Top 10 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools in 2023

In this article, you'll be able to find the best plagiarism checkers for verifying the authenticity of your content. For quick summary, you can only check the two box mentioned below.

Do you check that the writer you hire gives you genuine and unique articles?

Do you know that many websites fail to make a good position in search engine due to the duplication of contents?

With the multiplying number of web pages daily the digital duplication becomes a common issue. You can be confident about articles genuineness when you write yourself, but when it comes to the third party writer which you hire, then you must ensure the article originality before publishing.

If you hire an un-experienced and dishonest writer like on Fiverr, then there are risks that they deliver you a plagiarized or spun contents. That is why we put together the list of best plagiarism checker tools to help blog owners and other seekers who want to confirm the uniqueness of blog posts.

Here we assume that you know about the plagiarism. So if you don’t want to get through the entire article then fine we can help you to pick the best one instantly.

As plagiarism related to the writing thus there are two options either pick a software that merely scans for the plagiarism or the software that can Proofread your article as well as check for the duplication of articles.

Choosing a software becomes super easy when you certainly know your requirements. So here are our top picks which are remarkably reliable and most trusted out there.

For Plagiarism: Plagiarism Checker X

  • The best plagiarism checker work fastly and scan your content to find duplicate words or sentences
  • Side by Side, Many to Many, One to Many and cross comparison tools
  • Scanning of web page by putting URL
  • Can tell you keyword density and number of occurrence
  • Scan text sentence by sentence and show the percentage of similarity from each source.
  • Being used in 60+ countries by students, teachers, webmasters, and organizations
  • Plagiarism reports can be saved in HTM and DOCX
  • No need to open the website for checking just install the desktop software once
  • Works great even on the slow internet
  • Offer good output than many other tools


For Plagiarism and Proofreading: Grammarly

  • One of the best proofreading tool that offers great help to self-publishers
  • Integrated perfect plagiarism detector tool
  • Address errors based on the 250 types of grammatical rules
  • Super easy to use
  • You can choose between British and American English
  • It provides tons of writing styles for bloggers, students, and researchers, etc.
  • Vocabulary enhancement feature for diversifying the writing
  • Check for the Grammar, Style, Spell, Punctuations and Sentence Structure, etc.
  • The grammar tool also alert even if the words are correct but used in the wrong context
  • Desktop version, Browser extension, MS add-on

$11.66/mo (annual plan)

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of copying the other’s work without giving the proper credit to them. Or intimating other’s work and show it as yours.

What Plagiarism Percentage Is Acceptable?

Honestly, our answer is zero. Matching common phrases is something else. You should not copy others words intentionally. Your utmost effort is to keep it as low as possible. It should not exceed 10-15%.

10 Best Plagiarism Checkers and Tools for 2023 to Find Content Uniqueness

1. PlagiarismCheckerX [Free + Paid]

No matters you are a teacher, digital marketer or a journalist Plagiarism CheckerX is one of the finest tools to dig up the duplication. It carries on a very in-depth scanning with speed and accuracy and that’s why trusted by many users like J.M. Field Marketing, Softpedia and numerous universities and colleges from the different countries like USA, UK, Germany, and Canada, etc.

It’s truly the best plagiarism checker without the word limit. The software offers multiple options to identify the similarity of words. In the online section, you can simply paste the text and click on “Analyze it”. The best thing is you can also put the URL of your blog/post to discover the exact match to your article words.

It is an excellent plagiarism checker, between 2 documents where you can enable the advanced features like Case Matching and Invalid spaces. PlagiarismCheckerX can perform the bulk search in which you can check one or multiple files against multiple files.

After analyzing, the software shows the percentage of duplication of each line along sources URL. And by clicking on any source site address, it will show the words matching to your text. The tool displays the percentage of duplication with several colors where Blue & Green means minor plagiarism detected while Red means critical. So it becomes super easy to find unoriginality with this tool.

They offer 3 plans where Basic plan offer services free of cost for 14 days and you can perform 30 searches/day for the limited words. While Pro plan provides all the features just at $49.99 for lifetime. Pro plan is a perfect choice for individual bloggers. The 3rd plan named as Business, it supports multi-machine license and cost $199.95. So far we are very satisfied with its working and deep scanning. As PlagiarismCheckerX is an effective tool to identify the duplication, so we surely recommend it and also it is very cheap.

Why PlagiarismCheckerX?

  • Very easy to use with convenient interface
  • Easy to catch plagiarized phrases and words
  • You can scan a file for online plagiarism as well as side by side comparisons between files to find the similar contents
  • Where most of the companies limit the number of words in their premium plans, it comes with unlimited words
  • Allow you to scan the URL, very useful for site owners
  • It also has a keyword analyzer tool that describes the number of occurrence and density of keywords
  • Available in 7 different languages
  • Available both in Free and Paid version

Why not?

  • For using it, you must download the software first

2. Grammarly [Paid] - Runner Up Best Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is one of the best proofreading tools that built on the advanced algorithm. Grammarly identifies the faults and gives the suggestions based on the 400+ types of grammatical rules. Beside the proofreading functionality, it also performs scanning to recognize the content similarities. You can integrate Grammarly with your MS Office, Outlook and even with the web browsers.

Grammarly is available for both free and premium versions. The free account provides limited access only to their proofreading tool. So for conducting plagiarism tests, you need to subscribe a premium subscription and then just paste the text in Grammarly editor. After that, enable the plagiarism and it will scan all the text piracy in web pages. It will underline the plagiarized lines and provides the sources URLs where it met up with similar phrases.

Grammarly enables the users to select between British and American English and composing the personal dictionary. Further, they support tons of writing styles referred to Academic, Business, and Medical, etc. Grammarly vocabulary enhancement, punctuation, spell checking and sentence structure are some of the major reasons of being widely used by the webmasters, bloggers, students, and professionals.

For more details read our Grammarly review.

You can grab Grammarly as low as $11.66/month on annual subscription while month to month billing will cost you $29.95/month. So if you are searching best plagiarism and proofreading tool then Grammarly is the best package for you.

Why Grammarly?

  • Find copied content in more than 16 billion web pages makes Grammarly one of the top plagiarism checker software
  • It got both plagiarism and grammar checker
  • You can use the desktop app or use the MS Office and browser extensions
  • Grammarly is the most efficient proofreading tool available in the market
  • The tool helps you to eliminate the sentence wordiness
  • Provides sophisticated interface which is easy to navigate

Why not?

  • Plagiarism detection software is only available in paid version
  • You cannot check the plagiarism by using the URL of a web page
  • Sometimes it doesn’t detect duplicate content correctly

3. Copyscape [Free + Paid]

Copyscape is another best free online plagiarism checker for bloggers. All you need to do is just put the post URL and it will show up the result webpages. Now just click on a result and it highlights the matching phrases on that page. Copyscape is one of our first tool that we used against content theft and found it very compelling.

The big thing there is no need to sign up, you just head over to their site and put the URL. But if you want the plagiarism report by pasting the text (offline content) then you can’t do so in a free version. For this, you need to sign up and buy some credits.

Copyscape also offers free plagiarism comparison tool where you can put URL’s of two web pages or simply paste the text to find the similarities between them.

The most conspicuous feature by Copyscape is the Copysentry which automatically send alerts to you whenever it detects the copied of your contents on the web pages. You can also set the number of words required for the match. Copysentry carry out daily and weekly scan. For daily scanning, it will cost $19.95/month while for monthly scanning it cost just $4.95. Both plan scan up to 10 pages.

Copyscape also provides plagiarism widgets for warning copycats. You just need to insert these banners in the footer or wherever you want. This might be helpful against the potential content pirates. Copyscape is a useful tool that surely does its job the only point that may discourage some users that in free version it only examines the content by putting URLs.

Why CopyScape?

  • A powerful tool for the exact identification of similar contents by highlighting
  • Ideal for site owners to find the plagiarized materials by just putting the URL
  • Copysentry will automatically locate the web pages with similar contents with yours
  • API for integration for quick scanning
  • Free plagiarism warning banners

Why not?

  • Offline Text scanning is not free
  • Complex pricing structure like first you have to purchase credits and then use that credit using the tool. They should introduce simple pricing plans

4. WhiteSmoke [Trial + Paid]

WhiteSmoke is a feature rich software. It identify the grammatical errors and corrects them. Moreover, it also comes with a plagiarism detector tool. It is highly convenient to use like you can use it with your browser, install it on your Android/iOS or even download the desktop app. If you are addicted to MS Office, then the good news is WhiteSmoke also has an Add-in for that.

The WhiteSmoke plagiarism test makes sure that your content is original by detecting the plagiarism in research papers, web pages, and blog post, etc. The deep scanning makes it one of the perfect plagiarism checker for teachers, students, and webmasters, etc.

Besides the plagiarism finder, the tool also proves very handy in detecting the grammatical errors. It highlights the flaws like misspell, wordiness, grammar and repeated words, etc. The best part is, WhiteSmoke can translate almost 55 languages. So this helps a lot to overcome the languages barriers while writing articles.

You should visit their video tutorials section where they uploaded various useful tutorials related to prepositions, adjectives and Auxilary Verbs. Currently, WhiteSmoke’s “Essential” package comes in just $79.95/year. But this Essential plan only integrates with web browsers. For a desktop app, you need to subscribe their “Premium” plan which cost $119.95/year.

WhiteSmoke is an appropriate option if you are looking grammar and plagiarism software at one place in low pricing. Personally, if you can manage then Grammarly is a better choice because Grammarly has a quite decent interface, more advanced, easy to use and the latest tool that is available in the market. It’s just the pricing that urges most of the people to search for Grammarly alternatives.

Why WhiteSmoke?

  • Well packed software that comprises of plagiarism and grammar checker in low pricing
  • Available in a web browser, MS Office & Outlook, mobile app, and desktop version
  • Includes a translator for over 50 languages
  • 100+ documents templates like letters and reports etc.
  • They provide video tutorials for learning

Why not?

  • App for desktop version is paid
  • Very limited trial account only 4 days
  • Not an attractive interface of their app

5. CopyLeaks [Free + Paid]

Copyleaks is another fine plagiarism detector online tool to check the originality of the contents. This cloud-based tool is very efficient as they have more than 60 trillion pages in their database. The tool scan numerous file formats and Unicode languages.

CopyLeaks offer the different type of products to best meet the needs of their users. Students, teachers, faculty members should choose Educational version while if you are a publisher, Consultant or a blogger, then Business version is for you. Moreover, the educational version scan academic databases and archives. They also have an API tool for developers.

If you want to find similarity between two documents or web pages then CopyLeaks comparison tool is for you. It is a totally free service and you don’t need to sign up while dealing with this. You can compare PDF, DOC, PPT, RTF, HTML and even more type of files.

Using CopyLeaks is quite simple. Head over to their site, click on the version (Business or Education) and then choose dashboard. Now you can add URL or Text for checking. The tool also allows the user to add up to 100 files for scanning, it’s incredible when you are going to scan multiple files as you don’t need to add files one by one. For the user comfort, they offer CopyLeak mobile app which works great on Android and iOS. And there is also MS Office add-on.

CopyLeaks offer plagiarism checker for free and paid plans. In a free subscription, you can check maximum 2500 words in total for the whole month. The paid plans are customizable where businesses plan cost as low as $9.99/month which allow up to 25000 words/month. You can also tailor the Educational plans where the lowest price is $10.99/month and scan 25000 words in total during a whole month.

Why Copyleaks?

  • A fantastic tool for all type of users (academic and business)
  • Available in both Free and Premium
  • It offers various tools like API, Android/iOS App, and MS Office Add-on, etc.
  • Free comparison tool
  • You can submit multiple files at once for scanning

Why not?

  • Pricing plans may be confusing for the users, first, you need to purchase the credits where 1 credit is equal to 250 words and then use the credit for scanning
  • Plans seems pricey
  • You have to sign up for using their services
  • Insufficient free plan, only 10 credits/month. It means you can scan just 2500 words per month

6. Plagiarisma [Free+Paid]

Plagiarisma can do multiple things for you. It can check your grammar, rewrite the articles and scans your text more accurately as it supports Google, Yahoo, Google Scholars and Google books, etc. So no matters if you are a blogger, writer, scholar, teacher or a student, Plagiarisma can find the duplication for you.

The best part of this comprehensive tool is that it supports more than 190 languages. Just paste your text in the box appear on their site. Alternatively, you can upload the DOX, DOCX, TXT, XML, PDF, RTF, HTML and many other types of files. You can also submit web page URL to determine the content similarities.

Plagiarisma is available on multiple platforms. There is Moodle plugin, BlackBerry software, Android App and software for Windows users. And if you don’t want to install any of their application then head to their site for using online tool.

Plagiarisma has both free and premium plans. Although you can use it without signing up, but creating account grant access to several advantageous features like Synonymizer, Scholar Search and Similarity Checker, etc. There is also free HTML code of warning banners to warn the content thieves. To use their limit free services subscribe to their paid plans which only cost $25 for 3 months and permit you to perform unlimited searches.

Why Plagiarisma?

  • Support 190+ languages
  • Free Exclusive options like Google Book and Scholars are good if you want to find the plagiarism rate for your research paper or assignments
  • Supports tons of files for uploading like TXT, HTML, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, FB2, PDB, PDF, RTF, ODT, EPUB
  • Cheap pricing and also offer various plans. You can hire their services for even one day just at $8. This is good if you do not use the tool frequently
  • Free warning banners

Why not?

  • No App for Mac or IOS users
  • There is no add-on for the popular MS Office which proves handy while writing in MS Word
  • Slow scan speed
  • Offers very limited number of free checks

7. Plagscan [Trial + Paid]

Here is Plagscan with a range of products such as “For education” and “For Businesses”. It is built on the Apache Solr and Bing and that’s why the tool got a large index base. According to their figures, almost 1 million documents are tested by them each year including 300K research papers. So it means the tool is not broadly used by the site owners but also by the academic professionals.

For experience, you can sing up their trial account which holds 20 credit points. It has a simple interface and all of their tools present at just one dashboard. You can upload the files, paste the text or even upload the document from the cloud services such as Dropbox. Moreover, you can either check your text against the web or compare it with your document for finding the similarities.

The plagiarism report generated by the Plagscan is straightforward to understand where it highlights the exact matches and possible altered text. At the left-hand side, you can also access the links where it found the identical content. Each source link shows the percentage of similar content. Furthermore, “Plagscan in a box” is a unique solution for intranet users and great free plagiarism checker in the market.

Plagscan designed different plans by considering the type of the customers. There are plans for private users, schools, universities, and companies. So it becomes easy for the client to select the right product. For individual/private users like bloggers, the very tiny plan cost $5.99 where you can scan up to 6500 words.

Why Plagscan?

  • Offers all the essential tools such as comparing documents, scanning documents by uploading or pasting the documents
  • You can scan the single or the multiple web pages by just using the URL
  • Warning banners
  • Support almost all types of languages
  • Can scan your documents quickly and results are pretty accurate
  • Over 1K organizations are on their client list
  • Offers integration via API

Why Not?

  • Pricey services. Just 6500 words in $5.99
  • No free account while trial account is only limited to 20 checking credits
  • No integration with MS Office

8. Plagium [Free + Paid]

Plagium is another duplication detection tool with two search options. Either you can carry out the “Quick Search” or the “Deep Search” for finding the same text. For deep searching, you need to make a free account with them. You can also set the relevancy rate for measuring the plagiarized content.

Plagium offers straightforward interface. Just paste your manuscript and hit the quick search button for rapid scanning results. In a few seconds, it will show all the result where it found the content similarities. Now just click on any of the results, a window will open where you can see the highlighted words which are similar to yours.

If you want to find the text between to documents, then Plagium can do so freely. The tool also allows the user to locate the duplication rate of their blog posts. Moreover, their “Batch Search” feature allows you to check the multiple blog URLs at once. It can upload the single or the multiple files for scanning. It supports TXT, PDF, DOC and DOCX files.

You can use the Plagium checker and detection tool freely. But if you want to upload the file or check the URL then you must sign up. For free they offer $0.08 credit and with this, you can taste their deep searching feature. The premium monthly plans start from $9.99. Although like many other companies they designed a bit confusing pricing structure, but ultimately their paid plans are cheap. Plagium is a marvelous tool and worth every penny with the features like news pages searching and deep searching.

Why Plagium?

  • Allow you to check the duplication without signing up
  • Deep searching for in-depth scanning
  • You can set the intensity of similarity
  • It includes almost all the essential features like comparing text, check URL and uploading files for scanning, etc.
  • Allow the user to put the bulk files/URLs for scanning
  • Cheap pricing packages

Why Not?

  • You can check the plagiarism of 5000 words at once. This should be limit free
  • Complex pricing structure i.e. different rates for quick, deep and file searching. Also, the prices like $0.04/page mean $0.04 for 1000 words
  • No browser extension, Android/IOS app or any other add-on

9. Plagiarism Software [Free + Paid]

Searching for a reliable plagiarism detector with competitive pricing that scans your documents instantly then PlagiarismSoftware is one of the best choices for you. They have more than 300k customers around the world which includes various universities and organizations.

Here note that they offer a free account but it’s just free by name because you only have one search per day which is limited to maximum 1000 words. And for next free search, you have to wait for the next day. You can paste the text or just upload the DOCX or TXT file for scanning.

Plagiarism Software also finds the analogy by using the URL of a web page. But if in any case, you want the tool not to check the particular web page for plagiarism then you can do so by pasting the URL of that specific page in the “Exclude URL” bar.

The good thing about PlagiarismSoftware is that it offers 3 free simple plans. In the market, most of the plagiarism checker tools confuse the customers by complex pricing packages where first you need to buy the credits/points and then use that credit for checking.

In Plagiarism Software, you just need to pick a plan and make the payment. Their first plan is known as Basic which just cost $10/month, and you can do 300 searches where each search is equal to 1000 words. So it means you can check up to 300k words. Also, the account allows multiple user access. Their Business plan costs only $20/month with 750 searches. We think it’s highly affordable plagiarism checker service and surely worthy.

Why Plagiarism Software?

  • It’s pretty affordable tool which can search an enormous amount of words
  • Many users can use a single premium account
  • Allow you to exclude the particular URL
  • No signup requires for free checking
  • 300K+ satisfied customers globally

Why Not?

  • You can upload only .DOCX and .TXT files for scanning
  • Limited free account
  • No add-on for browsers, MS Office, desktop, and mobile

10. Unplag/Unicheck [Free + Paid]

You might be aware of the powerful plagiarism tool Unplag. Now Unplag becomes Unicheck. A nice sophisticated tool to monitor the content duplication. They search through the 16 billion pages for detecting similarities. That’s a massive index and thus can detect the plagiarized material efficiently.

Unicheck is a sort of an only paid service because its free version is very limited and can merely scan upto 500 words for free. You don’t need to sing up for free checking. Furthermore, you can create a free account in order to get familiar with their dashboard. Besides the computer drive, Unicheck also let the user upload the files from the cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. You can upload following formats DOCX, RTF, TXT, ODT, HTML, PDF, and ZIP.

Unicheck supports multiple languages including Spanish, English, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Armenian, Belgian and Dutch, etc. So no matters in what language your document is, you just put text in the tool and it will scan seamlessly.

At dashboard, you can save your files. And don’t worry about the safety. They ensure the safety by encrypted protocols. They designed very simple pricing plans with 1, 3 and 12-month subscription duration. Bloggers and regular users who check their content authenticity regularly then pick the annual plan because it will save you significant money.

Why Unicheck?

  • Cost-effective pricing structure
  • Supports multiple languages as mentioned above
  • Offers similarity checker where you can compare one document with up to 35 other documents
  • Very vast index database. About 16 billion pages
  • Powered by Yahoo and Bing
  • You can download the plagiarism report in PDF format for proving the originality to others
  • They offer live chat, might be helpful in case you need some assistance

Why not?

  • Free user can only perform plagiarism test for 500 words
  • No free document comparing tool
  • No way to check the plagiarism by putting the post URL
  • No browser extension, mobile app, or desktop software


Seeing other’s (who stole your content) ranking in Google results higher than you is not only a painful but also a very demotivating. We understand this as we also face this my times.

How can you take action if you don’t know who is copying your articles? So before responding to plagiarism the first step is to pick the best plagiarism tool that can accurately detect the stolen contents. So what plagiarism checker is best?

We highly recommend Plagiarism Checker X as it is the most comprehensive tool. Just install the software on your computer and you’re good to go. You can put the blog URL, upload the article or paste the article for scanning. Also, it has different comparison tools.

But if you are searching a multifunctional tool that can proofread your contents efficiently and also check the plagiarism then there is no match of Grammarly. It is most advanced proofreading tool currently available in the market. But due to its multirole functionality, it’s a bit expensive.

So first of all, consider your requirement and then pick from the recommendation in order to get a cost-effective and reliable solution.

How to take action against Plagiarism?

So did you ever face content theft? Share with us that how you dealt with it and which plagiarism checker tool you use to detect duplicate content? We are looking forward to your ideas, suggestions and tricks.

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It’s a great read, honestly, but I find some of them to be rather pricey. I love Grammarly but sometimes it does a poor job; I have found Plagiarism Checker X to be better thus far in terms of price and content privacy policy.


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