8 Best Cheap Windows VPS Providers 2024

When you are ready for more power and control to host Windows-based apps or development environments without breaking the bank, then a cheap Windows VPS is the best option.

A dedicated server significantly boosts the monthly hosting bills and taking care of it also requires expert skills. So a VPS is the best service that slightly costs you more than the shared but offers you a completely separate environment with guaranteed resources.

Linux and Windows are both operating systems. Which one you should go for depends on your preferences. People may prefer Windows due to its friendly UI, easy to manage, and more secure.

If if you are searching for an inexpensive Windows VPS, then this is the right place for you. For Linux users, we also made a guide for cheap Linux VPS.

Before we start, let us explain that Windows VPS plans usually appear with a higher price tag compared to the Linux packages. The reason is that Linux is a free open source system, while Windows requires a licensing fee.

What hosting companies usually do, they include the Windows server licensing fee in the plans, which makes them costly compared to Linux.

So we compiled the list of trustworthy web hosts to help you pick up cheap Windows VPS for hosting ASP.NET application without creating big holes in your pocket.

InterServer2GB1 vCore30GB2TB$10/mo
1and1 IONOS200MB2 vCores100GBUnlimited$8/mo*
AccuWebHosting1GB2 vCPU40GB500GB$7.99/mo
Hostwinds1GB1 Core30GB SSD1TB$7.52/mo
Vultr1GB1CPU25GB SSD1TB$5/mo
CloudWays1GB1Core25GB SSD1TB$10/mo
DreamHost2GB1vCPU80GB SSDFree$12/mo

8 Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Providers of 2024

1. InterServer

Interserver is a considerable name when it comes to an affordable Windows server. The company is known for its economical web hosting packages and has the capacity to administer small to enterprise-level projects.

For developers, Interserver provides full root access that enables the users to manage different operating systems and server rebooting, etc.

By making use of virtualization technologies, several data center locations, and cloud capabilities, InterServer makes possible the guaranteed 99.9% uptime and fast loading time which are the most crucial aspects of any website.

With Interserve, you can utilize numerous Linux distributions as well as Windows virtual servers. Along with the plan, you will get a Windows 2012 and 2016 version without paying any additional cost.

The company offers a $10 cloud VPS which is obviously a low price for a VPS server. However, we strongly recommend you to pick a 2 slice plan ($20/mo) for smooth 64-bit Windows server performance.

Furthermore, thanks to their instant scalability that allows you to add more slices whenever you need more resources or face slow speed. Other specs of the plan include are 2GB RAM, 1 core, 50GB storage, and plentiful 2TB data transfer.

Interserver offers free site migration with a new hosting account which is useful for hassle-free migration from your current VPS provider. The plans support all the developer features like PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python and more.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay for any control panel for easy use of hosting features as they include a free control panel named “BREAD BASKET”. It is a basic panel that allows you to install hundreds of applications on your VPS server with just simple mouse clicks.

On the customer support side, Interserver offers Live Chat, tickets, and phone help. But bear in mind for most of the problems you have to submit the ticket i.e. quick live chat maintain for sales or very basic guiding.

As a whole, Interserver offers pretty straightforward Windows VPS solutions with instant scalability. You will get good support, promised resources and reliable services. However, for experienced customers, 1and1 probably more attractive to save on cost.

Name1 Slice2 Slices3 Slices4 Slices
CPU1 Core2 Cores3 Cores4 Core

You can avail from up to 16 plans. It means Interserver has the capacity to offer you up to 16 cores, 32GB RAM, 480GB SSD storage and 21TB data transfer on their Windows VPS plans.

2. HostWinds – Runner-up Cheaper Windows VPS Option

Founded in 2010, Hostwinds offer an array of services including hosting, domains, VPN and email, etc. When you are in search of low price Windows VPS, Hostwinds is a considerable web host. They classified VPS as managed and unmanaged so it’s a matter of preference.

One of the most notable parts is their 99.999% uptime guarantee that they are achieving through efficient networking, continuous pro-active monitoring, solid-state drives, and multiple data centers. You can scale up your resources instantly anytime.

The cheapest way to launch the Windows server is managed VPS plan that starts as low as $7.52/mo. because currently managed plans are on bigger sale compared to the unmanaged plans. However, you must aware of those high renewals attached to managed plans. On basic managed Windows VPS, you will get a 1 core CPU, 1GB RAM and 30 GB of storage.

You don’t have to pay the Windows licensing fee separately. SSD’s are optional so you can check or uncheck the option during the checkout process to save little on cost. Frankly speaking, if you can afford a little more we suggest you a $12.69/mo account that includes 2GB RAM and makes the Windows server runs smoother.

Hostwinds offer whooping 60 days money-back guarantee on annual VPS plans which is really an appreciating act by such a low cost VPS hosting provider. It shows that they are well confident about the consistent quality of their services.

Furthermore, you will also get a free website transfer with a new account so let their expert team handle the migration mess. To make your site more secure you can enable nightly backups for just $1.

Hostwinds maintain an unrivaled team to help their customers. In unmanaged plans, you are responsible for managing most of the technical aspects except the problem that is on the server-side. While in the case of managed VPS their team will happily assist you in server sluggishness problems, networking, crontab, setting SSH ports and other critical technical aspects.

Support is available on live chat, emails, and phone irrespective of time. As a whole, if you seek high refund policy, 24/7 support and high uptime guarantee Hostwinds is a preferable choice.

NameManaged 1Managed 2Managed 3Managed 4
CPU1 Core 1 Core2 Cores2 Cores

Hostwinds offer both managed and unmanaged Windows VPS plans. Its a matter of your choice whether you want to take care of most of the technical issues by yourself or let the company to do it.

3. AccuWebHosting

Here is AccuWebHosting which is striving to well-balanced the cost with features. The ample storage, guaranteed resources, high reliability, free weekly backup, 24/7 customer support and more.

A little disappointing thing about them that where almost all other hosting providers offer SSD based hosting services with no additional cost AccuWebHosting uses different price tags for SSD and non-SSD plans.

The cheap Windows VPS plans start from $7.99 /mo. with 40GB storage, 2 core, and 500GB monthly bandwidth. The plans included with Windows server licenses.

While you are searching economical Windows VPS solutions but still we don’t recommend you to just focus on cost because you might save on cost now but later slow services/lagging will be of no use to you. So for better performance, we recommend you to least go for SSD VPS servers.

You will get the Mercury VPS plan as low as $12.00 /mo. that comes with 1GB of RAM and 20GB SDD storage. The storage will be provided through an RAID6 mechanism which is an efficient and more fault-tolerant system thus save you from service downtimes.

Besides the 99.9% uptime guarantee, the company also offers a refund policy – within 7 days you will get a full money-back guarantee and if you ask even after 2-3 months they will issue a prorated refund. You have the choice to pick either a self-managed VPS plan for administrative access or a managed VPS for peace of mind services.

You don’t need to pay for any control panel as they include a free 1-click installer for easy application installations. As the SSL becomes one of the most important elements for any type of website most of the hosting providers like 1&1 and Interserver etc. include it for free while AccuWebHosting charges an additional amount which is a little disappointing.

On Phone and live chat you can ask your queries anytime. Your major technical queries will be solved mainly through a ticketing system. Honestly speaking, AccuWebHosting making it possible to offer worthy services with an affordable price tag. But 1and1 hold the crown when it comes to the extreme affordability though sacrificing the support channel like live chat.

NameVPS OpalVPS PearlVPS DiamondVPS Emerald

4. Vultr – Cheapest Cloud Windows VPS Servers

When it comes to affordable cloud hosting with unbeatable performance, Vultr earned a significant reputation over the last few years because of fast hosting services, 100% SLA, and powerful infrastructure.

They have a wide range of cloud servers placed around the world to ensure low latency and fast data rendering regardless of your location.

You can choose from up to 15 server locations and pick the suitable one near to your targeted audience. This thing alone plays a vital role to decrease loading time and enhance user experience.

Vultr offers not only the cheapest cloud based VPS but also top of the line Bare Metal as well as dedicated servers for high-end customers. That said, enterprises and big data companies can make use of high-end servers to handle huge traffic and data management.

Deploying your preferred server in the required continent takes only a few seconds, thanks to an intuitive control panel that comes with easy navigation. Using it, all you have to do is select instance location, plan, OS, and other optional features, and that’s it. It’s that simple and not require special skills.

Right one the central dashboard, you can analyze server statistics and status, specifications, operating system, and charges. Vultr works on monthly and hourly billing system so, at the dashboard, you will be able to see each instance’s bill.

Furthermore, updating DNS settings, SSH keys, backups, block storage, IPs, and firewalls also dead simple. When you need more resources, their one-click feature will help you scaleup system resources with minimum hassle. Plus, destroying a cloud server, re-installing, and managing all instances via API is also quick yet simple.

Where many web hosting companies offer low rates when you pick a long term subscription like one year or more to avail the significant discount, Vultr doesn’t do that. They don’t force you to contract long-term subscriptions instead offer hourly billing which means you only pay for what you use. However, there is also a monthly based option as well.

Besides these, there is a broad range of OS selection too, so one can install the desired one. You can even upload a custom ISO alongside the Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, CoreOS, Fedora, and much more.

Just like any VPS, Vultr also allows administrator root access using which users can manage their servers through SSH command line. Bloggers can install WordPress in a fraction of a few seconds just by providing mandatory details.

Business owners and developers are also welcomed as there are PrestaShop, Magento, Plesk, LEMP, LAMP, and Webmin too. In a nutshell, Vultr is a great option for cloud based cheap Windows VPS hosting packed with reliable performance and essential features.

Name1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th Plan

Vultr offers a large range of plans starting from $2.50/mo. with 512MB RAM. But for Windows, a plan with minimum 1Gb RAM will be appropriate.

5. CloudWays – Best Managed Windows VPS

Managing a cloud server is not simple if it’s un-managed service (for non-techy users), right? Sometimes it became such as hurdle that even experienced users encounter serious problems. But, what if you can choose a managed cloud VPS host at cheap prices with all essentials and required features?

That’s where CloudWays managed cloud hosting comes in the game and offer a wide range of operating systems as well as CMS options. The company is one of the few cheap cloud hosts providing top-class services at affordable pricing tag.

There are not one or two things to mention here, in fact, CloudWays is a one-stop-shop where one can launch the desired VPS server on cloud infrastructure. They have industry-leading architecture and performance optimized platform to ensure robust loading speed of your websites and web apps.

Furthermore, CloudWays Bot is another feature (AI-powered assistant) that keeps an eye on your servers and notifies regarding its health and important stats. It sends you health updates and insights which can be used for further optimization.

Usually, cloud hosts set up their own hosting infrastructure to have full control, but CloudWays is partnered with third party companies such as AWS, Linode, GCP, Vultr, DigitalOcean, and StackPath.

They are utilizing these top-notch hosting platforms and optimized for better performance alongside expert technical support. One of the major factors of CloudWay’s popularity is its in-house customer support through multiple channels.

You might know that cloud hosting usually comes with email support and most of the providers do not offer live chat or phone calls, etc. So, it’s a major edge with them. For example; Amazon Web Services don’t provide live chat with basic plans but you can get it through CloudWays but still, enjoys AWS services. The same goes for others such as Google Cloud and Linode, etc. Right from the dashboard, you can pick the most preferred Windows VPS, select between OS, and choose server location.

The company store your data on solid state drives to ensure the fastest loading speed across the world, thanks to a broad range of servers coverage. With advanced or custom varnish cache system, you can define cache rules for URLs as well as cookies. It’s very easy to define custom rules through the dashboard.

If you’re working with a team, then “Collaboration” functionality helps you add team members and assign a specific role to each one with limited access. And you can destroy any user when needed.

With a one-click app installer, deploying the WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and PrestaShop CMS is also easy (10+ apps). All it needs is providing basic information. Besides that, you can manage unlimited apps, set up managed backup, enable CDN, set up cron jobs, auto heal servers, and much more.

Just by paying $1 a month, you can also configure email settings as they also server email hosting via RackSpace email add-on. There is also a premium DNS service available costing a few extra bucks. To sum it up, they are an all-in-one cloud based company offering almost everything for individuals, professionals, and businesses.

Name1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th Plan
CPU1 Core 1 Core2 Cores4 Cores

6. DreamHost

DreamHost is a well-experienced name when we talk about cheap Windows VPS plans, it was started back in 1997, the company made a good name in the industry and one of the generous that offers tons of features and tools. They host around 1.5 million websites on their servers that belong to different categories like WordPress blogs, developers and small business sites.

For setting up a site you don’t have to go elsewhere – you will domain at very reasonable pricing as well as can avail different web hosting services. DreamHost offers pretty attractive VPS plans but unfortunately, those are chiefly for Linux users. However, they do offer robust cloud hosting that also provides a completely separate environment like VPS and allows you to host an operating of your choice.

DreamHost cloud is capable to deliver unstoppable services so that your customers/visitors face no inconvenience while visiting your site. Thanks to the cloud that allows them to create a network of high fault tolerance.

Your site will load blazingly fast due to the integration of solid state drives. Also, Dreamhost won’t wait you long for setting up a new account. Once to enter your credentials they will launch your server in a matter of seconds.

Through cloud services, DreamHost makes it extremely affordable for customers to host Windows. Because of unmanaged services and limited support channels we only recommend it to developers and experienced users. These unmanaged services provide you with full root access thus you can launch the server as Windows, Linux, or BSD.

The first plan is a cheap one to get Windows VPS hosting which offers 512MB RAM – suitable for tinkering. For demanding tasks, the 2GB plan is good to go as it comes with 80GB storage, free bandwidth, and free 100GB additional block storage. All these come in just $12/mo. ($0.02/hour) which is really affordable for such specs.

Another very vital thing to consider while selecting the web hosting company is the support service especially if you don’t have enough knowledge or when you are going to buy low-cost hosting.

DreamHost’s primary way to support its customers is through the ticketing system which is why we are recommending if for experienced customers.

You can also request a call by filling a simple forum while the live chat is online during the specific duration. You can also explore the solutions yourself in their knowledge base and community page.

Name1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan

7. CloudSigma

CloudSgima is an ISO 27001 security certified cloud provider. The utilization of KVM virtualization enables the company to provide a ring fenced protection to your resources so that to ensure you the guaranteed resources. Through the use of highly sophisticated technologies such as SSDs, 10GigE Networking, and multiple low latency locations Cloudsigma makes sure the delivery of high-performance services.

One of the most prominent things is their generous amount of data centers. They maintain 12 data centers all around the globe so to deliver your site contents at maximum speed. Moreover, this is also great from the security perspective as if for some reason a data center goes offline then there are plenty of others to serve you.

Also, because of cloud infrastructure, you will get a 100% uptime guarantee and any downtime over 15min will get you free hosting credit. Here note that the downtime guarantee is not applicable to schedule maintenance.

For pricing, Cloudsigma maintains a simple calculator on their site where you just put the number of your required resources to calculate the cost. For obtaining the resources simply sign up an account with them and in the dashboard, you can enter the resources you want.

They accept payment in multiple currencies such as US dollars, Euros, British pounds, etc. Furthermore, in their cloud VPS environment, you can enjoy the instant scalability. Keep in mind on Cloudsigma you have to pay some additional amount (depends on the number of cores) for Windows licensing fee.

When you are in trouble and need some help Cloudsigm maintained tons of tutorials, live chat, and email support. For major technical problems, they suggest you hire your developer other than that they provide 24/7 help for server-side issues.

In a nutshell, Cloudsigma is a friendly host for developers and experienced customers. Although they provide really low-cost Windows VPS but for inexperienced users, they might struggle a little bit at the start.

Cloudsigma packages for Windows: CloudSigma does not offer pre-made hosting plans. All you have to do just sign up an account and you will get an easy to use interface where you tell them the resources (RAM, Storage, etc.) you want and then make the payment. You calculate the estimated amount through a calculator given below the pricing page without creating the account.

8. 1and1 IONOS – Reliable Yet Cheap Windows VPS

IONOS is an excellent company for Windows hosting that makes possible to get the power of VPS hosting with a low price tag along with the top-notch features. VPS provides you with a specified number of resources and there is no risk that a site will eat your resources which is normally a risk in case of shared hosting. So you will get more power and more control.

The utilization of the finest VMware virtualization, SSD storage, and fast data networks ensure maximum reliability. So if your site experiencing frequent downtimes and slow speed 1and1 is the cheap yet powerful virtual server provider for Windows.

Their VPS server allows you to pick the operating system of your choice. You can choose either Linux or Windows depends on your preference. Often Windows is preferred because of its intuitive interface which just looks like Windows in our laptop/desktops.

Usually, a Windows VPS plan costs you more because it’s not an open-source system like Linux so it requires a licensing fee. For easy access to features like databases, resource limiting, SSL, ASP.NET and many more you have the option to enable Plesk onyx with an additional $5 tag.

1and1 IONOS offers 3 datacenter locations USA, Germany, and Spain to their VPS customers. 1and1 offers an array of VPS plans to pick from. Fortunately, at this time, they are offering their Cloud XL plan with just $1/month. You can make use of 2 cores CPU, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD and limit free traffic.

Every plan powered by heavy-duty Intel Xeon processors and included with a free SSL certificate. You can enjoy this promotional offer for up to 6 months. Let us clear that most of their promotional offers are only applicable to duration like 1-year.

1and1 offers you really worthy plans but the thing that really concerns especially the beginners is their support service. If you are an English speaker then you can get help quickly through toll-free numbers. Whereas for non-native English speaker who does not feel comfortable with phone 1and1 offer ticketing system which is, of course, a slow process.

Whereas you can also talk to support agents via live chat during specific hours. You should expect such compromises when searching for low-cost hosting services. Overall, 1and1 is a secure host that ensures 99.9% service availability and root access of the server for greater control.

CPU1 vCore2 vCores2 vCores

*Promotional price for all plans is $1 for 6 to 12 months after that standard rates will be applied. 

Conclusion – Which “Cheap Windows VPS” Server You Choose?

Above mentioned companies are really appreciatable which are making worthwhile services affordable to Windows hosting seekers. 1and1 is really a cheap host if you are seeking an under budget virtual Windows servers for the duration like 1-year because after that you have to renew their services on regular pricing which is a costly deal. Therefore they are amazing for a project like 1-year.

For the cheapest Windows VPS powered by cloud and SSDs, InterServer is a more suitable choice with no sky-high renewals. You will get very reliable services in terms of speed and uptime. Their services are really affordable and you can easily scale the resources from the dashboard.

Although bear in mind you have to pay for Windows license separately. In the end, we can say that all above offer trustworthy VPS services and you can pick anyone that suits your needs.

So, which one you pick for cheap Windows VPS servers? Let us know and other readers by dropping your valuable comment below.

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