Top 10 Best CloudWays Alternatives for 2024

Though Cloudways doing a great job by offering cloud services in a more simplified way along with hasty support channels. But their high-cost structure makes most of us search for best Cloudways alternatives.

In Cloud hosting servers are interconnected to each other so that to act as a single system. It means unlike shared hosting company servers are connected to each other which are placed in multiple geographic locations. This enables cloud hosting to offer maximum uptime and high response services.

Another best part of cloud hosting that, it is characterized by quick scalability. In the case when your app/site is getting high traffic spikes, you can quickly scale up the resources to eliminate the possible outages, and the demanded resource will add to your account within no time.

Despite its various attractive benefits cloud hosting is an affordable solution. Along with the monthly billing, most companies also offer the facility of hourly billing.

Unlike most of the companies, Cloudways does not own any datacenters instead it’s a third-party company that is offering other companies services through its platform. The cloud provider like AWS and Google cloud platform etc. are pretty hard to configure especially for newbies, so Cloudways make them simple by offering pre-made plans.

Furthermore, most companies do not provide support channels like live chat (AWS do not offer even email support for free), so Cloudways fill a gap there.

However Cloudways charge double or even more than the pricing charge by the primary provider. So here in this guide, we list out the 10 best Cloudways alternatives you should pick from.

Recommended Cloudways Alternatives

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Top 10 Best CloudWays Alternatives of 2024


Kamatera is our “Top Choice” when it comes to affordable cloud hosting backed by elegant infrastructure, powerful hardware, and the latest server components. What makes it an excellent alternative to Cloudways is the availability of dozens of operating systems support, plus custom OS deploying as well.

There is a broad range of operating systems, including Windows, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, etc. that can be installed with a few clicks. In fact, developer apps and CMS such as Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Docker, LAMP, LEMP, MongoDB, and Tomcat software also available to install.

Just like the competition, you can also set up a cloud server under a few minutes with desired system resources. The process is simple, all you have to do is go to your account dashboard, select server zone, decide which OS/app you need, pick CPU cores, RAM, space, and other add-ons (if needed), and you’re good to go. That’s it; it’s as simple as it is.

The company has years of experience, in-house managed support available 24/7 to handle technical issues through live chat, email, and phone call.

When we compare data center locations of both providers, Kamatera also has own servers whereas Cloudways utilize servers provided by third party companies like DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, etc. Regarding services and products offered by both hosts, you can find a wide range of services from them, including add-ons like backup, load balancers, firewall security, IPs, etc.

For installing apps, OS, and developer environments, Kamatera and DigitalOcean provide 1-click installer, which ensures quick server launch. There are more than 100 OS images to choose from to fulfill all range of users.

Kamatera offers an entry plan at $4/month packs 1GB RAM, 1 vCPU at 2667MHz, 20GB SSD space, CentOS Linux 8, 1 Free IP, and 5TB bandwidth. You can also configure a custom cloud server with up to 384GB RAM and 72 vCPU cores too.

Now the question is, why Kamatera?

Kamatera is, by far, one of the best cloud platforms because all of their servers are built with the fastest Intel Platinum processors (300% faster than predecessors generations). Each server utilizing 40Gbit internet connectivity, SSDs to avoid bottlenecks, ensure zero latency, and unlimited scalability.

Furthermore, they also offer a 30 days free trial account for a test drive so one can check and decides if it’s the right cloud hosting for their projects. Don’t waste more time, head over to Kamatera by click here, and enjoy a TRIAL account TODAY.


Compare to Cloudways Vultr significantly cost you low as well as delivers remarkable quality. Whether you need an individual or enterprise level hosting Vultr house variety of cloud hosting solutions like bare metals and dedicated servers etc.

This rapidly growing company founded in 2014 and launch more than 20 Million instances for their customers in a few years. So what makes them a preferable choice over Cloudways?

Vultr runs on the latest generation Intel core processors that enable them to deliver not only the fast speed services but also outstanding uptime. And the best part is they provide a 100% SLA guarantee. Furthermore, all of their servers include solid state drives with no additional cost.

Another thing that set apart Vultr from all others is their large cloud infrastructure system. There are 16 compute locations around the world (In North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia) which you will surely locate near the customer no matter where they are. While on the other hand, Cloudways has no datacenters instead provide hosting on other companies servers.

Being a reseller, Cloudways offer Vultr on their platform with some benefits. Like Cloudways offer integrated SSL, 24/7 Live chat support and a control panel with some additional functionalities while they charge more than double the cost.

On the other hand, Vultr is the best example of a delighted level product. With just $5 you will get 25GB SSD storage, 1 CPU core, 1TB bandwidth, and 1GB RAM.

Furthermore, Vultr also offers a simple easy to use control panel that supports plenty of 1 click apps like Joomla, WordPress, LAMP and more. You can pick from the provided OS list or even upload your ISO file i.e. you will get root admin access of the server.

You can get support either by email or through documentation maintained on their website. So if you want to save cost with no compromise on quality Vultr is a powerful alternative to Cloudways. Although if you never use cloud hosting it will take some time to manage things. In that case, Cloudways could be an option. However, even if you have a little bit of experience to manage cloud hosting Vultr is undoubtedly the best choice.


Another web host that made its position to Cloudways alternatives while compiling the list because of their valuable cloud hosting plans along with perks. This US-based company spent more than two successful decades in the industry, and so have a clear vision of how to meet customer expectations. Apart from web hosting services DreamHost is also a trustable domain registrar.

For hosting a blog DreamHost unlimited shared plans is an excellent choice that comes with unlimited SSD storage, bandwidth, free domain, etc. The most striking thing that DreamHost provides 97 days money back guarantee on shared annual plans.

After ordering cloud computing, DreamHost takes no time to get it ready for you. Cloud computing is designed to provide hassle-free access to node.js, Perl, Python, MongoDB, and other developer tools and languages. With the integration of SSD, the company makes possible hasty repose time of their services. However, unlike Cloudways, DreamHost does not put datacenter selection in customers’ hands.

DreamHost unmanaged cloud services provide developers with a limit free environment. You are free to install any software of your choice. In addition, you can launch your server as Windows, Linux or FreeBSD. There are many pre-loaded Linux distribution, but DreamHost also allows you to upload your own.

Like any other good cloud computing provider, DreamHost also features easy scalability that allows you to modify your resources anytime.

DreamHost offers up to 8GB cloud hosting plans. When it comes to price – value relationship DreamHost clearly beat the Cloudways. The least plan offers 512MB RAM, 80GB SSD storage and 1 CPU core in just $4.50/mo ($0.0075/hour).

You will also get some perks like free bandwidth and 100GB block storage. So you don’t have to worry about unexpected traffic spikes or shortage of storage. This not ends yet. Where most companies billed based on a 700+ hour month, DreamHost billed up to 600 hrs.

Although they have put great efforts in providing valuable services with consistent quality, DreamHost does not ignore the importance of good customer support services. You can contact them using Live chat, Phone, and emails. Here note that live chat mostly available during 6 am – 10 pm PST.  However, they have an active forum (26,440+ registered member) and knowledgebase for helpful content. As a whole DreamHost is an excellent choice for smaller projects because they offer up to 8GB cloud plan and after that, either migrate to a dedicated server or on another web host.


DigitalOcean is another well-known cloud computing provider. With around 12 datacenters, the company host more than 1MM droplets on their servers. DigitalOcean is one of the favorite places for developers because of their simple developer-friendly features. Deploying droplet is super fast that within a couple of minutes you can start utilizing it.

DigitalOcean provides full freedom to make use of their server. They feature a simple in-house dashboard with various functionalities. You can pick from a variety of distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, FreeBSD and more. Furthermore, just like Cloudways, you can install apps like GitLab, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, etc. through the 1-click installer.

While hosting on DigitalOcean, you don’t need to worry about scalability. With just a matter of clicks, additional block storage and bandwidth resources will be added to your account. If you have heavy traffic website or app, you can put DO Load Balancer ($10/mo) to greater use to maximize the app availability.

Like the name signifies Load Balancer distribute among your resources and balance the load automatically. Further, you don’t have to perform any complex configuration to activate it rather start working right out of the box. Also, Load Balancers automatically enable the additional SSL security layer with free of cost renewals.

DigitalOcean features a smart alert system. They allow you to design your own alert policies on metrics and resources etc. Additionally, you can enable email system so to receive alert right in your associated email inbox and take timely actions in case of discrepancies. Similar to Cloudways, DigitalOcean also provides you with team management feature that allows you to add other team members without sharing your credentials.

DigitalOcean basic plan ($5/mo) include 25GB storage, 1GB RAM, 1 core CPU and 1 TB bandwidth. While getting the same plan from Cloudways double the cost i.e., $10/mo. In case you need technical support, you can contact them using a ticketing system or explore yourself from their tutorials and documentation.

As a whole DigitalOcean hold plentiful features including simplicity, load balancers, collaboration tool, low-priced backups, cheap pricing and hence can be termed as good Cloudways alternative.

A2Hosting – Best Choice for Websites

Founded back in 2001, A2hosting covers shared, managed WordPress, cloud and dedicated hosting packages. The company enables the customer to make use of SSD powered web hosting to deliver the blazing fast hosting within very affordable pricing. Unlike Cloudways, A2hoting provides you control to configure the plan as per your needs.

A2hosting put great efforts for faster speed services. With solid state drives the servers are integrated with HTTP/2, Cloudflare, and LiteSpeed cache, etc. A2hosting also offer some tools with additional cost to further boost the speed. Based on your potential customers you can select from 4 datacenters Michigan (USA), Arizona (USA), Europe (Amsterdam) and Singapore (Asia).

A2hosting offers various types of cloud VPS plans called as unmanaged, managed and Core VPS plans. An unmanaged plan provides a developer-friendly cloud hosting by giving full root access to the server. However, note that unmanaged plans only offer Linux based server. On the other hand, managed plans are like a peace of mind service but lack the server admin access.

In managed plans company experts take care of technical issues and provide full assistance to your queries. While Core VPS plans are the combination of managed services as well as gives you full root access to the server.  You can launch either Linux or Windows on managed and Core VPS.

While configuring a plan you can pick OS template (CentOS, Debian, Fedora Ubuntu, and Gentoo, etc.) with Webuzo which is a free control panel and provides some additional capabilities in managing the server.

However, you can also add cPanel for your ease by paying some licensing fee. On A2hosting Cloud VPS, plans starts from $5/mo that offers 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD webspace, 1 CPU core. Also, plans include 2TB data transfer which is more than the Cloudways basic plan.

A2hosting offers anytime money-back guarantee on annual plans. This means if you are not satisfied with their services you are able to get a full refund with 30 days while after that you still able to get a refund based on the unused services. For solving customer queries A2hosting offers ticketing system, phone, and huge knowledge base.

You can also contact them using live chat, but just like Cloudways, this channel is mainly devoted to pre-sale issues. So all in all, A2hosting unmanaged services are really cheap while you are responsible for managing it. On the other side, managed and Core VPS are expensive but let you just focus on your project.


Togglebox is an SSD based cloud provider that lets the developers enjoy secure as well as reliable services. Aside from cloud hosting they also offer Windows virtual desktop, cPanel, SSL and domain registration services. The reason that makes ToggleBox a compelling alternative to Cloudways is the level of customizability while launching a server. So instead of picking up from pre-made plans ToggleBox allow you create a custom plan by just moving a slider.

ToggleBox knows uptime and speed is the most vital factor for a site or application. Now the world is busy, and everyone is in a hurry so if your app has low response time the customer won’t wait and move to your competitor. So ToggleBox is using SAN storage which is dedicated to fast speed and block-level access to storage.

Through the use of cloud technologies, Togglebox offers the highest uptime. Thus in the case of a node failure, the system automatically switches your project to a standby node and eliminates the possible outages.

For reliable and guaranteed resources, Togglebox is utilizing KVM virtualization. This makes sure to provide each user a whole virtualized hardware environment hence your resources will not get shared with anyone on the same server.

Togglebox is an amazing choice over Cloudways if your project is bandwidth-intensive. Their least plans start from $10.05/mo or $0.01396/hour which will provide you 10TB bandwidth, 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core 20GB SSD. Moreover, if you are not sure about the resource like how much you need to run WordPress, then you can make use of their preset suggestions.

Whether you want to run Windows or Linux the company provides a pretty flexible hosting that supports a wide range of templates. You can hand on PHP, Git, Apache and lots of other developer’s tools with no worry. There is also a VM cloning feature that produces a copy of your cloud server so you can deploy new server hastily.

Togglebox contains all the solutions for your growing needs. Along with scalable resources, you can also get pre-configured load balancers to manage traffic as well as uptime. Just like Cloudways, Togglebox assists you in migration from the old hosting provider.

Just like its competitor ToggleBox also put great efforts into providing customer support. They hold 24/7 quick live chat, ticketing system, and phone support. Overall, Togglebox is a trustworthy host, and if they don’t meet your expectations, then you can exercise 7 days refund policy.

Amazon Lightsail

Almost everyone who aware of web hosting might hear about the giant Amazon web services. AWS is the largest web hosting company that house numerous products such as cloud hosting, database storage, and content delivery network, developer tools, etc. Moreover, being the market leader, the company also well takes care of security measures.

Although there are a lot of benefits but configuring a plan on AWS is like a daunting task especially for newbies. So they offer Amazon Lightsail – a simplified cloud solution as well as can be easily incorporated with AWS products when needed.

Keeping simplicity in mind, setting up an account on Amazon Lightsail is pretty straightforward like most other cloud providers. On Lightsail there are many pre-made plans, and you can pick either Unix/Linux or Windows server.

Compared to Cloudways; you can launch a server on Lightsail in just $3.50/mo. However, for installing apps like WordPress, we recommend at least to pick $5/mo packages that carry 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 40GB SSD storage, and 2TB data transfer.

The global availability of data centers makes amazon Lightsail the best alternative to Cloudways. They have maintained 38 availability zones in 13 different regions of the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. This wide range of data centers allows you to launch your app nearest your audience which significantly contributes to improving the response time.

Lightsail unlocks various other capabilities such as easy to use API to extend your project, block storage, and low price snapshots. Where Lightsail features pretty scalable solutions for your growing needs, you can also at the time of need you can integrate other AWS services like S3 object storage.

Further, if your site or application is getting popular and receiving huge traffic, you can avail load balancer by paying an additional amount. The load balancer divides the traffic among instances and thus provides better protection against outages.

Although Amazon Lightsail is doing great whether it is pricing or security or flexibility, but when it comes to customer support services, there is no live chat and email support. However, they maintain a support forum and a massive amount of web documentation for helping their users. So if you are experienced, then Amazon Lightsail is a fantastic place for app developing while for novice users we recommend more simplified Cloudways alternative like Vultr.

Founded in 1994 come with an aim to simplify the complex technologies. With more than two decades in the industry, the company demonstrates its trustworthiness and reliability of their services.

They maintain cutting edge datacenters in various regions (London, New York, Dallas, Toronto, San Francisco, Ashburn, and Orlando). The company is planning to add two more locations (Amsterdam and Singapore) soon. Further, the servers are integrated with SSD drives which are recognized for blazing fast speed. provides you with full liberty and flexibility – you will be presented with root access and ability to quickly scale up resources whenever you need them. Uptime is the most crucial thing for any type of site or application because it not only keep your site online but also good from a search engine perspective. makes sure to provide the maximum uptime by using the cloud infrastructure as well as they provide a 100% uptime guarantee.

Atlantic offers a variety of services including cloud hosting, dedicated server, block storage, manage cloud and security services, etc. Compared to Cloudways launching Windows or Linux server Atlantic is pretty straightforward as both types have clearly differentiated plans.

The Linux plans start from $8/mo and provide a greater value than Cloudways $10/mo plan. The plan comprises with 1GB RAM, 40GB SSD storage, 1 CPU core, and 3TB data transfer.  However, note that they offer you low pricing as compared to Cloudways when you sign up for 1 or 3 years below this duration will get almost the same pricing to Cloudways. has done a great job by pre-optimizing the plans, i.e. if you need a hosting plan couple with high memory and small storage you can pick from “Memory Optimized” plans.

For Linux/Unix users they pick from various versions of Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, FreeBSD) and for Windows server they support multiple versions (2008 – 2019) too. offers a simple control panel with a one-click installation feature, but for your ease, you can also integrate cPanel by paying the additional cost ($14.97).

To take care of customer queries the company holds phone support service which is an expeditious way of delivering support services. Alternatively, if you are not comfortable with the phone, you can email their dedicated technical team. So surely you can use as an alternative to Cloudways as they are well equipped with the latest technologies, multiple datacenters, uptime guarantee and scalability.


When searching Cloudways alternative that can offer guaranteed uptime, SSD servers, and affordable pricing then Linode is one the very potential alternatives. Founded in 2003, the company expand impressively over the years. Linode offers flexible hosting to meet the needs of designers, bloggers and especially programmers.

Unlike Cloudways, Linode has its own robust infrastructure by utilizing the Intel E5 processors, solid state drives and 40Gbit networking for blazing fast processing. Moreover, to ensure fast speed and guaranteed 99.9% uptime they maintain their 9 facilities in 3 different regions (Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America).

Linode takes easy scalability as a noteworthy feature of cloud hosting that’s why they keep this process enormously simple like just log in to the provided dashboard and resize the resource.

Linode cloud hosting features a handful dashboard for controlling the hosting features. For your easy understanding, the resources details are presented in both graphical and numeric form. There is a useful table that provides insights about how much resources are taking by each of the tasks.

Apart from the cloud hosting Linode offers Managed services, Block storage, and 1-click Backups, etc. You can activate the NodeBalancer service which allows you to divide the traffic load receiving by your application.

When it comes to specifications Linode most basic plan is similar to Cloudways – 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 25GB SSD, and 1TB data transfer. But on the pricing side, Linode half the price ($5/mo) compare to Cloudways ($10/mo).  In case if you need dedicated CPU or high memory plans Linode also maintained those separately.

There is also easy cloning feature which is really time-saving and allows you to apply the existing configuration on another Linode. Developers can install almost any of the Linux distribution as Linode supports a wide range of them including Arch Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, CoreOS Container Linux, Fedora, Slackware and more.

Besides its numerous hosting features, Linode well takes care of customer problems. You can contact them using phone and emails. Additionally, there is an active community chat so you can get help from other users. However, it is not backed by the company’s technical support team.

Furthermore, there are lots of guides and tutorials for self-help and learning. To sum up, Linode is an excellent option for developers to enjoy the scalability, flexibility, and reliability as well.


Another close host similar to Cloudways is CloudSigma that has been working since 2009. They provide a fully scalable environment on a robust infrastructure. The power of SSD drives, 10GigE Networking, and multiple low latency locations deliver you reliable services.

Further, the induction of KVM virtualization ensures dedicated resource you paid for. And most distinctively Cloudsigma is ISO 27001 certified cloud provider for data security and privacy.

CloudSigma is a quite big company that holds 11 datacenters (in US, Asia, Europe, and Arab region) around the world enabling you to pick nearest your target audience.

The company offers you administrator access to the server so you can install any operating like Windows, Linux or FreeBSD, etc. Similar to Cloudways, Cloudsigma encompasses a wide range of resources that you can avail upto 40 CPU cores, 128GB RAM and SSD/Magnetic with 5TB/100TB storage.

Setting up an account with cloudsigma is pretty easy. Before purchasing you can determine the cost through a simple calculator maintained on their site pricing page. Then you can signup, and they provide you access to a control panel where you are able to pick resources to run your project.

Furthermore, where Cloudways offer just 3 days trial, cloudsigma provides 7 days of trial access to their features. Also unlike Cloudways, on cloudsigma, if you spend at least $10/mo you will receive a lot of freebies like 1GB RAM, 50GB SSD and 5TB outbound transfer.

Cloudsigma offers a 100% SLA guarantee that means your shop/site will remain open irrespective of time. And if in any case, your site goes down for more than 15 min because of their server you will receive x50times hosting credit. Another good thing that Cloudsigma allows you to pay in various currencies such as US dollars, Swiss Francs, Euros, British pounds and more.

Customer support is one of the most crucial departments. Whether you are a newbie or experienced person, you may require help at some point because there are so many technicalities in web hosting. So for quick help, Cloudsigma offers 24/7 live chat support however it’s mainly for minor issues and pre-sale.

For major dilemmas, you can get expert assistance via emails. Additionally, there are a lot of useful tutorials available on their site. Honestly, Cloudsigma is a reliable web host that holds plentiful data centers, scalable resources, secure servers, KVM virtualization technology and more to make it a close alternative for Cloudways.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of cloud hosting that it connects multiple systems so that they can act as a one that significantly reduces service outage because of hardware failure hence maximum uptime.

So if you want to host your blog on state of the art cloud technologies, TMD hosting is the perfect CloudWays alternative for bloggers, developers, and webmasters. TMD hosting offers a fully managed cloud hosting, and thus bloggers can make their websites available to visitors irrespective of time.

TMD hosting is well equipped with the latest technologies such as SSD servers, fast processing Intel Xeon processors and 3 layers caching system.

Furthermore, they offer 6 data centers located in the USA, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Japan, and Netherland so that you can easily pick the one nearest your targeted audience for fast response time.

Another reason that makes TMD an exceptional choice over Cloudways for bloggers that they offer free cPanel which you usually get in shared hosting. In the inclusion of free cPanel make it a lot easier to manage the databases, emails and other aspects enormously easy.

TMDHosting ensures a secure environment by both means hardware and software. Besides the 24/7 monitoring, the company provides an isolated environment for every account and web-based firewall which is backed by BitNinja. Let’s encrypt is not only essential for secure transactions like credit card numbers but it also provide some SEO boost, therefore, using it will be beneficial. Fortunately, TMDhosting includes free let’s encrypt SSL in each of their cloud plans. TMDhosting makes sure to provide full safety against hardware failure. This job is done by creating replicas of your content using RAID technology.

The company offers feature-rich plans by keeping their prices extremely affordable and thus delivering the industry the best value plans. With just $5.95/mo you will get 2 CPU cores, 2GB RAM, Unlimited bandwidth and Unlimited SSD storage.

Here worthy to mention that you can get such low pricing only if you make the purchase for a long term duration like 3-years. However, TMD hosting satisfy their pricing strategy by offering the above standard 60 days money-back guarantee. So you got plenty of time to analyze their services.

Though TMDhosting is an impressive choice for bloggers but they also house lots of developer-friendly features. Every plan contains PHP, Perl, Python, Cron jobs, Git, CGI and more.

To help their customer issues TMDhosting offers 24/7/365 live chat, phone, and ticketing system. In brief, TMDhosting is a phenomenal substitute of Cloudways for building a blog and offer you reliable, secure and high performance services.


Picking up the best Cloudways alternative from above mention providers is easy by considering your needs. If you are a developer, then Kamatera Cloud can be the best pick for you as they provide administrative access to the server.

You install OS of your choice and install tons of applications with a 1-click installer. Furthermore, they hold a pretty giant global infrastructure (13 data center locations) and have pretty rooms for growing customer needs.

On the other hand, for building websites, we go for DreamHost which comes with numerous freebies. They take outstanding measures for uptime, speed, and security. You will get a custom panel that makes it extremely easy to operate cloud hosting.

So what is your favorite Cloudways alternative? Let us know and other readers through the commenting section.

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