10 Spyfu Alternatives and Similar Tools 2024

We all love to rank higher in search pages but to dominate the SERP positions, you must have an arsenal of trusted yet powerful SEO tools.

Spyfu is a paid competitor research tool packed with many features, however, it’s not as efficient as it should be.

So, we tested and researched thoroughly to find some of the best Spyfu alternative services to help you achieve beyond the expectation.

We analyzed one of our websites through Spyfu to check organic data, keyword rankings, backlinks, and the results were a bit outdated which really sucks when you pay handsome monthly fees.

In the same pricing range, you can consider subscribing other tools offering reliable results and updated reports.

However, Spyfu does have some potential to take your business to the next level.

Here are the key features provided by the company:

  • Top organic keywords with estimated clicks
  • Paid search or PPC campaign data
  • Domain name age
  • Comparison between paid and organic KWs
  • Ranking statistics
  • Top competitors domain names
  • Inbound backlinks

Top 10 Spyfu Alternative Tools for Competitor and Keyword Research 2024

1. SEMRush

SEMrush is one of the most popular link building tools that let you step ahead of your competitors to get more traffic and so that more revenue. Through this comprehensive SEO tool, you effortlessly can explore the competitor’s search terms that drive them more traffic or customers. Including the keyword research, this SPYFu alternative is a house of useful tools

  • Backlinks
  • Traffic insights
  • Domain comparison
  • Position tracking
  • Site Audit
  • On page SEO
  • Research on advertising
  • Lead generation tool and lot more

SEMrush is a cloud-based SEO software and to use the software you need to login to their website. First of all, on the dashboard a search bar will appear where you can put in your or competitors URL for a quick valuable stats like organic search, number of backlinks, top performing organic keywords, and trends etc. This also helps you to identify your rivals and their standings on the search engine. Moreover, SEMrush also allows you to filter results from desktop or mobile perspective. In this way, you can pull out the competitors organic as well as paid keywords effortlessly.

best spyfu alternative semrush dashboard

SemRush holds one of the best keyword tools in the industry. Through this tool, you can not only explore tons of related keywords but in the meantime, it will provide the details like keyword difficulty and search volume etc. so you can quickly decide on an idea. Magic keyword tool is another nice addition in keyword researching by SEMrush. This intelligent feature let you explore millions of keywords with different matches and so to explore new opportunities.

semrush keyword magic tool

As we all know backlinks have a significant weightage over SERP positions. Through SEMrush you can uncover your competitor’s backlink profile and thus design a more effective of yours. For an in-depth analysis, the feature provides the details like backlinks, anchors, the domain where the links are coming from, new and lost backlinks and many more. There is another feature called Backlink audit tool which works in conjunction with Google search console to help you find out and get rid of toxic links quickly and easily.

Along with the keyword and effective competitors research the thing that makes it a strong alternative to spyfu is advertising research tool. SEMrush allows you to draw effective PPC campaigns by providing useful data. The tool can reveal competitors

  • Ads activities
  • Their best keywords
  • Their profitable ad copies
  • Ad history

In this way, you can learn a lot about their plus and negatives while saving the time. Because customer preferences vary country to country so SEMrush is a best too for local PPC as it supports 100 locations and 20 languages.

On pricing side, you may seem SEMrush as an expensive alternative but it let you explore more opportunities compared to SpyFU. Bloggers can perform in-depth keyword research and for advertisement, there is a lot of features to keep an eye on rivals and own campaigns. SMErush can provide data for more than 100 locations which is a clear edge over SpyFU. Furthermore, you can access to SEMrush premium features through 7-day trial and there is a free account too which is good for beginners. While SPYfu offers just a free account with very limited results. In a nutshell, SEMrush is a best all in one worthy package where you can also download reports in pdf format for a later overview.

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2. Mangools – AKA KWFinder (Best Spyfu Alternative for Organic Keyword Research)

Mangools often called KWfinder helps you to scale up your business by exposing the potential opportunities for your website. The tool has one of the rich databases in the industry to present you the accurate results. Mangools is well organized that is a combination of 5 different tools

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

If you are a blogger and searching a SpyFu alternative for exploring keyword opportunities then KWFinder is an excellent tool to do so. On KWFinder you can generate suggestions, use autocomplete or question-based terms. It presents you with hundreds of keyword suggestions. The thing that maximizes its usability that each of the suggested keywords shows up with its trend graph in search engine, search volume, CPC, PPC and keyword difficulty. Furthermore, you can apply different filters which really are time-saving.

kwfinder - spyfu alternative for SEO research

People in different locations have different tastes and so the search preferences. KWFinder is a great tool for localized keyword research where you can even select a city to do precise research. In addition, it supports more than 40 languages.

SERP checker let you know the top ranking pages on a keyword with 48 different SEO metrics. You can check or uncheck from metrics such as link profile strength, MOZ DA/PA, Majestic TF/ CF, different domain extensions, indexed URL and many more. In this way, you can quickly determine the strength of the websites ranked on a keyword. Furthermore, at the bottom of SERPChecker page, you can see a bar where you can put your site or a competitor URL for comparison.

Just like Spyfu, SERPWatcher allows you to track your standing on a keyword that you type to track. At just a single screen you can view a lot of information like

  • Positions in the search engine
  • Position history
  • Position changes
  • Search volume of that keyword during a specific period
  • Mobile and Desktop keyword tracking
  • Localized keyword tracking

Dominance Index is another great metrics shown in SERPWatcher which tells you how much your keyword dominating the organic traffic.

Link Miner is an excellent feature for effectively discovering and tracking the competitor’s links building strategies and then devising your own. They have merged majestic rich historic and fresh link database so to discover all the links. Link Miner allows you to filter All, New and Lost backlinks. When you put in the URL the tool will extract all the links and able to point out

  • Total backlinks and referring domains
  • Follow/ No Follow & deleted links
  • Citation flow/trust flow
  • Alexa Rank & Facebook shares
  • Anchor
  • Link strength: a combination of various SEO metrics like follow/nofollow, CT/TF and many others. So you can quickly access link juice that is going to your rival URL.

The company recently introduced a new feature called SiteProfiler. Similar to SpyFu it’s a website analyzer tool which pulls out lots of worthy information of your competitor like

  • DA and PA metrics etc.
  • Traffic trends, monthly visits and regions
  • Top organic/paid keywords
  • Backlink profile, top content and competitors etc.

site similar to spyfu mangools siteprofiler tool

Though mangools offer you PPC & CPC stats, but they don’t offer you some advanced feature as SpyFu and SEMrush do like successful Ads copies, competitor’s AdWords history, comparing multiple competitors to see the profitable keywords and their spending etc. So it won’t be good as an alternative to SpyFu for marketing campaigns. However, if you need an alternative chiefly for website keyword research then KWFinder/mangools is surely the best choice to go for.

Visit Mangools KWFinder

3. Serpstat

Inaugurate in 2013, Serpstat is widely popular SEO tool that in just around 5 years they got almost 100k registered users. There is no doubt why it is so popular – at a just single place you will get all the SEO and PPC research tools. This powerful SEO platform comprises with

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Advertising analysis
  • Site Audit and many more …

Similar to SpyFu, SerpStat provides you website analysis tool to quickly overview the performance of a domain which may be your or your competitor. This feature describes the crucial information like organic keywords, monthly visits, Ads keywords etc. along with various graphical information.

Serpstat SEO research section contains a set of beneficial features. It can pull out the competitor’s keywords with no struggle. Within no time the tool will list out all of your competitor’s keywords along with their search engine position, search volume, CPC and PPC etc. In the sidebar “competitors” feature will display all the potential rivals and by clicking on any domain the tool will extract its keywords – easy way.

Serpstat SEO research

Another thing that makes Serpstat a great alternative to SpyFu is their ability to do localized research. Serpstat offers you around 28 countries database to perform a better local SEO and PPC research.

If you are a marketer then you can also put Serpstat to a greater use as a substitute for SpyFu. In PPC research you can effortlessly find out the ad copies, position of the ad in search engine, keyword search volume, CPC and level of competition. You can also see the ad examples and perform Ad research to get to know the pages that are being promoted.

tools like spyfu - serpstat PPC research

Missing keyword is another noteworthy feature that is really helpful to discover the new keywords on which your competitor ranking but you are not.

Along with the tool where you just put the competitor URL for pulling out their keywords, Serpstat also offers keyword research tool. Just enter the seed keyword and within no time you will see hundreds of suggestions generated by the tool and lots of other stats on a single screen such as Search volume of each keyword organic and paid, Google trends, organic and Ads competitor and many more. You may know the question-based queries are more attractive and here Serpstat will help you. The search question feature will generate question-based suggestions by including your desired keyword.

Do you want to dig in your competitor backlink strategy? Serpstat backlinks analysis is the right tool to do so. Just type the competitor URL and hit the search button to view the lots of metrics such as

  • Referring domains
  • Follow / Nofollow links
  • Number of pages crawled for backlinks
  • Number of different types of links like .edu, .gov etc.
  • Serpstat metrics Page Rank and Trust Rank
  • New & Lost links
  • Anchors and top pages etc.

Serpstat Site audit tool is the quickest tool for doing effective on-page SEO. The tool will identify the site from different perspectives like title and description duplications, missing description, redirects, indexation and different graphs for easy understanding. There is also rank tracking feature included in the Serpstat that can track the keyword positions according to the locations you selected.

Other features include

  • Up to 3 domain comparison
  • Tool for content marketing
  • SERP analysis
  • URL analysis …

Serpstat offers you lots of beneficial results without breaking the bank. Whether you are searching a tool for SEO or PPC or want to perform in-depth backlink analysis Serpstat is a good all-in-one package.

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 4. Ahrefs

ahrefs is an outstanding tool to help you out with SEO and link exploration. If you want to know backlink profile ahrefs is the best place to do an in-depth analysis. It presents you the freshest and complete data because of their rich database 12 trillion links. Moreover, their fast and pro-active system crawl almost 6 billion web pages every day. So, as a result, you will get comprehensive results along with various valuable metrics.

Ahrefs provides you with the best toolkit that includes

  • Site Explorer
  • Keyword researching
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Rank tracking
  • Site Audit
  • Content explorer and many more

Site Explorer is the best way to start digging into any website or a page. The tool provides you broad information about three major aspects organic traffic, backlink insights and paid traffic of your researched domain. For taking the traffic insights just type in the competitor website in site explorer and then select “organic search” in the sidebar. The tool will list out all the organic keywords along with search volume, position, difficulty level and the estimated traffic. Ahrefs can do it more precisely because they monitor 130M+ keywords in just one location (US) while they support over 100 countries. Furthermore, Ahrefs also explore if your competitor buying ads and what are those paid keywords.

ahrefs site explorer

If you want to know the links who are getting more juice to your competitor site. Or which links hurting your site? Makes use of backlink checker that explore

  • All / New / Lost backlinks
  • referring domains
  • Broken backlinks
  • Anchor Texts
  • Which pages have the most backlinks
  • Outgoing links etc….

Alerts is the handiest feature to keep an eye on competitor’s backlinks profile. This feature let you know through daily, weekly or monthly (your choice) emails about New and Lost backlinks. And what’s more amazing it sends you alerts for new keywords on which your site start ranking.

Keyword explorer is another tool that makes ahrefs a perfect alternative to Spyfu. Doing keyword research is enormously easy and within no time you will get thousands of new ideas because of their huge keyword database. Moreover, unlike SpyFu that only support US/UK database ahrefs return results based on the 100+ countries database. The tool will provide you with tons of metrics

  • Search volume & keyword difficulty
  • Click rate of a keyword
  • Top ranking results with various metrics
  • Creating fav keyword list etc.

Don’t have an idea for writing content. Don’t worry ahrefs “Content Explorer” can find a potential opportunity for you. It will find out the popular articles based on the metrics like organic traffic, social shares and referring domains. You can also use “content explorer” for link opportunities using “Highlight unlinked domains” feature. It allows you to discover the related content websites which are not linking to your site.

Ahrefs site audit is a time-saving tool to find out what’s hurting your site. It will crawl your site and report you with the help various metrics related to internal linking, HTML tags, links, images, CSS, Hreflang and more. Further, the tool won’t just identify issues but also provide recommendations to fix them.

Along with these amazing tools ahrefs also have some other tools like

  • Domain comparison
  • Batch analysis for bulk domains
  • Link intersect – find the sites linking to your competitors but not you
  • Content Gap find the keyword your competitor ranked for

Ahrefs is a complete tool that can unveil organic as well as the paid efforts of your competitor. Moreover, when it comes to the details backlinks analysis and huge database Ahrefs surely has an edge over Spyfu.

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5. SEO PowerSuite

The name power right suite to this software. SEO PowerSuite is integrated with a plethora of tools so to enable you to deeply analyze your competitor and your own site. Because of its enhanced usability and exhaustive reports SEO Powersuite is widely recommended by experts. Unlike most of the tools, you will be provided with software setup to install on your computer. The software is mainly divided into

  • SEO SpyGlass
  • Link Assistant
  • Website Auditor
  • Rank Tracker

Backlinks play an important role in site ranking and if you want to have an edge over your competitor you need to build a strong backlinks profile. SEO SpyGlass is one of the most feature rich tool in the industry to reveal the competitor’s backlink profile. Along with their own database, they also integrate the tools with the largest database like Google Analytics and Google search console.

When it comes to metrics, SEO SpyGlass provides you numerous helpful metrics. One of the worthy metrics is Penalty Risk that describes you how harmful a link for you based on the google factors.

competitor analysis tool SEO spyglass

For insightful information, you can analyze the link base on 50+ metrics such as

  • Total backlinks and anchor text
  • Follow/nofollow tag
  • Disavowed links
  • Alexa Rank, Moz PA/DA
  • Index status in different search engines
  • Linking domains and more…

Moreover, there is also link intersection feature that enlists sites linking to your competitor’s but not to you and allows you to compare up to domains.

Link Assistant is a very handy tool to manage the links effortlessly. The software will explore which links are working, backlink value, and anchor texts etc. through various metrics. You want to build links the tool will assist you to find the opportunities as per your selected methods.link assistant - SEO powersuite

Right in the software, it will automatically collect contact details so you can contact the webmaster related to link removing or for any changes in case if you are analyzing your own site.

You build a better backlink profile than your opponent but still, your site is underperforming. A site audit for on-page SEO and other technical aspects might help you. For finding issues the software will analyze your site against numerous factors such as redirects, indexation, images, broken links and on-page issues etc. Site Auditor can help you out in various other things like

  • Building friendly XML sitemaps
  • List of all errors and warnings along with solution suggestions
  • Checking on-page optimization like title length, descriptions, H1 to H6 counts etc.
  • Analysis of content optimization score
  • Keyword density
  • Pages social popularity metrics. And there is a lot more to explore.

SEO Powersuite includes outstanding software for rank tracking. You can track unlimited keywords and can view the positions status as well as a ranking graph that shows how well your site is performing. The tool support around 327 search engines including Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, duckduckgo etc. and enable you to track keyword for specific locations. The tool also provides organic insights, keyword visibility and comparison feature.

SEO PowerSuite holds a brilliant keyword research tool making it a best SpyFu alternative. For generating keyword suggestions the software use various tools like

  • Adwords keyword planner
  • keyword discovery
  • Yandex wordstat
  • Google/Bing/Youtube/Ask/Amazon autocomplete and related search tool
  • Word mixer and question based keyword generator

Besides, you can also enter the competitor URL to view the list of their keywords along with ranking and other metrics. Although SEO Powersuite comes with higher price tag than SpyFu but you will get a set of valuable tools for in-depth researching, profitable keywords and more.

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6. SEranking

SEranking is one of the best platforms for SEO as well as PPC research hence standing as a close SpyFu alternative. Whether you are an individual blogger or need a dependable tool for your business, SEranking is a stop shop that house around 35 different tools. Some of the major tools

  • Backlink monitoring
  • Keyword research
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor research for SEO/PPC
  • Keyword tracking
  • Traffic insights and more and more

Whether you want to keep tracking your site backlink profile or the competitor site backlink monitoring is the best tool to do so. It is an impressive feature for backlink management that let you analyze the link from almost 15 different parameters such as Follow/nofollow links, google index status, Moz/Alexa metrics, social popularity and discover dates etc. Instead of copy pasting just mark those links that you think hurting your site so that they create a quick disavow file.

If you want to remain in competition first you need to know what your competitors are. SEranking competitor section enables you to track your competitor effectively for your selected keyword. The trend graph allows you to easily track the progress of others so that you can take actions timely for your rankings. The tool can track organic/paid keywords positions as per your selected device (desktop/mobile), locations (country/city) and search engine (Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Bing and Yandex).

Similar to SpyFu, SEranking can run a detailed site audit for effortless on-page site optimization. It will describe what the crucial issues are bothering your site related to redirects, meta, pages, and links etc. and how you can fix those. It also presents the crawled status of pages.

Another factor that makes SEranking a close alternative to SpyFu is keyword research. Just like its competitor, SEranking offers you an effective tool for both SEO and PPC research. SEranking makes available 14 countries database including US, Canada, Sweden, and UK etc. which is quite outstanding compared to SpyFu. The tool provides you estimates of traffic getting from organic and paid sources. Furthermore, via this tool, you can get a whole list of competitors organic and paid keywords. SErankig also shows advert history of a searched domain that is a great pathway for marketers while designing their own.

alternative to spyfu - SEranking keyword research tool

SEranking also holds a keyword suggestion tool that will generate keywords as Similar, Related keywords and long-tail keywords.

Besides the different SEO/PPC research tools, SEranking offers an interesting tool called “Marketing plan”. This site analysis tool scan your site against numerous factors including on-page, off-page and content optimization etc. so to provide you with the valuable tips. Honestly, this is a great tool for newbies as they provide details about each of the factor and link to describe how to deal with that factor.

SEranking holds various other useful tools

  • Keyword grouper
  • Lead generator
  • Effective social media management tool for schedule posting and different metrics
  • Allow you to create SEO reports with a graphical representation for clients and more…

SEranking is an affordable alternative to SpyFu. Unlike SpyFu they offer 14 days trial access to most of their features. Further, they allow you to view limited information in a free account. Their most basic plan just starts from $7/month that includes both PPC and SEO research. Although this plan does not include social media management, page changes monitoring and API etc. Overall, SEranking is a good tool for starters with a tight budget. You can surely make productive use of the tool and can access the database of more locations (around 14) than SpyFu.

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7. Moz Pro

You may be aware of the name Moz. In 2004 it was established as a consulting company but now the company introduced a variety of services like Moz pro, local SEO and some free tools. You might hear about the widely used metrics Domain Authority and Page Authority which are considered as one of the solid measures for determining the power of a website are developed by Moz. Similar to SpyFu, MOZ is a house of various productive tools

  • Keyword Explorer
  • Link Explorer
  • Rank tracking
  • On-page optimization
  • And on demand crawl etc.

You can access MOZ services through free trial (30-days) or premium account. In a free account, they offer free ten searches per month to view DA and PA of domains with some other limited information. However, you can install their free toolbar for web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. The bar will show DA/PA in Google search results so provides you with a quick overview of the strength of a website.

You want to discover more keywords or want to list out your competitor’s keywords this is what Moz Keyword explorer develop for. You can access their US, UK, Canada and Australia database. Either put the seed keyword or the URL in the search bar. Suppose we put a domain then it will pull out a whole list of keywords along with ranking position, difficulty score and estimated search volume. You can put the specific page URL to find out on how many keywords that page is ranking. Moz keyword explorer also allows you to compare up to 2 domains.moz keyword explorer

Links play a major role to get more visibility in search engine for your site. Moz link explorer is a feature rich tool that holds around 35.5 trillion links database. Though it’s not as great as ahrefs and SEO PowerSuite but still a great alternative to SpyFu for in-depth results. Jut entre the domain, subdomain or specific page URL for analyzing the domains linked to it. Moz allows you to analyze the link strategy via various metrics such as

  • Inbound links with follow/nofollow tag
  • Linking domains and Anchor Texts
  • New and lost backlinks
  • You can compare link profile with multiple domains
  • Spam score, top follow link sites and some other metrics

moz link explorer

Like some other leading marketing tools, MOZ also offers “link intersect” feature. Just enter your close rival URLs and the tool will track down the sites linking to them. In this way, you can also approach to those linking site owners for backlink.

For higher visibility in search engine your site not just require links but should be well optimized. In On-page Grader you just have to enter your page URL and the keyword for which you are striving to rank your page. The tool checks the page against numerous ranking factors and if there are any issues it will provide recommendations on how to fix them.

Of course, when you put your utmost struggles on link building and site optimization you also want to track the progress. Here, Moz rank tracking tool helps to track down your keywords in hundreds of countries with respect to Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can also enable email reporting so they send new ranking emails.  Moz recently introduced on-demand crawl find issues like slow load time, 4xx/5xx errors, and duplication etc. along with the recommendation to fix those error. Unfortunately, Moz is not an option for PPC researchers although for SEO research especially their PA and DA metrics are really helpful for determining the competitor’s power and keywords difficulty.

Visit MOZ

8. iSpionage

The multiple countries databases and the ability to dig in competitors strategies that gives them higher conversion makes iSpionage an ideal alternative to SpyFu. This competitive intelligence tool enable with the capabilities to discover your rivals SEO strategies and successful campaigns. You can research SEO and PPC data from multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It unlocks the tools

  • Competitor SEO and PPC research
  • Alerts for competitor moves
  • Keyword research
  • Ad copies and competitor comparison
  • Campaign watch …

For competitor research, just head over to their site. The tools let you initiate your research by putting a keyword or domain. After entering a domain you can view the estimated stats about PPC budget, avg. ad position and click etc. along with trends graphs. iSpionage covers a pretty big database 35+M keywords which is continuously upgrading so they can list out every PPC keyword of your rival domain along with various metrics

  • Number of ads for particular keywords
  • CPC, ad position, search volume etc.

isponage best alternative to spyfu

iSpionage also provides you with a unique metric called KEI (keyword effectiveness index). A Higher score of KEI indicates a high probability that a keyword is profitable for you. It is calculated based on different variables like how long a particular keyword is used in the advertisement and its last seen date. For example, if a keyword is being used in an advertisement for a long time, that means it can also be profitable for you; otherwise, your rival would have stopped using that.

Along with Google, you can also view these details for Yahoo and Bing.

Similar to SpyFu, iSpionage also pull out the Ad copies of the searched domain with lots of useful details. They will tell you the

  • The effectiveness of Ad (similar concept to KEI)
  • Keywords used in that particular keyword
  • Avg. rank and number of days for that ad etc.

Through iSpionage, you can also track down your competitor’s landing pages which will give you the best idea while sketching your own.

iSpionage is an excellent tool if you want to pull out your competitor organic keywords. This is really an effortless way to find out the new opportunities. The tool display 1st page keywords, position of a keyword, position trend and estimated search volume etc.

similar sites like spyfu - isponage organic research

Another remarkable feature of iSpionage is Competitor Alert. This handy feature continuously monitors your various competitors and sends you alerts about changes that your competitors made in keywords, ads, etc. Further, they also send emails of top-performing ads and keywords. You can also add a keyword, so the system notifies you if your competitor uses that in their new advertisement.

Campaign Watch is a simple step-by-step process that compiles and sends weekly email reports. This in-depth automated monitoring system tracks your added competitors’ PPC ads, keywords, landing pages, etc. Further, you can view your competitor’s A/B testing on PPC, which allows you to choose the best one without spending. However, keep in mind that this feature supports the UK, US, and Australia databases.

Along with the SEO and PPC research tools, iSpionage offers a rich landing page gallery related to different categories, such as education, Fashion, and IT.

You can use iSpionage services for free, but they offer limited information. Paid plans start from $59/month and allow unlimited research, up to 5 keyword alerts, access to landing page galleries, and campaign watch. iSpionage is a great SpyFu alternative, but it misses rank-tracking tools, keyword difficulty metrics, etc. Otherwise, it’s a productive tool.

Visit iSpionage

9. LongTailPro

As the name indicates, LongtailPro specializes in discovering longtail keywords. So, if you are looking for a PPC research tool, it’s not for you. However, you can use this tool more for SEO research. When it comes to keyword research for exploring new opportunities, LongTailPro is a great alternative to SpyFu. When you finish signing up for an account, you will get access to the following tool via a dashboard.

  • Keyword research
  • Rank Tracker
  • Backlink analysis
  • SERP analysis

Initially, they were offering a software-based tool that installs on your computer drive. But now they offer a cloud-based SEO solution which is pretty fast compared to the old computer-based software. Unlike SpyFu, Longtailpro keyword research tool offers multiple ways like searching for

  • Related keywords
  • Competitor keyword
  • Manual keywords

The best part is that LongTailPro is very efficient in generating hundreds of longtail keywords right from just a single seed keyword using Google keyword planner data. Just like Spyfu, Longtail pro also adds a competitor keywords research mode where you just need to put your competitor’s URL, and the tool will uncover their keywords. Alongside estimated search volume, bid, and competition metrics, their keyword research tool gives you keyword competitiveness metrics. The KC is an estimation of which keyword is easy, moderate or hard to rank.

Backlinks are considered the backbone of a site when doing SEO. Fortunately, Longtailpro is included with easy to use backlinks analysis tool. After putting in the competitor URL you can view All or New/Lost backlinks along with various metrics

  • Referring domains and total backlinks
  • Citation Flow, Trust Flow
  • Follow, NoFollow and Deleted indication
  • Anchor texts, source URL
  • External links of source URL and more…longtailpro backlink analysis

SERP analysis is another effortless way to identify your potential competitors. Type a seed keyword and the tool will pull out the top sites ranking on that keyword. Now, you can put competitor URLs in competitor keyword research tools to take a glimpse of their keywords. SERP analysis provides you with an overview of a URL with the help of various metrics. The automated analysis provides you with keyword competitiveness, backlinks, majestic metrics (Trust flow, citation flow) and site age etc. So at a just single interface, you can learn about the power of your competitor. Longtailpro also provides you SERP availability, a higher score of this means more organic results.

Of course, after investing money and a lot of time in optimizing your content, you need to track your keywords’ progress. Longtailpro offers an amazing rank tracking tool that displays current rankings, yesterday, last week, last month, etc. Furthermore, you can also view the ranking history via ranking charts. They allow you for localized tracking and keyword ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about SEO, LongTailPro includes free video tutorials and access to Long Tail University, from where you will get useful SEO strategies and how to best use their tools. Unlike SpyFu, LongTailPro does not offer a free account. However, you can sign up for a seven-day trial account (which requires credit card details) to access premium features.

From the pricing side, it is an affordable SEO kit compared to SpyFu. You will get more reliable data like search volume because of the Google data integration. With all that said, LongTailPro is an outstanding choice for SEO researchers to spy on competitors, explore their strategies, and find new opportunities within an affordable package.

10. KeywordSpy

In the way to outrank your rival’s sites Keyword spy is a worthy tool. You can make use of keyword spy as an alternative to SpyFu as it offers PPC and organic research tools which are backed by a larger database and simplicity of use. As they are offering a free trial account thus we encourage you to try it yourself before investing. In this way, you can better decide whether it is the perfect SpyFu alternative you are searching or not. The tool includes

  • PPC and SEO research
  • Spying on competitors
  • Real-time keyword tracking
  • Finding profitable affiliate products

With Keyword spy you can explore your competitor ranking keywords so that you can devise your marketing strategy more effectively. Either put domain, seed keyword, or specific page URL to start research. The feature that we like the most is the domain research. Just type a domain name and keep the radio button on “Domain”. It provides you site estimated spending on advertisement, organic overview, PPC overview and ad copies etc. Keyword spy also let you know what are your potential PPC and organic competitors along with their number of organic keywords.

Another thing that differentiates Keyword Spy from Spyfu is its database coverage. Where Spyfu just cover the UK and US KeywordSpy covers 30+ countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa.

ppc competitor analysis - keywordSpy

Now by switching between tabs, you can access in-depth details. For example, by clicking on Ads it will give you a list of ad copies that a site is running alongside various metrics (keyword, search vol., average CPC, Positions and days seen etc. Next, if you click on that small kw you will see a whole list of keywords used in the ad. And with just a click they allow you to export keywords CSV and Excel file.


alternative to spyfu for PPC research - keywordSpy ads keywords

Furthermore, in Organic keywords tab the tool bring you a list of keywords where free account only limited to 10 results while a premium account will get you more results. List of organic keywords present with

  • Position in search engine
  • Search volume
  • Traffic percentage, value estimation of keyword and URL etc.

In PPC Keywords they developed a unique metrics called ROI. It is the estimation of profitability of an advertisement. Though it’s an estimation but you can roughly take an idea of how effective an ad is.

KeywordSpy also contains a keyword tracking which will track your progress in Yahoo, Google and Bing. Unlike other tools in the market, this is enabled with real-time tracking. It means that their keyword tracking will let you know what is your site keywords progress now and which keywords need more attention.

Keyword Spy is not just all about PPC and organic research or tracking. The company develope a distinguished feature to help you in finding a profitable affiliate product. After that, you can decide how to promote that either using a blog or advertisement campaigns. Through affiliate intelligence, you can quickly access affiliate network offering right in the tool screen.

Affiliate Reports is a helpful feature in picking up an affiliate network through data like:

  • Number of keywords for promoting products
  • Number of affiliates which are promoting

They present affiliate data with product id’s, estimated ad position, number of competing affiliates and more.

Besides their lot of feature, KeywordSpy offer a browser plugin that uncovers lots of details while you are searching terms in google or yahoo. Plugin enables you to analyze numerous SEO aspects such as Links, Alexa rank, Google Page Rank, domain age, Whois details and many more. Furthermore, plugin enables you to do google localized searches. That said, Keywordspy is a feature rich tool that permits access to the deep database. With a large regional database coverage, real-time tracking and reliable research data for PPC/SEO it will be a great alternative to SpyFu.

Visit KeywordSpy

Conclusion – What’s the Best Alternative to SpyFu?

Seo tools definitely offer an effortless way to improve traffic and so that sales. There are lots of SEO tools with various specialties available in the market. That’s why we create a list of top 10 best spyfu alternatives so that you find the right one you are searching. These tools have a rich database compared to spyfu differ in pricing, functionality and usability.

When it comes to selecting an alternative we go for SemRush. It is an amazing all-in-one tool in a way to spy on competitors, exploring new opportunities and designing strategies for effective advertisement. SEMrush offers more options while doing organic and PPC research. There are lots of other features included in SEMrush for you to explore like lead generation, gap analysis, kw difficulty, new kw magic tool and many more.

Although if you are searching for the best spyfu alternative for organic research then we suggest you go for mangools (aka KWfinder). It is a simple, affordable tool that helps you to quickly discover new keywords. It is a package of keywords research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, SERP watcher and competitor research via domain.

So which one you opt for depends on how you are going to utilize it. As there are lots of tools out there we will try our best to keep the post updated whenever find any other best alternative to Spyfu.

Did we miss your favorite tool that you think should be part of this guide? Let us know which one you chose by dropping a comment below. I really appreciate your time and words.

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