7 Best Website Builder Softwares for 2024 – Build Stunning Custom Design Site

What! Did you not get the desired design for your dream site?

Don’t know the coding but want to build your own design?

Don’t want to spend huge money on coders or site designers?

Here is a solution to all your queries. Just try a website builder software to build your custom designed website.

Generally, there are two ways to create a site. Either you can go through a complex way and learn to code. Secondly, find the WYSIWYG editor that makes website designing enormously easy. Most of the builders offer a drag and drop feature where you put the things on a blank canvas or pre-designed templates.

Advantages of Website Builder

  • You can get all the stuff at one place like domain, web hosting, and builder, etc. and the best thing is there are no installations required at all and the best thing is there are no installations required at all
  • Needs no developer skills
  • Cost-saving as you don’t have to pay the cost of designing and maintenance.
  • Ample attractive templates and elements are available to choose from.
  • Almost all of the builder software supports drag and drop and so on…

But the real problem is which one is the right site designing application? There are a lot of website builders claiming to be the best in the industry. So this is the place where we can assist you in picking up the best one.

No matter if you are seeking for creating a business site, personal blog, or a store, here are some of the top-notch website builder softwares.

Best Website Builders to Use in 2024 – A Way to Get Online Instantly

Wix [Free + Paid]

wix online site builder

Wix is one of the leading free website builders that offers tons of premade templates related to Blog, Business, E-commerce, and fashion, etc. Besides the premium version they do offer free access so you can taste them before investing.

By creating an account, Wix offers 2 modes for editing that are ADI and Wix Editor. Both offer identical characteristics but their working style is slightly different.

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is an automatic way to create the site. It is an expeditious way, they just ask some simple questions before crafting the final design. Every part of the site is customizable. You can change the theme, colors, fonts, header and much more. Plus, they let you add animations to elements for making a more attractive web page.

On the other hand, Wix Editor also provides great user experience. It begins with selecting a pre-made template. There are 100’s of templates to choose from. After selecting the template, the editor interface will load up. It offers easy drag and drop facility, and you can add the text boxes, sliders, buttons, contact forum, social buttons, and newsletter, etc. You can even change the post positions. Actually, you can customize everything displayed on the screen.

Wix offers an App Market that help you to enhance your site. There are tons of apps for adding the search bar, comment, chat, skype button, automated email, marketing, and analytics tool. Moreover, if you want to create an online store, Wix is a great solution as they offer numerous relevant apps like integrating reviews, call button, PayPal, invoices, currency converter and pricing tables.

Still, want more, they also allow you to insert the codes, HTML codes and adding Flash (SWF) files. Moreover, Wix brings a step-by-step guide for improving SEO. Support services are being provided by submitting tickets and the knowledge base.

Pricing: There is no need to buy a separate web hosting plan. Wix plans pricing starts from $4.50/month that includes 1GB bandwidth, 500MB storage. You just need to purchase a domain name and point to your WIX website. Except for the most basic plan, all other also offer free domain name. They support 14 days refund policy.

DUDA [Free + Paid]

duda website builder software

Duda is pretty obvious regarding usability and impresses the users by its responsive designs and bunches of features. It was launched in 2010 and now stands among the best website builders by powering hosting with Amazon cloud services. Causing zero level of confusion, just pick a template from their pre-made models and start editing.

At first sight, you will realize that it is pretty simple to operate. At anytime you can get the Desktop, Mobile and tablet view by merely a click. Duda won’t stick you with just their builder so if you have developing skills you can play with CSS and HTML codes freely.

Besides the outstanding editing options, you can edit the template for any specific device (Mobile, Desktop, and tablet) hence enable you to design the most responsive website which is crucial for customers/visitors experience and search engines. Another remarkable thing that unlike most of the builders out there, Duda can incorporate with Google Analytics to present the in-depth traffic stats.

There are a lot of widgets/elements to add in the posts/page such as buttons, columns, icons, social, search bar, Facebook & Disqus comment systems and much more. They support over 100 font styles. Every widget is customizable in styles, dimension, etc. and even with some, you can add animations and special effects like pop up and Anchor.

Duda website builder’s personalization features make it an astonishing tool. In “Personalize” by hitting few clicks you can set up the popups, promotional discounts, returning visitor alerts, off hours, special event and many other cool things. Also, you can create a customized event too. These events prove very useful in engaging customers.

With Duda, it is effortless to establish and manage an e-commerce site where you control over the features related to sales, promotions, products, and payments. For Pro users, Duda provides help via live chat and phone. The free users can browse through their guides and helpful articles.

Pricing: Free plan is the best way to experience the Duda. After when you decided for a paid plan, Business plus starts at $14.25/mo. You can also take a lifetime subscription of business + plan in $299. The plan carries a custom domain name, SSL, site backup and chrome push notifications. Furthermore, for e-commerce user business plus plan allow you to add up to 10 products. Plus, it supports PayPal, Stripe and Global Gateway for payments.

Weebly [Free + Paid]

weebly website builder

Weebly in another WYSIWYG site creator founded in 2007 offers a well-packed platform to develop a website. Weebly offers hundreds of templates for portfolios, e-commerce, and personal sites. The flexible nature of this free site builder permits you to integrate the third party apps.

With Weebly, you can either start as a free user using a subdomain or launch your professional website under a custom domain name. It is fairly easy and visible to create a new post, checking comments, access the pages and site settings. Like Wix, you can drag and drop any element by clicking on the editing options.

The most exceptional thing of the Weebly is the usability. It gives an enjoyable experience to the new user who never used a site builder software before. There are numerous elements like text, image, slideshow, map, pricing table, videos adding, contact forum, embedding HTML and much more. Further, they also put store options such as checkout process, PayPal integration, orders, and shipping, etc. into your hands.

If you don’t find something in Weebly editor then go and search in their app market that has both free and premium apps. And for making things simpler for the users, they classified the applications as e-commerce, marketing, SEO, site stats, social and communication. After creating a post don’t forget to view “post options” which allow you to type the title and description you want to show in the search engine. Plus you can schedule, enable/disable comments and add posts in the desired category.

Weebly keeps a help center that allows you to call or email them when confronting issues. Moreover, live chat is available 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time (Mon-Fri) and 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time (Sat-Sun). You can look through their community and guides for solutions. Overall, it’s an excellent, intuitive website builder and worth to try.

Pricing: The lowest paid plans cost just $8/month with a free domain name. Plus, unlimited storage, $100 Google marketing credits and access to advanced site stats. The basic plan also includes a few e-commerce features like checkout process and adding up to 10 products. So first assess your requirements and then pick a plan.

Squarespace [Trial + Paid]

squarespace site designer

Squarespace is another finest website builder software that caters hundreds of elegant templates related to each category like online store, blog, Photography, and travel, etc. You can try their services freely for 14 days. And when you figure out it is the one you are seeking then go for a premium subscription.

It is very straightforward to setup a website on Squarespace. Just create the account, choose your template, answer the series of questions and there you go. Creating the navigations and pages is quite simple. You can modify the design at any time via their editor. Moreover, by moving your mouse over any element of the theme, it will show up editing options.

On Squarespace, some cool features are easily accessible. Like on just a few clicks you can show the announcement bar and mobile information bar. Squarespace presents several sites traffic stats so you can monitor the visitor deeply. They provide the information regarding traffic sources, popular content, and Search Engine Queries, etc.

Although the templates are not as much customizable as the Wix but you got access to all the essential options with a neat and clean dashboard. For some advanced customization, they allow you to add custom CSS codes. Squarespace has pre-built options for SEO, marketing, and security. Here all you need to do is just access the Settings and fill the required fields to make these things work fine. You can do the URL mapping, 404-page designing, social share, and connecting email services and more.

Of course, you need help in the troublesome situation and with Squarespace, you will get it via instant live chat (Monday to Friday 4am-8pm Eastern Time), emails, guides, videos, and knowledge base. Plus, they have community forum too.

Pricing: Squarespace helps the customer to get the right choice of plan by categorizing the Websites and E-commerce packages. The plan starts from $12/month with unlimited hosting and bandwidth. It includes free domain name and SSL certificate.

The e-commerce optimized basic plan cost you $26/month that includes a free domain name registration, unlimited products, SSL, discounts, tax and order control, etc.

Shopify [Trial + Paid]

shopify for creating ecommerce store

If you ever dream of creating an e-commerce store but stop due to its complexities then here is the direct solution that comes in the form of Shopify. They have nearly 500K active stores on their platform. For evaluation purposes, you can initiate with 14-days trial account. More than 100 free and paid templates are given to choose from.

Shopify offers an extreme level of customization where you can shape the pre-made themes as you want. Besides, the user can upload their own templates as well. But if you want to go beyond this, Shopify allow you to insert/change the CSS and HTML codes. The store is friendly to mobiles phone and the customer can make payments through Android pay and iOS pay, etc.

It is super easy to deal with the store. Like for adding products just navigate to products tab in the editor and add latest details. You can track and control the customer orders and abandoned check out under “Orders” tab. For boosting sales, you can design discounts. Furthermore,  the tool presents different analytics like total orders, conversion rate, device used by a customer, repeat customer, location, traffic source and many others.

For enhancing the store, Shopify offers extended app store that contains over 1000 free and paid applications referred to sales, marketing, social media, inventory, and shipping, etc. And thanks to their flexibility that allow adding various sales channels. On top of that Shopify “point of sale” app lets you operate through Android, iPad, or iPhone and possess sets of other features.

Shopify offers 24/7 support services for free to premium users. You can give contact via call, Live Chat, email or send a tweet. On live chat, the free users may have to wait long, but for paid users, their services are pretty decent. Shopify is pretty upfront but still if you confused check out tons of guides in their help center.

Pricing: Currently Shopify has three packages. The very basic plan starts from $29. In this plan, 2% transaction fee will be charged if you use third party payment gateway while there is no fee if Shopify payments being utilized by you. Further, it includes unlimited storage, bandwidth, and products. The plan carries a free SSL for secured transactions. Plus, allow you to create blog along with the store.

Websitebuilder [Free + Paid]

wesitebuilder site creator

Websitebuilder is a solid choice to start, not only because it is easy to understand but also provides thousands of pre-made templates. All you have to do just pick a design and start polishing. No matters if you are a beginner you will not confuse to see the editing panel even at first sight because it is pretty clear and well-designed. You can make the changes in site background, colors, and fonts, etc. by approaching the design tab.

First of all, you can drag the elements wherever you want in the site area. Next, by clicking on element a small editing window shows up that contains various editing options like changing designs, styles, positions, and dimensions, etc. Moreover, you can add animation to a particular element or to the whole site if you want to. Resizing the items is certainly convenient as now instead of writing dimensions you can just increase or decrease the size by a mouse cursor.

The builder fairly eliminates the need of coding skills as there is an extensive range of elements to add in the posts and pages. Like for just a button, there are almost 6 designs. In addition to, there are numerous other useful elements such as social, boxes, contact forum, HTML/page embedding, Google maps, newsletter, adding videos and different shapes, etc.

The WebsiteBuilder is compatible with many other SEO, Analytics, Social, and monetization apps. You can incorporate the Bing and Google webmaster tools seamlessly. They also include keyword density, sitemap generator, and AdSense integration. The website builder is not just limited to creating websites. You can build a striking eCommerce store with it. Keep in mind that all the integrations and store feature is available to premium users. But the free user can enjoy their free website builder limitlessly.

Having an expert support team is very necessary while operating online. So WebsiteBuilder offers help through emailing and phone calls. Plus, the knowledge base contains comprehensive articles on the editor, SEO, domains, and Social media. Overall it is a splendid site builder that have rich editing option and numerous templates.

Pricing: The lowest premium plans start from $5.99/month including free domain name and advertising credit. The plan allows SEO and marketing tools integrations too. Here note that it does not allow the custom email address. For custom email accounts you need to subscribe their Business plan subscription. They offer a separate plan for e-commerce users that cost $11.99/month with free domain, priority level support, and custom email addresses.

Ucraft [Trail + Paid]

ucraft site builder software

Last but not the least, Ucraft provide the quick solution for building the site or landing pages. 14-days trial account available to everyone for testing the quality. They offer a massive list of templates to choose from. Furthermore, their hosting is powered by Google cloud hosting platform to ensure the maximum availability and you don’t have to bother about bandwidth limitations.

The web page is broken down into separate blocks with customizable options and so to make an eye-catching design. Ucraft offers various elements like adding paragraphs, headings, buttons, videos and countdown timers, etc. They have a language switcher feature too. Additionally, you can integrate Instagram, SoundCloud and Twitter feed.

Ucraft dashboard provides access to various features including SEO manager, domains and adding team members. Plus, they provide a logo maker tool. And from this panel, you can add categories and manage the various prospects of posts and pages. They support a number of apps integrations including Zendesk chat, Google Analytics, and hotjar, etc.

The builder enables you to add special effects to your page elements. Ucraft offers a designer tool with an additional cost of merely $2.99/forever. It is a Photoshop inspired tool that can edit layout, styles, typography and UI kit editing. In our experience, the simple editing panel, a wide range of templates, numerous, and Google Cloud support are enough to stand it among the best website builder softwares.

A chat icon always appears on the screen where you start a conversation with Ucraft members for help. It is a bit slow as generally, you will get the reply in a few hours. Furthermore, they have a support center which is full of guides on almost every topic.

Pricing: For premium subscription, Ucraft starts from $8/month. You can create unlimited web pages. Plus articles, SEO, and Multilingual apps are also available. The pricing goes considerably goes lower if you paid for the whole year which cost only $77. The annual package includes 1 free domain name. And in just $149 you will get lifetime access to Ucraft.


All in all, the best website builder software is a great way to create a website or e-commerce stores. You don’t have to learn to code because a WYSIWYG builders work on drag and drop principle. The builders are not only the time saver but also save your cost for creating a custom design from developers.

As the website builder company manages almost everything, so you can focus on building the site instead of dealing server and other technical aspects.

All above-mentioned builders are straightforward and provide a highly user friendly experience.

So which one is the best website site builder software?

The choice of website builder depends on your requirements. We recommend Wix for creating websites. It got hundreds of templates and a rich app market. Moreover, their ADI mode is an excellent choice to start for the newbies.

For setting up an e-commerce site, we suggest you give a try to Shopify as it makes a lot easier to run a store even if you have zero prior experience.

And for fashions, traveling, and photography blogs, Squarespace offers quite relevant and stunning templates with drag and drop editing.

So which one you choose?

Have you used anyone mentioned above?

We seeing forward for your valuable comments and if you have any other unsolved query regarding website builders feel free to ask.

Imran Nazish

Imran is an enthusiastic web hosting and server management geek with over 8 years of experience dealing with different kinds of hosting companies. He is also familiar with web hosting technical stuff and server optimizations and shares thorough, well-tested reviews and guides on the same domain.

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