10 Best Turnitin Alternatives and Similar Services

Turnitin is an amazing tool when it comes to leading plagiarism checkers. It allows the user to easily run plagiarism tests of submitted files, automatic grading, sources from where the text is copied and comparing multiple files, etc. However, besides its various benefits, it is not a great choice for everyone which urges us to find the best Turnitin alternatives.

Today’s internet world is full of plagiarized content, and there are lots of tools out there that help to fight against duplication. Especially teachers and blog owners who receive content from students/writers need a tool to ensure originality.

Turnitin is being used by many Educational institutions and allows teachers to detect duplications. It is designed in a way that students can easily submit assignments to teachers. The teacher can access those assignments from the inbox that is present in the Turnitin dashboard. The tools compare the submitted files with published content on the internet to highlight the duplication. It helps the teacher to grade the content originality as well as comment on those documents.

Overall it’s a well-organized plagiarism checker, so why do we need its alternatives. You might have some of your reasons however we also mention some of the very potential reasons below.

Why Turnitin Alternatives?

The tool is focused on academic purposes so not good for blog owners who used to receive content from hired writers. Turnitin is not as much rich regarding databases as some other tools out there so it may ignore plagiarism because of no database.

Talking further Turnitin is a costly choice like for educational institutions it cost around $2000 (for current pricing contact the sales department).

So for site owners, it might not be applicable while for institutions Turnitin can be a choice (not for everyone), but there are a lot of valuable tools available in the market. So here we’ll mention the best “potential” alternative to Turnitin to help everyone who is seeking for them.

10 Best Turnitin Alternatives 2024


ProWritingAid is a multifunctional tool that offers useful features for beginners to professional writers/bloggers. Just like Turnitin, ProWritingAid holds an incredible plagiarism checker which is backed by billions of web pages, academic papers, and published work in the database.

Furthermore, there is also a handy editing tool for writers. So the alliance of tools and economical pricing structure makes it a close alternative to Turnitin.

ProWritingAid is available in the free and paid version. In a free version, you can access the editing tool which you can only use online (on their website). However, if you install web browser add-in, the tool will only check 500 words at a time.

On the other hand, the Premium version lifts the word limit and gives you access to the desktop version and integrations for MS Word, Google Docs and web browsers, etc.

However here note that plagiarism checker is not available in free and Premium named plans. For the plagiarism checker tool, you need to buy “Premium Plus” plan that includes all features of the premium plan and 50 plagiarism checks per year. But if you don’t want premium plan features you can also buy the number of plagiarism checks separately.

Alongside the plagiarism checker tool, Prowritingaid proofreading tool is also a worthy addition to the software.  Prowritingaid holds excellent spelling and grammar checker which is a way much better than office and many other online tools.

The software is able to check your text in real-time which means highlighting issues right when you are writing. The feature that we like the most compared to other editing tools is the Thesaurus feature which automatically highlights words that you can change for a list of synonyms. This is amazing for increasing vocabulary.

Prowritingaid word explorer is another nice addition to the software. It comprises a dictionary, Thesaurus, contextual related suggestions, pronunciation, Alliteration, Cliché, example usage, collocation dictionaries, and many more. So it’s a powerful feature to make the right use of words.

Being one of the best proofreading software, Prowritingaid allows you to make the selection between languages (UK, US, CA, AU English) and writing styles (General, Academic, Web, Business, Technical, etc.) so the software can provide better contextual suggestions.

It will also highlight repeated words so you can take out those to make your content more attractive and readable. And most prominently it presents you with 20+ types of different reports so you can critically analyze and improve your content style.


Free: online editing tool, 500 words at a time

Premium: No word limit, Desktop app, integration for MS office, web browsers, G-Docs, and Scrivener

  • 1 year ($60)
  • 2-year ($90)
  • 3 year ($120)
  • Lifetime ($210)

Premium Plus: All premium features + 50 plagiarism checks

  • 1 year ($70)
  • 2-year ($110)
  • 3 year ($150)
  • Lifetime ($320)

Plagiarism: Only plagiarism checker but No paid editing feature

  • 10 Checks ($10)
  • 100 checks ($40)
  • 500 checks ($120)
  • 1000 checks ($200)


Grammarly is one of the most advanced tools when it comes to the best proofreading tools on the market. If you are not a native English speaker, then Grammarly can be most useful for you. The reason that makes Grammarly a distinguished choice over any other tool is that it scans and provides suggestions based on 400+ grammatical rules.

Grammarly is not just a proofreading tool; it also holds a prominent feature that makes us place it on the list of top alternatives. Yes, it contains an outstanding plagiarism checker based on 16 billion pages and ProQuest’s databases.

Here note that Grammarly offers both free and paid versions but the plagiarism checker is only included with the paid version. Their plagiarism checker takes a few moments and shows up the sources from where the text is copied. Furthermore, they also present the overall percentage of plagiarized content as well as the percentage of copied content from each source.

On the side of proofreading capabilities, Grammarly is incredibly helpful. So no matter if you are a native English speaker or non-native; it’s a must-have tool to improve your writing skills. Using the tools is extremely easy as you can simply copy-paste the content or use it as a writing App just like MS word or importing documents.

As American, Canadian, Australian, and British English have differences in grammar rules and spellings, so the tool allows you to opt for your preferred language style so to apply rules and provide suggestions accordingly.

Grammarly can detect numerous types of errors. Just take the example of punctuations, the tool will identify basic to advanced level punctuations and provide suggestions along with the explanation.

Grammarly is very useful to increase the readability and attractive sentences by highlighting the repeated sentences, wrong spellings, overused passive sentences, and the use of prepositions. In addition, vocabulary enhancement improves sentence structure by providing word choices based on content contextual.

The best part of Grammarly is that it can be integrated with multiple platforms like MS Office, web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), and for softwares.

Unlike most editing tools, it also integrates with outlook so a positive point for outlook users. There is a desktop app too. Apart from these add-ins, Grammarly has an online editing tool where you can not only use its features but also save your documents so as to access them from anywhere.

So Grammarly free version is pretty limited that scans and corrects just basic grammar and spelling problems. While paid version work based on 400+ grammatical rules and can detect basic to advanced errors.

Although Grammarly does not provide a feature like Turnitin where teachers create classes and permit students to submit their assignments.

However, Grammarly offers an online editing tool where you can save documents. So the combination of plagiarism checker, industry best proofreading tool, and low pricing makes it the best alternative.


  • Monthly: $29.95 /mo
  • Quarterly: $19.98/ mo or $59.95 as a single payment
  • Yearly: $11.66/ mo or $139.95 as a single payment

Plagiarism CheckerX

If you don’t want a proofreading tool at all with a plagiarism checker then perhaps Plagiarism CheckerX is the best cost-saving Turnitin alternative for you. Here worthy of mentioning that the company only offers a software-based desktop app that installs on your computer’s local drive.

The tool is effective to detect plagiarism because of its biggest database – comprises of web pages, journals and research papers, etc. Plagiarism checker is being used by many institutions and students, writers, and digital marketers from 60+ countries.

Similar to Turnitin, Plagiarism CheckerX unlock various capabilities to find the duplication of content effectively. Along with English, it is available in 7 different languages such as French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian. So every user can utilize it with ease.

After launching the software you have two options either paste the text or just upload the document – it supports pdf, docx, doc, RTF, and text. When you hit the “Analyze it” button it will scan for resources from where the text is copied and also present the duplicate percentage from each source. They also show a detailed report where they highlight the copied text lines along with the source link.

Plagiarism CheckerX features a side-by-side comparison between 2 documents. The good thing here is that they add a nice “keywords” feature that might be useful from the SEO perspective. This feature allows you to instantly scan the document that you put in – might be your competitor’s blog post and tell the keyword density of various keywords. You can select either to scan for 3 combination keywords, 1 or what.

Bulk Search is another excellent addition to software that offers multiple options that are useful to find the plagiarized content when there is a matter of a large number of files.

The options like “One to Many,” “Many to Many” and “Cross-Comparison” are especially useful for teachers as they tend to scan numerous assignments of their students. Just take the example of Cross comparison which will scan all the uploaded files against each other.

When it comes to the pricing side, Plagiarism CheckerX is reasonably an affordable choice over Turnitin. You can use the software for free or by paying a subscription fee. The free version can run the plagiarism test for limited words while it allows only 30 searches per day.

On the other hand, there is no limit on the number of words as well as you will have full access to features like cross-comparison and URL scan, etc. Furthermore, in case of any issue, the customer support team is also available to paid users.


  • Free: Limited words Check, 30 searches daily
  • Pro: All features access, customer support, free updates ($39.95/lifetime)
  • Business: Upto 5 users, all Pro plan features, and priority support ($147.95)


If you are searching for a Turnitin alternative mainly for academic purposes, then Scribbr is a good choice. Besides the plagiarism checker, Scribbr also houses a proofreading tool and a free APA Citation Generator.

Note that both plagiarism checkers and proofreading tools are sold separately, so you have to purchase these separately. Scribbr holds the latest database that covers more than 60 billion web pages and 30 million, so it can detect plagiarism accurately.

Talking about plagiarism checker, easy to use interface, automatic similarity report, the largest database, and price transparency are among the highlighting features. Simply upload PDF, .doc and .docx format documents the software will compile a report after a short time.

The report shows the percentage of similarity as well as presents the list of corresponding sources. They have maintained useful guides on their homepage that illustrate to make use of the tool efficiently and how to quote paraphrases properly.

Scribbr plagiarism checker allows you to set search repositories so you can select what it should not consider like Submitted work, Crossref, Internet blog data, etc. while detecting similarities. Talking about the pricing side, Scribbr categorizes its plans according to the number of words that you can scan against plagiarism.

For a small document with up to 7500 words, their small plan is good to go. However for detailed work like research papers they do offer plans with 50,000 and 50,000+ words limit. Additionally, for any type of queries regarding plagiarism checker and pricing, they have maintained a quick chat on their site.

If you are doing some professional work like writing a Ph.D. thesis, Scribbr proofreading services are really handful, especially for non-native English speakers. So what you have to do is just upload your document, select your field of study as well as select a deadline. , so the rates are higher for proofreading services.

You can choose proofreading & editing, structure check, and clarity services. Furthermore, the editor also adds comments for structure and clarity related suggestions.

The great thing is that Scribbr not only offers proofreading & editing services for English but also for other languages like Spanish, German, and French. You can also calculate the price before submitting your document to them.

Overall Scribbr is an incredible plagiarism checker that is partnered with Turinit for database and provides you an accurate percentage of content duplication. Compared to Turnitin, Scribbr plagiarism checkers offer transparent pricing.


  • Small document (up to 7500 words) $18.95
  • Normal document (up to 50k words) $28.95
  • Large document 50K+ words $3.95

Their proofreading and editing service starts from $0.14 per word, it depends on the number of words.


Quetext is a well-known plagiarism checker that is providing services to over 2 million users. The reason that makes it a great alternative to Turnitin is that the tool is enabled with simplicity and deep search technology.

Their amazingly large and growing database consists of 35B web pages, 20 million books, and over 1million journals. So Quetext is quite effective in making sure the content originality.

Quetext Deep search mechanism goes beyond just matching the words in sentences. The algorithm search for contextual plagiarism which means the sentences may not look like plagiarized, but because of the context of the other sentence, it is very likely to be termed as plagiarism. So it’s an excellent tool for fighting against duplication where people usually dodge the plagiarism by making slight changes to sentences like changing 2 or 3 words.

After signing up, Quetext provides you simple and easy-to-use dashboard. The dashboard allows you to manage documents and reports. They allow you to upload and check up to 5 documents (PDF, .docx, .doc & plain text file) simultaneously.

You can also add excluding sources so those won’t show up in the plagiarism report. This is extremely useful if you want to check the plagiarism of your site’s published content. Furthermore, you can export PDF reports so if you are a writer and use to writing content for others you can send reports to them as proof of content originality.

You can use Quetext services as a Free and Paid user. The free user only gets 3 searches so can generate up to 3 reports. However here note that you can check only 500 words (1 page) at a time. Furthermore, a free user has no access to Deep search, excluding source, uploading a document and exporting reports, etc.

On the other hand, the Pro plan just costs $9.99/month, and you can make use of their Deep Search. There is no limit on the number of searches, and you will get full access to all of their features. Here note that the Pro plan allows you to check up to 25,000 words (approximately 50 pages) at a time.

All in all, Quetext is a quite affordable and effective tool for detecting plagiarism. So compared to Turnitin, there is no functionality like allowing your students to submit their assignments directly in the tool dashboard. However, the straightforward panel and deep search functionalities make Quetext a worthy alternative to Turnitin.


  • Free: No deep search, limited search, and report
  • Pro: Deep search, unlimited search & reports, PDF report export ($9.99/mo)

Free Turnitin Alternatives, Competitors, and Similar Apps

There are many “free-to-use” plagiarism checker tools available out there. Free tool doesn’t mean unreliable results at all, but these tools are pretty limited in features.


Copyscape is available in both free and paid versions. For a free user, just head over to their site and put paste the URL of a specific web page in the search bar. The tool within no time pulls out all the resources if found any content similarities.

Here note that for a free user, only a tool where you put in the web page URL is accessible. In Copyscape, you can also access the comparison tool for free. This allows detecting similarities between two web pages and paragraphs.

On the other hand, the Premium version empowers you to check plagiarism by copying and pasting text. In addition, there is also a batch search feature that can check up to 10,000 pages at a single time. You can also apply a certain filter like excluding sources.


Copyleaks is another Turnitin similar tool i.e. plagiarism checker. Like most of the tools, they also offer services as free and paid plans. The tool is built on sophisticated AI that can perform insightful scanning for detecting plagiarism in academic and business related content. You will find the tool very useful because of its largest 60 Trillion pages database.

If you are a student or a teacher, then go for Copyleaks educational version. however, For publishers and blog writers, they offer a business version. This enables the tool to search for contextual similarities as well as in the right database. There is also a comparison feature that allows you to find similarities between the two documents.

Simply upload a file, paste the text, or URL of a web page that you want to check. The amazing part is that the tool allows you to add up to 100 files so if you’re going to review lots of files there is no need to upload files one by one.

In a free version, you can scan up to 250K words per month while the premium plan starts as low as $10.99/mo (Up to 25K words/month).


In the way to ensure the authenticity of content, you can either avail of trial or paid services. For trial-based accounts, they provide 20 free Plagscan points which are sufficient to scan up to 2000 words. They do offer a tool in order to find the similarities between documents.

An intuitive dashboard is included that provides full control so you can upload and delete the document even as a trial user. Plagscan permits you to paste text, upload content from your hard drive, or upload from your cloud service like Dropbox.

When it comes to reporting, Plascan offers insightful details. They will show all of the sources where the algorithm found similarities as well as each source shown with a percentage of similarity.

The company developed a variety of services to meet the needs of individuals, educational institutions, and business organizations.

Overall their plans start as low as $ 5.99 which allows you to perform checks on up to 6500 words. Moreover, their educational plans cost way much lower than Turnitin and come with multiuser functionality.


Plagiarisma is a simple multifunctional tool that comprises a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and article rewriting services. The excellent part of this tool is that it supports over 190+ languages in its plagiarism checker tool.

Besides copy and pasting, you can also use a specific web page URL or upload the offline file or Load your file from Google drive for plagiarism checker. The tool supports a plethora of file extensions that you can upload – TXT, DOC, DOCX, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, and more.

Plagiarisma is pretty flexible when it comes to usability. It is available on almost all of your favorite platforms like Android App, Windows app, Moodle plugin, and BlackBerry app.

Plagiarisma is available in the form of free and paid plans. You can make use of their plagiarism checker however for creating a free account you will get access to features like Scholar search, Synonymizer and comparison tool, etc.

Their premium packages start from $25 for the 3-month duration and allow you to perform an unlimited number of searches. Besides, there is an $8/day plan also available which is a great choice if you need a plagiarism checker for a limited time.


PaperRater comprises grammar checker, writing suggestion, and plagiarism checker services. This cloud-based software brings up a nice free plagiarism checker that students and teachers.

You can simply paste the text and hit the “Get report” button in order to find if there is any duplication in the content. You can also upload a file, but unfortunately, this is only available to premium users.

Besides plagiarism checker, there is also a simple grammar and spelling checker tool which work better than MS office. The grammar tool does provide useful suggestions; however, it is only good for basic issues so for advanced features, Grammarly is so far the best tool available out there.

Paperrater automated proofreading system also analyzes your text on a variety of factors such as vocabulary, passive voice detection, readability score, and many others to provide a collective score of readability and quality of content.

You can get a premium subscription as low as $3.48/mo with no limit on words, a file uploading facility, and improved accuracy.


So above is the list of whether you need Premium or a Free Turnitin alternative. Honestly speaking Turnitin is an incredible service plagiarism checker that offers a friendly interface to teachers and helps them to grade student assignments.

So if you are searching for alternatives for just checking plagiarism then pick anyone from the list. However, if you are seeking a service with an extensive database and improved plagiarism detection alternative to Turnitin, then we recommend you pick a paid plagiarism checker service.

Grammarly is incredible if you are a student, writer, or blogger. The tool comprises an advanced proofreading tool and a nice plagiarism checker.

On the other hand, for teachers, as they might not need proofreading services, we suggest ProWritingAid plagiarism services which are more affordable compared to Turnitin. In a nutshell, we recommend Grammarly and ProWritingAid as the best alternative to Turnitin to replace its functionalities to some extent.

So what’s your pick? Drop a comment below and let others know why you pick that.

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