10 Best Minecraft Hosting Servers Providers 2024

Minecraft is a popular online video game. It is a block like character game that you can play with your friends all around the world by hosting it on a server.

However, selecting the best Minecraft hosting is quite different from selecting a web hosting provider for your website.

After a busy day routine if you want to do some fun with your friends, well video gaming is one of the options especially when you want to interact with friends at longer distances. With a few pieces of softwares and acquiring a server, you are able to communicate and play in a multiplayer mode.

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A Bit of Minecraft Introduction:

Minecraft created by a Swedish developer Markus Persson, released by Mojang in 2011. And then in 2014, it was purchased by Microsoft. The game is hugely popular that till 2019 they sold over 179 million copies.

The game allows you to play in different modes (Survival, Creative, and Extreme) and have fun.

Survival Mode: In this mode, the players are put in a dangerous world where building different things are crucial for survival. You have to fight against monsters, more cautious at night time in order to stay alive. You also need to keep a keen eye on your character’s health and hunger.

Creative Mode: This mode provides you a pretty open environment where you can shape the cubes as per your desires and build with unlimited resources and absolutely no tension of health and hunger.

Extreme Mode: A more hardcore mode where you cannot resume progress after your character dies. This puts pressure on the player, however more fun mode.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Minecraft Hosting Service

Hardware Specifications


RAM is one of the most important parts to consider while searching for the best server for Minecraft. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that Minecraft is a Memory eating machine on both sides – the user computer and server. This means the more RAM you get the better will be the performance.

The smallest amount usually dedicated to JavaVM typically no less than 1-2GB. However, JavaVM may take more RAM depends on the number of players and plugins. So it is worth doing research and digs in forums posts before actually setting up a Minecraft server.


Although Minecraft does not need much storage but what it requires is the fast drive speed. So selecting a hosting that is using solid-state storage is preferable than a hosting company using traditional spinning drives.  Solid-state drives are significantly faster in reading/writing speed give a boost to game performance.


For CPU, it is simple to understand. The more the user the more CPU cores and threads you will need. So before selecting a hosting company make sure you will get a higher speed powerful generation processor. To make this easy the companies offer exclusively designed Minecraft hosting along with clear CPU specs as well as the number of users that it can afford easily.

Ease of Setting Minecraft, Mods, and Plugins

How is it easy to set up and configure a server? A Minecraft supported host provides you a more straightforward way and right tools to set up a server as it is designed for Minecraft. Furthermore, one-click updates and easy plugin installation is another factor to consider that you usually get with Minecraft specialized hosting.

Operating System

You can host Minecraft on both Windows and Linux based servers. Usually, with Windows OS there is a higher price tag due to licensing fees. On the other hand, Linux servers are cheaper in pricing because most Linux distributions are free to use.


If a server goes down that means the game is not available to play and you cant enjoys with your friends after day busy routine. So find a well-reputed as well as a reliable web host.

Enough talk, now let’s move to a list of web hosts for Minecraft.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Hosting Servers 2024

1. Apex hosting

A hosting solution designed exclusively for Minecraft can deliver you a more straightforward experience. Founded in 2013, this American owned company aims to provide easy setup, ultra-low latency services and the ability to install plugins and modes with a matter of few clicks. So for beginners who are even going to set up a Minecraft server for the first time, they don’t have to struggle around.

Apex Minecraft hosting welcomed you with a free subdomain. Having a simple web address allowing your client/friends to get connected to the server more easily. The subdomain will be like yourname.apexmc.co.

One of the most important things about online games is latency. If you ever play an online game before, you most probably familiar that a game with higher latency (also refer to ping) ruins the player experience very badly. One of the Apex hosting selling point is the datacenter coverage to drastically lower down the latency.

To provide a reliable and dependable structure for ensuring consistent gaming, Apex hosting is utilizing cutting edge hardware. The Intel Xeon E5-1650v3 Processors, DDR4 RAM, and RAID-based SSD storage left no bottleneck behind for maintaining reliability. On top of all, they provide a strong defense line against DDoS attacks.

If you would like to play around with a variety of game Mods, Apex Minecraft hosting is a suitable place to do. They support tons of different Modpacks so whether you want to play Vanilla, Bukkit, FTB, Volcano, Cyclic, Mantle, Spigot or more their server support every mode.

Of course, while selecting a reliable Minecraft hosting, the inclusion of easy to use Minecraft control panel makes a job lot easier. Apex hosting provides popular Multicraft as a control panel, however, they have integrated numerous modifications to make it an enormously handy tool to use. It allows you to pick your server version, mods, and configurations.

For pricing, the selection of the billing cycle depends on your overall cost. Apex hosting offers you two billing cycles (monthly and quarterly). The very first 1GB plan is designed to establish a very basic server. It cost you $4.49/month for the first month and then the recurring price will be $5.99/month. You will get a more discounted price tag if you opt for quarterly billing.

Each of their packages provides unlimited player slots. However, it’s up to you not to invite too many players on a very basic plan. Furthermore, they provide automated off-site backups, unlimited SSD storage, a one-click pack installer, and a dedicated IP address.

An experienced person may understand almost everything via knowledgebase articles but for beginners, a support department backed by human support is a mandatory thing. Luckily, this great web host offers live chat, ticket support and plenty of written and video guides. You can interact with other gamers by joining their Discord channel. The list of useful features, a 7-days refund policy, automated backups, DDoS protection, and reliable support make it an enticing option.

2. Hostinger – Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting

Whether it comes to setting up a simple website or searching for a scalable VPS or even dedicated hosting, Hostinger houses a variety of affordable solutions. Fortunately, they also provide the money value Minecraft hosting with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Similar to Apex Hosting, Hostinger offers an intuitive control panel. You will be provided with full root access of the server that lets you shut down and reboot the server. Hostinger grows as your Minecraft server clients increased. The VPS control panel enables you to change the resources in real-time with no worry.

Because Minecraft is a hardware intensive game so while setting up a server make sure that you are getting the latest hardware. Hostinger well take care of this requirement by providing dual CPU hardware, Intel Xeon processors, and SSD storage. Each of their plans included with Multicraft control panel and 99.9% uptime SLA.

The company offers 5 different plans designed for Minecraft. To make it easy for you they have clearly mentioned with each plan the number of recommended players. Starting from the least one “Alex Plan” ($8.95/month) provides you 1GB RAM and recommended for 70 players. You can avail up to an 8GB RAM plan which is free from the number of player slots.

If you are going to experience the server for the first time you might be worried about security. Fortunately, Hostinger Minecraft hosting is combined with various security measures. They provide DDoS protection for free as well as automatic off-site backups.

When it comes to the choice of a data center they cover the US, Europe, and Asia regions. The company offers 5 data centers in total located in the US, UK, Netherlands, and Singapore. The Lithuania data center is in setting up progress and will be available soon according to the company. So no matter where you belong from you can set up a server near you to get the lowest latency possible. The good thing, you can change the server location any time by contacting their Minecraft hosting expert.

With complete root access to the server, Hostinger allows you to install modpacks, add and manage plugins of your choice.

Another reason to be termed Hostinger as the best Minecraft hosting is the support department. Besides tutorials, the company offers 24/7 customer support via different channels such as live chat and email tickets. Overall, Hostinger is a good place that provides the best money value plans along with a 30-days risk-free money-back guarantee.

3. LiquidWeb – Best for High-End Minecraft Servers

Liquidweb is one of the experienced web hosts in the industry which is providing enterprise-grade hosting services. Most of their solutions are targeted to meet large businesses’ needs however the company also offers cloud-based VPS plans for individuals seeking stable hosting services.

Unlike other web hosts mentioned in this list of top Minecraft hosting providers, LiquidWeb does not offer exclusively designed Minecraft solution. However, as they provide you administrative access to the server, required protection, and trustworthy cloud-based VPS you can absolutely utilize it for your own benefit. Because they are not Minecraft specialized web host so we recommend it for people who have some knowledge regarding Minecraft server configuration.

Whether you want to go with Linux or Windows, LiquidWeb offers both types of solutions. You can choose from a variety of Windows and Linux distributions. The best part, they provide 100% network and power uptime SLAs which means the game stay always available to play.

Liquidweb brings together the latest hardware to make sure you will get the lowest latency non-stop services. You will be provided by complete SSD storage regardless of the plan you choose.

LiquidWeb is a very practical choice if you don’t mind the price. Starting at $15/month you will be given with the power of 2vCPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD storage and plentiful 10 TB bandwidth. Typically this plan available at relatively higher pricing but due to special offer running currently you can save on cost. The longer the billing cycle you opt the lower the price tag will be.

Besides state of the art hardware, the company takes various measures to ensure peace of mind security. Alongside integrated firewalls, the company provides DDoS protection and server secure advanced security. Each account comes with a dedicated IP address. Additionally, the provision of free 100GB backup adds an additional layer. Backups provide a quick way to get everything fixed when something really bad happened to your server.

LiquidWeb offers up to dedicated servers. So it means you never get out of options at the time of scaling up your resources. At any time you can upgrade or downgrade the server resources.

If we talk about customer support services, LiquidWeb is among the web host that clearly know the importance of delivering quick fast help. The company offers 24/7/365 live chat, phone, and email support. However, as the company is not specialized in setting up the Minecraft server so they will assist you regarding OS and certain configuration but they might not manage .jar files, Minecraft plugins, and modepacks. All in all, when it comes to quality, resource-rich servers, and rapid support Liquidweb is a worthy option to try.

4. Shockbyte

Shockbyte is a specialized gaming server provider that is serving its clients since 2013. Being comprised of a team of in-house developers and gamers the company is offering you easy to setup Minecraft hosting solution. Besides Minecraft, Shockbyte also rent-out servers for popular games such as Rust, ARK: Survival Evolved and some more. The company is well pursuing the goal of providing reliable performance services with the lowest possible prices.

Shockbyte comes up with a free subdomain allowing you easy server access. As the longest gaming server running company, Shockbyte knows how to make their services straightforward for easy setup. Their automated Minecraft server set up enables you to quickly activate your server.

Each of their plan overloaded with features enhancing server security, usability, and performance. The company features free MySQL databases, all mode packs, BungeeCord support, task scheduling, JAR support, and Multicraft control panel. For uploading files, you will be provided with full FTP access.

Shockbyte offers tons of plans to choose from. The very basic “Dirt Plan” starts at just $2.50/month. With this price tag, it is really a cheap web host compared to most competitors. The Dirt plan provides 1GB DDR4 RAM and unlimited SSD storage.

The entry-level plan is recommended for 20 players however the company does not restrict the number of players that can join your server. Here keep in mind with 1GB RAM you may not able to install some game mods but it’s a perfect plan for beginners going to experience Minecraft for the first plan.

Alongside 9 different standard plans, Shockbyte also offers more premium plans named Spartan, Zeus, and Titan. These plans range from $25 to $40 offering you plentiful resources, latest hardware, and unlimited player slots.

For security, you don’t have to worry about even if you are a novice in server management. The company provides complete protection against dangerous DDoS attacks. Plus, the inclusion of automatic backups and snapshot support is a good addition to such low price plans. To make possible lowest latency services they offer a choice of data centers in the US, UK, and Asia Pacific regions.

For the first time, most users confused either they are able to set up a Minecraft server or not? Well, with having 24/7 support department availability you don’t have to worry about anything. Besides offering knowledgebase, you can also view video tutorials on Shockbyte Youtube.

In the case, if you need help from their expert team you can open a live chat or submit support tickets. So if you are good with a limited amount of datacenters and price discrepancy between US/UK and Asia-pacific regions, Shockbyte is a great choice packed with pocket-friendly pricing, unlimited slots, SSD storage, and good customer support.

5. Vultr

For highly scalable and best performance Minecraft hosting powered by fast cloud servers, Vultr is an attractive choice. Since 2014, Vultr is a great option for developers, designers, and large businesses. Luckily, the company also offers a simplified way to set up a Minecraft server.

Once you sign up for Vultr, you will get a very straightforward user interface which makes launching and configuring a server enormously easy. The impressive thing that greatly assists the novices in launching a Minecraft server is a One-click app installer.

After selecting other settings such as plan, data center location, and the operating system just select Minecraft under the Application tab. Vultr will take around 1 min to launch your very own Minecraft server. For more server configuration go ahead make use of provided SSH access.

One of the prominent reasons that why Vultr is the best choice for hosting Minecraft is the availability of data center locations. With 16 data centers zones, Vultr is among the few companies that hold such a huge infrastructure. So from Washington to Sydney, they cover the whole world to provide fast services.

For smoother performance, Minecraft greatly depends on the choice of hardware. Fortunately, Vultr cloud hosting is the best amalgam of the latest hardware with affordable price tags. Vultr features pure SSD hosting and the latest generation Intel CPUs. They provide a 100% uptime guarantee and in the case of any outages, you will be eligible for SLA guarantee.

The company offers a wide range of cloud hosting plans. You can choose out of their ten different plans. The most basic plan priced at just $2.50/month however as it includes just 512MB RAM we don’t recommend it for Minecraft.  The $5/month plan offers you 1GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 25GB SSD storage, and 1TB bandwidth. You will be provided with an isolated environment.

While looking for Minecraft hosting make sure they offer scalable options so that you can increase the resources as server clients grow. Vultr is highly scalable that offers tons of cloud computing solutions and block storage. You can increase or decrease the resources anytime and thus keep control of your cost. Besides cloud computing, they also offer Bare Metal, Dedicated cloud and load balancers which are powerful enough in case if you want to set up a commercial Minecraft server.

There is also a downside to using Vultr. Where mostly Minecraft exclusive companies offer free data backups and DDoS protection, on Vultr you need to pay for such services.

When it’s the matter of customer support although Vultr provides a very straightforward Minecraft server set up process. They offer email tickets backed by human experts. At the moment there is no live chat support. By considering all things, we can say Vultr is a considerable choice as they provide decent coverage of datacenters, cutting edge hardware and affordable pricing.

6. HostWinds

Hostwinds is a long time running company that is backed by state-of-the-art servers, 99.999% uptime guarantee, and Minecraft optimized servers. The company offers very solid performance hardware coupled with solid-state drives and top quality reliable CPUs.

Hostwinds provide the complete control of the server enabling you to do the server settings and configurations as you want. Hostwinds come with a lower price tag but they did not ignore the importance of reliability and security. Each of their Minecraft VPS packages featured with Enterprise-grade firewall, 1 Gbps ports and SSDs.

If you are looking for a cheap yet reliable Hosting provider for Minecraft, Hostwinds is the potential choice. The least package start at just $4.49/month. It includes an allocated amount of 1 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 30GB SSD storage, and 1TB bandwidth. Minecraft consumes around 100MB/hr per user so there is a handsome amount of bandwidth.

When it comes to RAM, with 1GB you may restrict to use a few amounts of modepacks. Because Minecraft is a hardware intensive game so for more mods and fun, try to go for their 2GB memory or more.

Alongside other features, HostWinds comes with free snapshots irrespective of the plan you choose. Snapshots are really handy to deploy another server quickly with the same setting and configuration of your existing server.

While hosting Minecraft, a control panel is one of the important things that make your job lot easier or difficult. By default, Hostwinds VPS comes with its in-house VPS console to manage features. However, if you want the most desired McMyAdmin easy to use Minecraft control panel the company support department will assist you with its installation. Here note that you need to buy the McMyAdmin control panel separately.

Once you buy HostWinds hosting that doesn’t mean your money is bound with them. If you don’t like their services the company offers a good refund policy. A VPS account on the annual billing cycle can ask for a refund with the first 30 days after purchase. They will issue a pro-rated refund of unused services. Any account less than the annual billing cycle can ask for a refund within the first 24-hours.

Hostwinds take care of customer queries using channels such as live chat, phone, and emails. The live chat response is pretty satisfactory and it remains available 24/7. Their expert is responsible to assist you regarding any installations and diagnosing.

Generally speaking, if you want to have fun with your friends but in the meantime don’t want to create a big hole in your pocket, HostWinds is an enticing choice. Their Minecraft specialized offer choice of datacenter, complete SSD solution and enterprise firewalls. There are also tutorials on their website regarding setting up a Minecraft server.

7. ScalaCube

ScalaCube is a specialized gaming server provider that offers, alongside Minecraft hosting, servers for Rust and Ark Survival Evolved game. Launched back in 2015, as a small company it takes no time and becomes one of the favorite places for a stable gaming server.

The company is successfully achieved its goal of providing quality-oriented gaming servers. Since its inception, they upgrade its infrastructure several times to stay in the competition and providing high-performance services with understandable price tags.

Being a Minecraft specialist hosting provider you will get each and everything to run your server. Uploading custom jars, installing plugins of your choice and using a variety of modes was never easy before. It’s a lot easier to manage mods, accessing file manager and scheduled tasks.

Furthermore, experienced users can have fun with advanced services like Apache, MySQL, and PHP. You will also get access to FTP as well as SSH access.

ScalaCube gives you a very feature-rich control panel where alongside managing modepack and other crucial things, it allows you to create your own launcher. The launcher is customizable to obtain a number of benefits such as automatically launch certain mods every time you start the game. Plus, there are also one-click installs that support around thousand modpacks.

The company is offering 9 Minecraft hosting plans. You can go up to 32 GB RAM. Starting from the least one, it offers you 768 MB RAM, 3.4 GHz CPU, and 10GB SSD storage. The price tag is just $2.5/month with this plan make it one of the cheapest Minecraft hosting servers. The recommended player for this plan is 10, however, you can invite as many players as you want it depends on your RAM and CPU so keep that in your mind.

Their data centers placed in America, United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, and Europe. A data center near you delivers low latency services because data takes less time to travel between the server and your computer.

ScalaCube also houses several freebies for its clients. Along with a free domain name, you will also get a preconfigured website and forum in ready to use state. Each hosting account will get DDoS protection for free. Furthermore, for securing your files you don’t need to buy any additional service as they provide an integrated backup system along with the plan.

As far as support services concerned, ScalaCube offers 24/7 email ticket support. They do offer live chat but it does not stay available for the whole day. Their support agents are friendly and response time is pretty satisfactory. You can rely on their expertise whenever you step into any trouble regarding Minecraft server configuration and settings. They also offer a list of tutorials related to different games and servers.

By concluding, we can say ScalaCube is a great cost-efficient company with the performance you can trust. You also get a free domain, website, and forum. Currently, they only offer monthly billing cycle but it should not be a big problem.

8. Anvilnode

Here is another worth considering Minecraft hosting service provider. The company might not be as much popular but you can’t dismiss them because of that. They are employing the best hardware with surprisingly lower price tags. The company focused on just Minecraft servers where they offer affordable to heavy-duty dedicated servers.

Anvilnode makes possible high-performance services by employing technologies such as the latest Intel Xeon processors and complete solid-state storage. Minecraft does not need much storage but for smoother performance, it requires hardware that can read/write data blazingly fast. The SSDs are known to offer 300% faster speed than old hard disk drives.

Anvilnode offers 14 Minecraft hosting packages allowing you to pick the plan exactly as per your requirements. The entry-level plan priced at only $4/month. It contains 1GB RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and unmetered storage. You will get free MySQL databases and full FTP access. You can lower down the price further to just $3.33/month if you choose annual billing cycle.

Just like many other Minecraft specialized companies, Anvilnode does not put any hard cap on the number of players slots. Depends on your server resources, you can invite as many players as you want.

While hosting on Anvilnode you don’t have to worry about your server security and scarcity of features. They provide full DDoS protection as well as free daily backups. You will be given Multicraft a well-known Minecraft admin control panel. Even for a beginner installing mod packs and plugins are super easy.

The companies offer a choice of a data center in various regions so that you will get low latency services. Anvilnode does not offer too many data centers but they have enough to support the audience all around the world. You can choose from North America, Europe, Singapore, and Australia data center.

Anvilnode offers a staunch support department that covers support channels like live chat and email tickets. I have contacted them using live chat but it’s a bit sluggish and takes around 4-5min.

When it comes to self-learning, they have published many helpful articles related to the Minecraft server. You can also interact with their support department and other users using their Discord.

Anvilnode does offer a money-back guarantee but unfortunately, it’s a short refund policy that lasts for only 48hrs. So after purchasing within the first 48 hours (2days), you need to decide whether you want to continue their services or not. Here note that refund policy does not apply on dedicated servers.

With all that said, Anvilnode is an amazingly cheap Minecraft hosting server provider packed with speed and quality. If you are good with slow support, you can take benefit of their cutting edge hardware and managed dedicated servers.

9. BeastNode

Just like its name, this hosting provider delivers beast performance for the smoother gaming experience. Coupled with beefy CPUs and Gigabit connections you can trust in their infrastructure to keep you and other people online. And the impressive part, they provide the desired usability for setting up a Minecraft server that is around 60 seconds your very own Minecraft server will up and running.

In order to make sure lag-free gaming the company offer fully SSD based storage. It provides blazing-fast read/write speed. Being assembled on the enterprise-grade hardware the company is confident enough to provide an amazing 99.9% uptime guarantee.

BeastNode categorizes Minecraft servers packages as Budget Minecraft servers and Premium Minecraft servers. They hold every feature for you that you can expect from the best Minecraft hosting provider. BeastNode least plan (budget Minecraft) offers 1GB RAM in just $2.99/month. Here note that for mode packs they recommend using at least 4GB plan. The company also offers simple web hosting and cloud VPS packages.

At first glance, you will see that Budget Minecraft plans to provide you higher specs compared to premium plans, but that’s not the whole story. With premium plans, first of all, you get technical support on a priority basis. Furthermore, you will notice that with a premium plan you will be provided with unlimited SSD storage space and more optimized performance. On the other hand, all of their budget plans come with 5 GB SSD storage.

There is no limit on the number of player slots and bandwidth. Regardless of what type of Minecraft hosting package you go for, Beastnode provides you the power of Intel Xeon processors, and 1000Mbit Port. Whether it’s Tekkit, Feed the Beast or Spigot, BeastNode supports loads of mode packs and plugins.

Each of their Minecraft web hosting plans comes with the most flexible and powerful Multicraft control panel. You can play around with features such as full FTP access and Free MySQL databases. Also, you will get a free subdomain.

BeastNode does not compromise the importance of security and for that reason, they provide Full DDoS protection and mitigation to let you play the game without any hassle and downtimes.

So far the company only offers 3 data center locations located in the Netherlands, Chicago, and Arizona. Compared to the competition, it is a small number of data centers but still, it’s decent coverage of data centers. They are utilizing the Gbit networking and state of the art infrastructure. It should not be a deal-breaker factor.

Where some companies offer just 24hr or 48hr money-back guarantee, BeastNode offers a 5-day money-back guarantee. So if their Minecraft hosting is not like you expected then go ahead take advantage of their refund policy.

For technical support, Premium plan holders will get full assistance on a priority basis while as a Minecraft budget plan users will get basic support. You can submit a ticket or contact them using live chat. Overall, BeastNode is reliable Minecraft hosting provider. If you simply want to play the game with your friends budget plans are good to go. And if you want to make money using the server, premium packages are your best choice.

10. NitrousNetworks

Back in July 2010, Jordan Bryant started NitrousNetwork by taking a start-up loan from his father. The company has come so far and expanded to deliver gaming and virtual dedicated servers. You can avail servers for about 2 dozens games. For Minecraft, they offer both Pocket and Java edition.

Being a specialized gaming server provider, Nitrous Network knows how important it is to provide low latency services. They are utilizing solid-state drives and high-quality T1 network providers. The company believes in rapid server deployment and for that, they take a few seconds to set up your server after payment.

Nitrous Networks enable you to enjoy a variety of modpacks such as Vanilla, Spigot, FTB and some more. To make things easier for players they have designed in-house NirtoPanel. Except, if you purchase a server for other games you will get the popular TCAdmin control panel for managing features.

In terms of data center coverage, Nitrous Network maintains a decent amount of data centers around the world so that you can enjoy lag-free low latency services. They offer 8 data centers to choose from located in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, US (4), and Canada.

The very basic plan for Minecraft java edition comes with a $5.24/month price tag. It includes 1536MB RAM which is around 1.5GB. With each of their plan, they clearly mention the number of players slots. They put no restriction on the storage and free MySQL.

The company also adds few add-ons to enjoy like 1-month Buycraft premium and 13-days of Enjin premium. Nitrous Networks offers a discount on semi-annual and annual plans billing cycle which means you will get the lowest price roughly $4.33/month if you choose annual billing.

On the other hand, when it comes to Minecraft Pocket edition it is interesting to see they offer unlimited RAM. Additionally, Pocket edition packages are relatively affordable where entry plan starts at just $3.28/month. However, here note that Pocket edition plans are limited to only Vanilla mods.

For security, the company is responsible to protect all the gaming servers against the verity of DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, unlike some other companies, Nitrous Network does not include any free back up service. If you found their services at fault, you can ask for a refund within 7-days.

To assist customer queries, the company does not hold many channels. Their support ticket response is pretty fast and you usually get a response in around 30 min which is pretty fast for a ticketing system. So in terms of support channels, they do not offer much but their support team fully dedicated to maintaining an expeditious ticketing system.

Overall, Nitrous Network is a worth considering Minecraft hosting server provider combined with solid performance technologies. They provide good coverage of data centers and a nice 7-days refund policy.


We hope you found this guide helpful in making the right decision for setting up your very own Minecraft hosting server. You can’t wrong with any of these hosting providers. Every above-mentioned hosting company not only provides the quality services but also provides the best value to your hard-earned dollars you spend on them.

As far as our recommendations concern, Shockbyte is the best package of reliability and affordability. The provision of DDR4 RAM, DDoS protection, unlimited SSD storage, and automatic backups worth your every penny. They also take good care of their customers via an extensive knowledge base, quick live chat, and support tickets. We are pretty sure that you will love them just like us.

On the other hand, if you are somewhat experienced in server management then Vultr is a great option too. Vultr is a cloud hosting company enable you to launch Minecraft server using their one-click installer. The company offers highly scalable solutions from its widespread 16 data center locations.

Benefits of Running Your Own Minecraft Hosting Server

Your Server Your Rules

Probably the best advantage of setting up your own Minecraft server. You are the King of your server which means you can implement a good set of in-game rules and make it a fun place to enjoy with other players.

Enjoying Mods of Your Choice

Renting a server means you have full access to its configurations and installations. Just like Your server your rules, installing and uninstalling mods are totally in your control. This provides you the ability to make your server more marketable by installing popular mod packs without any permissions.

Build Your Community

You want to increase your social circle and build new relationships beyond boundaries creating a Minecraft server is one of the options. When you start and manage a Minecraft server you will most probably meet with new peoples and can strengthen your relations with your friends. Remember, a big community starts with a small and welcoming server. And who knows that one day your server becomes popular and can create content for other websites like Youtube.

Low Latency – Smoother Gaming Experience

Another great benefit of hosting Minecraft on your server means that the server located near to you. This results in low latency/ping so that you can enjoy lag-free and smooth gaming.

I hope this guide will serve you find the best Minecraft hosting provider. For any questions, drop a comment below.

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