Grammarly vs. Ginger 2024 – Which One is Better?

As a non-native English speaker, we know how vital and useful to have a good proofreading tool. A content with critical issues looks unprofessional, gross and may even compel the visitor to leave your site. This may also severely impact your creditability. So for bloggers, students and writers it’s good to have a reliable tool at their service.

Grammarly and Ginger are one of the most used tools out there. All of these tools have their unique selling points. You just have to make a perfect choice which is why we created this effort (Grammarly vs Ginger review).

One thing you must keep in mind that proofreading is not the perfect alternative to a human proofreader. Undoubtedly automated tools are a great way to detect numerous errors in the content and save your time. But it is also essential to proofread once manually.

grammarly vs ginger review

So without further ado let’s move to the arena

Grammarly vs. Ginger 2024 – Which One is Better?

Grammarly Review

Among the proofreading tools, Grammarly is the most popular that check your text accuracy based on the 400 advanced grammatical rules. It is a cloud-based software where you always require internet connectivity for working.


Grammarly is a very flexible tool in terms of usability. The company offers

  • An online editor where you can check your text as well as save the documents as a draft.
  • Extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers that will assist you on almost every web editor like WordPress. This is greatly helpful like you don’t have to switch to the online editor.
  • There is also an add-on for Microsoft Office and Outlook. MS office is widely used that only point out the mistakes so by integrating Grammarly add-on you can efficiently detect and correct the grammar typos.

grammarly office addon

  • They also introduced a desktop app. Now you no longer have to open the browser for online editor instead you just open the app from desktop and start writing.

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Features Review


Does the appearance of the software really matter? And our answer is “Yes”. A complex, old designed interface takes much of your time for understanding.

Grammarly offers a simplistic and very straightforward interface that help you in better writing. All the features are so prominent. Once you have made your mind, you can start with them either by signing up for a free account or premium one.

Genre-specific Profiles

Words may have different meanings and structure depending on the topic/niche you are writing on. So by understanding this Grammarly team introduces multiple profiles to choose from. These profiles include Business, Academic, Technical, Medical, Creative, Blogspot, and Emails, etc. Selecting a specific profile allows the algorithm to pursue the errors related to a specific niche.

You might be aware of the American and British English which is somewhat different in spelling, punctuation and grammar rules. So, Grammarly also allows you to select the one for aiding in better writing styles.

Vocabulary Enhancement

Specialty comes in the form of an ingenious vocabulary enhancement feature in the Grammarly pro version. From the marketing perspective, words impact a lot. Vocabulary suggestion dramatically helps in writing diversified articles. Based on the writing context Grammarly suggest alternate words hence improving readability and effectiveness.

Plagiarism Checker

Alongside the advanced grammar checking tool, a Plagiarism checker is also attached to the nice piece of software. This is an advantageous feature for online publishers, teachers, and students. This tool helps you to find the uniqueness of the text against 8 billion web pages and is only available to paid users. Though, it’s not as much proficient as the tools like Plagiarism checkerX and Copyscape, etc. But still, it is worthwhile to make use of it.

Assist in Reading

If you are facing problems while reading English articles, the good news is that Grammarly will help you to understand the meaning without writing words in the dictionary again and again. So this is time-saving too. All you have to do is install their web browser extension click on it and then enable it.

Now if you find some words unknown to you then just double-click on them it will provide the meaning and explanation on the same screen.

grammarly explaination box

Some other Useful Features in Grammarly

  • Create a Personal dictionary: You can add words in Grammarly’s personal dictionary, so next time it will not highlight those as mistakes.
  • Spelling and Right Pair: It will detect spell mistakes as well as suggestions for using the right pair of words.
  • Passive Voice: The program marks the overuse of passive voice in content.
  • Punctuations: Highlights missing and misplaced punctuation.
  • Wordiness: This will automatically find out the way to shorten sentences for a concise explanation.
  • Repetition: If a specific word repeated, again and again, the tool provides suggestions to replace it.
  • Proposition: Grammarly also points out confused prepositions.

There is a lot more which you can explore by trying out

Experiencing Grammarly

Being a blogger, the Grammarly web app is very beneficial for us. You will find the app from the supported browser store or just navigate to the Grammarly dashboard Apps section. It automatically integrates with almost web text editors like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. We already mentioned the other Grammarly add-ons at the start.

Here look at the WordPress editor;

grammarly in wordpress editor

Grammarly web app shows the number of critical and advanced mistakes we only have 1 critical error in the above screenshot. While you can see suggestions by hovering your cursor over the word. If you want the explanation just click on “SEE MORE IN GRAMMARLY”. Grammarly editor appears up where you can also correct the mistakes as well as can see the explanation of the words counting as an error.

Free and Premium Plans

Grammarly is available to both free and paid users. The free account contains limited features like 150 grammatical rules while they claim that premium can check your contents by considering 400+ checks.

The premium plans start from $29.95 for a monthly subscription while you can save on costs seriously by subscribing to an annual subscription that comes at $11.66/month.


  • If English is not your native language this the best tool out there
  • Provides a very useful knowledgebase for grammar learning
  • Specific contextual error detection
  • Very Helpful tool for students, bloggers, and businesses
  • Built-in content duplication checker tool
  • Scan your text for sentence structure, spell mistakes, punctuation and many others.


  • No MS office add-on for Mac users so far.
  • Pricey on monthly billing so we recommend annual subscription
  • Sometimes stop working or stop recognizing errors until you reopen the content in Grammarly editor

Buy Grammarly for 400+ Grammar Checks Just at $11.66/month

Ginger Review

Ginger is also a top proofreading tool and the old one as well. The software offers great usability due to its multiple add-ons for browsers, MS products, and other applications. Although it’s not as advanced as Grammarly, still worthy enough to try and is often considered a Grammarly alternative mainly due to price concerns. Like Grammarly, Ginger also needs internet connectivity.


When it comes to the platforms where you can enjoy Ginger services it is handier like Grammarly.

  • An online tool on their web page does not require account creation just put the text and check it. It will perform a check on limited words.

ginger online proofreading

  • To work through the desktop they have Windows supported application that is free to install and available on their site.
  • If you want Ginger to work with online editing boxes such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and WordPress just install their browser extension which is available for Chrome and Safari.
  • Ginger goes further than Grammarly by offering mobile applications for Android and iOS. All you have to do is install their writing app from the app store and proofread your content. The app allows you to use other features too. There is also a Keyboard app.


Ginger does not offer an online editor like Grammarly instead they encourage users to make use of their add-ons. The desktop app interface is very simple just like Grammarly where everything is super clear. Have a look at it.

ginger interface


Sentence rephraser is a great feature to bring the variation in your text thus enabling you to express your thoughts with better words. This will check your text sentence by sentence and provide suggestions with synonyms, idioms, phrases, etc. Personally, it’s a useful feature but checking content sentence by sentence manually is really time-consuming.

Personal Trainer

Ginger’s Personal trainer is a special training program that comes for paid customers. It’s a learning program that builds up English lessons based on your mistakes so that in the future you can avoid the same mistakes. So instead of focusing on the generic English Ginger’s personal trainer helps you focus on the weak areas by tailoring the customized lessons.

Text to speech

Are you weak in pronunciation? If yes then this proves very helpful for learning. Although now we have a free translator by Google that can speak words but Ginger brings various other features. You can select reading speed, male/female voice, US/UK accent and play or pause it anytime. Moreover, it will highlight the currently reading text for keeping with it. Unfortunately, this feature is not available to free users you have to buy their premium subscription.


Ginger is a great software to help you overcome the language barrier. It’s a free service that translates your content into 40+ languages. All you have to do is just paste your text into the software and select the output language. It’s not a cutting-edge feature as Google Translate also offers the same kind of functionality.

Assist in reading

Reading articles on the web is somewhat messy if you are not good at English. Like Grammarly, Ginger helps you in this where you just double click on the word, and a box appears that explains the meaning. By clicking on “More” you will get more explanations on the same screen.

It does not require any technical work for such a feature to be set up. Just install the web add-on and it’s ready. Honestly, we think Grammarly does a good job than Ginger in this.

ginger explaination

Some other Useful Features in Ginger

  • Spell Correction: Like other proofreading tools Ginger is well efficient to detect misspelled words.
  • Correct all: The software allows you to correct all errors at once or you can undo all changes with just one click.
  • US/ UK English: You can switch between languages, so the software detects issues more proficiently.
  • Punctuations: Placing punctuation at the right place is always crucial, Ginger punctuation checker assist you to do that.
  • Personal dictionary: Add your words to the personal dictionary to count them as errors in the future.
  • Synonyms: It has synonyms and their definition section. Just right-click on a word while in Ginger editor and select the synonyms feature.

Experiencing Ginger

If you are working on the web then it is more suitable to try a browser add-on that can be installed from the Chrome store or directly through the Ginger website. It works with almost every online editor and points out errors like below you can see in WordPress editor.

The software highlights mistakes and you got the option either to add the word in a personal dictionary or just correct it with their suggestion.

ginger in wordpress

Free and Premium Plans

Ginger offers both free and premium plans. The free users get access to limited grammar checking and sentence rephrasing. While the premium user can use sentence rephrase, personal trainer, text reader, and translation tool limitlessly.

Currently, the monthly plan is available at just $14.98/month while the annual subscription costs you around $74.88/year ($6.24 /month).


  • Personal trainer feature helps to lessen the chances of making the same mistake again.
  • Extensions for Android, iOS, MS Office, browsers, and desktop.
  • Detect grammatical, punctuation and misspells
  • Can rephrase the sentences for better wording and clarity


  • No plagiarism checker tool is included with Ginger.
  • No app for MAC OS. But you got a Safari add-on.

Grammarly vs. Ginger: Verdict

So in our opinion, Grammarly is the most advanced proofreading tool available on the market. The company continuously improved its performance and now it can detect errors based on 400+ factors. It is super intelligent to find contextual errors and provide suggestions for the right words. You can use it anywhere like in MS Office, web browser, or install the desktop app.

On the other hand, Ginger is also quite amazing but stuffed with unnecessary services like translator and text reader, etc. as Google translator can efficiently do this task. While Ginger also misses the plagiarism checker which may prove a convenient option for online publishers.

Let us know which one between Grammarly vs Ginger offers better performance. Do you think Grammarly plagiarism checker is worth using, doest it really address any plagiarised content? Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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I got Premium Plan (yearly) for Grammarly, and when on Twitter or YouTube and using Grammarly, I will use the online editor and make all the corrections for Grammer and Spelling, and when I return to the page from the Grammarly Editor to my surprise all the changes are gone and the editor page is closed!

Jahid Abdullah

Grammarly is the best in my opinion


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