Grammarly Review 2024: The Best Grammar Tool for Bloggers

Do you know where to put the commas, semi-colons, and prepositions?

Do you know which auxiliary verb you should use and when to use it? If you ever hire a writer like on Fiverr you came to know that most of the writers even did not know the basics of English.

If English is not your first language then you may face the problems such as spelling mistakes, use of verbs & prepositions, missing & redundant punctuations, excessive use of passive voice, and many others.

Whether it is a matter of writing letters, applications, or articles you need to write error-free lines.

So the best solution is to use Grammarly. It would be not wrong to say that Grammarly is one of the best grammar checker tools which considers over 400 types of factors in the text in order to detect mistakes.

Grammar blunders not only become a cause of embarrassment but also can hit your goodwill. In this situation using a tool like Grammarly proves very handy. It is almost 1 year that we are using Grammarly, this tool helps a lot to find the errors. Moreover, you will see that you are improving.

Major Features of Grammarly

  • Support various writing styles for accurate correction
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Words Explanations and Synonyms
  • Easily increase the vocabulary

Let’s breakdown that how many features this one tool has and how you will use them?

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How Does It work?

The good thing is that it is available in both free and premium. The free version has some limitations and misses many expedient features. But still, you can catch wrong spells, grammar mistakes, punctuation, and some other useful suggestions to add professionalism to your paragraphs.

Here look at the short comparison between Grammarly free and premium plans.


  • Grammarly premium version considers about 400+ grammatical factors for detecting mistakes
  • It can detect the advanced and critical type of issues. Advance issues include 100 types of factors such as use of prepositions, pointing the wordy sentences, right pair words and much more
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Vocabulary enhancement


  • In a free version, tool finds the issues based on the 100 factors
  • It can detect only critical issues such as spell checking and punctuation mistakes etc.

Browser Extension

First of all, create a Grammarly account here.

Grammarly extension is available for all the major browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari etc. After adding the extension click on the icon shows in the browser and then put the sign in details.

During the sign up they automatically show the notification to add the extension. You can also download the Grammarly chrome extension from its web store or from the Grammarly dashboard under the apps.

The Grammarly add-on provides great convenience whether you are composing an email or writing blog posts. You don’t need to write in the Grammarly editor to find the errors. They will categorize the errors as critical and advance issues.

The mistakes are underlined by red (critical) and Yellow (advance) color lines. Moreover, they also provide reasons why your sentence is wrong and what changes should be made to make it right.

Grammarly Integration with MS Office and Outlook

So if you want Grammarly for MS word then you will please to see that their developer team also made the add-on for MS office and outlook. It means you don’t need to import your document into the Grammarly editor. Just enable it in Office and there you go it will examine the text and caught the errors if there are.

Click on the Apps given at the sidebar of the Grammarly dashboard then you will see the apps as shown in the below image. Because we already add the chrome extension during the sing up process, therefore, it is marked as Active.

Grammarly review add on for chrome and office

Now click on the “Install” given in front of the “Grammarly for Microsoft Office” and it will start downloading. When the setup file is downloaded to your local drive then double click on it.

After some loading, the set up shows Microsoft office and Outlook like in the below image. Tick on both if you want to integrate  Grammarly on both of the applications.

Installing Grammarly add-In for office

After that click on “Install”. The setup will automatically integrate the extension with MS office.

Now open the office document file and click on “Enable Grammarly”.

The office add-on also works even if you have a free account.

Enable grammarly in office

Desktop App

Grammarly also launched a desktop app which works directly from your computer desktop instead of web browser or MS office. If you have a computer with low specifications then it will run slower when install and use MS office because it is kind of heavy application.

So you can install the Grammarly desktop app which is very useful and allow you to write articles with greater accuracy.

Go to Grammarly dashboard and then click on the “App”. After that hit the “Install” button in front of “Grammarly for Windows”. It will start downloading the .exe file. Now run the downloaded file and there you go it will automatically install on your computer.

Grammarly Editor

Besides all these, you can write the article in Grammarly editor or just paste the copied text. You can also upload the entire document file. It supports various type of document files such as .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf and .odt etc.

The main edge of writing in the editor is that it will automatically save in your account. So if you accidentally remove the file from your computer then you can still have the copy in the editor.

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Grammarly Review: Free and Premium Subscription Features

British & American English

You might be aware of British and American English. If you compare these two then you will find differences between vocabulary and sentence structure. For example Colour (British) and Color (American), bonnet (British) and hood (American). Some countries follow the British while some follow American English.

So if in your case it is important to follow the rules like when doing the academic work then you can easily switch between these two. For this go to Grammarly dashboard and click on the “Profile” and select the preferred English. After that, it will detect the errors based on the selected language.

British and US language styles

Spelling Correction

It might be the basic reason of using Grammarly. Mostly, writers use the famous Microsoft office which can surely detect the wrong spells. The reason for choosing the Grammarly that it comes with many other features along with the spell checking.

Furthermore, it will not just point out the wrong spellings but also provide the explanation with examples that makes it superior over the MS office for the correction of incorrect words.

spelling correction by grammarly editor

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Grammar Rules

Do you know the use of tenses and verbs etc.? This is the most common problem that most of the writers face while writing. The use of wrong verbs and tense change the meaning of the sentence. As a result of this, your reader may not understand the thing clearly you want to explain.

Grammarly helps you to overcome such type of grammatical errors along with the explanation that why it is suggesting to change the word.

Find grammatical errors

Punctuation Errors

Punctuations such as commas, dash, colon, and semicolons, etc. It is very necessary to us the right kind of punctuation in the right place. For example, commas cannot only be used to break the long sentence but also make the meaning clear.

Grammarly detect punctuation mistakes

Provide Explanation & Synonyms

Probably the great and our favorite feature. It is good for those who are at the learning stage or weak in English. Sometimes you are reading something such as articles and blog posts over the internet and you may face the words which are very difficult to understand. And for understanding, you might Google it or open the thesaurus for synonyms and clear understanding.

Grammarly can be very helpful in this when you add the extension in your browser like Chrome then with a double click on the word about which you need the explanation it will provide you different descriptions of that word. Look at the picture below.

grammarly browser add-on

If you are in the Grammarly editor then they also provide the explanation of the word along with the synonyms. Double click on a word and there it is.

word synonyms by double click

Personal dictionary

You can create your personal dictionary in Grammarly so it will not flag those words as misspell in future.

At the left side of the dashboard click on the profile and then add the word. Moreover, Grammarly also allows you to add the words in the dictionary when you are correcting the errors.

Sentence Style and Structure

These features help you to detect the faulty word orders and allow you to compile the sentence with the right pair of words.

The right pair presents the clear understanding. Moreover, it also provides you the suggestion on confused words like when to use effect or affect?

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Features Available only in Grammarly Premium

Document Types

Grammarly has a rich database and that’s why it offers different types of documents styles. This helps the tool to find errors more accurately. They divide the documents into 6 different types such as Academic, Business, Technical, Medical, Creative and Casual. So if you are a student and writing an essay then select the Essay given in the Academic section.

If you are a blogger and writing a blog post then we suggest you select the “Article/blog post” given in the Business section for efficient work in detecting issues.

Different Document Types

Plagiarism Checker

This is something you need so intensely when hiring any writer online. Suppose on Fiverr you hire a writer and he/she just copy the article from other’s blog and make an article for you. This will not only affect the credibility of your blog but also damage your search engine ranking.

So you must take care of your content uniqueness before publishing. For this Grammarly offers Plagiarism Checker that has a whopping stock of 8 million pages in its database and by just a single click it will scan your documents.

If it finds the similar copy of text over the internet then it will underline those lines. For this put the article in Grammarly editor and then turn on the plagiarism checker. 

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Review


Overuse of Same Words

We found this feature very useful as above mentioned. There are some words which are most commonly used by writers. They designed Grammarly algorithm in such a way that it will scan for those words in your article and then provide you the suggestion for replacing the words which are used most commonly.

The tool underlines the word and provides you the suggestion along with the word having a similar meaning.

Preposition End Sentence

There are many do and don’t while writing in English. Some say that using the preposition at the end of the sentence is not appropriate while some say it is perfectly natural in modern English.

Grammarly points out the sentences which end with a preposition. So it’s all up to you whether to change it or not. But we suggest that if you want to write in a formal style then try not to place the preposition at the end of the sentence. Grammarly shares a great post on this.

Vocabulary Enhancement

It’s the most helpful option for those who are weak in English and don’t have the treasure of English words in their mind or you can say vocabulary. Moreover, if you are writing most of the articles for your blog then there are chances that you may overuse some words. By enabling this feature it will analyze the text and spot the same words which you use many times.

Grammarly underlines those same words and also provides the word for replacement. Furthermore, if you see that Grammarly’s suggested word does not fit to your sentence then you may double click on the underlined word for more words.

For using this, when you are in the editor just enable the vocabulary enhancement and it will start working.

Grammarly Vocabulary Enhacement

Eliminate Wordiness

Sometimes a thing can be explained by a few words instead of constructing the bigger sentences. A wordy article may bore the readers as it contains more words than the information.

Grammarly helps you to detect those sentences and provide you the suggestions that how you can shorten them.

Professional Proofreading

You want to proofread your blog articles before publishing then here at Grammarly you can do this. A professional human member proofread your paragraphs.

But here keep in mind that you will have to pay an additional amount for this even if you have a premium Grammarly account.

Submitting the document is very easy. Just go to your Grammarly editor, click on the last icon given on the sidebar. And then send to a proofreader.

Money Back Guarantee

At first, they offer 7 days trial period where you can use all the Grammarly premium features. But they changed their policy and now offer 7 days refund policy instead of the trial period. Just pick the desired plan and make payment.

After that, you will have 7 days to ask for the refund if you did not satisfy with their services.

Support Services

You may not need support services in this type of tools. But still, you can submit the request for any kind of help and will receive the reply in an hour. It doesn’t matter if you are a free or premium user they will surely help you.

They also write a bunch of articles about their different products to solve the issues. So before submitting the request, we suggest surf their knowledge base and if you did not found the solution then send them an email.


Grammarly offers three plans based on the duration monthly, quarterly and yearly. The monthly plan cost $29.95 which is pretty high so at least select the Quarterly plan if you want their services for a short period.

Honestly, we recommend you must subscribe for the Annual plan which cost just $11.66/momth and saves you a lot of money.

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  • Can detect over 400 types of errors and enables you to correct them by just a click.
  • Very convenience to use. You can integrate it with MS office, outlook or even download the desktop app.
  • It works with almost all of the applications like in WordPress editor, Gmail, Facebook, twitter and everywhere.
  • Excellent if English is not your native language
  • A suitable tool for bloggers, students, business letters and medical work etc.
  • Plagiarism checker enables you to check the articles if it is genuine or a copy paste work.
  • Selection of Language style British or American.
  • Available both in free and premium.
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  • The tool works greatly on Chrome, Mozilla, and safari (as they claim) but what about the other well-known browsers like Opera.
  • May seems costly on monthly base but for yearly plan, its cheap
  • You must have Internet connection in order to find issues. There is no offline version of it.
  • So far there is no MS office add-on for Mac users. But Mac users can download the desktop app and use the browser extension.
  • Still, this tool cannot eliminate the need for a human proofreader.


The Grammarly surely does its job. It’s totally worth your money. We try many other tools but so far Grammarly performs very well and easy to use. We recommend it without any doubt.

For individual bloggers, they may start with a free version but try to shift to the premium plan as soon as possible because eliminating the advance errors are necessary if you want professional look in your articles. You can create a free account here.

If you are relying on the office for detecting the mistakes then we suggest you should give it a try for once. Because MS office mainly focuses on capturing the spelling mistakes while Grammarly is an advanced tool. Moreover, it is not an ordinary tool but also licensed by 600+ corporations and universities.

We think you should spend some money and got a premium subscription because it can better point out the mistakes.

So far we are enjoying Grammarly and very satisfied with their services. Feel free to share your experience with us. We really appreciate your comments and hope this Grammarly review will help you know everything about it.

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