5 Best HostGator Alternatives 2024 [Number #3 is Just Awesome}

So, you want to use someone else than HostGator and in search of some best HostGator alternatives?

The question is why you’re avoiding them?

Even though they are affordable, reliable and have a good reputation in the hosting industry, I personally love them. They offer quite worth-using hosting services if not the best WordPress hosting solutions for the beginner to average level websites. You can try their web hosting just at one penny using this link. Try HostGator $0.01/month (For the first month).

Here is What We Recommend

  • Highly affordable yet reliable web host
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 20x Performance with the "PRO" plan
  • Free email accounts and SSLs
  • 90 Days money back guarantee
  • All servers are DDoS protected
  • Automatic backups included
  • Various data centers around the world
  • Inhouse expert technical staff
  • Fastest web hosting with SSDs
  • Standard cPanel and free tools
  • Free SSLs with free backup/restore
  • Free website migration
  • 30 days money back

But there are some reasons which are going to get you in serious trouble especially the beginners.

Why You Need HostGator Alternatives?

Customer support is the soul of every business, Isn’t it? At some point, the customer may get into to some problematic situation, and he need assistance on an immediate basis, if the company did not deliver the support services at that time, then it will create worst situation. And don’t think if you have the technical skills and you don’t need any assistance. Every user whether newbie or expert need help at some time.

Being the HostGator customer, we contact them numerously, they take too long to respond which is annoying. The so-called live chat is just the live chat for the name. You got a problem, contact via live and guess what they reply came after passing 30 to 45 minutes. You will amaze to see that, is it a live chat? This happened to us not only once, but it’s become the tradition of HostGator. So that’s the first and enormous reason that urges you to find the best HostGator alternatives.

The other reason to find the best alternatives to HostGator is the true absence of backup. Yes, they do offer free automatic backup. They create a backup once in a week. After a week a new backup replaces the old one. For example, if a problem arises after the 1st backup and after a week they made another one and replaced with existing then restoring backup will not let you free from problem. Instead of facilitating their customers, they are pushing the customers to purchase the 3rd party backup service such as CodeGuard.

The other reason to find the best alternatives to HostGator is the true absence of backup. Yes, they do offer free automatic backup. They create a backup once in a week. After a week a new backup replaces the old one. For example, if a problem arises after the 1st backup and after a week they made another one and replaced with existing then restoring backup will not let you free from problem. Instead of facilitating their customers, they are pushing the customers to purchase the 3rd party backup service such as CodeGuard.

Fast forwarding; times are gone when HostGator offer clean script installer, but now they are bombarding the creepy upsell techniques, which may frustrate the users. Moreover, where most of the companies using SSD drives hosting and Speed Zones to make their services faster. HostGator didn’t make any changes so far and totally rely on the spinning drives. So, if you decided to select the close Hostgator alternatives here are some hosting companies based on our personal experience.

Note: In our personally experience, They should improve their customer support otherwise HostGator's web hosting is quite good and worth using.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the real topic.

5 Best HostGator Alternatives of 2024

1. InMotion Hosting

In our opinion, InMotion is the best HostGator alternatives. InMotion is an independent company, which start working in 2001. Now the company is not only known as the best WordPress hosting provider, but they are also the best providers of Dedicated, VPS and Business Hosting. InMotion is always in the spotlight due to its generous offerings and advance tech.

They offer 90 days during which you can ask for full refund. Now you have plenty of days to check their services as brutally as you want. We are sure you will not find any reason for a refund because they are a pretty amazing WordPress Hosting provider. Moreover, the west and east coast data centers are established for the sake to faster the speed of your site and its pages. The choice of data center also increases the website speed significantly.

You have a question and want an answer quickly then contact via phone or live chat within few minutes (Probably 1~5 minutes which is really great). You can even call them through Skype. Isn’t it great? Support services are also given via emails. If you want to grab the knowledge in your free time, they maintain a “support center,” which is full of tips and solutions. InMotion Hosting support team is fast, friendly and knowledgeable.

The company offers distinctive plans as compared to the HostGator. HostGator offers UNMETERED web space, bandwidth, and 1 free domain name along with $200 marketing credits. On the other hand, InMotion also provides unlimited storage and traffic. You can get a free domain and $250 advertising credit. But unlike the HostGator, who allow only one website to host, InMotion allows 2 domain to host on a single account. InMotion also equipped with Max Speed Zones. Moreover, Hostgator did not allow parked domain while InMotion allows 6 parked domains.

The prices of InMotion are bit higher than HostGator. But as you can see InMotion offers lots of differentiated features that make their plans valuable.

SiteGround is the next best alternative to HostGator. As we all know when someone working on the internet, the security is the main problem. SiteGround has following strict security protocols that fill all the possible security holes. And also the company introduce its own crafted security layers to protect users against the brute force attacks. Moreover, they are continuously in contact with customers to assist them so that they counteract in case of any risk. The IDS/ IPS systems provide protection against vulnerable and malicious bots. They provide thumbs up security for sure.

With SiteGround you may need support services few times throughout the year. But whenever you want help they are always active no matter what’s the time. The customer can get the impeccable support services via live chat, email, and phone call. Additionally, for video guides they provide webinars.

Besides the security protocols and customer support, the crucial aspect is “Technology” that really matters to deliver the site contents quickly. Unlike to the HostGator, the SiteGround offer data center selection, PHP7, SuperCacher, SSD’s, etc. These all helps to make your site load faster. They do offer the free backup and accounts isolation.

SiteGround offers a limited number of visitors per month and storage whereas HostGator offer limit bandwidth. But wait, this might be the secret of SiteGround outstanding services. In an unlimited bandwidth, there might be a chance a high resource consuming website can consume the resources of a small website. But this doesn’t happen with every company. Some companies use specific programs to protect each user’s resources. These particular scripts help web hosts to limit CPU resources of each user who use’s the same server.

SiteGround offers different useful options in its plans like free integrated SSL, Solid state storage, free daily backup, etc.

For more details, you may read our SiteGround Review here.

We highly recommend SiteGround for smaller to medium traffic websites. Although their offering is very similar to HostGator, but their quality is much much better.

3. A2 Hosting

Here is A2 Hosting, which offers lots of features at lower prices. Some people thinks it’s a new company, but it’s not. The company launched in Aug 2001 and named as “Iniquinet.” But in March 2003 they gave tribute to their hometown “Ann Arbor” and named the company as “A2 Hosting.” Now the company is known as one of the industry leading firm in latest infrastructure and swift services.

Did you known they offer “anytime money back guarantee”? But wait let us explain this policy. According to their refund policy if you request the refund within 30 days then they will pay you a full refund. After 30 days they issues prorated refund based on the unused services. So you always have the time to get your money back even after the 30 days if you did not satisfy with their services.

Every good host usually develops exclusive techniques and technologies to provide an incredible experience to their users (Like SiteGrround has SuperCacher). A2Hosting offer Turbo servers to boost up the speed of websites hosted on their servers. Moreover, they create software’s like “A2 Optimized” that automatically enhance the site performance. For increasing the delivery of site contents, different companies use their own developed caching tools. At HostGator, they did not design any particular tools while A2 introduce site accelerators for caching.

A2 Hosting introduces Server Rewind backup which helps to save your data. So that in case of any problematic situation you can rewind to the safe point. Additionally, all the plans have active Brute Force Defense, Firewall, KernelCare and virus scanning system.

Like HG, A2 Hosting also offers unlimited storage, data transfer, and cPanel. They also offer PHP version switcher where you can shift upto any version from 5~7. But you should choose “Swift” plan to get more resources and benefits from a single account. Because you can host unlimited domains on this plan, so the person’s having a limited budget but want to start multiple projects, then choosing “Swift” hosting package would be a great move.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost came in the list of the companies that are officially recommended by the WordPress team. There is a difference between the prices offered by the HostGator and DreamHost. But if the budget doesn’t matter in your case then DreamHost is fantastic. They are providing services for bloggers, developers, and e-commerce site since 1997 and now hosting over 1.5 million sites.

DreamHost claims to deliver 100% uptime. It means your site always remains online which is very necessary in the case of an e-commerce store. And if there is a day of interrupted services, then the company credit you of that day. Additionally, the plans come with integrated CloudFlare feature which you can use within cPanel without changing the DNS records. In an e-commerce site, you need to secure the customer’s data. For this, they offer free SSL add-on. Not only this, but they also include domain privacy for free to protect the domain holder information.

You can guess the service quality to some extent through the refund policy. Because the refund policy shows that how much the company is confident? Companies offering short refund period such as 7 to 15 days don’t provide quality (Usually) they just want sales, and after the trial period, customers cannot ask for refunds. Within 7 to 15 days you cannot judge the quality of any web host. DreamHost offers 97 days money back guarantee. So sit back you have plenty of days. We considered it totally a risk-free subscription.

The web hosting mean nothing if the support services are unfriendly. You will connect to the live chat within 3 to 5 minutes. After connecting there is no more wait and support agent response comes pretty fast. There is no phone support, but it’s not a problem because they are available 24/7/365 via live chat. The cool thing about them is that they did not outsource the customer support staff. So the staff clearly knows what’s going on in the company in case of any uninvited situation.

They designed all in one hosting plans, with a shared hosting account you can host unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage, databases, and emails accounts. HostGator did not include free domain privacy and SSL while DreamHost did it. So if you have funds then surely subscribe to their services.

5. WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub is a sister company of InMotion Hosting. We considered WHH as the best HostGator alternative when we compare it on the basis of price and features. The company currently have 40,000 happy customers in almost six years and accredited A+ at BBB. They earn several awards from the hosting advisors. So the question is, the company start in 2010 and what they do, that they gain so many customers in spite of stiff competition. Let’s dive into it

The company mainly divide their hosting into 2 types. You can select either cPanel hosting or the site builder hosting during subscription. The users having limited technical expertise mostly choose site builder. While cPanel hosting attracts users having technical skills or who want more control over their resources. So if you love WordPress, cPanel hosting is the best one, and you should go for it.

Customer support via Live Chat, Phone and emails are standard ways in hosting industry. On WebHostingHub you can also get help through Skype on the issues related to sales or any uncertain situation, that’s really great. On the other hand to enhance the data writing and reading speed they use SSD drives. There is also an option of data center selection for all plans except “spark.” Additionally, they offer free domain like HostGator, but we recommend buying a domain name form these best domain registrars to avoid higher renewal prices.

WebHostingHub aims to provide the best but affordable, reliable and cheap WordPress hosting. They also designed hosting plans for WordPress and Joomla specifically. You can host two domains on one account with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Moreover 90 days money back guarantee is impressive. So don’t hesitate they are one of the best HostGator alternatives.

Overall HostGator Alternatives Summary

For better understanding to decide which one would a great choice we have summarized some key features of all the hosts listed in this article.








Free Domain









10k Users



















SSD Drives















90 days

30 days


97 days

90 days

45 days









As per our experience, we considered that above are the best HostGator alternatives when we compared them mainly on the features basis. As per our recommendations InMotionHosting and A2Hosting are excellent options.

More concisely, InMotion is best when you are not budget conscious and wants unlimited bandwidth. On the other, A2Hosting is also the great alternative to HostGator but keep in mind their traffic limitation restrictions otherwise it’s an excellent WordPress Host.

#1.  InMotion Hosting

We are using InMotion Hosting for our site right now and quite satisfied with them. Their servers are blazingly fast and provide excellent user experience.

Moreover, activating CloudFlare improves website speed significantly and delivers maximum performance.

Now it’s your time, make your choice and let us know which one is the best HostGator alternative you would like to use.

Is there any best alternative web host for HostGator we missed on this list? Please share in the comments section below.

Imran Nazish

Imran is an enthusiastic web hosting and server management geek with over 8 years of experience dealing with different kinds of hosting companies. He is also familiar with web hosting technical stuff and server optimizations and shares thorough, well-tested reviews and guides on the same domain.

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Personally I would vouch for siteground. I used to host my 2 websites there and they were awesome. Now I am using another host, but not because, they were bad. It is because another host has a better price plan for my websites, though I don’t have some perks that siteground was offering. One thing that separates Siteground from other websites is that they clearly show how mush bandwidth you are allowed to use and if you step over the limits, they urge you to take another pricing plan. There is no such thing as unlimited traffic. It’s working untill you websites generate measly 20-50 visits per day, but once you start racking over 500 per day – all the ‘unlimited’ thing becomes history.


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