared to the many other companies.

But 2 Website builder, enough number of subdomains, Autoresponders, SPAM protection and the latest version of PHP make you feel like a paid customer. 99.8% Uptime guarantee and eager to support their users even on free storage plan push the user’s mind to give a try.

  • 200MB web storage
  • 4GB data transfer for traffic
  • 5 subdomains and 5 .eu.pn / .me.pn based domains
  • 1 emails account and filter, POP3 and IMAP access and autoresponder
  • SPAM, Virus and Firewall protection
  • PHP5 and PHP7 supported
  • Perl modules & CGI/Perl
  • 1 MySQL database and 10MB size per database
  • File management system, Friendly control panel, Dreamweaver
  • Any time customer support that includes Problem tickets system and FAQ’s

14. Xtreemhost

It’s a magnificent choice for experiment and understanding the WordPress or just for a simple personal blog. They are providing all the main features which are necessary to experience the WordPress intimately so if at any time your website receives more traffic their 100GB bandwidth is enough to take care of.

  • Almost 2.5GB storage for content hosting
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • 1 Addon and 1 Parked domain
  • 1 FTP account for the site management
  • 30 Script can be install using script installer
  • 1 MySQL database
  • Customize control panel
  • Forums, Knowledgebase and Email service available for support

15. CloudAccess

With more than 15000 website hosted by them, this hosting comes with balanced quality services and offers plenty of choices premium and free and provide you the opportunity to say hello to the world. They give hosting only for WordPress and Joomla and you can stay with them for lifetime without paying any fee.

They are also facilitating the user like CCP (cloud control panel) which enables the user to create remote backups, management of databases and much more.

One more thing, that they are promising 99.9% Uptime and friendly response in providing the technical support services. Apart from free plans they also offer paid hosting plans which are starting from $5 per month.

  • Handsome storage of 20GB
  • Boundless bandwidth
  • Free subdomain
  • Uptime Guarantee, Backup
  • Ticket support is available within 24 hour response time
  • Video tutorials and numerous training programs
  • phpMyAdmin, Free staging URL
  • Infinite email addresses

16. FreeHostia

With FreeHostia you will be able to go online within no time. 1-click installer helps to install the WordPress, Joomla, and other apps automatically.

They claim to offer 99.9% Uptime, free website themes, SSD data caching, ticket and email support, 50+ scripts, different types of filter tools and much more.

  • 250MB available for storage
  • 6GB for monthly traffic
  • 5 domains can be hosted
  • 3 email accounts and 1 MySQL database
  • Shared SSL IPs, Site Accelerator
  • Email forwarder, Autoresponder, and advanced manager
  • SPAM and virus filters
  • 24/7 Trouble ticket, video guides, emails and online documentation for support
  • PHP 5,4 and 7
  • For MySQL database management company offers phpMyAdmin
  • IP Blocking, cPanel, FTP manager, URL redirector, etc.

17. FreeHosting

This one is also a superb option for free wordpress hosting due to some extensive features like no limit on file size, a number of pages and daily visitors. They do not offer any subdomain, but you can access the cPanel to manage your website.

You don’t need any help or guides for the installation of WordPress, phBB, Joomla, etc. because by using the 1-click installer you can do installation with few clicks.

Their premium plan seems very nice as they are offering many features labeled as unlimited.

  • 10 GB disk space
  • 250 GB data transfer
  • 1 FTP account and 1 Email account
  • PHP, Site builder, and phpMyAdmin
  • No ads or frustrating banners
  • User can create 1 MySQL database
  • cPanel, No limit on file size and web pages

18. Hostt

Hostt is providing only WordPress hosting, you don’t have any other choice like Joomla or phpBB. Further, they are offering very limited resources and so that you are not able to handle the WordPress truly.

So use this hosting only as a hobby or for a very low traffic site. But be careful because there are many ads welcoming you as it’s not an ad free web hosting. Another caution! You are all alone in the journey because no one assists you in case when facing trouble.

The reason to enlist them is that they are WordPress focused and fall into the category of our post title at some angle.

You don’t have large list of features to experience except

  • cPanel
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Limited Storage space

We don’t have much statistics as they are not showing much even after subscription

Which is the Best Hosting for WordPress CMS?

So, we have discussed the free wordpress hosting services to help you find the right one. But, again we highly recommend you should go for paid hosting like BlueHost if you really want to build a business website or blog.

It may cost you some money but saves you from many headaches and frustration. In case, you just want to learn and try wordpress then it’s great to start first on free webhosting and then move to premium one.

Getting traffic from search engines and other sources is one of the toughest jobs, and you have to work hard to get significant visitors. When are you working hard to bring traffic then why not to spend some money to secure your website instead of relying on a free wordpress hosting?

Is there any best free WordPress hosting we missed on the list? Feel free to suggest in the comments section below.

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