Best CopyScape Alternatives and Similar Tools

Is your outsourced writer providing you with original content?

Do you want to check if a content scraper website is publishing and outranking your content?

Is the published content on your website or blog original?

We have already published a handful guide on the best plagiarism checkers while this guide is all about the best Copyscape alternatives.

Plagiarism is publishing someone else’s content without their permission why you must be careful because sometimes the duplication results in legal actions. Due to the increasing number of publishers and content-based websites, thousands of web pages are published every day and so content originality turns into a major concern.

Copyscape is one of the popular services for plagiarism checking, especially for bloggers, writers, students, and text content creators. It allows you to just put in your website URL and it will quickly scan to find similar content over the internet. The best part, it does not require signup.

However, there are also various limitations attached to it, making the people search for Copyscape alternatives. For instance, if you want to copy and paste the text to check the plagiarism over the internet, it won’t allow you free. You cannot check even a single line.

On the other hand, they also make pricing a little bit confusing. You cannot buy the access directly; instead, you need to purchase credits first, then that credits will be used to find similarities using text or URL. There are many handfuls and reliable Copyscape alternatives available now which offer pretty straightforward purchasing processes but also more affordable pricing.

No doubt, Copyscape holds a decent combination of features and accurately finds plagiarism but it’s not the only software. There is a fair number of alternatives with a bigger database to help you track down the duplications effectively.

So if you are planning to create a new blog, then you must publish unique content because duplication is not encouraged by the readers as well as search engines.

On the other hand, if you already have a blog and want to ensure content originality, this article helps you out in finding top Copyscape alternatives.

10 Best Copyscape Alternatives and Competitors 2024

1. ProWritingAid – Recommended

ProWritingAid is a strong defensive line to fight against plagiarism as well as a good proofreading tool. A very straightforward plagiarism checker tool and pricing make it an ideal alternative to Copyscape. Anyone whether a blogger, student, teacher, or professional writer can keep a keen eye on their content so that no one uses it elsewhere without their permission.

Unlike Copyscape, you don’t have to buy the credit and then use that credit for the number of words. ProWritingAid offers simple Premium and Premium Plus plans to choose from. Instead of word count, they provide a number of checks for plagiarism detection, so feel free you can analyze full chapters and articles. The tool has a rich database, and it finds text similarities efficiently.

ProWritingAid is a Freemium tool where their plagiarism checker is an entirely paid feature while you can use their grammar checker with a free account. Bloggers and anyone who writes can make use of the proofreading tool to eliminate grammatical errors and enhance content readability. It also includes a spell checker that underlines the spelling mistakes with the red line.

So whether you want to write a guide or an essay or any other type of content, you can surely head toward ProWritingAid. As your grammar assistance, it will provide suggestions and a summary of the text. The App supports various writing styles such as Business, Academic, Web and Casual, etc. so to give you the best suggestions.

Another good part of their editing software is that it can integrate with your favorite writing software. Besides the web editor, you can install its desktop app for Windows and Mac. Also, you can integrate it with MS Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, Open Office, and Google Chrome. In this way, you don’t have to copy-paste your content into a web editor and so you will not lose text formatting.

If you don’t want to do any installation, their web editor lets you make use of every feature. ProWritingAid presents you 25 types of reports such as vague wording, repetitiveness, transition, passive voice, long sentences, and much more.

One of the great features for those who write a lot is the Thesaurus. It will allow you to enhance your vocabulary and text diversity if you use to write similar types of content. After pasting or writing the content just enable it and you will see it will automatically underline words in your text. Now just hover a mouse and it will present you with a list of alternative words.

On the pricing side, ProwritingAid is a quite affordable alternative to Copyscape. With just $52.50/year, you can make use of their every premium feature, including Desktop App and software integrations. However, if you need all the same features as Premium along with a plagiarism checker, they offer Premium Plus plans (start at $60/year). You will be provided with 50 plagiarism checks per year. They provide a 14-day money-back guarantee with each of their plan.

A little limitation is that sometimes their web editor conflicts with your content. And so far it does not have an app for iOS and Android. ProWritingAid holds a nice set of tools with ease of use. You will be provided with extensive reports and you won’t go wrong with them.

2. Grammarly – Runner UP Copyscape Alternative

Grammarly is another alternative that holds a proofreading tool along with a plagiarism checker. It is a popular and advanced writing assistant that helps writers to make their writing more effective and readable. Just like the software mentioned above, Grammarly also offers free and paid versions. It is one of the finest AI-powered proofreading tools that scan your content against more than 400 grammatical rules.

Talking about the plagiarism checker, it is only available in the premium version. Opposite to Copyscape, Grammarly offers monthly, quarterly, and annual billing cycles. All you need to do is buy a plan and it will provide you full access to all features.

Checking plagiarism for content is also very simple. There is no cap on the number of words and the checks you can perform. After purchasing a premium account, you can perform an unlimited number of plagiarism checks.

If you want to take a more in-depth look, read our Grammarly review.

You can make use of Grammarly via multiple ways such as using their web editor, Desktop App, Browser extensions, Google Docs, MS Word, and Outlook. Also available for iPhone and Android. So, in general, you can use it almost everywhere. For checking plagiarism, if you are using it with MS word you will find the options there or just go to their online editing tool (on their website).

So bloggers and content marketers have the best Copyscape alternative in the form of Grammarly that not only assists you in proofreading but also helps you to make sure the content originality. The tool underlines the plagiarized content and provides the source URLs.

In a free version, Grammarly provides you limited access where it will detect mainly critical grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation, etc. No matter if you are a native English speaker or not, this tool is worth using for new and professional writers.

Grammarly is an excellent grammar checker tool that can adjust your writing style like formal, informal, and neutral. Once you are inside Grammarly editor, you can adapt Goals for your writing. The Premium user can select their content-related categories like Business, Casual, Technical, and more. Grammarly online editor also offers a place where you can save your documents so that access them anywhere by just having internet access.

Once your text is inside the Grammarly editor, this tool will underline the issues within no time. As mentioned above, a premium version provides more suggestions compared to the free. With each error, this proofreading tool gives you the detail of why there is an error, such as sentence style and structure. This is greatly helpful for learning English grammar rules. Besides proofreading, the tool is also very efficient in enhancing the vocabulary of your content.

You can grab Grammarly annual subscription for just $11.66 if you go with annual billing. For the monthly billing cycle, it will cost $29.95/month. Although AI cannot eliminate the need for a human proofreader, overall, Grammarly is a useful and worthy tool with affordable pricing. It will quickly fix the errors and makes it possible to publish more readable content.

3. Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X is a specialized and one of the most affordable alternatives to Copyscape for duplication detection. It helps you to quickly and efficiently detect plagiarism in your blog post, research paper, and assignments. Due to its excellence, this software is used by many universities and marketing firms.

Instead of an online checker tool, Plagiarism Checker X offers software that you can download on your computer. It is simple to use. After installing, just open it, paste your text, and hit the analyze button. The software within no time presents you with a report. It will highlight the plagiarized text as well as the overall duplication percentage.

Similar to Copyscape, Plagiarism Checker X also offers a free and paid version. However, Plagiarism Checker X offers you more than the Copyscape in the free version. Opposite to Copyscape, you can detect plagiarism of content for free, whereas Copyscape only allows plagiarism detection using URL and a simple comparison tool between two documents for free.

Plagiarism Checker X offers you a list of features to identify duplicate content. You can scan content by copy-pasting or importing. Plus, just like Copyscape, you can find the plagiarism of a blog/webpage using URL.

The software enables you to detect the similarities between 2 documents. Bulk Search is another fantastic feature that is useful for teachers. It offers One to Many, Many to Many, and Cross Comparison functions. It enables the teachers to detect the similarities between students’ assignments by using cross-comparison. Using Bulk Search, a blogger can compare plentiful URLs at a time to find similarities between them.

The tool presents the results after scanning the content in different colors. The low level of plagiarism (0 – 19%) is presentrd in blue color. The green color shows the medium level (20 – 39%) duplication. And above that, the software will show the red color, which is for a high level of plagiarism.

In a free version, Plagiarism Checker X offers 30 searches daily, which is pretty good for a free user. However, it only scans limited words (150) at a time.

It is one of the best alternatives to Copyscape that will cost you just a single time. Like in Copyscape, here you don’t have to buy the credit for scanning the number of words. Plagiarism Checker X premium plan comes with just $39.95/lifetime. In a paid plan (PRO), you can perform unlimited searches on unlimited words. Paid plans also include extended PDF and 24/7 support. They also offer a Business plan that includes up to 5 licenses and all PRO plan features.

As a whole Plagiarism Checker X is a useful tool for teachers, bloggers, journalists, and digital marketers. The tool is a strong defense line against duplication.

4. Unicheck

Unicheck is another good antidote to plagiarism and an excellent alternative to Copyscape. They hold 40B+ web pages and education databases. No need to upload files one by one, Unicheck support multiple file formats and bulk uploads. With such an extensive index, you can rely on them for finding the plagiarized content accurately.

This Copyscape competitor is enormously easy to use. After creating an account, you will be provided with a simple minimalist dashboard. For first time users, they will guide you where you can upload files and buy more pages for scanning.

So instead of buying Words like in Copyscape, Unicheck provides you the number of pages with each plan. With the help of various add-on and browser extensions, you can scan your content quickly. For example, by using Google Docs add-on you can instantly view the plagiarism report right in your Google Docs. And by using Google Chrome extension, they make a lot easier to scan the content compared to Copyscape.

After scanning the document, Unicheck present in a very easy to understand format. You can view the overall percentage of plagiarism as well as source links. It let you select where it should find similarities –the Internet or your Library. This allows the teachers to compare similarities between student’s assignments while Internet source is a great way for bloggers and researchers to detect duplications.

Alongside paid packages, Unicheck also offering a free plan although it is pretty limited. In a free plagiarism checker, you can only check up to 200 words at a time.

On the other hand, paid packages start at $5. This includes 20 pages, a bulk checking facility, and Google Docs add-on. Here note that they count 275 words as a single page. So that means in $5 you can check up to 5500 words.

The remaining pages are available to scan until you made the next payment. However, the best part if you don’t want to make an additional payment your pages will remain valid to use within 6 months. So it’s not necessary to pay each month you can freely make use of their services within 6-month as long as you have pages.

Unicheck also offering separate plans for K-12 & Higher ED and Business. These plans come with better support services and some other additional benefits.

Unicheck is being trusted by more than one thousand institutes. They are one of the finest Copyscape alternatives with huge databases. However, it seems pricey compared to the above-mentioned services but you will realize it worth your every penny.

5. PlagScan

PlaScan is a good anti-plagiarism tool that is offering easy to use solution for a single user to institutions. With the facility of easy document uploading and URL checker, Plagscan is an appealing tool for teachers, bloggers, and marketers.

So what makes it one of the best alternatives to Copyscape? They hold the best in the class algorithm, which comprises 14 billion digital content, Plagiarism prevention pool, and publisher databases. Their index also includes scientific and academic journals.

After creating an account, you will land in the most straightforward dashboard. For checking plagiarism, you can upload a file, directly paste the text or load the document from online storage services such as Dropbox. PlagScan supports almost every common file.

On the other hand, if you are a blogger and want to check the content originality, simply use the URL like in Copyscape. You can also use a list of URLs, Main domain names, or even the site map XML file. To ensure document security while transferring, they are using encrypted (256-bit SSL).

For plagiarism checking, you can apply different filters and rules to search for the duplications. You can set the level of sensitivity for plagiarism detection. At high sensitivity, the tool will report even the short matches. Furthermore, you can also select the number of word matches before reporting that specific line as plagiarism.

Just like most other tools here, you will also get both free and paid versions. With a free account, you will get 20 credit, allowing you to check up to 2000 words. So if you are looking for a free alternative to Copyscape, then PlagScan is not the place for you.

For a paid plan, their premium packages start at only $5.99, which allows you to scan 6500 words. While if you’re an institution then Business and Education plans provide you hefty limit for words. And you will get premium support with them.

So if you are seeking a trusted anti-plagiarism tool, PlagScan is a good competitor for Copyscape, especially for educational purposes. Yes, they do offer a nice plagiarism checker using URL but it might become a pricey solution if budget is one of your primary concerns. Overall, it an excellent tool with huge databases to fight against duplications.

6. CopyLeaks

CopyLeaks is another AI-powered plagiarism detector and advanced alternative to Copyscape. It performs an extensive search across the internet to provide quick and accurate results. Their duplicate file finder tool lets you compare your internal documents in a safe and secure environment.

Copyleaks has various reasons to be termed as one of the best alternatives for CopyScape that is also a prominent tool regarding Multi-Language Capability. Where mostly duplication-checking tools including Copyscape only check for the English, Copyleaks can even detect the content plagiarized from another language. This is making it a unique tool for teachers to check their student’s research papers.

A friendly and easy to navigate dashboard makes it easier to use this anti-plagiarism tool. Plus, you can also check the plagiarism report of your content straight from your favorite apps. They offer extensions for Google Docs and MS office.

Although using your smartphone’s web browser, you can use any plagiarism tool but Copyleaks designed a compatible app for mobile phones. It is available on both IOS and Android app stores. The app allows you to snap a photo of a text, upload different types of files like PDF, DOC, and RTF, etc., insert the URL or copy-paste your content for plagiarism checking. There is also an option to share the report with your writer.

Just like CopyScape, CopyLeaks also offer a free plan; however, it is limited to 10 pages. You can check up to 2500 words for free. The free version lets you compare documents against each other and scan in more than 100 languages. You cannot take the benefit of MS word and Google Docs in a free plan.

Their minimum premium plan priced at $10.99 per month. You can scan up to 25K words. With this plan, you can, of course, make use of their advanced AI plagiarism checker, compare documents, and scan in more than 100 languages. Additionally, it provides full API access, integrations for Google Docs & MS Word and shares URLs and plagiarism reports.

If you go further higher CopyLeaks offer more useful features like indexing of internal documents to compare against each other, san up to 100 files at a time and integration with learning management system. Plus, prioritized customers support. Copyleaks offer pretty competitive pricing however if you choose the annual billing cycle, you will be able to save further on cost.

CopyLeaks is a professional tool and is a strong defense line for teachers and enterprises. If you want to ensure content originality, CopyLeaks is a great choice over Copyscape.

7. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is a good example of a feature-loaded plagiarism checker, making it a considerable alternative to Copyscape. With absolutely no hassle, you can download this plagiarism software for Windows, Android, Blackberry, and Moodle.

Where Copyscape limited their free plagiarism checker to just using URL, Plagiarisma put no such restrictions in the free plan. You can scan your content by using URL, pasting the text, Load from Google drive or upload from local drive. It supports almost every type of file, so you won’t face any problem while uploading a document.

The prominent part of this plagiarism software that it supports 190+ languages. So no matter if your website or research paper is in other than the English language, you can rely on Plagiarisma to ensure content uniqueness. They have separately maintained Scholar Search which checks for plagiarism in articles, books, and journals. You can use the Google Books feature available in the dashboard to detect plagiarism in books.

Besides plagiarism checkers, they offer a simple Grammar checking tool. Although it’s that kind of advanced proofreading tool like Grammarly but for email writing and fewer paragraphs, Plagiarisma could be useful.

When it comes to premium membership, Plagiarisma offers several plans. If you need a plagiarism checker for a short period like 1-day, they offer 100 searches with a price tag of $8/day. On the other hand, if you go for a high billing cycle like 3 or 6-month Plagiarisma among the most affordable tools. For 3-month, you just need to pay $25 at once and you can perform an unlimited number of searches.

For schools and universities, Plagiarisma offers the cheapest market pricing where you can start at $49/month and can be shared among 25 users. So this is around $2 per user. In case of dissatisfaction, you have the first 3-days to ask for a refund after the purchase.

If you are searching for a cheap alternative to Copyscape, Plagiarisma is one of the considerable tools.

8. PlagTracker

PlagTracker is another simple plagiarism detector that helps you to stay original. Students, teachers, and site owners can make use of free PlagTracker access to make sure if the content is unique.

Its free tool offers pretty unlimited access where you can put like 5000 words into a text filed on their website. After checking, it will present a report with source links where it finds the plagiarized content.

PlagTracker holds a pretty decent database. They check your document against 14 billion pages across the internet. Like some of the other few tools, PlagTracker also works with multiple languages, including English, German, French, Romanian, Spanish, and Italian.

While it is amazing to have free access but their free version sometimes provides misleading results. This means for critical work where plagiarism is strongly prohibited, PlagTracker results are not reliable enough to be used with confidence.

Another limitation attached to the free version that it does not present the results instantly; instead they may put your content in the queue. So their free version may be unable to provide you quick results.

PlagTracker also offers premium plans that come with extra features. Starting at just $7.45/month you can upload .doc, .docx, and .txt file for scanning against the duplications. Furthermore, the premium version provides results instantly and permits you to download the offline report in PDF. You can even integrate API with your application provided by PlagTracker. There is also a free grammar checker included with the premium tool.

What we experience that PlagTracker sometimes reports a source as plagiarized while there are no duplications. If you want to be over cautious before submitting your research to the panel or want to make sure your site stays with original content, PlagTracker could be your second choice. After scanning your content through a plagiarism checker like ProWritingAid and PlagiarismCheckerX etc. you can do the second run on PlagTracker.

9. Plagium

Plagium is offered by New York-based company Septet Systems Inc that is known for providing advanced search solutions. Plagium is among the simplest plagiarism checkers which you can surely use as a Copyscape alternative.

After signing up, you will be provided with a dashboard where you can see all of their tools. Whether you want to check the plagiarism using text, URL or uploading a file Plagium offers all of such features.

If you want to compare text documents like student’s assignments against each other, you can do so using ‘Compare with my documents’ feature. However, it is a paid feature though a very affordable ($0.005 / page).

For plagiarism checking, the tool provides you two options to choose from. You can check the Quick Search which will quickly present you with a visual format report. However, for essential tasks such as research papers and articles, you can use the “Deep Search” feature that takes some time as it will search for in-depth sources to provide you the reliable results you can rely on.

Like its competitors, Plagium also comes with free and paid access. A free plan is limited to 1000 words and you cannot use Deep Search feature with free access.

You can buy a variety of plans as per your needs. For quick research, the price is $0.04/1000 words. While the Deep Search feature priced at $0.08 per 1000 words. And if you want to compare text documents, you can do this at just $0.005/ 1000 words.

Similar to Copyscape, on Plagium, you also need to buy credit which you then use for plagiarism checker. There are two types of billing you can either choose Prepaid and Monthly plans for buying credit. If in any given month you have unused credit the good thing it will be carried over to the next month. The credit remains valid to use for one year.

Plagium is one of the competitive alternatives to Copyscape, which offers similar services like detecting duplication using ULR, Text, comparing files, and uploading a file. And it is pretty affordable. You can depend on their services to fight against duplication.

10. Plagiarism Detector

If you want to find out who is copying your content without your permission, Plagiarism Detector could be your companion. Their advanced plagiarism checker performs the real-time search so that it will detect similarities in the text published recently.

Using this tool, you can perform either Quick or Deep Search. What makes it a good Copyscape alternative is the availability of unlimited access to the free version. However, you can scan 1000 words at a time. You don’t have to download any software. Just go straight to their website in order to make use of their plagiarism checker.

This Plagiarism software lets the user utilize their tool in a variety of ways. You can type the text, paste your content, and use URL. There is also an option to upload a file from your local drive and online storage like Dropbox.

If you want an ad free interface and limit free access, you need to go for a paid plan. With premium access, there is no word limit and you can make use of the Deep Search feature. It permits you to download the plagiarism report in PDF format.

By default, they offer three different plans; however, there is also a choice to craft a custom plan. It is a pretty affordable plagiarism checker that costs $1 for 3600 words. You can start as low as $5 per month, which provides access to all the premium features.

They also offer some extra tools such as Grammar checking and Paraphrasing tool. With Paraphrasing, you just need to paste or type, the tool will automatically rewrite the text.

Plagiarism Detector support multiple languages. You can scan the content written in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and German. So far the software lacks the comparison tool where you can compare your multiple documents against each other and check the similarities.

So if you are seeking an affordable alternative to Copyscape, Plagiarism Detector is not only a low cost but also provides reports that you can be used with confidence.


So no doubt, Copyscape is a fantastic tool to detect plagiarism, especially even without creating an account, you can take a quick look at the plagiarism report by using URL.

However, now there is also a variety of more affordable as well as reliable plagiarism detectors available in the market that you can use as Copyscape alternatives.

If you are searching for an all-in-one tool that is plagiarism checker and proofreading tool, then ProwritingAid and Grammarly are good to make use of.

On the other hand, if you are seeking exclusively for plagiarism checker, Plagiarism Checker X is an excellent alternative to Copyscape which is not only a low cost but also holds a variety of tools useful for teachers, website owners, marketers, and journalists.

Quick Tip: Don’t let content scrapers or anyone else waste your hard work. If you sit back and relax thinking that content-stealing will stop automatically, you are wrong for sure. After finding the plagiarism, you can ask the person to remove the content or simply file a DMCA Complaint to Google. So, Google removes (or may not) content scraper pages from its search engine results.

We think we have covered all the best Copyscape alternatives in this post. However, if you have any suggestions or if this post helped you share your experience with us.

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