Cheap .com Domain Registration Service Providers

If you have a great concept in your mind to establish the online footprints via a website, the first thing you need to do is grab the .com domain name like we have But the questions are;

What are the “good but cheap .com domain” registrars?

With so many domain providers which are the one to work with?

No plan to build a site right now and just want to secure domain name, which cheap registrar you should prefer to save on cost?

Usually, the TLD’s came in low introductory pricing for the first year but nudged up at the time of renewals. Some companies offer discounts if you take a domain for a longer period while some offer quantity based discounts. You will get a new TLD like .com nearly 9-15 dollar from a reliable and cheap provider.

While choosing a company, double-check their renewal pricing structure because companies usually decorate and highlight the promotional pricing but may not the renewals. And if necessary just ask from their support team. To make this easy, we also mentioned renewals but as there is no standard pricing so the price may not be exact. However, we’ll try our best to keep them updated.

You can’t move blindly while deciding for low-cost .com domain registrar as there may chances that someone is doing unethical business and steal the name that you want to purchase and then sell it to you by overcharging.

So below are the eight trusted, solid and cheap domain name registrars, you can go for them with full confidence.

Note: Rating is given mainly by considering reputation, support, user experience, domain pricing, and freebies, etc.

Domain RegistrarPriceRenewalRatingWebsite
NameCheap$10.69$10.699/10Visit NameCheap
BlueHost$11.99$15.998.9/10Visit BlueHost
GoDaddy$11.99$14.998/10Visit GoDaddy$9.99$11.99 8/10Visit
1and1$0.99$14.99 7.7/10Visit 1&1
DreamHost$11.95$13.957.5/10Visit DreamHost$12.99$12.997/10Visit
InMotion$14.99$14.997/10Visit Inmotion

Precautions You Must Take Before Choosing Cheap com Domain Registrar

  • The company should be accredited by ICANN that is responsible for internet naming system
  • Reputation is one of the foremost elements, check online reviews
  • All types of expenses should be transparent, i.e. no hidden fees, email address fees, etc.
  • The domain registrar should have a friendly customer support
  • They should give an easy to use dashboard that makes domain management easier
  • Double check that is there any fee on domain transfer. Usually, the best companies don’t charge for this.
  • A cheap .com domain provider may offer freebies like WhoisGuard. A valuable freebie can compensate the cost further.
  • Visible auto and manual renewal option. Some registrar automatically turns this on, and at the end, they will renew the domains you don’t want to.

Let’s explore!

Best Cheap .com Domain Registrars 2024 – Trusted & Reliable

 1. NameCheap

NameCheap is one of our most preferable choices when we need a domain name. They truly are the cheap domain registrar when it comes to buying .com, .net, and .org extensions as you will not only get the domain at affordable pricing but also have to pay a comparatively lower amount at renewals. Plus, the add-ons are also accessible at very economical pricing.

NameCheap is serving the customers since 2001 and is an ICANN accredited company. Moreover, the company has a solid positive reputation among the online community as result of that over 3 million customers and 7 million domain are registered with NameCheap. That’s a big signal of their business perfection.

You can get the .com TLD in just $10.69/year, and by including $0.18 ICANN fee, it will become $10.87 for the whole year. Mark that almost all of the domain registrars impose the same ICANN fee. And for the very next year at renewal, they charged the same amount. You will save on cost if you purchase or renew a domain for the longer duration like 2 or more years.

In addition to the cheap .com registration service, they also provide 1-year subscription of WhoisGuard add-on for free. After one year the price remains quite affordable and cost around $2.88/year. Another remarkable thing about NameCheap is that after purchasing they just take few minutes to get ready your domain.

Alongside registration, NameCheap is also contributing in cheap web hosting capabilities. If you are going to build a small network of sites, then it’s good to go as they require just $9.88/year with the choice of UK and US data center and 14 days refund policy. NameCheap provides around the clock stellar customer support via live chat, email, and ticketing. We absolutely recommend NameCheap as they are among the best to secure the site name.

Visit NameCheap

2. BlueHost

Bluehost is the most popular among the people who want to start a blog and seeking for an affordable and reliable WordPress hosting provider. We also start our blogging adventure with this nice host. It is the biggest web hosting company and stands in top 10 hosting services in the world. Forget about “cheap” as with them you can get a free .com domain name by subscribing hosting plan.

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As a trusted provider, people feel secure when doing business with Bluehost. So if you just want to acquire a domain name, then you will get it in $11.99/year. The figures go little higher when you want to extend your TLD age after one year, they require you to pay $15.99/year. The company offers optional domain privacy protection as well in $0.99/month but in our experience, it’s not an obligatory add-on.

Bluehost runs WordPress with full compatibility, plus they are officially recommended by too. When it comes to performance, Bluehost matches the industry average 99.9% uptime. Also, their servers are quiet load bearing and easily handle traffic needs of small to medium level blogs.

So if you are a newbie and exploring the domain and hosting solution, then this is the valuable company. Their basic plan merely cost $3.95/month and offers unmetered traffic and 50 GB storage. The package also adds the email hosting which allows you to create branded email addresses. Further, they incorporate site building tool for their creative users. And if you don’t like them, just ask for the refund within first 30 days.

We always encourage the users to employ a host that offers 24/7/365 hasty support services. And for newbies or the users having the limited technical know-how, this becomes more crucial. Bluehost customer support happens by several means such as Phone, live chat, and tickets, etc. They take nearly 6-10min on live chat to get connected and provides you the full assistance. So no matters you need a domain or hosting or both of them, Bluehost undoubtedly is a reliable solution.

Visit BlueHost

3. GoDaddy

Godaddy is another cheapest as well as the biggest domain registrar in the world. They often prevail in headlines due to their weird ads (remember super bowl ad). Employing over 6K employees and having almost 71 million domain under their supervision, just imagine how big they are. So you can guess there are millions of users (company stats 17M) who trust on their services.

Godaddy often runs huge discounts where you can get .com website name in merely a dollar. This attitude presents it the cheapest .com domain registrar in the industry. Currently, you can obtain a .com extension in $11.99/year and by including ICANN fee ($0.18) this will become $12.17/year. The prices hike to $14.99 for subsequent years.

Unfortunately, there is no supplement as a freebie but you will get in very inexpensive rates like only $7.99/year for privacy protection. Same as most of the companies, you will notice discounted amounts for subscribing their purposed extension on a longer period. Like if you register a domain for 2-years or more at once, the first year cost you only pay $1 while the next year $19.99 as a renewal. Generally, they purpose bigger discount on the bundle of extensions such as .info, .net and .org.

GoDaddy offers web hosting services but we advise you to avoid them. They are not reliable as much as they were in the past and so there are many talks about the Godaddy alternatives. Just look at their BBB profile where users are frustrated due to their low-quality services.

GoDaddy customer support channels include live chat, phone, and email/tickets. All are available 24/7 except the live chat which is mostly available from 5 am to 10:30 am PST. But remember these are the tentative hours. So for a domain, this is manageable but we never suggest such a provider for hosting that has not 24/7 live chat or at least the fixed hours. So we recommend you to take them as a trustable domain registrar.

Visit GoDaddy

4. is another huge, well-reputed and cheap “.com” domain registrar. They offer an enormous amount of domain extensions that includes some special types like .nyc, .space, and .job, etc. Organized back in 2000, carries all the properties of a good domain registrar like influential reputation, friendly support, ICANN accreditation and cheap pricing.

As per current pricing, they trade .com TLD for as low as $9.99/year. They also provide the opportunity to secure the other name relevant to you by suggesting domain ideas. At the time of renewal, the price rises imperceptibly to $11.99/year. This is excellent as some registrars attract the customers by introductory pricing whilst after one-year charge high amounts for renewals.

If you want to retain your personal information (name, phone and email etc.) away from others then they do offer domain privacy in just $8.99 for the first year. It will stretch slightly and becomes $12.99 in the very next year. The major reason behind hiding such information are the spammers who may send junky emails. Again it is not a compulsory add-on.

Alongside domain registering, also compile G suit, web hosting, and site builder services. Their web hosting plans are loaded with features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, email hosting, and advertising credit, etc. Although they offer pretty affordable hosting plans but not much consistent with the quality so we suggest that only take them as a domain registrar. has endless support services for their customers. They troubleshoot the problems via live chat, email, tickets, and phone. Plus, they provide access to the huge user guides and knowledge base. Live Chat is awesome but sometimes we experience the delay while chatting which is not unusual. So if you want to invest in domains it the best place, firstly they are cheap and secondly they allow you to pre-order the newest extensions.

Visit Domain(dot)com

5. 1and1

1and1 is the company that comes with lowest introductory pricing and consequently entitles as one of the cheapest .com domain registrars. They help you to create the digital identity in just $0.99/year. Plus, the other extensions like .org, .club and .me are possible to obtain at amazingly low rates as well. Here keep in mind that you are only able to get this discount when buying the domain for more than a year.

After the introductory period, they charge $14.99/year. Although it’s the usual amount but a sudden increase may startle you. Moreover, they offer a handsome discount on other extensions like .net, .org and .info and let you enhance the brand visibility. They also populate the additional domain extension with the same name and premium domains.

Another upsell package while purchasing the domain includes a website, domain and web addresses for $0.99/month and hence billed nearly $12 for the whole year. But we suggest you disregard such things as you will face high renewals with such offers.

1&1 offer various deals of digital products including web hosting, email solutions, office 365 and more. Besides the domain registering, they are also one of the cheap WordPress hosting providers. They might be the provider for a very personal level blog but for serious work you should go for some other reputed provider like BlueHost.

The fastest way of getting support from 1and1 technical support team is to make a call. Plus, email and ticketing support are accessible as well. Unfortunately, there is no live chat maintained by the company. Live Chat is a more convenient way for the non-English speakers and also it allows you to share links and more.

We do not recommend a company for hosting that lacks live chat especially for the rookies as they often require help. So we recommend you to grab a domain name from them particularly if you need for short period (1 year) as there are no complications in domains management.

Visit 1and1

6. DreamHost

Trust, reliability, and affordability all come in the form of DreamHost. Working as of 1997 the company successfully achieved over 1.5million customers. They offer all the ingredients necessary to build a site like domain name and several types of web hosting. Additionally, a site builder tool too.

No matter what type of extension you are seeking because they included 400+ extensions such as .blog, .us, .info, .io and .co etc. into their stock. Another intriguing thing about DreamHost, they categorize the TLD types as Sale, Newest, Popular and Geographic hence making it easy for the domain investors to grab the bulk quantity from the sales.

Currently .com TLD ownership comes in just $11.95 for one year. The cheapest .com domain they offer comes in only $0.99/year. After the 1st year if you want to continue .com extension then you will be priced $13.95 as a renewal. They include privacy protection without charging any extra fee. The panel offered by them along domain allows you to control over the features like DNS management, sub-domains, custom name server, domain locking and more.

With DreamHost, you will get top-notch web hosting but the plans are a little bit costly than usual providers. They offer an unlimited type of hosting that comprises of unlimited storage, bandwidth, and domains on a single account. You will receive a free domain, Let’s Encrypt SSL, PHP, and MySQL database. And most importantly 97-days money back guarantee. Indeed everything included but their pricing won’t allow everyone to use their hosting services.

DreamHost built a bit complicated system for phone support. First, you need to pay a little amount for “Call back” then you’ll be able to get customer support on phone. But all the other ways like live chat, ticketing, and email system are straightforward. It is really nice domain provider with low renewals than many others. For hosting, it is good as well, but in our opinion, you don’t need to spend money on such expensive provider if you are just a beginner.

Visit DreamHost

7. may not engage you by introductory pricing but surely save on renewals. Hence help you to save on cost in longer terms. It’s an ICANN accredited registrar that covers the bunch of website related products. They carry a big basket of domain extensions. sells a new .com name in solely $12.99 and the prices stood still in succeeding years. Plus the privacy guard cost you around $4.99/year. Besides this, email hosting is available at $0.99/year for creating an email address. Plus, for the beginners, they have a hosting package that is obtainable as low as $4.99 which is a bit higher than the other well-reputed providers in the industry.

The company introduces aftermarket search tool on their site. This tool list out the expiring and premium domains. You just need to enter the desired keyword or the domain name in the tool search bar and it will manifest the results within no time. The expiring domain shows up along the expiring time and thus enable the investing users to buy the potential names. has a Whois Search tool as well. This is a very simple tool and will help you to make a deal with the person who already owns a name that you want to purchase. Just put your desired domain name and get the contact details of the owner like email address and phone number. You can create a watch list of domains that are not available at that time so they will notify when they will be available.

A little disappointing part about is the vanished live chat and phone support. Assistant is provided mainly by means of emails and knowledge base. A forthright dashboard is given to you for managing domains. So it is surely recommended to be part of the company by registering domains.

Visit Name(dot)com

8. InMotion

InMotion is chiefly popular as one of the finest hosting provider. But they do offer domain registering services as well. Born back in 2001, the company continuously climbing progressive steps. One of the major reasons for selecting InMotion is their confidence in their services, as a result, they offer a 90-days refund policy. And within this period you can ask for a refund if not satisfied with them.

They are very straightforward in pricing and give you .com tld in $14.99/year. The expense remains the same for the next year. In addition, the domain privacy put a little burden on your pocket by charging $9.99/year. A simple dashboard is included with the package to control the domain parameters.

With InMotion, you are free to move to any other domain registrar as they do not charge even a penny if you don’t want to continue with them. But keep in mind the ICANN policies that apply to every company, you can’t transfer a domain within the first 60 days after buying and before the 14 days of the coming renewal.

You will earn a free domain name for the first year by subscribing their hosting plan. The very first plan is available at our exclusive discount and costs you around $4.19/month. Their all plans are optimized for speed and thus contains SSD storage and Max Speed Zones. Plus you can host 2 domains on the “Launch” plan which is good who are searching quality and affordability in one package.

It always feels pleasant to have the support team like InMotion. You may encounter a problem rarely by utilizing their services but whenever you need them just open a chat and their agent appear expeditiously. There is also ticketing, emails, skype and phone support. You can browse through their video tutorials, guides, and other educational articles.

Visit InMotion


So with this list, we hope it is no more confusing to find a cheap .com domain registrar which also reliable in terms of quality. All are amazing and ensure the consistency of services. You can also buy other extensions such as .net, .org, or .info at the reasonable and low prices from these domain registrars.

Our personal favorite is NameCheap because it’s well reputed and you can get a domain and other add-ons at affordable prices. It offers rapid support services regardless of time. Plus they will get ready your domain instantly so you can start the work promptly.

An utmost point we think worthy to discuss that most of the companies offering hosting packages along with the domain names. Of course, finding valuable hosting should be your first priority otherwise it would unpleasant experience to your site users and kill your SEO. Secondly, you should check their customer supporting channels.

Doing business with domain names is very simple and not require frequent assistance. That’s why we even don’t know when the last time we contact our domain registrar for assistance. But for web hosting, 24/7 customer support is a focal point. Hence select a provider that must provide support via basic channels like live chat and emails, etc. So for beginners, we recommend BlueHost that covers all the prospects.

So which one you choose, let us know your experience we really appreciate that. Or if there is any other reliable and cheap .com domain registrar that you are using feel free to comment below.

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Imran is an enthusiastic web hosting and server management geek with over 8 years of experience dealing with different kinds of hosting companies. He is also familiar with web hosting technical stuff and server optimizations and shares thorough, well-tested reviews and guides on the same domain.

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